Friday, December 15, 2017

Election Fraud: A Way to Do It?/John Elkington

One of our most erudite readers informed us that some counties have more registered voters than adults. We found documentation of this - just no dead people, only voters who had moved and had not been stricken from the rolls:

Has this been corrected? John Merrill said in the article that he was going to, but we have no idea if he has. 

We've always heard the story of a DeKalb County, Tennessee, sheriff in the last century who campaigned in Limestone County. Many Tennessee residents had moved to what was a better life, but were still on the DeKalb voting rolls, and the enterprising sheriff wanted them to vote absentee ballots in his favor.

Could this have affected Tuesday's elections? We don't see how unless those who had moved out of state cast absentee ballots or drove to their former polling places. Remember, with a photo ID required, it would be extremely hard for someone else to use their name. We don't know about you, but the lady who checked our Alabama driver license scrutinized it far too closely for our 500# self's vanity.



Traffic chokers? We've long lamented the need to change names of things every 20 or so years in order to make them more palatable, but whoever named "traffic chokers" apparently had Asperger's Syndrome. Can't someone come up with a better name for this speed control device?


We see Inspiration Landing has made a return to the news. So John Elkington has purchased property in the project? If he has, it's been since January 1st; there are no property records for either Elkington or Inspiration Landing. 

Perhaps the property is in a different name? Pie In the Sky, LLC?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blake Jarmon Terminated!

At a Muscle Shoals school board meeting tonight, Blake E. Jarmon was terminated. We're presenting a video of what occurred; this is the long version, but we believe the entire meeting should be viewed by any caring Muscle Shoals citizens:

We're particularly concerned that Principal Willingham told students not to tell their parents. A man who would hide that would hide anything...even his numerous DUIs...if he had any that is.



Speaking of DUIs, the holidays are upon us, and we understand that police chiefs are giving rides to those too drunk to drive. Now that's service.


We don't know if Blake Jarmon is guilty or innocent of the charges against him. What we do know is that if he's guilty, this was not handled in any decent manner. If innocent, Muscle Shoals has ruined this man's career in North Alabama, perhaps anywhere. Think about that.

Citizens of Muscle Shoals, you deserve better. Does the expression "Throw the bums out" mean anything to you?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Let's Talk Sex Crimes & Rapist Zachariah Lee Reeves

Psychologists tell us individuals with harmful sexual perversions can't be cured; they can be only slowed down. (By harmful, we mean an act in which an innocent person is hurt, not simply asking your significant other to dye his or her legs puce.) So a rapist is always a rapist at heart whether he acts on it or not.

This is 21 year-old rapist Zachariah Lee Reeves:

We're not even bothering to throw in the word alleged since both his victim and another Mitchell-Hollingsworth employee are testifying against him. We do have some other words for Reeves:

Scrumbag, waste of oxygen, total low-life, dregs of humanity, and gypsy Iranian vivisectionist. 

If we left anything out, we plead Christmas season exhaustion.



Speaking of words, we received some criticism for allowing a certain word in a FB comment yesterday. We did warn the poster that word was usually unacceptable. We reserve the right to make exceptions to our rule, but ask both friends and foes alike to watch their words. You don't have to be kind when referring to someone who is probably a sexual predator, but we do ask that you not be vulgar.


We've seen two comments referring to election fraud in yesterday's Senate race. Alabama's protocols for voting are very stringent. If there is ever fraud, it's in the computer programs running the voting machines. Can they be hacked? That we don't know. We do know that the state says it's doing everything to prevent it. How would that work? 500 votes for Doe and 1,000 votes for Smith become 1,000 votes for Doe and 500 votes for Smith. Box totals don't change, and no one's the wiser.

So, no, dead people can't vote because the state health department sends the proper authorities information that the person has died. No, you can't just come down here and register the day before election, plus you need proof of residence.

Could you use the ID of an active voter whom you favored? That's possible, but please tell us how easy that would be...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Less than Ten Thousand Votes!

As it stands now, Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race by less than 10,000 votes. What if 10,000 Jones supporters had decided not to vote today? We're certainly glad they made the right decision!



