Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Still Got a Big Scar" From Brandon Shane Mundy

Cowboy cop Brandon Shane Mundy has taken a second plea deal--this one in the beating of a Town Creek man who was cooperating with the arresting officers. Last month, Munday took a plea in two vehicular homicide deaths from his stint as an officer with the North Courtland Police.

Munday's victim from his 12-day stint with the Town Creek Police, whom we'll call simply C.T., has stated: Yea he was crazy. I should know I'm the Guy there (sic) talking about I still got a big scar on my head from mundys beating. 

Munday now faces one to 10 years in Federal prison, as well as a civil suit brought by the children of the couple he killed in July 2009.

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From Mike Goens' column July 15, 2012: In Muscle Shoals, a Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant is in the works. It would be built on the Southgate Mall property now occupied by Krystal Restaurant. Krystal would find a new home.

It seems the Krystal vacated the building within a few weeks of this story, but where's Logan's? Where's the new Krystal? Any readers have an update?


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