Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Night Shay Ledlow Died

A source in the Russellville Police Department has brought some interesting facts to our attention. It seems the night Shay Nicole Ledlow died at the home she shared with Jason Dewayne Green, there were other crimes taking place at the salvage yard Green owned along with his father. A vehicle disappeared and firefighters were called to a small fire that was later proved to be arson.

Are these two crimes related to Shay's alleged murder? We have no idea. Obviously it's possible that these events were simply coincidences, but it's highly unlikely.

Shay's family has waited over two years for Green to be brought to trial. Let's hope justice will finally be served.

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By request, an appearance from Hipster Kitty:


Monday, April 29, 2013

Who Needs the "Weekly World News?"

The Weekly World News may be defunct, but we have the TotallyDecatur to bring us our daily chuckles. Little pertinent news, but a lot of humor--intentional or not. Today's TD has a story on the so-called art of divining or dowsing. The subject of the article suggested readers look it up online, so we did.

The first dubious aspect of this pseudo-scientific research seems to be, while the subject of the article uses wire coat-hangers, any metal...or wood...can be used. Hmmmm. The second highly illogical aspect of divining is that it's used not only for bodies, but to find water and buried treasure. How do these magical coat hangers know what they're supposed to be looking for?

In that case, just what is going on? Here's a great article that explains the so-called phenomenon. For those pressed for time, skip to the bottom two paragraphs: Grave Dowsing Reconsidered.


In another bizarre story worthy of the old WWN, Cleonita Suzie Damanazine announces her candidacy for local office. She's running on her record as a nutritionist and promises to bring back sensible eating to the Shoals.


In still other bizarre news, if you've ever had an online site you know how many spam comments you'll have to delete. These can range from ads for payday loans to online pharmacies. We've gotten some spam concerning real estate in Wales before, but received one this morning concerning cottage rental...in Korea. Sounds lovely.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Still Got a Big Scar" From Brandon Shane Mundy

Cowboy cop Brandon Shane Mundy has taken a second plea deal--this one in the beating of a Town Creek man who was cooperating with the arresting officers. Last month, Munday took a plea in two vehicular homicide deaths from his stint as an officer with the North Courtland Police.

Munday's victim from his 12-day stint with the Town Creek Police, whom we'll call simply C.T., has stated: Yea he was crazy. I should know I'm the Guy there (sic) talking about I still got a big scar on my head from mundys beating. 

Munday now faces one to 10 years in Federal prison, as well as a civil suit brought by the children of the couple he killed in July 2009.

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From Mike Goens' column July 15, 2012: In Muscle Shoals, a Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant is in the works. It would be built on the Southgate Mall property now occupied by Krystal Restaurant. Krystal would find a new home.

It seems the Krystal vacated the building within a few weeks of this story, but where's Logan's? Where's the new Krystal? Any readers have an update?


Saturday, April 27, 2013

But I Did Not Shoot the Deputy...

Speaking of songs, we've Heard It Through the Grapevine that a Lauderdale County deputy was shot Friday...during qualifications...with an assault weapon. How does something like that happen? We have no idea, especially since the report stated he shot himself...in the finger. How does something like that happen? We are very sorry for any discomfort this deputy has endured, but we have to say it was hard not to laugh...just a little.

The election can't come soon enough...


So what did happen to Laurel Pruett's money? We don't know what happened to the proceeds of the first check, but according to a source close to Pruett, she used the second check to purchase Ron Wikked Weems a new computer and blew much more on several meals at fancy restaurants and a shopping spree with their daughter. What would last most of us three years, lasted Ron and Laurel just three weeks.


Ron Wikkid's cousin, noted for making threats before his trial for murder, has been arrested in Lauderdale County on more harassment charges as well as Second Degree Theft. Sources at the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center state she remains in custody in lieu of bond. At this rate, Tanisha Tetter Welch will be with Laurel and Ashley soon enough. 



Friday, April 26, 2013

Those Low Down Druggie Blues

Most of us know things don't really go better with coke, or whatever the drug of choice may be. Two arrests earlier this week bring this reality home. First we have Cotey Allen Speyer of Russellville.

This is one the more unusual pics of Cotey since he's not wearing shades. Cotey openly states on Facebook that he wears his sunglasses indoors to hide his eyes. Red? Blown pupils? Who knows?

Earlier this week the 21 year-old Cotey and an underage Franklin County youth were arrested for taking part in four business burglaries plus several car break-ins. Cotey states he went to Haleyville High School in Winston County, but a source at the Russellville Police Department tells us he once attended Tharptown in Franklin County.

Tharptown isn't known for its liberal views on certain segments of the population, including not just those who indulge in the occasional toke, but those who may in some way be gender benders. After viewing Cotey's mug shot, we had to ask our informant if Cotey was gay. The reply? "He didn't used to be."


Next let's look at Stacey Mae Ivy. Stacey hasn't had it so easy the past two years or so. Her father Jerry Ivy was murdered by his cousin Junior Clemmons and her young son Kamron was taken into state custody. Stacey states on Facebook that she's in the process of reforming her life and will soon regain custody of the young boy.

The problem seems to be that while the 29 year-old East Florence woman is in the process of reformation, she continues to indulge...in something. Her FB page mentions "crunk." Since we have a very limited vocabulary, we had to look it up. Crunk could mean crazy drunk, but probably means a combo of pot (chronic) and drunk. Still not quite mother material.

Now Stacey and boy friend Stephen Priest have been arrested in Sheffield (mugshot at right) for shoplifting, and when apprehended were found to be in possession of some very interesting drugs. Authorities say possession of LSD is extremely rare in this area. Perhaps it was Timothy Leary's birthday? No?

Actually, Stacey has stated this weekend is her 30th birthday and she'll be keeping her friends abreast of the her plans for celebration. Somehow we predict any celebrations will be held in the Tuscumbia City Jail where Colbert County's female prisoners are incarcerated.

