Sunday, December 31, 2017

Changes in 2018? You Betcha!

Let's hope everyone wants to make the Shoals a better place. Can we do it in 2018? Everyone has different ideas on how to accomplish the task, but surely we can agree on some points?


First, we recently mentioned the need for a supermarket in Cherokee. We understand that a similar store is needed in Town Creek. The last time that we drove through the town, there was a supermarket, but we know things change. Often it's not profit or lack thereof that precipitates a store closing. We've been told that was the case in Cherokee. 

Surely, there's a local business wanting to expand? Let's bring convenience to Cherokee and Town Creek in 2018.



Want to bring change to the City of Muscle Shoals? There's to be some interesting reports brought forth at the upcoming Muscle Shoals Council meeting on Tuesday night. If you live in that city and are dissatisfied with the path the schools are on, be sure to attend. We'll have more later. 



How about Sheffield and other Colbert County towns. If you want to stay informed, we have some great news for you:

The Return of the Midnight Rider
  Starting the first of 2018, the Midnight Rider will resume writing for Shoalanda Speaks.  
Bringing to the readers the truth about what is going on around the Shoals area.  
Prepare yourself because the Rider will not pull any punches with the stories.

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


We'll see you tomorrow with our annual review of stories from the past year.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

A March in Muscle Shoals?

We understand several parents are planning a march in Muscle Shoals. Details have not, to our knowledge, been finalized. We look forward to publishing more on this soon.


We appreciate all submissions, but do request that they be sent in .doc or similar format that can be transferred to our blog. Thanks for your understanding.



Is This So Hard to Understand?

As our regular readers know, we publish three blogs. The Shoals Crime blog is written primarily by our regular writers, but we do publish other works with permission.

None of the Quad-Cities Cuisine blog is written in direct connection with Shoalanda Speaks, but publishes all new material. We currently have two regular submitters, one of whom (J. Redmon) does write for our regular blog. The second (Cherry Pitts) has never written anything but restaurant reviews and has been published exclusively on the QCC blog. Before Cherry, we had a similar writer who published several critiques for us, but decided to leave. Why?

She felt that by using a screen name known to many, she had jeopardized her job. Our regular blog had written some criticism of the state entity at which she worked, and she didn't feel she could take a chance on being associated with any criticism of her employer.

Now think about this: If a restaurant reviewer is afraid for her job, how would someone critical of their employer feel? Would the school principal dare sign his name to a criticism of the superintendent? Would the police chief wish to be associated with criticism of the mayor? No...we didn't think so. 

Do only cowards write here? No, only sensible individuals who care about the Shoals, but also care about supporting their families and paying their bills as the Bible teaches.


By the way, we're still waiting to hear what lies anyone here has presented in connection with Muscle Shoals City Schools or anything else...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lies, Mr. Principal? Please Point One Out

We currently have three bloggers from Colbert County, two of whom live in Muscle Shoals. Yes, all our bloggers use screen names. We see that a local police chief thinks a name should carry the influence, or at least more weight than the facts. We feel even John Dillinger or Al Calpone may have had some good points to make; therefore, we don't ask for a background check before publishing one's blog or guest editorial. 

Since the suspension and subsequent termination of Blake Jarmon, we've received copious communications about the Muscle Shoals School System. It's hardly the first time the system has been in the news, but this it the most irate we've seen parents and citizens. We give everyone a voice here, and if any Muscle Shoals school employee has comments, we will be happy to publish them.

The principal has written on his Facebook page that someone, and we assume he means Leslie M. Shoals, has lied about something in various recent blogs. We attempt to make sure that every blog we post is vetted and correct in each fact. If anyone knows of any errors or misconceptions, please let us know. It's easy to say "lies," but if you don't point them out to us, we have no idea what they are and are certainly not able to correct them.

While we don't know this Muscle Shoals employee personally, we do know the blogger who uses the name "Leslie M. Shoals." In the hierarchy of state government/position, Leslie holds a much more respected place than this principal. It might be easy to criticize Leslie's flamboyant style of fonts and punctuation, but we suggest interested readers examine the facts instead. 



We've had several comments about the TimesDaily recently. No, the local newspaper is not owned by the New York Times. Since the Shelton family published the TD in 2009, news has become more local...and more bland.

It may have hit a new low recently when it published a short blurb about Trivia Night at On the Rocks, a local bar. On the Rocks isn't the only bar/grill to have a regular trivia night, and we're unsure why that particular establishment received any preferential treatment. A new form of advertising?


