Monday, August 11, 2014

Do Your Political Research Now!

Perhaps it is just a sign of our times that we don’t trust our government and don’t have any confidence in what is told to us by our elected officials. And it appears that this lack of trust extends to all levels of government, from our esteemed lawgivers in Washington right down to the local level. We seem convinced that ALL elected officials are dishonest and in fact some are. As election time once again approaches, we should pause and remember, we have only ourselves to blame as we elect and sometimes continue to re-elect these “public servants”.
Again, really, we have only ourselves to blame. Complacency, blind dedication to a political party, blissful ignorance or going with the flow to elect “good old boys”, all play a part in the election of less than stellar leadership. We just never seem to learn; if a candidate lies to get elected, he will lie after he gets in office. If he is not careful who he takes money from during his campaign, that person is very likely to “sell out” to the special interests upon election. Common sense tells us that a person with low moral fiber or weakness of character will develop neither character nor morals once he enters public service. If anything, these weaknesses will become even more apparent, and we, the citizens, will ultimately pay the price for his shortcomings. 
Look around, we have candidates for local offices that are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. Half truths, outright lies, dirty money, self serving hypocrisy, weakness of character, “good ole boys”. You know who they are, and if you don’t, just look at their records, they are easy to identify. If we want to have confidence in government again, we should take the time to educate ourselves about the candidates before we give away our vote. It’s easy enough to do, much is public record. Throw out the rhetoric, put the party affiliation aside (that is either party), stop being a stooge for the “good ole boys” and elect honest candidates for a change. In the end, we’ll all be better off.
The above is a guest column that really packs a punch. Please, do your research. Don't wait until after the election to gripe. Make yourself heard now.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Huntsville the Perfect Retirement City?

According to USA This Weekend, Huntsville is one of the top ten retirement cities in the US. Not only that, we have a representative from Huntsville telling the the country that the Rocket City isn’t like the rest of Alabama. Really?

After thinking it over, this loose lipped ad man may have some good points. Huntsville has its symphony, Florence has its Big Band. Shopping? We’re not even going to attempt to compare the Quad-Cities with Huntsville in that area. Television stations? Okay, Huntsville wins again, but we do have all those Shoals bureaus to make sure we get our full four minutes of infamy each night.

Jobs? Okay, why bother to go any farther...


We've received several e-mails on the Tuscumbia Parks and Rec Department; however, some are not publishable due to content. We will update the situation at a later date.


Some time ago a friend mentioned to us that when one spell-checks the word "Tuscumbia," the first suggestion is "Scumbag."


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tuscumbia Park Department Investigation

Below is a guest editorial. We have edited the material in order to remove names of employees that have not as yet been charged...or may not be charged.

  The spring of 2014 was the first time ***** had complete control of Tuscumbia’s Spring Park including the rides.  During the winter, he put up a nice sign in Spring Park telling everyone that the park and rides would open on March 1, 2014.

  Visitors to Spring Park were to be surprised when they came to the park for that first weekend. The waterfall was not working, there was no light and water show, the lake level was too high so the fountain did not work correctly during the day.  The railroad, carouse, and train were also in need of repair. (Maybe all of this can be blamed on Muskrats!?!)

   Next, Spring Park’s restrooms had many complaints from park visitors. One teacher this spring told her kids to go to the bathroom in town because they did not want to use the bathrooms in the park. (Also see attached Times Daily Letter to the Editor about another visitor’s complaint regarding Spring Park’s restrooms)

  This was the first year that Joel was in charge of the rides and the first year the rides were not ready to open on opening day.   (An employee wrote a letter to the mayor in September 2013 describing the deteriorating condition of the park rides (etc.) explaining how Joel was not keeping ($) the park rides repaired.)

   The next week, Spring Park’s rides were open for operation.  (The fountain and waterfall were still not working and the carousel and bridge were still in need of repair)  The rides did well financially that weekend. The money was taken from the park and placed in the safe in the depot museum.  ***** and ***** would then count the money, complete the paperwork and take the money to city hall.

   One problem arose.  Approximately $2,000.00 did not make it from the park to city hall.  

  Mayor Shoemaker ordered an investigation with a promise to prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent of the law. The Tuscumbia Police Department was called to investigate. Tuscumbia Police included the assistance of the Sheffield Police Department and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (A.B.I.)

   The police investigated the incident finding that the money made it from Spring Park to the depot museum safe but did not make it from the museum to city hall.  This pointed to money disappearing in the control of ***** and *****  The mayor did not allow the charges to proceed since it involved his park *****.  

  • Approximately $2,000.00 missing from Spring Park
  • Tuscumbia Police Department, Sheffield Police Department, and Alabama Bureau of Investigation (A.B.I) is investigating.
  • The question asked by many in Tuscumbia today is why anyone who is investigated for mishandling city funds still be handling the money today?

We welcome comments.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Beware End of Certificate of Need?

We've pretty much advocated doing away with the certificate of need policy in this state. There has never been any proof that it lowers medical costs, and many states have ended the policy since the federal government did the same.

However, someone reminded us this week that if this policy ends, the state will also now be flooded with out-of-state hospices which will invariably put the local ventures out of business. Many local hospices are now teetering on the edge of bankruptcy even with the CON in place.