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UPDATE: We had someone on Facebook, a Mars Hill graduate no less, inquire if the crimes of these two are actually so bad. This was our reply:

Cotey Speyer stole not just all the money, but the actual safe from Freedom House in Russellville. If you're familiar with Freedom House, you know the good work it does. Stacey Ivy stole from the DG next to Park Place--it's a common shopping area for those who live in the complex. She and her squeeze then erratically drove from the scene endangering any and all who got in their way. Yes, we think they both need help, but first they have to admit they have a problem and to be taken off the streets where they are a danger to others.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Scream, I Scream...and More

We say kudos and plenty of them to the new Shoals marketplace soon to be located on Court Street. While the TimesDaily article didn't state it, our friend Trevor Stokes tells us it's to be at 218 North Court. We're also informed that Reese Shirey, called a "she" in the article, is indeed male and part of a trio of brothers who hope to promote their own brand of ice cream. Reese lives in Muscle Shoals while his two brothers live in other parts of Alabama.

The owner of the Shoals Marketplace has specifically mentioned seeking college age and thirty-something customers. We have to ask if we can see 40 in the highway of life...in the rear view mirror...are we still welcome? Just try keeping us away from great ice cream...


Trevor also mentioned the Shoals area as being "picky" retail wise. We're not so sure picky is the best term. We once heard a Muscle Shoals librarian say the hamburgers at Backyard Burgers were too expensive. It's a sad commentary on Shoals wages, but we have few to blame but ourselves if we're not rolling in the dough. Think we're joking? Listen carefully and see how long it takes to hear some Shoals resident say: We ain't got no good jobs here.


Many years ago when jobs were sparse for some here and plentiful in Detroit, several Shoals residents moved to that northern city. So many, in fact, that they started the Florence, Alabama Club. We thought of that recently when we noticed how many friends we have on Facebook who are living in Tuscon and the surrounding areas. At least it's warm there.


From D.K.:

I have attended about 32 or more trials, Capital Murder, (Felony) Murder & Manslaughter. Yes there was a terrible mistake made, I truly feel an honest mistake and hopefully a lesson was learned! Mr. McWhorter I felt was very well prepared and did a good job after 3 and a half years of waiting, with hundreds of pages of paper work, he handled himself very well under cross examination, from two very good defense attorneys. Lawrence County should be proud of him.

I would like to see Mr. McWhorter use a video system and a recording device that he knew would operate during any interview. The one used was the ABI's and it stopped or would pause as the interview was going on. Most all the others do the video as well the recording.

The Judge stated he did not feel in this case, because it was the defense attorney who was the one questioning Mr. McWhorter, and after reviewing the transcripts he didn't think it hurt or helped either side. Now if the court of appeals agrees.

Lawrence County District Attorney Errek Jett, too did a very good job throughout the trial, Lawrence County should be proud to have him and his staff. This was Errek Jett's first Capital Murder case and as all Capital Murder trials will go thru the appeals court. I would not say either man lied--just a huge mistake.

Errek and his Victim Service Officer did a wonderful job with keeping the Nichols family in the know, as the next step in the case. Most people make a mistake in their job in any profession, but in a case as this, it shows big time and the Judge has to do something. It being a Capital Murder case, the smallest mistake sticks out. Not saying this was a small mistake...

Thanks for the job they each do, what ever level it may be.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vicious Tweets/Whiskey River Kings

Approximately two days ago, almost all local high schools experienced what has to have been a synchronized Twitter attack by unknown individuals. Some of those who tweeted hurtful and libelous remarks posed as teachers.

There is no excuse for this. If students are so busy putting others down, they obviously are not using their time to bring themselves up. One mother expressed to us that these young high school students aren't ready to have a Twitter account. From reading tweets from around the world over the years, it appears this is true of many adults also.

Parents, check what your darlings are doing. You'll either breathe a sigh of relief or start planning a trip to the woodshed. If any readers have more information on this bullying at Cherokee and Sheffield in Colbert and in almost every Lauderdale County school, please come forward and talk to the school administration about it.


Terry Wayne Myers remains at large. It seems that while the night shift at the Lauderdale County Detention Center was aware of his escape, the word was not passed to Sheriff Willis or deputies on the day shift. Obviously, precious time was lost.

Two factors come into play: It was a state holiday and the detention center director and the sheriff are not bosom buddies. While we welcome the good sheriff's statement concerning this, it would seem he has never made any effort to mend any breaches his previous behavior may have caused.


The Whiskey River Kings are in a tight contest to win a spot at Bonnaroo. This group is managed by our friend from Belgreen Cops, Daniel Horton. There's now less than two days left in the contest, so please register and vote to send this great band to Bonnaroo.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diana McCutcheon: Whose Face is Tight Now?

Diana McCutcheon, Lauderdale County physician, has been sentenced to one year in Federal prison. Her defense attorney Robert Tuten claims billing error in coding of treatment for lesions...and wrinkles. In fact, while certain lasers do more than double duty in removing lesions, age spots, and redness from skin, it's an entirely different laser that's used for face tightening. The standard fee for these treatments is also quite different. In other words, you want a tight face, you gotta pay more.

So, do we believe Dr. McCutcheon's tale that it was all coding error? No. Does she deserve prison? That's not for us to decide, but considering sentences for male physicians accused of the same crimes, she got off easy.


Reward: The Hogan Cemetery in Colbert County has been repeatedly vandalized by individuals on four-wheelers. If you have any information on those responsible, please report it to the Sheriff's Department at 256-383-0741. We will offer a $100.00 reward to anyone supplying information that leads to the arrest and conviction of these thugs.


While on the subject of four-wheelers, we have received several complaints from citizens of East Ridge in Killen that similar scoff laws regularly ride the streets there. Keep calling local authorities. We also suggest you have a camera ready and take pics of these youths. We're sure if someone accidentally hits one of these thugs that their parents will not hesitate to sue.


Lauderdale escapee still at large: Terry Wayne Myers


We do not yet have Judge Terry Dempsey's e-mail address. We will update this info next week so that individuals my weigh in on the sentencing of Franklin County killer Hershel Dale Graham.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Jane Doe Was Murdered Sunday Morning

Jane Doe lived in Lauderdale County, but worked in Tennessee. After a hectic night at work Saturday, she drove home and immediately took a shower. It was hot, and she was tired, so she lay down without donning PJs and immediately went to sleep. At approximately 1:15 Sunday morning, a drunk man began beating on her front door, demanding entrance.

Jane grabbed the nearest item of clothing she could find--a raincoat--and tried to call authorities, but her land line was unplugged--had it been cut? Jane was too frantic to think straight at that moment. She had no gun, so she reached for a cast iron cross with a base that would make a good weapon.