Speaking of alcohol consumption, we understand one of two local craft beer manufacturers is leaving Florence. We have not been able to determine which, so if readers have any insight, let us know. There has to be an interesting story behind the move.

DRAIN THE SWAMP IN MUSCLE SHOALS!!! #chrishall4mayor2020

Is there no truth whatsoever that can come from the mouth of current Superintendent Brian Lindsey?  After reading the Times Daily news article, obviously not…unless as with the WAAY 31 interview, he claims to have been misquoted.  Who knows?  Let’s ask a few questions residents of Muscle Shoals:

1.  Why wasn’t the City Council agenda published on the website before the last meeting?  Appears there was a public hearing on whether to approve a referendum for a property tax increase for schools. Very convenient Bradford and City Council…yes, very convenient.

2.  Will this same City Council honor the request to request a referendum for an elected school board?

3.  How much money is the City paying to the school system above and beyond the current rate of 7.5?

4.  Just how long has the School System needed a new building to combine Webster and Highland Park Elementary schools?  More than 25 years ring a bell to anyone?

5.  Why does Lindsey always allude to the building of a Career Academy as the reason there is no money available to construct a new elementary school?  And I quote the TD article, “Building a new elementary school for first and second grade students has been a top capital need for several years, but the school system has not had the funds to take on a building project of that scale since building the new career academy in 2014”.   Top capital need…YES…Top Lindsey priority...NO!  Lindsey and his board of education (and I say that in jest – Education???) need to provide the Mayor and City Council the facts concerning the actual cost of their projects.  I believe it was stated previously they borrowed 10 million dollars for the construction of the Career Academy and the Football field / Practice facility and football athletic amenities.  Of this 10 million dollars, less than 2 million dollars was spent on the Career Academy and the rest was spent on the Football Complex.  We dare you to dispute these facts Lindsey, Bradford and City Council!

6.  So, the additional 5 mils would generate $887,400 per year.  In a previous news article Lindsey stated he and his BOE provided raises last year in the amount of $800,000.  So, isn’t it a coincidence the tax increase requested would cover that amount almost to the dollar?  Just proves this additional tax revenue is not to build a school and just where would you put a building that size at Howell Graves.

Well, we as tax paying, voting citizens of Muscle Shoals must determine who is going to govern this city.  Is it going to be Brian Lindsey and his Board of Education or will it be David Bradford and the City Council.  Although Lindsey, his football coach and his BOE have been in full control for the past years, we the people now have had enough!  If David Bradford can’t govern this city, then it’s time for him to go!  Matter of fact, it’s time for term limits for the office of Mayor and City Council.  As for Chris Hall, kudos to you Sir!  You are a real servant of the people and have the utmost respect of the people and we urge you to keep up the good work you were elected to do.  We can send a clear message to the City Council (excluding Mr. Hall) when voting on this tax referendum!  They can bet a vote against the TAX INCREASE will be a vote against them at election time.  Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP in Muscle Shoals! NO ADDITIONAL TAXES….TERM LIMITS FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS….ELECTED BOARD OF EDUCATION…   

Concerned Parent  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Indictments?/Phil Campbell Shooting

When our blog was fairly new, we had information that a Colbert County fire was arson and that arrests were definitely in line to be made. At that time we had one persistent critic who repeatedly questioned the delay. After a year or so, two men were arrested after an indictment. Often there is no arrest until an indictment, but even if there is, an indictment can take months or even a year.

Last February, there was a shooting in Phil Campbell. Of three suspects who allegedly fired multiple times into an occupied dwelling, only two have been arrested. One has now been indicted:

A second man, J.J. Common, was returned to prison in Limestone. We understand he may face a federal indictment rather than state charges due to his previous legal wranglings.

We're seeing nine month delays in Lauderdale County and similar times in Colbert if the district attorney doesn't rush proceedings through. Is justice delayed justice denied? If anyone wants quicker justice, we suggest more taxes. After all, Brian Lindsey swears by it.



Will the Muscle Shoals superintendent get an almost doubling of property tax to fund his school system? Our guess is no. How much will the tax referendum cost the taxpayers of Muscle Shoals? If anyone comes up with a figure, please send it to us. Every citizen of Muscle Shoals has a right to know.


We presume everyone has heard about Roy Moore's lawsuit against the state. It was filed in Montgomery Circuit Court, but apparently the correct venue would have been federal court. So much for Roy's "slip and fall" attorney Trent Garmon and his legal expertise. So much for Roy's as well, it would seem.