Now what of Roy Moore? Will he run for governor? It wouldn't surprise us. Will his accusers continue to try to prove their claims. We hope they will. Will more accusers come forward? If Moore does have more victims out there, we hope they will also have the courage to come forward. We know it's not easy, but do you want this man for your governor?


And what of Mo Brooks? In the past, we've supported Mo Brooks, but no more. He not only supported Roy Moore, he actually ran from reporters and hid so that he wouldn't have to answer questions concerning his support. Surely this district can find someone better...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Vote Tomorrow!

If you don't vote tomorrow (assuming you're entitled to), then you have no room to criticize whoever wins. This is an extremely important election. Many are saying it's only "for three years." Is that true?

The electorate, both Republican and Democrat, may like whoever wins and choose to re-elect. Roy Moore has promised not to seek election after two more full terms; that would make 15 years of Moore should he win and stay in office. It's the staying in office that's in doubt. There are many plans to boot him almost immediately. Or more accusers could come forward at any time with accounts of attempted sexual dalliance that can easily be proved.

Then there's Doug Jones. We're not aware of his having signed a term limit promise. He could turn into the next Richard Shelby. How many Supreme Court justices would he help appoint?

No, this election is too important to just sit home. We'll send a limo for you...



So how does everyone like Steve Bannon now? You know, the Breitbart guy who's been stumping for Roy Moore...the one who's better than Alabama? You think Roy/Ray has influenced his opinion?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Plot Sickens at McBride Elementary

After we published our blog yesterday, a non-resident of our state asked if we were unfair in our statements concerning McBride fourth grade teacher Blake E. Jarmon. Since that time, we've received communications from several Muscle Shoals parents on the issue.

How many children have accused Jarmon? We have been led to believe several, but some parents say that there was only one initial accuser, and prompted questioning from school authorities led others to follow suit. 

Why would school officials want to incriminate Jarmon? Some parents think the fact he's about to get his doctorate is a prime motivator to move him out of the way. If this is true, don't officials care that this type of publicity could ruin his career? Oh, sorry, that was a silly question.

The above graphic is from a faithful reader and can be clicked on to enlarge. Opinions expressed in the graphic are not necessarily ours, but are nevertheless extremely interesting.



Several parents have asked if school authorities questioning students about an incident(s) without their being present is illegal. From what we can ascertain, it's not. Remember, only an attorney can give you definitive advice. We can say that if any of this should come down to a court of law, we don't believe prosecutors can make your children testify if they don't wish to.


We understand some criticism of various teachers involves things as seemingly innocent as patting a child on the shoulder. We live in a sad world. While it's not something that would have been necessary to say fifty, or even twenty, years ago, it's better if no one outside family or very close friends touches a child at all. 

And just to be on the safe side, milk and cookies are out for Santa as well...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Do Parents Have Any Idea What's Going on at McBride Elementary?

McBride Elementary is part of the Muscle Shoals school system. It educates only the third, fourth, and fifth grade students in the system. In early November of this year, a fourth grade teacher was suspended for inappropriate behavior. While we had been given his name some time ago, it had not been released publicly until yesterday. Now a Facebook page calling itself #TeamJarmon has named the teacher as Blake E. Jarmon.

Jarmon began his career at Hibbett Middle School teaching math before moving to the Muscle Shoals system. While at Muscle Shoals he was once named Teacher of the Year. Now he's been suspended for allegedly inflicting harm on his students. Guilty or innocent of the charges, we don't know. Here's what we do know, and it's all about McBride.

* The day after Blake Jarmon was suspended a spokeswoman lied to a reporter about the suspension.

* Supt. Brian Lindsey has told the public that it's not a police matter. The alleged physical harm of students isn't a police matter?

* Jarmon has definitely lawyered up and Lindsey has reportedly attempted to negotiate against the advice of the school board's attorney.

* Jarmon isn't the only employee of McBride to have come under scrutiny in the past two months. Many parents have contacted us about the rumors; however, we've not been able to verify them. If true, what should have been a simple reprimand/short suspension situation has become a total cover-up, and parents have a right to be upset.

Now Muscle Shoals has a school divided. Many of the parents defend Jarmon, even initiating a FB page in his support, while others want him gone and a police investigation underway. If Lindsey and Jarmon have nothing to hide, why not allow an outside agent to interview the children? The longer this situation goes on, the more entrenched the rumors become.



