Monday, March 19, 2018

Tuscumbia Business Licenses/Hit & Run

We had a few readers who informed us that the old Four-Way Motel is not in the City of Tuscumbia. While that may be true, it is in the police jurisdiction. The Alabama Department of Revenue mandates that cities require a business license for establishments within their police jurisdiction. So, yes, at least some city offices knew the facility, be it a treatment center or half-way house, was coming. 

As of today, so far as we can ascertain, the facility has two patients/inmates. Both are non-violent. We keep hearing the word "violent" being applied to these offenders; however, we doubt that this will be the case. 

We do think that the Tuscumbia City Council should have held hearings on the matter - remember, this is in the city's police jurisdiction. If you live in Tuscumbia and are upset, contact your city council members. That being said, we've seen some projects practically fought over by the City of Florence and Lauderdale County, so the Colbert County Commission could have probably stepped in if it had wanted to...if it knew the facility was coming. 



It hasn't been that long ago that aspiring glamour model Christina Marie Carroll was arrested for a Florence hit-and-run. Now would-be electrician David Lee Borden of Cherokee has been arrested for a similar crime in Leighton. 

After the Carroll crime, we had at least two readers who criticized this blog for highlighting the case. They both admitted the hit-and-run was wrong, but sought to lay some blame on the victim. It does not matter if the victim was responsible for the accident. In both cases, they may have been.

What matters for legal and moral purposes is that the drivers chose to leave the scene of the accident. How hard is that to understand? David Lee Borden chose to leave the scene not once, but twice. He said he "panicked" the second time. So did he have an excuse for leaving the first time? 

At least his mama or some similar family member in whom he confided made him come back to face his despicable actions...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

This Disease/Blame the DOC

This Disease

There are things that terrify each of us. Things that we dare not say out loud or put on paper. Scenarios which should not be dwelled upon for fear that too much concentration will somehow bring them to life. Then there are those issues that we must talk about no matter how frightening, otherwise we risk having them spread like a virus. This week in our community I’m aware of at least three individuals who have made the unfortunate decision to take their own lives. Three people that will be remembered not only for how they lived, but for the empty spaces they leave behind in the hearts of those that knew them.  

Growing up as child in this area, I must have been guarded by my parents from such horrors taking place because I can’t recall suicide being as large of an issue as it is now. As hard as I try to think back, I can only remember two people that were loosely connected to me who chose to end their own life. One a family friend who’s attempt was not successful and consequently spent the rest of his years deformed by a split second bad decision. The other a rising star in high school. The kid we all wanted to be, who on the outside appeared to have life figured out, but on the inside struggled to fill some missing piece. 25 years later and I can’t step out onto a soccer field without remembering how much he loved the game and wonder what he would be up to now had things been different. Had he known how much he meant to those lucky enough to be around him even for a moment, would it have made a difference?

I’m not a counselor. I’m not a trained therapist who has spent years learning to help others fight their demons. At times I struggle with anxiety and depression just like everyone else. Although I don’t have a state issued license on the wall with my name in bold print certifying me to help with such things, it doesn’t mean I can’t recognize that suicide is a disease which is quickly spreading through our community. I don’t need a degree to listen to your problems and neither does anyone else. If you are reading this and think you are alone and nobody will understand, you’re wrong.

This morning as I was walking through the house I noticed a verse my wife had written on the refrigerator; Psalm 147:5 “Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit”.

There are people around us that are hurting and all too often lately we don’t realize it until there’s no time left to let them know they are loved. I encourage you to look for those around you who are pulling away and pull them closer. Make sure your children know there is nothing they could ever do to separate themselves from your love or that of our God above. Remember to ask questions and have conversations and to not get so caught up in your own life, that when somebody you care about begins to lose value in their own, you take notice and are there to remind them how important they are. It doesn’t take special training to listen, to give a hug, to be a friend, to cure this disease called suicide. All it takes is love.


If any of us can help deter anyone from taking his or her life, we earn multiple stars in our crown. The dearest friend Shoalanda ever had placed a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. The friend was two hundred miles from the Shoals, but there is enough blame to go around and to reach across the Southeast. We live with it. We sincerely hope you never have to.