Doug Jones has now been certified as the winner of the special election, and Roy...well, we presume Roy is at home in Gadsden plotting his next move. Makes you feel secure, doesn't it?

Salient Points on New Muscle Shoals Primary School

A Gallon Jug Holds Only a Gallon

"Building a new elementary school for first and second-grade students has been a top capital need for several years, but the school system has not had the funds to take on a building project of that scale since building the new career academy in 2014". Sincerely, Brian Lindsey. 

Once again Coach Lindsey - you conveniently didn't say anything about the 10 MILLION and MORE that was spent and is still costing us for yours and Basden's Athletic Facility/astro turf/jumbotron/stadium seating/PLUSH SKY BOX for you to sit in air conditioning when hot and heat with cold. HOW NICE FOR YOU - AT OUR EXPENSE!!!!!

You have a problem telling the truth and the whole story, don't you?

BUILD A 1st & 2nd GRADE ON WILSON DAM ROAD at the Kindergarten school?

Coach Lindsey, have you seen the traffic jam at the KINDERGARTEN? HIGHLAND PARK ELEMENTARY (1/2 grades)? WEBSTER ELEMENTARY (1/2 grades)?

You propose to take the traffic jam at the Kindergarten, add the traffic jam from Highland Park Elementary, then top it off with the traffic jam from Webster Elementary?

All 3 traffic jams adjacent to a STATE HIGHWAY - WILSON DAM ROAD and land locked with subdivisions? That seems to be physically impossible IF the city code is followed for parking spots per square footage of the building. What about the Safety factors for emergency evacuation? Or, is that important, something as insignificant as a child's safety?

Coach - you may need to go down to the Athletic Facility and meditate on this. A Gallon jug only holds a gallon of liquid - didn't you learn this where you went to school??

We learned a little different - at least MUSCLE SHOALS CITIZENS recognize the principal of physics and pure adulterated (oops - shouldn't use that term in MSCS) logic.

NOW - let's talk DOLLARS:

Didn't you just receive a 5 year contract (to finish out your children's education at MSCS) and a FAT $150,000.00 at year salary WITH all the BENEFITS - PERKS - TRAVEL - MILEAGE - BONUSES?

Then we have the overpaid and loser coach Basden making $95,000 plus all the BENEFITS - PERKS - TRAVEL - BONUSES and CONTROL of the CASH and money coming through athletics. 

How bout this: Cut Basden (since he can't win a state championship like he was hired to do). Give the money to the WINNING SPORTS like GOLF - BASKETBALL - BASEBALL and the BAND!!!



REALLY?  How many of you have received a 66% salary increase? We know COACH LINDSEY HAD A FAT SALARY AND BENEFIT INCREASE - but then again, HE DOESN'T LIVE IN MUSCLE SHOALS - NOR DOES HE PAY MUSCLE SHOALS PROPERTY TAXES on his home in the county!!!!


Times Daily - time to do some real reporting - PUBLISH each administrator & department head's, salary, supplement, bonuses and their travel expenses!!!

You will find Coach Lindsey loves to take a "helper" or two with him when he travels. After all, he needs someone to take notes or figure out what they are supposed to learn at these expensive venues and vacation spots.

VOTE NO!!!  Send Coach Lindsey and those 4 councilmen that have no backbone a message - WE ARE FED UP - NO MORE MONEY FOR A RUN A WAY GROUP OF UNGRATEFUL OUT OF TOWN users.

Leslie M. Shoals

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Who Supports Brian Lindsey?/Let's Get Cherokee a Grocery Store!

We've had several write us that one or more Colbert County commissioners specifically supported an increased county tax in order to help Muscle Shoals City Schools. True or not, our mail is running 10 to one against any new tax in Muscle Shoals.

Make no mistake, we support schools in Alabama. Period. What we do not support is waste and graft. If either is present in Muscle Shoals, it's time to change leadership.



A little humor from Southern Son:

Breaking News: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned President Trump's decision to cut down Andrew Jackson's Magnolia tree at the White House.  The 9th Circuit issued a temporary ban on Trump's Executive Order.  In their decision they ruled that if Trump had intended to burn the tree down it would probably pass constitutional muster.  They added that burning the tree might constitute cruel and unusual punishment and they must have a hearing before the full 9th Circuit of Appeals.  They did not address the close proximity of the tree to the White House as a determining factor in their decision.


Many are aware of the sudden closing of the only grocery store in Cherokee. We understand that it was not due to the business being unprofitable. We also understand this business ran a hardware store in one area of the building. We've seen this done in other small towns and it seems to work out very well. In fact, there are several other businesses that could be placed along side the grocery. 