Don't forget to mark your calendars for Tuesday. Whether you vote for Jones, Busby, or Moore, it's important to exercise your right to cast a ballot. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Donald Trump v. Jason Isbell

Who needs WWE? Tonight we have, in the red trunks, President Donald Trump appearing in Pensacola (is he afraid of cooties in Alabama?) and speaking on behalf of Roy Moore. In the Rocket City, we have Jason Isbell, in the blue trunks, performing in concert for Doug Jones.

We've long been bemused by those who are influenced by celebrities, be they political or theatrical; however, not since Minnie Pearl visited the Lauderdale County courthouse to stump for George Wallace (was that legal by the way?) have we been so impressed. If Jason doesn't sway a few votes in favor of Jones we'll contribute .02 to Moore's next campaign.



Skinny from the Hill (that's D.C., not the political publication): If Roy Moore wins on Tuesday, several will immediately file ethics charges against him. The investigation into the charges may produce nothing, or it may produce a deeper look.

If the committee finds Moore to be lying about incidents from 40 years ago (that's what the charges are expected to be), the committee can recommend several punishments, not the least of which is expulsion from the Senate. Even if Moore should be given only a letter of rebuke, Alabama will have suffered immensely. How much ground will the state have lost? That can probably never be quantified.


On the flip side, wouldn't you just love to see Roy Moore testifying before the Senate Ethics Committee? If the Senate could legally charge for the streaming rights, the deficit would be cut in half.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bevis Shooter to Face Only Misdemeanor Charges

Ferlin D. Faires, the concerned citizen who shot Justin Ross Bevis ten days ago, will face only two misdemeanor charges in the incident. It's likely these will be pleaded down to only one, or perhaps even dropped.

Now we have to ask why Bevis hasn't been charged for his role in the brouhaha? Attempted kidnapping comes to mind.



And now we have a dog skinned alive in Colbert County. When the culprit is caught, if an adult, they'll have to release the name. Of course, we're sure he was just a misunderstood child and hapless adult who was taking out his frustration at "the man."

If we have to guess, some woman will come forward to defend him. We'll publish her name also. Our anonymity policy doesn't extend to animal abusers.

Tales from the Dark Side of Alabama

It was the early 1960s. For those of you who are historically challenged, Alaska and Hawaii had been in the union only a very short time and the south was in the news every day...and not for any good reasons.

A history teacher walked down a residential street on a warm federal holiday. When she came to one house, she stopped to address a boy playing in the front yard.

"Young man, tell your father that he needs to replace that flag. It's short two stars."

"Oh, that's okay," the young man shot back. "Daddy says he doesn't count Alabama and Mississippi."


A United Nations official is soon coming to Alabama. He will be looking into extreme poverty in Lowndes County where many citizens don't even have safe water to drink.

Indeed, if Texas can be classified as really five states as they said in Bernie, Alabama can be classified as three. The Black Belt is not only nothing to brag about, it's patently certifiable as something to be greatly ashamed of. Oh, you say, but that's not us. No, it's not, but outsiders don't know that...and it's still Alabama.



So, who's ashamed of Alabama? Some time ago a reader took great umbrage at something we wrote and called in reinforcements from around the country. One such person to post was a young woman from New York City. Only she wasn't really a nice Jewish girl from NYC. She at least was a Free Will Baptist from East Florence. (She didn't seem to appreciate it when I said I knew her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.)

In her posts she let us and our readers know how she felt about Florence. Will she still feel the same way in 10 years? Or 20? We somehow doubt it, but we'll admit to being more than just a little shocked at the attitude of someone who grew up in such a grounded home. 

It might not be to NYC, but how many of our youth move away? Even if they don't want to, they have to relocate in order to get jobs. We'll never forget a woman standing in line in front of us at a bank several years ago. She was in tears that her son and his family were having to move a thousand miles away after he lost his administrative job in the textile industry. She had two grandchildren she said. Now they would never really know her. 

What should this young man have done? Taken a job at ANCO packing books?


It's been 55 years since the incident we mentioned in our first snippet. Alabama has made some progress. It still has a long way to go to be another North Carolina. 

