Saturday, December 31, 2016

Readers Pick the Top Ten Stories of 2016

Below are the top ten blogs from 2016 per readers' views. We are excluding our actual top blog on the child predator at Florence Plaza since it went national and perhaps as many as 60% of its 25K hits came from readers outside the Shoals. We also omitted blogs on campaign endorsements since their numbers were sometimes skewed due to supporters' repeated hits and they lacked actual news relevance.

10. It's Not Nice to Try to Fool Mother Shoalanda
9. Billy Underwood's Reaves Statement 
8. Robert DeShawn Childers Missing
7. He Tried to Run Down Two Police Officers
6. Missing Woman Found Dead
5. Illegal Sports Recruiting?
4. Statement on Don Tipper
3. Tell a Tail...
2. Manslaughter?
1. How Do You Spell Whites Only?


Golden Gate Bridge, but doesn't it remind you of O'Neal?


We always attempt to give credit where due, so we're noting that two of our top blogs came from Leslie M. Shoals, two were statements from Billy Underwood, and our very top blog came from a Tuscumbia resident. We appreciate all guest blogs and will always keep the author's identity anonymous, so keep them coming in 2017.
We're sad to report, ahem, that the couple blogged about in our number ten position, according to knowledgeable informants, is no longer together. Who would have thought it? This was at least the third of our bad boys' WAGs who wised up during the year. 

What will 2017 bring? Our prediction is nothing good for those who continue to stand by these felons.

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