If you're considering opening a new endeavor for the upcoming year, consider Cherokee. In the meantime, we suggest residents band together to order from Walmart. Any order, grocery or other items, over 35.00 is shipping free. This is great to receive boxed meal kits, bottled dressings, etc. right at your door. Never leaving your home may be impossible, but Internet shopping certainly makes things much more convenient.

YOU PAY - Not me, I don't live in Muscle Shoals. Sincerely, Brian Lindsey.

"We have been very blessed that our citizens have placed a high priority on meeting the educational needs of the students in our district," Lindsey said.

YOU don't qualify for the term "our" citizens - you don't live here. Never have. It's "our" or "us" when it comes to money with you. How about "our parents" want this, or "we" made this decision. It's pretty obvious, the "we" and "us" means your cronies - who DO NOT live in Muscle Shoals and DO NOT PAY ADVALOREM/PROPERTY TAXES!!!

Lindsey, DOES NOT live in the city but wants citizens to pass a new tax for him to spend!

Denise Woods, assistant Superintendent - DOES NOT live in the city.

Alan Willingham, McBride Principal - DOES NOT live in the city

Kevin Davis, Middle School Principal - DOES NOT live in the city.

Matthew Carpenter, Past principal Middle School/Central office position - DOES NOT live in the city.

The list is long, but I think you get the picture.

MR. LINDSEY - Let's talk about the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS spent on the FOOTBALL FACILITY and the ONGOING EXPENSES for Basden's current job? Doesn't he make close to $100,000.00 a year??? 

The raise you gave on top of the state raise  COST OVER $800,000.00 a year!!! Got yourself in a pinch giving the faMily money on top of money and need a bailout? How about you bailing out - that will cut a lot of fat.

Interesting you chose to talk about the Career Center as the last capital project - DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THE ASTRO TURF AND ONGOING FOOTBALL PROJECTS, or is this yet another "miscommunication" as you put it when you "mis-speak", aka, LIE?

Perhaps the "overcrowding" could be cushioned if you change your policy and EMPLOYEES that DO NOT LIVE IN MUSCLE SHOALS (such as yourself and all your cronies) PAY NON-RESIDENT FEES FOR ALL YOURS and THEIR CHILDREN like everyone else?

YOU DON'T PAY ONE CENT IN NON-RESIDENT FEES and NEVER HAVE FOR ALL THESE YEARS, while you have the audacity to tell US, Muscle Shoals CITIZENS, to give YOU more money?

IF the City Council really thought you weren't wasting the taxpayer's money - they would have given you the sales tax increase you asked for. As usual, they are taking the coward's way out by costing the taxpayer's more money for a referendum. 

What is the definition of insanity? Look it up - your picture is next to it.

YOU Mr. Lindsey HAVE SOME NERVE telling Muscle Shoals CITIZENS to PAY 5 MIL  MORE IN PROPERTY TAXES and hand to a bunch of OUT OF CITY employees to squander!!!




Mr. Lindsey - YOU NEED TO GO - NOW.

Leslie M. Shoals

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pettus Continues to Pursue New Capital Crime/Shoney's a Grinch?

There are currently 18 scenarios in which the state may ask for a capital murder conviction. Last year Phillip Pettus of Greenhill attempted to add one more and was not successful. He's going to try again. 

How many times are such laws basically ignored? We've just been discussing Homajean Grisham's murder of Jessica Broadfoot. He stabbed her to death in a vehicle making it a capital crime, but Colbert prosecutors were quick to accept a plea of Felony Murder with a 30 year sentence.

We could add several other murder cases to the list, but you get the idea. What if the killer is convicted? He may at some point be executed, but the state will have first paid out thousands of tax dollars over decades to fight appeals.  These are thousands that the state would not be losing on a Felony Murder conviction.

Then again, the death penalty could be declared unconstitutional at any time. This in itself is problematic for some completely other reasons. Will those facing execution have their sentences commuted to Life Without Parole, or will they receive a new trial? 

Alabama is facing several budget crises, including education and health insurance for indigent children. Why is Phillip Pettus or anyone else trying to add a new capital crime? Surely no one thinks the possibility of execution will stop even one deranged ex-lover?



From J. Redmon:

Shoney's has previously been held in high regard among veterans and their families. Until very recently Shoney's had given a 10% discount to military veterans. They had even gone so far as to extend the discount to veterans' immediate family members accompanying them.