Looking through her front window, she saw the man had a gun. Her weapon was no match for a gun. She could easily die there, owing bills, leaving a cat with no home, and a man in Florence she thought wanted her. It wasn't a pleasant thought that her life would end in a pool of blood.

What of the killer? It seems he was a respected man of some local community who was the salt of the earth when not drinking. His defense team will argue Jane seduced him--after all, why was she naked under a raincoat at 1:30 in the morning? He has family in the area; Jane had none. There's no doubt he killed her, but he's looking at as little as ten years. Ten years for taking a life?


The above tale is true...up to the point of the drunk man actually gaining entrance into Jane's home. It happened approximately 10 years ago. She managed to get a phone working, and the Lauderdale Sheriff's Deputies came. So did the man's very unhappy wife in, as the Butch Hancock song says, a big ol' Buick. Yes, after it was all over, Jane saw the humorous side and regaled her friends with the attack of the drunken night hunter who was half a mile from his intended destination and stuck in the mud in some untended field.

What if he had killed her? She was completely innocent in the matter, but that's not how the drunk's defense attorney would have portrayed her. And what if it was some woman who wasn't that innocent? What if it had been a woman who was having an affair with the drunk? Would she have deserved to have been murdered?

We want each of you to think about members of your family. If murdered, how would the defense portray them? Is a 10 year manslaughter sentence enough? Or a 20 year murder sentence? Tomorrow we'll be posting info on the sentencing phase of Hershel Dale Graham's Manslaughter conviction.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Congrats Quad-Cities Daily!

Our friends at the Quad-Cities Daily have now attained two million page views! That's no small potatoes, considering the size of this area. Obviously, their mug shots provide a wide audience, but the QCD is also the go-to page for anything Sheffield. They also publish more local photographs than any other site.

Steve, Sheri, and Mary, you should all be proud!


Be sure to like the QCD on Facebook to have their latest reports arrive on your page:


Our fiends at Pen-N-Sword haven't been resting on their laurels either. Besides their growing section of the Shoals Most Wanted, they've added a section featuring individuals missing from North Alabama. You can access these two sections via our blog at top and left sidebar. They also publish the monthly UNA crime logs and news from four area colleges.


Be sure to like PNS on Facebook to receive their updates as they're published.


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lies in Moulton?/Dead in 16 Years?

Lawrence County District Attorney Errek Jett says he never got a copy of a suspect's statement in the Bailey and Betty Nichols murder investigation. County investigator Tim McWhorter says he sent it to Jett. Is one of them lying?

It's possible the statement was mislaid by an office worker. We've read statistics that even in the best run offices, at least 2% of all documents are misfiled/mishandled. No matter the truth, the public deserves some answers...especially if there should be a re-trial for Sheffield businessman Charles Moore.

We'll add that while this alleged misconduct occurred in a case where there was overwhelming evidence of the defendant's guilt, what if such a ploy had been used to convict an innocent individual?


D.K. reports that the Nichols' grandson from Montgomery was able to attend Moore's sentencing. The young man spoke at the hearing and forgave Charles Moore for the murder. We call that a remarkable human being.

It seems the closeness of the Nichols family was the main factor in the early arrest of Moore. Not just one, but at least three of the Nichols family knew the couple would be meeting with Moore the morning of the murders.


The sanctioned Lawrence County District Attorney's office stated they felt Charles Moore would die in prison before being executed if he should have been given a death sentence. That's a very telling statement.

The average length of appeals in death sentence cases is just under 16 years. Therefore we assume these officers of the court believe Moore will die before reaching the age of 81. We have no idea what condition Moore's health is in, but somehow the prosecutors' statements don't make us feel too good about the condition of health care in Alabama prisons. (No, we don't particularly care about Moore; we do care for those convicted of non-violent crimes.)


Friday, April 19, 2013

Where is Laurel Pruett's Money?

We've seen the question asked on Facebook, and now we ask it also. In October 2011, Laurel Pruett received almost 11K in back child support in the form of a check mailed from Montgomery. When it arrived at her previous address, a home she had shared with Ron Wikkid Weems and his mother Laquania Weems, Ron appropriated the check with the assistance of his future victim Amanda Taylor. It's been reported that Amanda probably took no more than 2K in order to pay some fines, allowing her to be free to move to Arkansas with her children.

What happened to the remaining 8K? Weems had no mortgage or student loans. He may have had an auto loan on what he called his wikkedmobile (don't you know his mother was proud of him). How easy would it have been for Ron to have spent the 8K in the two months before his arrest?

Drugs aren't cheap, neither are tats or props that go with a life of cosplay. It's certainly possible Weems spent the entire amount. It's also possible the remainder of the money remains in his family--with the one Moss Avenue resident who wasn't charged.

It seems Pruett was also sent a replacement check once the original was reported stolen. So perhaps we're looking at close to 20K that may be in the hands of one for whom it was never intended--a very good motive to assist in helping with a cover-up. Yet an innocent child still lives with this person. DHR has so far not acted on allegations of abuse. Perhaps because she has no money to filter through the court systems? How sad for the child.


Special Report: Life Without for Moore

From D.K.: The D.A. after speaking with the Nichol's Family took the Death Penalty (for Sheffield businessman Charles Moore) off the table (in favor of) life without, so Jurors were excused. If the victims' family can get here from out of town,  the sentencing would be today, if not today another date will be set. Some Nichols daughters live in Texas, Montgomery, and Decatur. Also grandchildren (may) want to be at the sentencing.

We'll have more on this development later.

Staff at Shoalanda

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Fail for Lawrence County DA/VOCAL Vigil

D.A. Errek P. Jett
From all reports, the case against Charles Moore is a slam dunk. The same reports have stated the prosecution has made every effort to ensure any appeals will be limited if/when Moore should be convicted of the murders of Bailey and Betty Nichols.

Yet today a judge in the case sanctioned D.A. Errek P. Jett for failing to provide the defense team with information relating to a second suspect in the double murder. The defense at worst would have used the second suspect as a red herring; the evidence against Sheffield businessman Moore is so overwhelming that only a miracle could prevent a conviction.

While an appeal is automatic in a Capital Murder case, the prosecution has now given Moore's attorneys grounds for an appeals court ordered second trial. Lawrence County taxpayers should be upset...very upset.