We continue to look into the Four-Way Motel/Half-Way House situation. From what we can ascertain, this project was initiated by the Alabama Department of Corrections in some form. If any city or county agency is to "blame" for its location here, we would first look at the Tuscumbia business license office or planning commission (if the city has the latter). 

So, no, neither Tuscumbia Chief Tony Logan nor Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson brought these people here. Blame certainly lies elsewhere.

Altruism aside, the McKinney family is making money by hiring these offenders. It may be a good work, but it's also profitable. 


There are currently 122 sex offenders residing in Colbert County, at least that's the registered number with past convictions. In the past three years, only two have been arrested, and these arrests resulted from a violation of SORNA address change requirements. 

These figures should put some of this into perspective.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Four Way Facts - Part I

Over the next few days and weeks, we'll be bringing you some facts about the new half-way house located in the old Four-Way Motel on Highway 43 in Tuscumbia. Arguments on both sides of this issue have become heated, and for now we're merely looking at some statements about the endeavor that should be verified.

First, there has been criticism of the amount of time it took the Colbert County Sheriff's office to post the names and locations of the first two residents, obviously both sex offenders. These two men have been convicted of possession of child pornography and are not violent offenders. The last names of these two men have been posted on Facebook, so we'll go with that only. 

While we're sure the people opposing this half-way house have many valid points, we want to be sure they are not mistaken in any of them. There are numerous reasons to oppose this social experiment without stating any falsehoods.

Let's look at the claims concerning the delay in posting to the Colbert County site:

Claim - They were both finally added on the 13th of March. So Mathis was 25 days of (without) the public knowing and Story was 15 days of (without) the public knowing.

1. Mathis was released from custody on February 22 and registered with the State on February 27. That would mean Colbert County added Mathis 14 days after it became known he was living in the area, not 25, assuming the add date of March 13th is correct.

2. Story was registered with the State on February 16. Colbert County added him 25 days later.

It would appear the names and dates may have been reversed in these claims and that one was a day off. We also have to ask how long it took the State probation office to inform the Sheriff's office. You'll notice they were both added on the same day, suggesting the person responsible for this task updates the site at intervals. Is this a good policy? We have inquired, and it appears the person responsible for the county site has been ill and not working a 40 hour week. 

We suggest those interested in local sex offenders always check the State site and group the offenders by zip code in order to have the most complete information. This site also lists the actual offense so that you'll know the type of offender living in your neighborhood.



Ah, today was the big day in Florence. Any fatalities or lesser casualties? Let's hope the pub crawl didn't turn out to be too literal.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Walt Maddox/Gasoline Prices/Jessica Hamby

Walt Maddox is a conservative Democrat. He's well worth a look:

Walt Maddox, a Democratic candidate in the primary to be held June 5th, will be speaking on Monday, March 19th, at the Shoals Democratic Club located at the IEOU LOCAL 320 UNION HALL, 405 Dr. Hicks Blvd. Florence Alabama 35630. Doors open at 6 pm, the meeting starts at 6:30 pm. The public is invited.


From J. Redmon:

At least once a week, gas prices change. We've grown accustomed to that. The gas suppliers count on that. What's interesting is their tendency to hover around 'certain' prices. That current price is $2.33/gal in The Shoals. What's odd is that while prices in The Shoals are going UP...prices elsewhere are going DOWN. For example, gas prices in Decatur are at $2.13/gal, down from $2.15/gal earlier this week.



There is news today concerning the missing Winston County woman Jessica Hamby; however, it appears that it's not good news:


We inadvertently published the name of the child involved in the accusations against Blake Jarmon. This name has now been removed from yesterday's blog, and we apologize for the oversight. 


We sometimes receive communications telling us that felony arrests are "none or our business." We suggest the arrestee look at the the title of the case against him. The designation of "State of Alabama" refers to the citizens of this state, so yes it is our business. We're more than happy to clear that up for you...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Clean Up Muscle Shoals City Schools

Today we're presenting a blog from Judge Starr; we hope to have more from this blogger shortly. While we find the conduct of the Muscle Shoals School Board and related entities to be reprehensible, we do not find that they committed a crime of moral turpitude; however, using former AG Troy King's definition, it's possible.



