Thursday, December 22, 2016

Special: Weeden Home is on the Market Again!

Sometimes local news deserves a special blog, and this is one of those times. Regular readers from a few years ago know the history of the Weeden Home which sits on the grounds of Sweetwater Plantation in the eastern end of Florence. Now the historic home and grounds have been returned to the market:

Historic Sweetwater Plantation new on market. Home has little value in its current condition. Would be great for the City of Florence or State of Alabama to purchase and restore. or a great location for a Mega Church... 1828 Home of Major John Brahan, veteran of War of 1812. Major General Alabama Militia, who owned 4,000 acres here. Built of brick made on this place, marble mantels imported from Italy. Boxwood hedge from London. Named for spring nearby. Federal and Confederates quartered here during Civil War. Home of Brahan's son in law Governor Robert M. Patton 1865-1867.

First we’ll comment on poor, beleaguered John Brahan. He was a GENERAL! In case any readers are confused, this is the hierarchy of generals in the U.S.:

* Brigadier General

* Major General

* Lieutenant General

* Full General, aka Four-Star General

* And on rare occasions, a Five-Star General/Supreme Commander (Think Eisenhower—there hasn’t been such a general since WWII)

Could someone please have the historical marker outside the old home corrected?

Now let’s move on with this intriguing ad from Shirley Neese. Just how bad is this edifice that Ms. Neese feels the need to say: Home has little value? If any doubt this statement, go to our sidebar and take a look at the site captioned “Sweetwater Ruins.”

Yet, the asking price is a cool four million. Ms. Neese goes on to suggest the property would be a great site for a mega-church. Is Six Flags Over Jesus moving to the Lauderdale Side of the river? Or perhaps a certain church on Woodmont Drive could be convinced to build there?

Hasn’t this just made the Florence Historical Board’s Christmas? Will owner Susan Smithson add the title “Grinch” to her resume’? Stay tuned…


  1. Church of The Highlands is looking to expand to the area....j/s


  3. If you want to read into something interesting go look up the civil RICO case Smithson is fighting in Atlanta that mandated the sale of this property.

    King & Spalding is the firm that brought the case against Smithson on behalf of a seamstress who's identity Smithson hijacked to open lines of credit for her "business" that changes names more often than a normal person changes underwear. Her counsel, Donald Cook, has recently been sanctioned and fined a hefty sum for his involvement in covering up her illegal activity.

    She's an awful human being who has ruined the lives of countless people including her own family and despite countless attempts to bring her to justice she has successfully eluded all of them. Why the federal government hasn't stepped in at this point to cart her off to jail is beyond me.

  4. Or go read up on the Elder Abuse complaint filed against Smithson with DHR in regards to the guardianship she was granted after she put on a show complete with crocodile tears before a Colbert County Judge and lied to him stating that she lived here when infact she hadn't set foot in Tuscumbia in over a decade prior to their meeting to get Guardianship over her mother which she used to steal her home and land and prop her mother's identity up like a Credit Zombie so she can keep her sinking business afloat with lines of credit opened in her mother's name that she never intends to repay and clandestine bank accounts in foreign lands where she hides assets from the court's view.

    Smithson lives in the lap of luxury and spends $300+ a night at fine restaurants in Buckhead while her 88 year old Mother lives below the poverty level and depends on a social security check every month to make ends meet.

    The laundry list of morally corrupt and flat out illegal activity that Smithson is involved in is long and storied. The Jewel theft was but the tip of a massive iceberg that would make Donald Trump himself blush with envy.