From D.K.:

On Friday night, the local VOCAL chapter, in partnership with Safeplace and Rape Response, will host a Celebration of Life, which will kickoff the National Crime Victims Rights Week, April 21-27. The event will be Friday beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the gym at First United Methodist Church on Tuscaloosa Street in Florence. At 7:30 p.m. the event will shift across the street to Wilson Park for a balloon release and candlelight vigil.


Equivocal words? Several sources have been criticized for not calling ricin, a deadly poison in gas form or if otherwise inhaled, by its name. In other words, the material sent to several federal officials was nothing short of ricin and should be identified as such.

So...down with equivocal words in the news. How about "undocumented immigrant" goes next?


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Angel Gieske Comedy Show - Part II

Gieske's Impersonation Was Exposed on the Stand
As one side in the court case took care to refer to Angel Gieske as "Doctor," the opposing side took equal care to address her as "Ms." Gieske contended she didn't know why a university she claimed as an alma mater would deny her. The attorney who cross-examined Gieske then began a second assault.

Geiske admitted she has absolutely no counseling certification in either Alabama or Tennessee (Gieske is certified in Tennessee to teach in public schools...and to drive a vehicle). The Lawrence County woman, who claimed a PhD from 2003, had been disciplined by the Tennessee Department of Health and Board of Psychologists for practicing counseling without a license in 2005. Was she now committing the same fraud in Alabama?

Gieske answered that at that time she worked for Family System Services. Gieske further stated that the company presented her as a psychologist rather than a behavioral analyst; thus the reprimand. She indicated she was unaware of the misnomer used by the company, but felt she should take responsibility for it.

Now, this is interesting. Gieske comes across as rather noble in this statement, but is it true? We don't know how long this "misrepresentation" continued or how much Angel Gieske may have known of it. What we do know is that Gieske avoided more serious legal problems by paying a $9,050.00 fine.

That would be the point noble stopped for many of us. If we work for a company that describes us as something we aren't, are we willing to take responsibility to the point of paying a 9K fine? Between the fine and the 24 or so 3K a course classes Gieske claims she has taken for a PhD, this woman seems to have a great deal of money to throw around.

Further, after being reprimanded in Tennessee where she is not allowed to work as either a psychologist of a behavioral analyst, we would expect Gieske to have her degrees and transcripts readily available to any who questioned her in Alabama. Such was not the case.

Gieske was questioned for hours on various topics in this particular case. Charges have been filed here in Alabama, but as far as we know, she still works with DHR as a contract employee in charge of drug testing. This imbroglio is ongoing, and we'll continue to have updates.

Editor's note: The graphic used to illustrate an impostor in today's blog is a stock image. We are in no way maligning the kitty's character by actually comparing him to Angel Gieske.


Will we the taxpayers ultimately foot the bill if DHR is made to repay any salary it's paid Angel Gieske for work performed using its vendor number? Yes. Obviously if Medicaid does decide to recoup its payments to DHR, the Department of Human Resources will be required to repay the federal agency and use money from the state's general fund to do so. The fact that this is ongoing is particularly troublesome. Every Alabama taxpayer should demand answers.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Angela Gieske Comedy Show - Part I

 Can You Spot the Imposter?

Angel Gieske of Rascaltown, Tennessee, sat in the witness box. Testifying in a custody case, Gieske was obviously expecting some tough questions from the other side. What she didn't expect were the questions concerning her qualifications.

We've previously mentioned that Gieske doesn't list her credentials on LinkedIn or ZoomInfo or any other site that we've searched. Besides calling herself a Behavior Analyst, she also claims a doctorate in her application to work for DHR as an independent contractor. Gieske has worked or is working in Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Walker, and Limestone Counties, receiving a salary from DHR, which in turn is reimbursed from the state's general fund--in plainer words, taxpayer money.

Furthermore, Gieske is listed as an Alabama Professional Rehabilitative Service Provider, meaning she can offer services via the State Department of Mental Health, Department of Children's Affairs, and Department of Youth Services, as well as DHR. So what education did she claim under oath when asked?

Angel Gieske stated under oath that she has a bachelor's degree in education from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. No mention is made of any master's work, but she further claims a doctorate from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where current graduate courses are $938.00 per credit hour for out of state students. If Geiske did enroll in any of these classes, her tuition would have been the equivalent of almost 3K per course--pretty steep for a school teacher. She related that she took some courses on campus, and others online, beginning in 2000. She stated her doctorate, finished in 2003, was in "Rehabilitation Behavioral Analysis and Therapy." Again, please note these statements were made under oath.

Now perhaps some of us or our friends have requested a transcript from some school only to be told on the first attempt that it doesn't exist. If this was Gieske's only problem with documenting her PhD we would not be that concerned. It's just that's not the only problem.

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale does not offer any online courses. Nor does the university offer "Rehabilitation Behavioral Analysis and Therapy" at the doctorate level. Nor does the university list Gieske as an alumna.

Tomorrow we'll look at Angel Gieske's problems in the State of Tennessee--where she does have a valid driver's license. Ba da Boom!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Those Darn False Positive Drug Tests--Not Too Angelic

We've discussed false positive drug tests before--the kind caused by antibiotics and similar drugs or food. That's not what we're blogging about today. No, we're talking about those tests that come back as positive, but are immediately redone at another facility only to come back negative.

Well, someone used a cheap drug test, you say. Actually almost all drug tests on the market are extremely reliable. Some test for a basic ten drugs, while others have a larger range, but there's little difference in accuracy. Here's the basic ten-panel:

  • Amphetamines (including Methamphetamine)
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cannabinoids (THC)
  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • Methaqualone
  • Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc.)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Propoxyphene

And they can be manipulated, you add. Yes, but they're manipulated to show a false negative, not a false positive. Hmmmm, but didn't you mention administering tests without adequate hand washing? Yes, that can result in a false positive for cocaine, but it's still rare. It won't result in a false positive for benzodiazepines or other substances usually tested for.

No matter what brand test, no matter the circumstances, it's extremely unusual for drug tests to produce a false positive for most substances. Oh, dear, you say. That would mean someone would have to intentionally falsify the results. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Why would someone do that? Perhaps someone has read...or been told...that testing should produce a certain number of positive results. Or perhaps the tester just doesn't like someone. Perhaps the tester has mental problems. Perhaps...well, you fill in the blank with whatever other reason you can come up with. No matter the reason, it would still qualify as sick. The damage a deliberate misreading could do to an individual couldn't be quantified. We're not talking about losing a job, but losing custody of a child.