On Feb. 19th Amanda Hollander approached the Muscle Shoals City Council during the public comments portion of the meeting. She re-visited the statement that was made by the City Council that it would only intervene in the situation involving the questionings of 78 fourth graders and termination of teacher Blake Jarmon if the law had been broken or moral turpitude had occurred.  (Amanda's speech was recorded and posted on #TeamJarom's Facebook page.)

Amanda informed the council that Clayton Wood (Board of Education member) stood before the council and a room full of concerned citizens and broke the open meeting's law on Dec. 18th.  Mr. Wood told the council and the citizens that he had sat down with Celia Rudolph and Brian Lindsey.  He was recorded saying "How many of you have sat down like Celia and I, and gone over these issues in depth with Brian Lindsey, what they are thinking and why they're doing it and the decision making behind it."

Amanda told the city council members that a meeting between Dr. Lindsey, Ms. Rudolph, and Mr. Wood discussing Mr. Jarmon's good name and character and his subsequent termination is a direct violation of the Alabama Open Meetings Act.  
She also explained to them that moral turpitude occurred when Dr. Alan Willingham interrogated multiple children alone about extremely delicate matters, and told the children not to tell anyone.  It also occurred when Dr. Willingham falsified statements and testimonies of multiple children, some of which had school implemented IEP.  Some children have told their parents that only Dr. Willingham was in the room when they were questioned, but Dr. Willingham said those children are lying, he always had the school counselor with him.

Breken Terry from WAAY news recorded her speech and Jonathan Ratliff also spoke that evening. Breken Terry also received a comment from Mayor Bradford that the council was not equipped to handle this situation.  She aired her story on the news that night.  

As for Clayton Wood, his 1st term expires for his Board of Education Appointment this June.  He can re-apply for a second term and I am sure he will likely be chosen again.  The city council will start taking applications now for the interview process coming up in the next few weeks.  

Council member Mike Lockhart has a wife who is a teacher in the school system, he should have to recuse himself when appointing the next board member.
Jamie Stoddard, School Board Member, now coaches the new Muscle Shoals Soccer team.  After the Dec 18th city council meeting Stoddard had a tantrum, in front of several citizens - he was yelling at Chris Hall.  Curious to know how Stoddard and his wife are treating #TeamJarmon parents who have kids on this soccer team.

Chris Hall is still the odd man out, most of the council members avoid him still and don't interact with him.

School Administrators, principals, assistance principals, coaches, and some teachers have already started showing their classy side.  If you're associated with #TeamJarmon or Elect the School Board, then you don't get waves at drop off or pickup anymore, they turn their head and walk the other way if you are approaching, and just a few weeks ago an outside source that did some work for McBride and the Middle School was asked not to come back.  It will only get worse, but so many of the citizens who don't work for the school system are fed up but fear retaliation over what could happen with their kids at school.  I hear that daily from many parents!  WE are ready for a change and we are gearing up to start our petition.  We also have some who are planning on running for city council seats come next election.  Muscle Shoals citizens need to make sure they are registered to vote before they can sign the petition.  

On March 6th the child who started all this about Blake Jarmon was placed in IIS for 30 days.  More to come on this...

To see videos, see Facebook page #TeamJarmon
Amanda Hollander, Feb 19th
Laura Hamilton Holland, Dec.18th, in the comments section there is video of Clayton Wood

Until next time,

Judge Starr

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Are We Atlantic? Eastern? Central? Who the Flip Knows?

We've discussed time zones before, and while Alabama is still quite a way from adopting the Eastern Time Zone, it seems Florida is dangerously close to adopting Atlantic/Eastern Time. Or is it?

Even if Florida's governor signs the bill that has been passed in its legislature, Congress then has to approve the change. Then there's the small matter of what to call the time. Most of Florida would then be in the Atlantic Time Zone, but might want to call it Eastern Daylight Time year round. Then let's see those Florida real estate moguls explain to their Chinese investors that Atlantic Time and Eastern Daylight are the same...except when Atlantic actually goes on its own Daylight Savings Time. Confused yet?

Alabama's Rusty Glover wants our state effectively to move to the Eastern Time Zone. It seems he tries every legislative session. Let's hope our legislature has more sense than Florida's. It wouldn't take much, but it's still doubtful...



Are we also moving toward appointed county school superintendents? Let's hope so. School admins shouldn't be politicians.