This has all recently changed. Shoney's apparently now employs The Grinch in their accounting department.

A Vietnam veteran recently informed me that he and his wife have regularly, until this week, eaten at Shoney's 2 - 3 times a week for several years. This past Friday he noticed the change on his bill and asked to speak to the manager. The manager informed him that Shoney's had changed it's policy and that the veterans discount was no longer extended to immediate family members of veterans dining with them.

Merry Christmas Shoney's. I hope you choke on your increased profits.


Dr. David B. Dickerson has filed a claim against UNA for almost seven million dollars:

If he's successful, where does the money come from? Certainly the taxpayers ultimately, but does the state pay or does the university? We look forward to reading the university's answer to the claim in the next 30 days.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!


We hope each of you has a fantastic Christmas filled with joy and love. Please take these feelings with you during 2018 and make the Shoals a better place for all of us!

Everyone at Shoalanda Speaks

Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Little Lindsey Humor/Shoals Crime

From one of many concerned Muscle Shoals citizens who have contacted us:

Click to Enlarge



Crime sells. Is that just a plain fact or a sad fact? Look at the numerous crime magazines of old available at any bookstore or supermarket until 20 or so years ago. In the 21st Century, we have two or more cable channels devoted to true crime...usually murders...and more Internet sites than we can enumerate, including our own Shoals Crime. All attract numerous viewers/readers.

For those who don't know, Pen-N-Sword will be installing new software in a matter of days or at most weeks. That site's crime articles will be lost if not transferred, and so far we've published (with its permission) two articles in Shoals Crime that were taken from PNS. We plan to publish at least one more before New Year's. 

Now for the second time in the history of the site, Shoals Crime has received criticism for "dredging up" old stories that simply hurt innocent families. Really? It's odd that in both these cases, the bad guy was a relatively young male who harmed a woman. Most, if not all, of the criticism came from women in this same age group. Are we seeing a pattern here, gentle readers?

And in case anyone isn't sure, it's not the press or the police or the victim who hurt the families of killers, it's the killer or perp himself who brought all this upon his family. That shouldn't be a hard concept to follow, but apparently it is.

We don't care if the victim stole from, cursed at, or cheated on the killer/abuser. No one is entitled to kill an unarmed individual. It's easy to swear what the victim did in life when she (or he) is not around to respond. It's apparently much harder to accept that your family/lover/friend was a royal jerk who deserves to spend his life in prison.


Living Off the School System?/Church Business?


It has been brought to the attention of our group that employees of the Muscle Shoals City School System who don’t reside in the City of Muscle Shoals are exempt from paying the non-resident student tuition fee of $500 / year which is Board Policy.  I was wondering if that same thing holds true for all the other employees of boards in the city.

Does the Muscle Shoals Electric Board employees get free electricity?
Does the Muscle Shoals Water Board employees get free water and sewer?
Does the Muscle Shoals Gas Board employees get free natural gas?

I think we all know the answer to the above questions, so why does the Muscle Shoals City Schools employees that live outside the city receive free tuition?  Is this a part of their negotiated salary?  If so, do they receive a W-2 for this amount of money each year?  Is this Board Policy or merely just another little “under the table” bonus that flies under the radar?

Concerned Parents of Muscle Shoals


You hit the nail on the head with the Muscle Shoals Church Mafia!  It used to be a "turf war" between HPBC and Woodward Ave. BC against "Six Flags Over Jesus"/Grace Life Church on Avalon Avenue. 

Several years ago Dr. Harry Smith, former Principal at MSHS and member of Grace Life, was excluded from the three finalist for MS Superintendent.  Grace Life members revolted and demanded Smith be included.  Even showed up and protested at a MSBOE meeting with a signed petition.  If memory serves correctly Smith was eventually interviewed, but I do remember he did not get the job.  

Funny part about the MS Church Mafia is that most of them were members of Woodward Ave. BC until HPBC built their compound on Wilson Dam Hwy.  It also seems that Woodward Ave. declined after Bro. Tom Whatley retired.

And the MS Church Mafia extends to other departments in the city as well.  

I also though church was supposed to be a place of Christian worship and not a division of the Chamber of Commerce?  I will let this link associated with HPBC help answer that question:

Southern Son


We looked at this business directory and were very surprised. Is this common in the Baptist church, or is this an aberration?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Gemstone Foods & Sheffield Schools: Two Sketchy Institutions?

Gemstone Foods is being lauded as they have announced the purchase and opening the old Hillshore Farms plant for a rendering facility. The Mayor of Florence and others have spoken highly of this project to replace Hillshire Farms that previously operated at the same location.

