Monday, April 29, 2013

Who Needs the "Weekly World News?"

The Weekly World News may be defunct, but we have the TotallyDecatur to bring us our daily chuckles. Little pertinent news, but a lot of humor--intentional or not. Today's TD has a story on the so-called art of divining or dowsing. The subject of the article suggested readers look it up online, so we did.

The first dubious aspect of this pseudo-scientific research seems to be, while the subject of the article uses wire coat-hangers, any metal...or wood...can be used. Hmmmm. The second highly illogical aspect of divining is that it's used not only for bodies, but to find water and buried treasure. How do these magical coat hangers know what they're supposed to be looking for?

In that case, just what is going on? Here's a great article that explains the so-called phenomenon. For those pressed for time, skip to the bottom two paragraphs: Grave Dowsing Reconsidered.


In another bizarre story worthy of the old WWN, Cleonita Suzie Damanazine announces her candidacy for local office. She's running on her record as a nutritionist and promises to bring back sensible eating to the Shoals.


In still other bizarre news, if you've ever had an online site you know how many spam comments you'll have to delete. These can range from ads for payday loans to online pharmacies. We've gotten some spam concerning real estate in Wales before, but received one this morning concerning cottage Korea. Sounds lovely.


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  1. When I was younger, a lot younger Dad was building a new milking barn between the old milking barn and hay barn. The plumber needed to find the waterline running from the well house to the haybarn and got out the coat hangers and walked through the lot and marked a spot and dug and there was the waterline. You know me, I had to try it and I bet I spent an hour playing find the water line all the way from the wellhouse to the haybarn.