Several readers have asked us if we're familiar with a state investigation into Lauderdale County schools. We are not; however, that doesn't mean there's not one or that one isn't needed...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Tale of Two Dead Children

The first tale:

A family has four children, the two youngest being two years old and 11 months old. While the older two children are in school, the mother hurriedly steps out her back door to speak with her mother-in-law who lives in the guest house. While the mother is there, the two year-old arrives to say his "ears are ringing." When the two women investigate, they find that the toddler has opened a nightstand drawer, removed a handgun, pointed it at his younger brother, and fired. The younger boy died yesterday at a Mobile Hospital.

Are the police sending the case to the grand jury for some sort of manslaughter charges against the parents? While that could change, the answer as of today is no. Now think back two or so years ago in Colbert County where a woman took her children visiting and spoke on her cell phone as her brood ran free range through a house not belonging to them, one finding a loaded gun and killing himself. There was an indictment, but Bryce Graham saw fit to accuse the homeowners of a crime, not the mother who was responsible.

Are you confused by how our laws are handled from county to county? 


The second tale:

How do you feel when someone breaks into your home and steals from you? We're pretty sure the answer is mad, but you're still able to function normally. Suppose one of the missing items is an X-Box? We had to check, but these video toys cost between 230.00 and 700.00. No matter which one you purchase, it's still a sizable chunk of change.

Now what if you thought you had found the thief selling your X-Box? Would you invite at least four friends to assist you in killing the young burglar? And if you did, would they, most around at least 30 years of age, say "Sure. Let's do it!"?

Think about that. Five grown men who would kill a 17 year-old over an X-Box. They didn't even know for sure if it was the stolen X-Box. It wasn't. 

What kind of people walk among us? Were these five young men who had been raised separately miles apart, but who somehow came together as friends with such little regard for life? Or were these men whose neural paths had been rerouted in some manner due to drugs?

None of these men deserves to leave prison. Even dying, let them lie in a prison infirmary and breathe their last. They have forfeited any pity they would ordinarily receive from decent human beings.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Animals Among Us? Shall We Call Cook's?

Perhaps Tony Logan should call Cook's Pest Control; after all, they specialize in getting rid of pests. Tuscumbia seems to have more than its share recently.

The possum killers? We had their ages as 14 and 16, while today's news lists them as 16 and 17. We still don't have their names. All comments to us are totally confidential. Help us expose these little demons.


Two family pets were poisoned this weekend in Davis Estates in Tuscumbia. If you have any information about the perpetrators, call Tuscumiba Police or Anthony Wilbanks at Colbert Animal Control at (256) 381-4073. Let's put these dog killers away for a long time.



Some Tuscumbia cretins are already scheduled to go away for a nice rest. One of our readers writes:

A Colbert County man pleaded guilty to producing child pornography between 1997 and 1998, announced U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, and Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent in Charge Ray Parmer.

CHARLES MARK MCCORMACK, 54, of either Nassau Blvd. Muscle Shoals or 602 Keller Lane, Tuscumbia, AL, pleaded guilty to one count of production of child pornography before Chief U.S. District Court Judge Karon O. Bowdre. Sentencing is set for April 3 in Huntsville. Anyone concerned with seeing this monster receive his due judgment, email Judge Bowdre at and express your desire for him to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which is 20 years.  

It is incredibly disturbing that this kindergarten teacher was engaged in the production of child pornography,” Town said. “I thank the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and HSI agents who worked with federal prosecutors for their quick efforts which prevented more innocent victims from suffering at the hands of McCormack. The Bureau of Prisons has bed space reserved for people like him.”

According to admissions made in connection with his guilty plea, between Aug. 1, 1997, and Oct. 15, 1998, McCormack used a minor, born in 1992, to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing visual depictions of the conduct, by videotaping the minor urinating in a bathroom in his Colbert County home. During a May 2016 search of McCormack’s residence, law enforcement also discovered images of nude and topless females believed to constitute child pornography and a suitcase containing young girls’ panties.

McCormack should receive a very warm welcome from the inmates at his new address. Maybe McCormack and Jeff Eddie (former HPBC children’s director) can be bunk mates. 