Well, thank goodness that can't happen in North Alabama. Local DHR offices use only the most qualified contract employees. Really?

Tomorrow: The Angel Gieske Comedy Show (No angel, and no doctor either)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Charles Moore Trial--Long Time Coming

The Charles Moore trial is the third local murder trial this month. Unlike the Leeth and Andrasik families who waited 17 months for some semblance of justice in the murders of their respective daughter and husband, the family of Bailey and Betty Nichols has been waiting over three years. The trial is also different since Moore is charged in a capital case, as well as the fact a defense attorney left the case, causing an extended delay.

D.K. has been present in the newly remodeled Lawrence County courtroom where the trial will now be entering its second week. Jury selection required three days in itself. It has been one of the most tedious trials in the area in years. The prosecution has stated there will absolutely no minor errors that could lead to any reversals on appeal. If convicted of Capital Murder, Moore will be entitled to an automatic appeal.

The trial was also interrupted abruptly on Thursday afternoon when the judge dismissed early due to possible bad weather. The prosecution now plans to call witnesses through Tuesday, probably into Wednesday. This promises to be the longest murder trial in recent history for Lawrence County.

According to D.K., the Nichols family has wide support, and the courtroom has been packed each day. Our sympathies to the family in the loss of parents who only contributed to the community in a positive manner.


Rumors are rife in Franklin County that members of the Hershel Graham family plan some sort of protest, perhaps violent in nature, during the May sentencing of Hershel for the shooting of David Andrasik. This from a family that had supporters from those who saw the murder as simply self-defense. Franklin County law enforcement is prepared to quickly quash any violent outbursts from the Grahams. David's family is hoping for a sentence of 20 years.


Speaking of rumors, there's talk of a lawsuit against two or three local bloggers who have accused several individuals of sexual impropriety and criminal acts, among other things. We've heard this talk before, and have even been asked to participate; however, it seems now someone has actually put up the money for the suit. We look forward to whatever justice such a suit will bring.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

He Wants Back in Prison!

A reader forwarded the following ad to us. We're not sure why it was published under "Antiques," but we are sure whoever posted it must desperately want to return to prison. Bad marriage?

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Florence, AL...Toni Hogue, a young mother with two young children, wanted to create an event to honor her husband; he’s been deployed overseas for quite a while. Her creative mind came up with “Catwalk for Warriors,” a Fashion Show with a valiant purpose! Join and support this event at Center Court in Regency Square Mall on Saturday, April 20th from 2-4pm. Applaud Toni's efforts as the latest fashions by Impulse, Gap, Motherhood Maternity Sears, Dillard’s, The Shoe Dept are going down the runway! There will be lots of Door Prizes to win – including autographed merchandise donated by Kelly & Randy Owen (from the group Alabama), earrings from Little’s Jewelers, and a Grand Prize of one night’s stay at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa with dinner for two at the 360 Grille! $5 raffle tickets are available at HoneyBaked Ham Cafe in the Mall and will be available the day of the show. You must be present to win a prize. All proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project®.

The Wounded Warrior Project® is an organization whose broad appeal reaches across demographic, geographic, and political boundaries. They are an apolitical organization by design. For them, it’s not about the war; it’s about the warrior. They serve veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. With advancements in battlefield medicine and body armor, an unprecedented percentage of service members are surviving severe wounds or injuries.


Tomorrow: An update on the Charles Moore Capital Murder trial.


Friday, April 12, 2013

He Gets Rid of Bodies?

From the TimesDaily: (Ashley) Greenhill testified she called (Matthew) Fox, who had a reputation for being a “bad guy” and a “cleaner,” a slang term for someone who can dispose of a body.

While we would doubt Greenhill's word if she testified on the proverbial stack of Bibles, we have to say a few words about the above quote. Just how does one acquire a reputation for getting rid of bodies? Wouldn't actual bodies have to come into play?

The four defendants in the Amanda Taylor murder case may not all be sociopaths, as we believe Ron Wikkid Weems to be, but they all seemed to have been living in some delusional world of insane clowns, dragons, walking dead, and God only knows what else. The real world revolves around work. This seems to be something that eluded these four. After all, isn't it more fun to sleep all day and pretend you're James Bond by night?


Is the Alabama Music Hall of Fame leaving the Shoals? (Please be kind enough to stifle that yawn.) After looking at photos of the last board meeting, we have an idea no one left at the not so venerable institution is taking anything too seriously there.

Ever been to a real board meeting? You know, one for a company that actually makes millions of dollars each year. Go a head and say, "It really doesn't matter these days, Shoalanda." It doesn't change the fact that board members of successful companies dress for success. Anyone see a Brooks Brothers suit anywhere within ten miles of that meeting? Or a clothes iron?


Don't forget the Hot Wheelz Hotties poker run tomorrow. Max Russell and friends will be there starting at 11:00 a.m. at Stagger Lee's on Hwy. 20. The benefit will help raise money for cancer patient Steve Wildman Willis. Thanks to Lisa Steele Murr and Vickie Powers for organizing this run. Also thanks for the help of De Frevold, Judy Logan, and Liz & Angie of Stagger Lee's.

Our personal thanks to Lisa and Vickie for all the efforts they put forth in the community. We're proud to count you as friends!


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special Report: Trial of Century Over in Three Days

Colbert County District Attorney Bryce Graham asked the jury in the Ronald Weems murder trial to deliver a swift verdict. Translation: After all the sickening testimony, he wanted a long weekend.

Graham got his wish as jurors reportedly took a little over one hour to deliberate. Sentencing should be merely a formality: Life with Possibility of Parole. We'll post Weems' AIS number as soon as it's assigned. The public may then begin to write to the parole board to protest any future release.

The Staff at Shoalanda Speaks

Weems & Moyers: Our Legal System is Flawed

We've been reading several comments on the Ron Wikkid Weems murder case, and it appears many think Weems could face the death penalty. Sorry, folks, Weems is charged with Felony Murder, not Capital Murder. Why?

We should all ask that. Surely the Colbert County District Attorney could have added attempted rape to the list of charges Weems faces. According to Weems' mother, he and Amanda Taylor had at one time been lovers, yet at this point it's not just a rape case, but a murder. The charge would have insured Weems was tried for Capital Murder and faced either death by lethal injection or life in prison. As it stands now, Weems will be eligible for parole and probably make it at some point.