No, Saturday Night Live sketches don't really hurt our state. Jeff Sessions? The worst thing we can say about him is that he has set a chain of horrible events in motion. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

Pray about the election. God gave you a brain to recognize the code words rabble rousers use. How many have you heard in the past few months and from whom? Now, is it that hard a choice?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

So Which Attorneys Do They Let In?

Plan number four for Colbert County courthouse security is back to issuing badges to attorneys who frequent the premises on a regular basis. Apparently five days a week was mentioned. So those who have need to enter the courthouse only four days a week won't get a badge...and their feelings will be hurt.

For the money Colbert County has spent on these failed attempts at security, the commission could have hired 400 lb. Samoan wrestlers to follow each visitor around for their stay. 



Now here's a puzzle for the ages. According to a news report in the TD, someone actually retained Florence attorney Tim Case to defend Vincente Soto, the long-time felon on the run now facing Felony Murder charges in Franklin County. Case has asked for bail for his client. Sure; just because he was on the run for 11 short years doesn't mean he'll run again. 

More to the point, who hired Case to defend this man? Soto was working in a Mexican bakery when he was finally captured. Of course, there is one more off the wall theory. Surely Soto couldn't be a big time drug dealer with money stashed in two countries, could he?


“No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going. And that’s not a good place.

“His agenda is sexual in nature, his agenda is liberal, and not what Americans need. It’s not our American culture. Soros comes from another world that I don’t identify with. I wish I could face him directly, and I’d tell him the same thing.”

The above quote was from Roy Moore. Okay, Soros comes from Hungary; so did the Gabor sisters, Peter Lorre, and S.Z. Sakall. Is that another world? Everyone agree that Roy meant "Hell" when he said bad place? This is at least the second person Moore has publicly damned to the underworld.

Yet that's not the most bizarre statement here. Soros has a "sexual agenda?" What is that about? We look forward to Roy's supporters' comments.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sex Education/Unforgivable?

From a reader:

While I have no children I absolutely agree that school sexual education classes need to be examined. “Back in my day” in the mid-90s sex ed classes were normally taught by an athletic coach either before or after a term regarding defensive driving in order to justify positions and salary. For the first two weeks of the six week class/term students were scared with information about sexually transmitted diseases that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse and how condoms are the second best way to prevent transmission. A week or two is spent on reproduction and how the “birds and the bees work”. A few “methods” are discussed that may prevent pregnancies, but are not 100% effective. Condoms are discussed as birth control as an extremely effective way to prevent pregnancies, but are reminded of the risks with a condom failing and leading to pregnancy.

We all know how well the preferred method of abstinence works in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and sexual activity. The kids are as much human as we adults are…sometimes more adult than the adults at times. Remember what you were thinking about or who you were thinking about during that class? Most of the class is conducted by reading out loud, verbatim from textbooks by students. Outside that I cannot recall much else except for days when the teacher was out we sat in the gymnasium, drank cokes and ate candy bars.

No “real world costs” are discussed from what I can recall. No life changing experiences for both boys and girls are truly examined. How much will the hospital charge for the delivery? What is the total cost associated with the birth of a child? How is one going to go to school, work, tend to a child, possibly pay for day care, etc.? No “real world” experience is explained involving pregnancy. Most students’ association with pregnancy comes from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” show. We all know how real MTV is!

My two cents: Why not look outside the “intelligencia” of the school system to help teach sex education classes? There are numerous professionals/resources available and I would bet the farm that these educated professionals would love to participate. And I’m not talking about Planned Parenthood or local religious ministers. Most of these professionals have completed college degrees and now dedicate their lives trying to make a difference. Different professionals could be contracted and paid by the school to teach a couple weeks regarding the subject they are professionally experienced. People who have access and knowledge of what messages and materials are truly making a difference in the real world, instead of a coach just waiting for the class to get over to head to the athletic practice of the day or the next P. E. class.

With the “attention deficit disorder” (or as I like to refer “attention discipline deficit) that most students are diagnosed with these days the change in teachers could help hold their attention span long enough for the right material to be effective. Schools could save a few dollars in regards to insurance and other compensation given to full-time school personnel. While I do hold a bachelor’s degree from a major southern university, I was only a B-, C+ student. My bachelor’s degree wasn’t in the area of specialty we are discussing.  