We hate to inform our reader and others of this, but Mark McCormack will be going to federal prison. That means much better food and general conditions than one finds in our state prisons. Yet that also means a much longer time to wait for any parole conditions. A prisoner in the federal system usually has to serve 85% of his sentence before being granted an early release.

On the other hand, while McCormack and "Bro. Jeff" can't be bunk mates (Jeffrey Dale Eddie is a state prisoner), the former Baptist youth minister is not living too high on the prison hog:

It won't hurt to write some letters protesting Bro. Jeff's parole either...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Will Possum Killer Be Tried as Adult?

Local schools like to claim bragging rights for various sports and activities. If one of those is animal abuse, Deshler High in Tuscumbia now owns the Shoals. A 16 year-old and a 14 year-old have been arrested in the crime of killing a small possum, albeit as juveniles. That simply means they may or may not be tried as adults and that, if tried as juvies, their names will not be revealed in records made public by the courts.

We understand the 16 year-old already has a previous felony conviction as a juvenile. Yes, you read that correctly. He's 16 and has a felony to his credit. He probably won't be given juvenile status this time. We sincerely hope that he isn't, but for our purposes such a designation simply keeps names out of public records, not the press if it so chooses to publish them. We do and we will if anyone has names for these two. 

Yes, if you have proof of who these two touching Tuscumbia troglodytes are, send us their names. The older one may never see the hallowed halls of Deshler again, but we have no hopes of similar punishment for the younger one who's claiming innocence by way of being too dumb to know what was going to happen to the doomed marsupial. 

Lest any of you are in favor of a second chance, may we presume if the duo's next victim is one of yours, even a human member of your family, you're not going to object then, are you? What? We didn't quite catch your answer to that..



Our usually misguided not so daily newspaper has seen fit to publish an editorial from Los Angeles about the harm of keeping schools on lock down as a precaution against shootings. It might do more harm than good, the L.A. Times says.

Just which editor du jour picked that little ditty for Shoals consumption? No one wants to see metal detectors in schools, but no one wants to see dead kids lining the halls either. If children can live through duck and cover and become functioning members of society, then they can live through 13 years of moderate security they won't even notice after two days. The operative word there being moderate. Neither does one want to see Miss Dessie the cafeteria lady armed with a bazooka.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

So You're a Parent, Now What?

Today's word from the Anonymous Deacon is one of the most profound things we've read in quite some time. We urge every parent to read it:

“Good” Isn’t Good Enough

What was really hidden in Al Capone’s vault? Where did Jimmy Hoffa finally end up? Is having 200 years of history recapped every ten minutes the true Curse of Oak Island? What did your child do at school today? These are just a few of the unsolved mysteries that plague the world around us. If your son or daughter is anything like mine everyday is “good” and every question asked is immediately answered with “I don’t know.” As easy as it may be to accept these generic answers for what they are so we can move on to cooking dinner, cutting the grass, or the million other tasks that have to get done each night; as parents we must learn to grab our shovels and really dig into what our kids are going through while at school.

If you think incidents like the one that took place in Parkland, Florida, only happen someplace else, then clearly you haven’t been reading our posts recently concerning the threat of gun violence at Sheffield and Red Bay schools. Our kids are being exposed to more drugs, more sex, and more threats of violence everyday and there’s no age limit to when it starts. The only way to combat this evil is to put the generic questions aside and skip straight to the ones that require more than a one word answer.

Who did you hang out with at lunch?
What did you guys talk about?
What did you talk about in class?
What was the favorite part of your day?
What was your least favorite part of the day?
Why is everything savage and why do you keep saying I’m salty?

Does your child have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? Do you follow it on a regular basis? I’m not suggesting you sneak inside their rooms during the day and look for their hidden stash, but I do think privacy is a concept meant for adults and not teens or pre-teens. Call me what you will, but I want to know why my child needs to close the door if he/she is just going to be watching TV. I want to know who they are talking to on the phone or texting at all ours of the night. I’m the one who sets the standards for what’s appropriate for my children to be posting on social media and honestly I’m not too concerned if they disagree with me. As a parent, my job is to protect them and turn them into responsible adults. How can I do that if I’m not involved in all aspects of their development or if they are running around with an entirely different identity on Facebook?