In Limestone County we have a man who lived alone and was afraid of the thieves and vandals who had been frequenting his lonely stretch of road. When Joel Moyers saw suspicious activity, he attempted to stop the vehicle in which Brandon Hydrick was a passenger. As the driver sped off, Moyers fired one shot.

Here the story becomes much more nebulous. Moyers states he tried to fire over the vehicle, using a rifle that weighs at least nine pounds and probably as much as twelve. The Limestone County District Attorney says Moyers deliberately fired into the truck. Now Joel Moyers is charged with killing a man he'd never met...not out of anger or for money or any other personal reason. Why?

Yes, why is Ronald Weems not charged with Capital Murder and Joel Moyers is? Our hodge podge of Capital Murder crimes needs to be revamped, but it won't happen until the public demands it.

Related post: Alabama Capital Crimes


There will be an appeal of the David Riley murder verdict on April 23rd. Riley was convicted of shooting liquor store clerk Scott Kirtley during a robbery. We understand it's just a formality. Like Ronald Weems, Riley is best kept off the streets. Unlike Weems, he's awaiting death by lethal injection.

While on the subject of revamping laws, why may the defense bring up any past indiscretion of the victim, but the prosecution may not enter most past arrests of the defendant into testimony? Shouldn't we bar such testimony on both sides?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Perjury...and Who Knew She Could Do Demure?

Ashley Fawn Greenhill testified today in the Felony Murder trial of Ron Wikkid Weems. A WAAY 31 news report described her as looking demure...

Making a Cocktail Waitress in a Dolly Parton Wig Look Good

Yep, we suppose she went for the demure look since she couldn't come up with a walker in jail. According to sources familiar with the case, Greenhill immediately committed perjury concerning her part in the events and especially in relating her actions in the days that followed. Why? She already has a deal.

However, the judge has not yet sentenced Greenhill. She remains on probation for other crimes, lovely baby-biter that she is. When legal pundits say only the Charles Mansons of the world get consecutive sentences, they have Ashley Greenhill in mind.

Yes, Ashley, the "demure" stripper with an axe, related she left the Weems home the day after Amanda Taylor's murder. In fact, Ashley remained with Ron until she could find a new wallet with a pe..., er, boyfriend. She even attended the Renaissance Faire with him two weeks after the murder.


The defense: The truth may never be known concerning the events in the basement of Laquania Weems' Moss Street home, but there are some things we could rule out. Ever pick up a concrete block, or even half of one? Then imagine picking it up over your head and throwing it; imagine a petite woman throwing this object. We have an idea Ron Wikkid's defense isn't really trying. In the immortal words of Mark Slackmeyer: Guilty, guilty, guilty!


Yesterday we mentioned the 10K check Ron and Amanda had stolen from Laurel Pruett. According to sources close to the family, the check made out to Laurel Pruett was not some state support for Pandora Pruett, but was intended to go to Laurel's middle child Nikki.

Laurel's ex-husband Ross Pruett had been granted a disability, and the 10K was court-ordered support, even though Ross' family was the primary caregiver for the disabled girl. That makes it better, doesn't it? Ron didn't come up with a scheme to steal from his own child, but from the handicapped child of one of his lovers.


* Jury selection is still continuing in the Charles Moore murder trial in Moulton. The venire has now been reduced to 44.
* We'll have our report on Tuscumbia Middle School next week.
* We'll also be bringing you the "Angela Gieske Comedy Hour." Ba da Boom!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trials & Revelations

 Ron Wikkid & ChubbyLette

For some time we have heard a stolen check precipitated the argument between Ronald Weems and his victim Amanda Taylor. We had been told the amount and that it was intended as some sort of support for Pandora Pruett, daughter of Laurel Pruett and Weems.

Since the amount of the check was always said to be over 10K, we found it hard to believe, but our sources seem to have been correct. We still do not know which state agency initiated this check or for what purpose. What we do now know is that Ron Wikkid Weems stole from his own child. The theft was not even a spur of the moment type crime but one that was carefully planned and executed.

We also know Weems was attempting to wrest custody from Pruett, as evidenced by e-mails between him and a legal group. Somehow Ron Weems' idea of love for a child isn't ours.

Will his defense play? Not to anyone with an IQ over 12. So much for Ron's new persona after his baptism.


D. K. is attending the Charles Moore Capital Murder trial in Moulton where jury selection continued today. We'll be having reports from him throughout the trial.


According to Lauderdale District Attorney Chris Connolly, the Brewer family was not shot before their deaths in a house fire last month. We have not been able to contact our source in the sheriff's department, but are happy to make this correction. We sincerely hope the deputy is correct in his belief that arrests are on the horizon.


Special Report: Hershel Graham Guilty of Manslaughter

While not the Felony Murder verdict David Andrasik's family had hoped for, a Franklin County jury this morning found Hershel Dale Graham guilty of Manslaughter.

Graham will be leaving his gun collection and abused dogs for a new home in Hamilton, Alabama. We hope DA Joey Rushing and David's family will convince Judge Terry Dempsey to hand down a lengthy sentence. 

In Dennis, Mississippi, and Red Bay, Alabama, many citizens, including some abused ex-girlfriends of the retired rotund wrestler will rest easier tonight.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Shoals Trial of the 21st Century

This week Ron Wikkid Weems goes on trial for the Felony Murder of his former sister-in-law Amanda Taylor. We found it interesting that Weems' defense attorney has stated he doesn't plan to call that many witnesses. He may feel the verdict is a foregone conclusion, but we have to wonder why Weems didn't plead guilty, as did his three partners in crime. In all probability, no deal was offered Weems, and the Juggalo will find the trial an interesting diversion before he heads South.


Several inquired about the longest period of incarceration Fox, Greenhill, and Pruett could face. As we stated yesterday, 40 months should see an EOS for the trio. That would give Fox and Pruett a release date of around April 2015--two years from now. That's assuming they receive the maximum of 10 years. It would be hard to imagine Judge Jackie Hatcher giving Ashley Greenhill any less than the max. As for Matthew Fox and Laurel Pruett, it would be possible, but we're pretty sure Hatcher will consider the political implications and offer no leniency.