However, in the quest for public officials to burnish their resumes with economic development they have failed to totally examine Gemstone's background. Gemstone has been operating in AL since 2013.

Gemstone Foods was found to owe 595 employees more than $140,000 in back wages and damages after the U.S. Department of Labor investigation found overtime violations at the chicken-cutting company’s two Decatur facilities.

In June 2017, the state department of labor fined Gemstone $64,200 for violations related to a dozen teen workers at its McEntire Lane facility. The youngest was 13.

The teens’ documentation showed large discrepancies in age, “so egregious that a layperson could identify these documents were forged,” according to an Alabama Department of Labor report.


1) Employees were paid two different rates for hours worked. The employer did not use the weighted average in calculating overtime for employees who earned multiple rates of pay in an overtime workweek.

2) Gemstone claimed an overtime exemption for an employee who was determined to be non-exempt.

3) Gemstone employed minors under the age of 18, in violation of child labor regulations. There were multiple violations related to a 13-year-old worker and three 15-year-olds.

Besides $140,122 in back wages and damages, Gemstone had civil penalties worth $7,865.

Gemstone stated the overtime calculation error has been addressed, and employees were paid $70,061.40 in back wages and $70,061.40 in damages.

The Alabama Department of Labor’s investigation found “occurrences of identity concealment” related to the teens in employee files.

The investigation found one employee file had a doctor’s excuse with the child’s legal name, but a supervisor had written his work name on the back and signed so that it would be put in the correct file.

Gemstone CEO and President Heath Loyd has said that Gemstone will invest over $11 million and has committed to hiring 296 employees. The company is optimistic about possibly rehiring some of the previous workforce from Hillshire and working with the Shoals community to staff the plant. The company will pay competitive and comparable wages to similar employers in the area and slightly higher in terms of poultry processing compensation. Gemstone wants to become a contributing member of the community and has partnered with the City of Florence and SEDA for support.

Southern Son



And from a reader:

A couple of years ago, right after Keith Lankford rode into town, HPBC pastor Brett Pittman published a video on YouTube in which he stated that he had met with “educational leaders” in Sheffield, and they were beginning a partnership that would allow members of HPBC to provide tutoring services to the underprivileged children of Sheffield. Folks in Sheffield went nuts in outrage, and nothing ever came of it. Of course, Lankford denied having any knowledge of Pittman’s claims of meeting with Sheffield “educational leaders”. 

This was also approximately the same time that Brian Lindsey sold the section 8 apartments connecting to Sheffield’s Threadgill Primary School that he had owned for several years. I believe Sheffield police had to respond to those apartments a few times due to some residents at that time being engaged in drug activity. Since then Lankford highjacked the local churches’ Thanksgiving offering and started STIC, Students Tutored in Churches. 

As for Sheffield’s board of education, not a single member has a child or grandchild who attends a Sheffield school. Steve Hargrove has already purchased land in Muscle Shoals in preparation for moving out of Sheffield after he retires.


Note: We're always happy to publish readers' opinions on issues. Sometimes we're totally unfamiliar with the issues; other times we have a rudimentary knowledge of the situation and appreciate the viewpoints of others. We attempt to give the Shoals a voice. Rebuttals are always welcome.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Muscle Shoals Church Mafia?/Another Colbert Murder


Want to know why everything is in chaos in Muscle Shoals? Look no further than the HPBC fraternal organization located on Wilson Dam Road. Seemingly staff members and employees come and go like a revolving door at HPBC but there is one common denominator to this situation in Muscle Shoals = Brian Lindsey is the personnel chairman….and you wonder why Jeff Eddy was allowed to molest children for all those years without any notice.

Let’s look at the hierarchy at HPBC as is related to Muscle Shoals City politics:

Members of HPBC are as follows:

Mayor David Bradford

Councilman Allen Noles

Councilman Neil Willis

Councilman Mike Lockhart

Councilman Ken Sockwell

Superintendent Brian Lindsey

Assistant Supt. Denise Woods

Principal Alan Willingham

Any further questions why our city and school system is deteriorating at such a rapid pace?

A Parent



Unfortunately, murders come with much more regularity than Christmas. We understand that forensics are still being completed in the Rogersville murder of Connie Ridgeway that Mayor Richard Herston has refused to address recently. Let's hope an arrest will soon be made.

Also unfortunately, there was a murder near Nitrate City yesterday:

No matter how little you may know, don't fail to report it!