When it comes to our children, the days of being seen and not heard have completely flipped. I encourage you to stop asking one word questions about how your child’s day went and stop being okay when that’s all you get back in return.  Don’t be afraid to get in their business, find out what’s on their minds, and help them deal with any issues they may be facing. Put an end to the mystery of what they are doing online and protect your child from facing the world alone.



Can parents/teachers watch a child 24/7? The answer would seem to be no. No matter how much you try, barring paying a company to ankle monitor your child, you have to teach, pray, and hope for the best. 

Teach? We often preach about teaching a child the signs of a sexual predator or other person who might have some kind of designs on them. It was only earlier this week that a Franklin County man was accused of trying to lure two young boys into his truck. The boys, who were reportedly playing in their own front yard, ran! Thank God that their parents had taught them well.  

Now we have a convicted child rapist murdered in Lauderdale County. 

Did his crime or an attempted new crime play a part in his death? It's certainly possible. Be aware of who your neighbors are. The child you save may be your own.

Friday, March 9, 2018

It's Going to Get Smelly in Sheffield

From a reader:

The Inspiration Landing amphitheater... According to the TD, it was scheduled to open in Spring 2018. That’s two weeks away! Who’s the first headliner? The Stones? The Eagles? Aerosmith? Doctors, Lawyers, and Such? Hope there aren’t any trains blocking the crossings. (My sarcasm is running deep today.)


Logically, John Elkington would have first contacted those he thought most likely to invest. Then he would have gone down the line until there were no more to contact. Has the man from Memphis run out of prospective investors yet? If so, what happens now?

Sheffield seems intent on planning for Inspiration Landing no matter the negative signals. We even hear that an elected official and a Florence investor are planning on purchasing a river boat to host gambling cruises utilizing Inspiration Landing as home base. Is anyone keeping tabs on both public and private money being spent on this project?



Inspiration Landing may leave a figurative smell in Sheffield, but we fear the city may be facing a literal one soon. That's if Russ Corey's TD article about the city purchasing new trash/garbage carts is accurate.

In case anyone is clueless about this, carts don't have a lid, and just in case a misguided bin company had wrongly named their company, we did a quick Google search. No, not a single garbage cart company out there. 

While we're discussing trash receptacles, we'll throw in that unless they're metal, they're not cans either. If you live in a northwest Alabama county, you probably haven't had a can in quite a while...and we're quite sure you've never had a cart.

But perhaps we shouldn't keep trying to make the TD use the correct words for things. Using crazy words and expressions is probably all the fun the writers get.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

School Parking?/Bolding & Holland

Can all business and individuals use publicly owned  Muscle Shoals City School property for personal parking like this fella does? 

City inspectors, I believe you have issued citations in the past to others who have done the same??

This is hardly legal for an individual to use and subject the public's property to the wear and tear for their personal use.

Is it allowed because this fellow's sister is married to an Underwood just as superintendent coach Lindsey is? Is that some more of that faMily business?

All in the faMily - at YOUR expense Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayers. 

By the way, isn't that the yahoo who sold MS schools those worthless imported Chinese LED message signs that are now dead, dying, or unreadable?

Way to go Lindsey and your gal friday Woods - bet you'll be asking the city council or citizens for money to replace all those signs that you both pushed so hard to get from that person.

Things seem to be becoming real clear.



From a reader:


So, Brian Robinson comes up with a scheme to fraud investors…that we can all agree on.  Now, take into consideration his employees, Brad Bolding and Caitlin Burns Holland.

Knowing nothing about Bolding but Holland is, or at least was, a licensed, practicing attorney.  That means she graduated from an accredited Law School and passed the Alabama State Bar exam. With that pedigree, one would think she would have learned the basics of Contracts 101 and recognized all the red flags immediately.

While we agree Brian Robinson is the father of this debacle, Bolding and Holland must be deemed as equal co-conspirators unless you want us to believe both are mentally incapacitated. Both knew they were breaking the law by signing Robinson’s name on the mortgages and Holland certainly knew she couldn’t notarize the documents without Robinson being present unless she had power of attorney for him.