However, as we stated yesterday, Fox and Pruett have already served enough time to be eligible for parole. After they're processed, we'll publish their AIS numbers so that the public may write the Parole Board.


There could possibly be a verdict in the Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial today. A friend has asked us to elaborate concerning our belief in Graham's absolute guilt. We have done so via an e-mail, but we'll present this tidbit to our readers.

Hershel Graham offered this statement in his defense last Friday: “You never want to be in a situation like that and do something like that.”

Really, Mr. Graham? I would agree, especially since it's the second time in your life that you've shot someone in "self-defense." Yes, Graham once shot his stepfather, who fortunately lived. We don't know about any of you out there, but we here at Shoalanda have never shot the first person, much less the second...


The Hot Wheelz Hotties plan a poker run this Saturday. Barbecue plates will go on sale at 11:00 a.m. The run will start at Noon and requires a $20.00 entry fee. The event, held at Stagger Lee's on Hwy 20, will culminate with an auction. So far, over 3K in prizes have been donated by local merchants.

Hot Wheelz was founded by Lisa Steel Murr and Vickie Powers. We'll have an update on this later in the week. 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Was Murdered Family Shot?

Last week the state fire marshal's office announced a recent fatal Central fire was arson. The blaze that supposedly killed three members of the Brewer family had been set using an accelerant. Pictured at left is Bradley Adams, the nephew who died that night.

Now a source in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office has indicated all three were shot before the fire was set. Reportedly there are suspects in the case, and an announcement is forthcoming.


From Bottom Left: Fox, Pruett, Greenhill

Laurel Pruitt and Matthew Fox could be free within a matter of weeks. Last week the duo pleaded guilty to charges of hindering prosecution and desecration of a corpse. The maximum sentence for these charges is 10 years...120 months.

The sentence is eligible for CIT, meaning the actual maximum time is around 40 months. Parole dates are usually set after the offender has served one-third of their time--a little over 13 months in this case. Both Pruett and Fox have already been incarcerated for approximately 16 months. One possibility is that the judge will announce a split sentence allowing the pair immediate freedom, but ensuring they serve at least three years on probation.

Ashley Greenhill was not arrested with Pruett and Fox. She also had quite a record unlike the other two. We're not sure how a Colbert County judge will handle her sentencing, but we hope she can in some way be made to serve at least a longer probationary period.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Few Words About Joey Rushing

Shortly after we began this blog, a situation in Russellville was brought to our attention. A woman had been, for lack of another word, attacked by law enforcement in that town. No, she wasn't a criminal, and while we can't go into the details at this time, the woman was a victim of forces that should have been protecting her, but instead considered her collateral damage.

We were asked not to report on the incident since it could have cost two or more innocent individuals their jobs. If there comes a time when we can report on the physical and psychological attack, you will read it here.

We assumed, and wrongly so, that Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing was involved in this incident; as in believing he backed up the officers who committed this crime and asked others to lie to protect them. We examined every action of Mr. Rushing that we read about. If fault could be inferred, we did so, based on what we now believe was a very false assumption on our part.

After months of looking into Joey Rushing's record, talking to those who know him, and just general observation of character, we realized we were totally wrong. We've never informed Mr. Rushing of the attack that we had once believed he condoned; however, we hope he knows that at this point we admire his work ethic, his religious dedication, and the fact that he faces sometimes insurmountable odds in Franklin County to seek justice for those who've been so terribly hurt by violent crimes.

We see that Mr. Rushing is now taking some hits for prosecuting Hershel Dale Graham. We don't believe those who are criticizing him know all the facts...or perhaps they just aren't capable of rational thought. Perhaps to those individuals, it all boils down to guns and vigilante justice.

We're calling Joey Rushing our latest local hero. No matter what office he should run for in future, he will have our support. Thanks again, Joey. There aren't too many like you out there.


From a reader:

I'm not able to comment on this site for some reason, so I'm sending you an e-mail. I know the lady who owns the home where Elijah Graham was arrested one night last fall. She didn't know Elijah. He just parked in her driveway to take some drugs, shoot up or whatever he was doing. It wasn't pot.

So if I read some comments right, my friend who really didn't want this dopehead on her property, should have just shot him and then called police? I'm pretty sure that's what will happen to Elijah at some point anyway.


We're going to agree with our reader. We doubt Hershel Graham would have wanted the homeowner to have treated Elijah in the same manner he treated David Andrasik.


Friday, April 5, 2013

April Should Be Designated Murder Month

We can't recall a time when more murder cases have been on the docket than this April. In Franklin County, the Felony Murder trial of Hershel Dale Graham continues with closing arguments scheduled on Monday. As with the case of Joel Moyers in Limestone County, public opinion is hotly divided on Graham's innocence or guilt.

No one can predict what a jury will do, but according to those present at the Graham trial, District Attorney Joey Rushing has presented an excellent case against the rotund retired wrestler who claims to have felt so threatened by an unarmed man.

The Capital Murder trial of Charles Moore will get under way in Lawrence County on Monday. Moore is accused of murdering Bailey and Betty Nichols to whom he owned money.

What may be considered the Shoals trial of the 21st century in Colbert County will also get under way next week. Ronald Weems faces a Felony Murder charge in the death and dismemberment of his former sister-in-law Amanda Taylor. Jury selection will begin on Monday April 8th.


A few have maintained the right to kill an unarmed person who is impaired and behaving in what could be considered a threatening manner. While we don't believe David Andrasik behaved in a threatening manner, at least according to reliable witnesses not a part of the Graham clan, it's an interesting point.

If that should become a legal precedent, expect to see many more shootings at auto accidents. Just a thought...


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Graham Family Lies Build Up

Elijah Graham & Cassidy Borden

The murder trial of Hershel Dale Graham enters it fourth day this morning. Graham is being tried for the Felony Murder of David Martin Andrasik. Testimony yesterday provided some dramatic differences in witness statements and statements by Graham at the time of the shooting. Let's look at some of them.

Hershel Graham: He retrieved his handgun when his son Elijah and girlfriend Cassidy ran into the home to tell him an angry man was outside and wouldn't leave.

Holly Lewey (Red Bay School Teacher): Graham came outside, talked with Andrasik, returned to the home and came back out with the weapon.

Hershel Graham: Andrasik refused to leave.

