Monday, August 2, 2010

Brandon Shane Mundy--Cowboy Cop?

According to a former co-worker of Brandon Shane Mundy, the North Courtland police officer always wanted to be a cop. Unfortunately the career Mundy so desired probably came to an end at 10:45 Saturday morning when he ran a stop sign at a rural Lawrence County intersection.

Munday, who lives with his wife Tina in Sommerville in Morgan County, has previously worked for the towns of Southside in Etowah County and Town Creek in Morgan County. While on his initial probationary period with Town Creek, Mundy was terminated after only 12 days.

After joining the North Courtland force, Munday received previous media attention for his traffic stop arrest of two Huntsville drug dealers returning form the Rose Bowl. Officer Munday is pictured above with the large quantity of confiscated drugs.

On Saturday, Munday was traveling on County Road 217; according to one witness, the North Courtland officer had stopped two miles from the intersection to caution a homeowner parked in the road while collecting his mail. Whether late for his destination or not, a second witness relates that the unmarked Crown Victoria was traveling at a high rate of speed when its driver ran a stop sign at the intersection of County Road 460.

Now, Gary and Sandra Cox are dead. They leave behind three sons and nine grandchildren. According to family members, these are the second and third deaths in their family in less than 10 days.

Brandon Shane Munday was treated at Decatur Hospital where he was also tested for alcohol and other drugs. The Alabama Department of Public Safety will turn over the results of its investigation to the Lawrence County District Attorney's office. At that time, the district attorney will decide whether or not to request a grand jury indictment of Munday.


From C. R.:

Investigation Has Begun

Several people filed an ethics complaint against Cherokee Councilman Steve Glover for votes that occurred during the July 14 city council meeting. The complainants have now heard from the Alabama Ethics Commission. The commission believes the complaints have proven that probable cause exists to warrant a full investigation into the matter.

If a Ford Crown Vic patrol car shows up to Glover’s house, he should just pretend he was taking Ambien. That line seems to work for the Leighton PD. I guess the devil made Glover do it. Which devil? The one called Satan or the one called Mignon. Sorry, I had to do it.


Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan won't be headed to court to appeal his Florence DUI guilty verdict until October 4th. Sources at the Lauderdale County Court House say both attorneys for Logan and the City of Florence agreed to the delay in order to further prepare their cases.

A guilty verdict in Lauderdale Circuit Court would mean 90 days in jail and a two-year driver license suspension for Logan--almost assuring his dismissal as Tuscumbia's chief. Logan's salary with the small Colbert County municipality is not huge; we have to wonder why Logan feels this high dollar appeal is worth it...


Ssssh. It's coming to the Shoals soon...