So the question is, why make Robinson the sole criminal in this case and portray Bolding and Holland as innocent bystanders who were tricked into breaking the law.  Do you allege that Robinson cast an evil spell on Bolding and Holland that caused them to do anything he said without question? Let’s be real, this group of Robinson, Bolding and Holland knew exactly what they were doing.  Maybe not from the onset for Bolding and Holland but they definitely were knowledgeable of the fact that what they were doing was illegal. Sad part is innocent investors have to suffer for their dirty deeds. After reading the lawsuit it’s obvious that not only did Holland fraud the investors but she also committed fraud against the malpractice insurance carrier.

Now, take into consideration, Holland is the President of the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and one would think they’d be somewhat concerned over her alleged wrong doing but we haven’t heard a peep out of them or our Daily Disappointment newspaper.  Bad part for Holland is the malpractice carrier has “real” attorneys who know the law and exposed her criminal behavior. What I don’t understand is why this is more a civil proceeding that criminal. Forgery is a felony where this much money is involved and falsifying the notarizations is also a crime, not sure if felony or misdemeanor.

So, why are criminal charges not being levied against her? Guess our local DAs can answer that or perhaps the Alabama Attorney General.  No doubt the malpractice carrier will prevail in this lawsuit and Robinson, Bolding and Holland will be on the hook financially for the money lost by the investors. But you’ve heard the old saying, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip…Robinson, if he has any of this money left has probably hidden it well so he can probably claim he’s broke, know nothing about Bolding or Holland’s assets but there could be a small amount of money that can be recovered. Realistically, they’ll all file bankruptcy and all the money lost (stolen) will be just that…LOST and gone forever.

Robinson has made a living by duping people out of money, Bolding is listed as management with Providence Real Estate Partners so we assume he’s unemployed now and Holland can continue as Chamber President and probably land a role on a reality show like “World’s Dumbest Criminals”. 

Lessons learned for the McKinney brothers (who we’re sure will figure out another angle to make a buck any way and means they can) and all the other investors, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.   


We present all sides of issues here (as long as they don't promote violence, etc.). The above guest blog does not reflect our feelings in many ways. We feel it's easy to be drawn into something and then attempt to cover it up to protect family, etc. We can't say that Bolding and Holland were willing participants in the crime of theft.

In the case of Bolding and Holland, this has backfired. We've been asked why there have been no criminal charges brought against Robinson, Bolding, and Holland. Victims would have to report the theft to the Colbert County District Attorney's office, and this apparently has not happened. It's certainly a possibility in the future.

Our opinion was and is that Bryan K. Robinson has a great deal to answer for and in an ideal world will go to prison. We can't say the same about Bolding and Holland.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

P.T. Barnum Went to Montgomery

We were going to call today's blog "Larry, Curly, & Moe Went to Montgomery," but we decided to give our legislators the benefit of the doubt. So, who's today's P.T. Barnum? While it may have been Will Ainsworth with his teacher/gun bill last week, today it's Chris Sells of Greenville with a bill on new capital crimes...except they aren't new.

Rep. Chris Sells wants to make the murder of a police officer, corrections officer, first responder, or child under the age of 14 a capital offense. Of course, all but the intentional killing of first responders is already a capital crime, but why let that stand in the way of some good publicity?

Even for those legislators unfamiliar with the law, which is apparently most of them, it's surprising that they don't remember Lynda Lyon Block. She was the last person electrocuted in this state (1993); her crime was the murder of a police officer who had stopped her for simple questioning.

We need prisons/prison reform. We need better state highways. We need... Yet what we get from most of our state legislators is a pathetic performance designed to take up time and make them look good. 

And the voters don't care...



Nepotism. Ain't it grand? We understand that sometimes the best qualified candidate is related to a current employee. That's fine in the private sector, but what about the public?

We see that Franklin County is about to be bombarded with bad press concerning the former county administrator Crista Massey Madden. She's the daughter of a county commissioner who had worked several years for the county before her father was elected to his current position. Nevertheless, it took only one year for her to be promoted to top dog after her father was elected.

We've previously discussed how some states and local governments have rules in place to "avoid the appearance of evil." This means Madden wouldn't have gotten the job under those circumstances. Yet she did in present day Franklin County, and now it will be easy for critics to accuse Rayburn Massey of complicity in whatever went on. 

At least it's the Franklin County Commission and not the Lauderdale this time...