On Monday, Roy Moore spoke on American Family Radio. He said:

"What they've done to me is not only unforgivable, it's pure hatred and it's pure spite and it's pure evil and it's wrong."

Unforgivable? Really? Is this what the Bible teaches? It may be hard to forgive, but even the most dishonest among us can lie and say that they have forgiven as Jesus teaches. It seems Roy isn't even trying to appear Christian at this point.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Roy Moore Made "Egregious Mistake" When He Called Her a Liar

Debbie Wesson (Gibson) was 17 when she dated 34 year-old Roy Moore. When her story, as well as others came to light a few weeks ago, Moore said he remembered Wesson as a good girl, but didn't remember dating her. His last public comment on the issue included a statement that he didn't date any or the women, that he didn't even know any of the women. 

Gibson was stunned. Not only had she, according to her own accounts, dated Moore when she was in high school in 1981, he wrote her a graduation message in June 1981, and in 1982 she worked on his campaign when he ran unsuccessfully for circuit judge, standing beside him giving our flyers. Over the years, she even exchanged Christmas cards with him. It sounds as if Mrs. Gibson's memory is pretty good, and Roy's is pretty bad...or is something else pretty bad about Roy Moore?

Since Mrs. Gibson heard Moore's words about her, her feelings have changed. You see, a short time before Moore's denial of even knowing her (did anyone hear a rooster crow?), she had been working on decorating her house for Christmas. There among the holiday decorations she found her high school graduation scrapbook. It contains at least one very interesting tidbit:

Yes, Roy sent her a graduation message. Gibson even made note underneath of how much she admired him. Deluded, wasn't she?

There's much more in the scrapbook. Moore is listed as one of her graduation guests, with a notation that he gave her a $10.00 check as a present. A former FBI forensic examiner has stated the note appears to be authentic, but he wants to examine it further before he states he's 100% sure.

In fact, there's so much more that Mrs. Gibson has and remembers, we suggest you read the entire article:

Did Mrs. Gibson work as a translator in Florida for Clinton and Biden? Yes. She has also worked for Republicans and is a registered Republican. Now she's received hate mail from Alabama for "lying" about Saint Roy. 

If you were Mrs. Gibson, how would you feel? 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

5,899 Statewide Victims in 2015

Thirty victims of food poisoning, and the outbreak makes the Alabama Health Department News. Three cases of measles or tuberculosis and the ADPH posts warnings to all citizens. So what's the disease that affected 5,899 citizens year before last and no one said anything? These were women who received an induced abortion in either a clinic or hospital in our state.

Did you read about the Roy Moore rally in Scottsboro earlier today? There were two who held up signs to denounce Moore. While these two females stood silently, a man (whom we're told is a first cousin to the DeKalb County Moore campaign manager who pushed the FOX videographer) shouted at them, calling them "baby killers." He went on to tell a reporter that anyone who votes for a Democrat is a baby killer.

Okay, sure, we can really see Jesus doing the same...

No, we can't.

How many know that in 2004 and 2008 Roy Moore said he might vote for the Democratic presidential candidate? We'll assume the Democrats weren't "baby killers" then when it didn't suit Moore to call them that



We all know hundreds of thousands of our precious tax dollars are wasted each year defending anti-abortion laws that will never stand up in court. Some say it's all a plot to keep a bugaboo at hand to rail against to insure re-election. For our part, we think it's a combination of this and just plain dumbth.

We don't know about Southern Son or Cherry, but the rest of us who write here don't have children in school. We believe one writer has grandchildren in a Colbert County system. Yet we all pay taxes. We have a right to ask how effective our sex education courses are.

How many of our readers have visited local schools to inquire about these courses? How many have demanded much more extensive sex education? We're anticipating a zero show of hands here.

The latest statistics show that 86% of those seeking an abortion weren't married. You can safely infer that almost 100% of these women didn't intend to become pregnant. So why did they? 

Just imagine that abortions in this state could be cut by 86%. That would reduce the current rate to 826 a year. That's still too many, but wouldn't it be a wonderful start?