Holly Lewey: David attempted to leave, but was called back by Elijah Graham who removed his shirt and stated he was prepared to fight.

Hershel Graham: Andrasik verbally threatened him.

Holly Lewey: David said nothing before he was shot.

Hershel Graham: Andrasik charged at him and he shot.

Holly Lewey: Hershel Graham simply raised the gun and shot David from approximately three feet away.


Hershel Graham has four attorneys representing him in his bid to beat the Felony Murder charge. A friend was in court yesterday and reports that most of their defense during morning testimony relied on red herrings:

...Graham is being called disabled. He looks like a beached whale. He could just fall on someone and kill them. The attys have made fun of the ABI's lack of recording devices. Seems they used a cell phone that didn't work. They've also brought up drugs they know the state can't or didn't test for. Looks like if Mr. Andrasik had been taking these drugs along with drinking he would have been dead ages ago. They must have hoped the jury didn't know the purpose of anabolic steroids, cause I've never seen a pic of Andrasik where he looked even slightly muscular...didn't see Elijah or the grandfather in court. Guessing Elijah will have to testify, maybe g.father also.


Elijah Graham, son of Hershel, is expected to testify for the defense today. He is currently under indictment for drug charges in Franklin County. He has taken to Facebook to announce that no one but God can judge him. We had found this a nebulous statement until it was revealed that it was he who called David Andrasik back to his death. Elijah must feel great guilt that his father is now in danger of spending his remaining days in lockup.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Waiting Game

We had been waiting to publish today for a report from the Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial. As of yet we haven't received word from the contributor, so we'll offer a few updates on various topics.

1. The Brown Recluse wants her fans to know the comment concerning a regular Saturday column for the TimesDaily was an April Fool. We inferred as much since we've never seen the TotallyDecatur use a local author on a regular, or even irregular, basis. You can still read TBR on her deeply insightful blog featured on our sidebar. She's taking part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge this month.

2. Pen-N-Sword is reporting accused rapist Deion Bonton has been released from the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center on bond.

3. Home invader Blake Austin Hines remains incarcerated in that facility. No word on his still to be captured cohorts.

4. Andrew Daniel Scott also left the detention center today via judge's order. We received no more details from our source and don't know if Hottie Scottie is entering drug rehab or is being allowed home before a trial. We hope this involves a plea that will demand serious counseling for Scott.

5. A reader commented with tongue in cheek concerning the huge awards sure to come from any suits against Angel Gieske, an unlicensed counselor who seems to have taken local DHR and several others for quite an unpleasant ride. No, we're pretty sure most of the money Gieske made from this felonious project is now spent. That may make it harder to find an attorney willing to participate in any lawsuit. The main thrust of these lawsuits should be to ensure Gieske doesn't just move her con from Alabama to still another state; however, if Medicaid does follow through, Gieske will be moving...


Who knew Boz could yodel?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Federal Prison for Angel Gieske?

We promised those hurt by impostor Angel Gieske some good legal advice. First and foremost, retain an attorney if you haven't already. We can't stress this too strongly.

At least one reader asked about a class action suit. Again, only an attorney can give you definitive advice on this, but since there are several suits in the making, anyone hoping to recover any damage from Geiske should consider the time frame. That doesn't mean that one attorney can't represent several families.

Why is time so critical? The latest antics of Angel Gieske won't be relegated to a state board to sort out. It's our understanding that Gieske, a non-licensed provider, received Medicaid funds--received them under false pretenses. That's Medicaid fraud, and we do know it's vigorously prosecuted in this state.

Again we also encourage anyone hurt by Gieske to contact this site:


There's been an interesting development at Tuscumbia Middle School. It seems they're looking for a new principal. We had intended to bring you a guest commentary on some problems at that facility; however, we're now going to expand the articles and will publish later in the week.


The Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial started today in Franklin County. We see that Graham has graduated from a cane used at his pre-trial appearances to a walker. Well, apparently he was at one time a professional wrestler. We're sure he has many theatrical tricks up his country bumpkin sleeve. Did we say country bumpkin? He seems to have enough smarts to have retained four attorneys. We continue to pray for justice for his victim David Martin Andrasik.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Special Report: TimesDaily Has Interesting Article

Today the TimesDaily, sometimes known as the TotallyDecatur, published an extremely interesting and relevant article. The story was even more special to Shoals readers since it contained a dollop of local history.

The TD recruited yours truly, O.B., Steve & Sheri Wiggins, Mary Carton, Trader, Firenze, and the Brown Recluse, among others, to add their unique insights to the piece.

Yes, gentle readers, a friend dared us to come up with an April Fool for today...one that would be so transparent no reader would take it seriously...

The Staff at Shoalanda Speaks

Sparkey's & Walter Ricks/ Angel Gieske

Our friend Mary Carton recently took some photos of the new Sparkey's under construction in Valdosta. Apparently some of her readers were disappointed that the new establishment wasn't going to be grander. Then she received this e-mail:

Johnathon Smith Yes Mary, they started it yesterday. The outside should be almost complete by this evening. It is a plain design. Metal siding, very simple. The guy who plowed into the other building and destroyed it has not even attempted to offer an apology or anything. The owners (my parents) are gonna have to come out of pocket on several purchases for the new building. They would like to please everyone, but it is not in the budget to replicate the old building. It is already a little unfair that they are having to buy their business twice and the guy who destroyed it hasn't faced a single charge.

Wonder why the guy is not being held accountable?

We wonder too, Mr. Smith. Let's take a look at him. Walter Ricks, 41, was chasing a woman when he lost control of his 1999 Silverado truck. Ricks, who lives at 115 Graham Avenue in Tuscumbia, was only slightly injured. Sparkey's was a total loss.

At the age of 41, Ricks should know two things: How to drive and how futile it is to chase a woman who doesn't want you. Some folks just take longer to learn a few of life's basic lessons it seems.

It will cost the owners of Sparkey's money to sue Mr. Ricks and his insurance company, assuming he has one. We encourage them to do so.

Note: Photo by Trader. Read about Sparkey's here: Link


We've been blogging since October 2008. During that time, we've received many comments on many subjects, but never have we received the amount we have recently gotten from families who claim to have been destroyed by Angel Gieske. They want answers.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to give some good legal advice to those who wish to sue Gieske. We're also going to look at Tuscumbia Middle School. It will be an interesting read.