If you're a teacher in a local system, contact us. Tell us how we can help expand sex education, specifically pregnancy prevention. Better education will immediately lower the abortion rate by scores, and the rate will then continue to decrease each year.

Isn't that better than yelling and cursing at innocent women whose only sin is to support Roy Moore's opponent?

Stalkers, the Polar Vortex, and Fake News

Outside of a crime drama, does anyone remember the term "stalker" being used until 25 or so years ago? "Proration?" Not a popular word until the budget doesn't balance. The "polar vortex?" Who knew we even had one until four years ago? "Fake News?" The term is decades old, but no one ever used it until Trump decided it fit his agenda.

Oh, let's not forget "homosexualist" and "terroristic." Say what? We suppose the latter is to let readers know the person who was arrested wasn't a real terrorist, he was just making terrorist-type threats. That should make us all feel better.

While we're ranting, let's weigh in on readers who can't read with comprehension. Or perhaps they really can't read beyond a few words and become easily confused when faced with entire paragraphs. 

Yesterday, we linked an article on a Phil Campbell councilman who believes his town's community college campus is closing. At least he says he believes it. The interim president of NWSCC has denied any such immediate plans. At least she's been quoted as denying it. Perhaps neither statement is true. Is that why one of our readers just had to inject "Fake news!?" Did she even read the article or did she just glance at the first few words of the heading before typing her verdict?



Now, to the nitty the councilman on to something? President Humphrey Lee couldn't promise he wouldn't close the campus, but Interim President Glenda Colagross can? Actually, she said there are no plans to close the campus, not that it won't be closed. 

...and how many college coaches this past month have had no plans to take a new post?


Let's play "Where in the World is Lynn Greer?" He must be out looking for that bill he promised to introduce two years ago to amend the state's certificate of need law. Now RegionalCare has been put on hold concerning its proposed cancer center - "a 19,000 square foot facility to provide medical oncology, infusion therapy, external-beam radiation therapy, stereotactic radio surgery, brachytherapy and related patient and family support services in partnership with the UAB Health System, that includes the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center."

But, hey, Lynn obviously knows that it's not like anyone will die or anything while waiting for state of the art cancer treatment. And we elect these people over, and over, and over...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Justin Ross Bevis - Thug of the Year

Justin Ross Bevis was shot in the elbow last week. We doubt that any area law enforcement personnel were particularly troubled by this event in and of itself. Perhaps the shooter broke the law, but most of the readers who have contacted us don't feel that this was the case.

Justin Bevis has a record, a violent record, that stretches back years. He's been in and out of both jail and prison time and time again...and he never learns. Many of his crimes have been abetted by his latest squeeze, whoever she is at the time. This proves our much published hypothesis that many women don't care whom they date as long as it's a man. 

Bevis' current girlfriend is a former Lauderdale County Detention Center employee no less. She's also the mother of two children who haven't reached school age. She's also been ruled unfit by Lauderdale County DHR. Then last Sunday night she recruited Bevis to drive her to her estranged husband's to attempt to take the children (read: kidnap).

At this point her parents became involved. The woman's father, Ferlon Faires, attempted to stop the pair after an ostensibly violent confrontation. (It's been alleged that Bevis threatened to ram the husband's house with the children inside). Bevis crashed into Faires' truck in an unprovoked attack; Faires countered with shooting into Bevis' vehicle and hitting him in the elbow.

We don't advocate anyone attempting to handle such a situation on their own, especially by using a weapon to do so. We do feel there were extenuating circumstances in this case. 

Bevis has had a total of four arrests this year, the last two being in June. One of those was reportedly a felony arrest in Rogersville. We hope Mr. Faires and his insurance company are pressing assault charges against Bevis who's RAP sheet speaks for itself. We further hope that his latest conquest will now place her children first.

We have little hope of the latter.



Oh, dear. It looks like someone was outplayed today. Is Arkansas still calling? Is anyone answering? 

MS Industries in Franklin County


Some weeks ago we mentioned MS Industries in Franklin County and commented that it was outside the city limits of Russellville. A reader corrected us and we have learned that not only is the facility, dubbed MS Industries II, inside the city limits, there are also new corporate offices scheduled to be located in downtown Russellville. MS Industries in Lawrence County (at Wolf Springs) continues to operate. 

And environmental groups continue to rail against it...


That brings us to a recent article in the TD which featured a business survey naming Alabama 6th in popularity with new business. We're not sure how many such organizations do a survey each year, but a quick Google disclosed that the state was 40th on the top survey listed.

It's great to report the good things about the state, but never balancing the facts isn't that great. If we believed all some news outlets reported, we would simply sit home in a recliner waiting for the jobs to come knocking on our door.


'Tis the Season for Roasted Dawg


We're sure most have heard the adage: Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. Doesn't that also apply in other areas of our public persona? We see a TD letter writer has railed against the 15 day suspension of Bryan Hammond in Killen, calling it an infringement on free speech.

Most individuals over the age of 17 and with an IQ over 85 know that saying just what you think at any given time is apt to land one in quite a bit of hot water. What if Hammond had made a comment about the mayor's wife or the Baptist minister's daughter? That's still free speech, isn't it? Yet it's not the wisest action anyone cold take.


Beverly Nelson - Roy Moore Accuser
Ambrosia Starling - Roy Moore Antagonist

Does he get them mixed up in his dreams?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Setting the Record Straight on Roy Moore's "Military Service"/McBride Elementary Update

Yesterday, we commented that Roy Moore served five years in the military. A critical reader then replied thus:

"We really have to ask why tell a falsehood about something that can be checked so easily?" - This is interesting since, according to Wikipedia, Moore was in the military from 1965-1974. According to this blog, that is 5 years. Who is it that has trouble with math?

Really? What does Wikipedia say?

So why is our reader adding the years 1965 to 1969? Perhaps this was because Roy Moore was at West Point. Ah, yes, the four years that the American taxpayers totally supported him. He was doing nothing for this country except preparing himself for a productive life at our expense that did include five years in the military. What does our government say about a West Point education?

What Does It Cost to Go to West Point?
Nothing.  Your only expenditure will be the effort you’ll put forth to set yourself up for a lifetime of success. Other than a nominal initial deposit to cover incidentals like the a notebook computer, this four-year college experience is a fully funded scholarship.  This includes tuition, room and board, medical and dental care, and more. You’ll also get an annual salary of more than $10,000 a year as a cadet at West Point, with which you’ll buy things like  your uniforms, books and supplies.

Since this is a current description, we'll assume Roy didn't receive $10,000.00, but a lesser amount each year. He was still PAID to attend West Point. How about that, folks? Any of you paid to attend college?

And what did the U.S. get in return? The minimum five years of service required in exchange for the scholarship. Either Roy/Ray hated the military that much or he couldn't wait to get home to start making those bigger bucks. 

No, Roy has always been all about Roy and always will be.



The fourth grade teacher from McBride Elementary that was on a 15 day suspension? According to knowledgeable sources, he remains on suspension. The board of education had hoped he would resign; instead the man has hired an attorney.

Any other problems at McBride? We understand there's one other major personnel problem, but so far the board has refused to deal with it. Can we say more? No. We haven't been able to verify the situation. If and when we do, we'll certainly let our readers know.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

How Do You Get Thrown Out of Ider Mule Day?

Remember the DeKalb County chairman for Roy Moore's Senate bid who shoved a cameraman at the Henagar rally? It seems it wasn't his first violent political turn; he was arrested at Ider's Mule Day ten years ago for "poking" a police officer in the chest while campaigning for a state senate candidate. A jury took six hours to acquit him, perhaps because they were laughing so hard.


For those who really want Roy Moore for a U.S. Senator, they should be informed he can't do math. He told the Henagar rally that he'd served his state and country for 40 years, 50 if you counted his military service. If you check Wikipedia, Moore has a total of 21 years in public service, plus five in the military. 

We really have to ask why tell a falsehood about something that can be checked so easily?


Colbert Circuit Judge Jackie Hatcher has denied Chris Martin's request for a new trial with a different judge. Was she totally impartial? We'll be looking at some similar cases around the state. 

Our take? Other issues with the trial were much more prejudicial. Didn't anyone for the defense know how to object?