What say the public?


Tuscumbia City Parks: Mismanaged? Stay tuned...


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Is It Tiny Tim Cratchit?

No cane? No walker? No wheelchair? It's a miracle!

We're guessing the courts are still out on his second appeal in the shooting of David Andrasik.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Soliciting at Target?

From a reader: I was in the Target shopping center, as I was leaving there was a Non-US citizen woman & 2 kids holding up a sign Need money for food & gas, this is not the first time I have encountered this, not the same family but others like them begging for money, is this not illegal in most parking lots ????????? I happen to notice each time i have encounter them , they have cell phones, dressed nice and the kids are playing DS games, personally I think Target and the other stores should enforce the no soliciting law. If they are truly hungry there are many churches and others that will help them, thank you

First, I would contact the Target manager. He may not be aware of these people. Recently, the FPD arrested some beggars in the Walmart parking lot. So if the manager doesn't give you satisfaction, try the police.

Second, I'm not sure how an observer could tell if this family consisted of non-citizens or not. If  they are here illegally, this arrest should be sent to immigration, but don't hold your breath for the federal government to do anything.


If you see any families panhandling locally, take a photo and forward it to us for publication.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Does Your Language Say About You?

No, gentle readers, we weren’t saying in a recent blog that no one needs Jesus. We were commenting on the Lexington water clerk using a vulgarity in a FB post and then immediately telling us here at Shoalanda that we need Jesus. You’ve certainly never seen anyone here publish that kind of language. Think about this...

You just stumped your know, the one you jammed against a brick last week, the one with the infected ingrown nail. What did you say? If you managed something innocuous, good for you. If you let out a curse or “dirty word”, you would not be alone. If anyone heard you, they probably identified with your pain and didn’t give it a second thought.

Now you’re on Facebook, telling your friends about the painful toe. You may have several adjectives to describe the unlucky digit, but you probably won’t use any that are considered impolite in cultured society.

What’s the difference​? It’s a big one: You can think before you type and even edit if you did type something about which you have reservations.

That was the point of our recent blog concerning a Town of Lexington employee. She may have felt our blog was full of ****, but actually publishing it on Facebook and then saying the Shoalanda bloggers need Jesus might just be slightly hypocritical.

So what’s a good euphemism for “feces?” How about “horse hockey?” After all, it was good enough for Col. Potter.

To the reader who commented that the photo of Jennifer Sledge Hendershot was an old one, it is the photograph that appears on the Town of Lexington’s website, which we would logically think she has some control over. Would you like us to try again?

And btw, we’re pretty sure that people don’t look better with age unless they’ve had some work done...


Monday, August 4, 2014

We Don't Think Anyone Is That Dumb!

From a reader: Who gives a rip if an employee's property is inside a public building. Grow up people and get a life! If whoever post this nitpicky stuff is a Christian then Shame on you for constantly trying to stir up trouble about things that really don't affect anybody but that person. I don't live in Muscle Shoals but if I did this wouldn't cost me a dime or endanger my livelihood in any way so it's hogwash!

What does it matter? Let's see...

Scenario One: The public building explodes or burns. Who pays for the employee's loss?

Scenario Two: A city worker has to move the employee's property and is hurt. Who pays for that? BTW, I wouldn't count on workman's comp for that.

Scenario Three: So my boat is stored securely on public property. I got it made, but what about you? You have a boat or some such that you're having to pay storage on. If the City of Muscle Shoals can store one employee's property, it should store the property of every employee.

Now, as far as "stirring up trouble," a reader sent us the info and the cartoon. None of the bloggers here lives in Muscle Shoals, but one lives in Colbert County. If our tax dollars were in danger of being wasted on an unethical or illegal practice, we would champion anyone who would shed light on this kind of behavior.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where Does Ronnie Willis Keep...

...the sheriff department's four-wheelers? If they are where they have been reported to be, what does he use them for? I'm sure the Lauderdale County taxpayers would like an answer, but don't hold your breath.


Speaking of Sheriff Willis, it seems another law suit has just been filed against him. We've not sure what number this would be...fifth? sixth?

The election can't come too soon!


Complaints? We receive more complaints concerning the Lauderdale Sheriff's Office and the Russellville Police Department than against all the other local agencies combined.

Complaints against local cities? If you guessed Muscle Shoals holds that distinction, you would be right.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pumping Station or Storage Unit?

We've been focusing on a small Lauderdale town recently, but other Shoals towns also seem to lean toward unethical practices. Does the City of Muscle Shoals, or its mayor, allow employees to use the town's pumping station as their personal storage unit?

The above cartoon was sent to us by the person who made us aware of the possible problem.


Some years ago, an employee of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department paid for an inmate on work release to do some work around his home. In fact, some say he paid more per hour than the companies who used work release employees.

So what happened when this arrangement became public knowledge? The employee was reprimanded. While we don't think this county employee did anything wrong, it would seem to involve the principal of not avoiding any appearance or impropriety.

Shouldn't all municipal governments attempt to do the same?


Friday, August 1, 2014

Florence Shelter: Yeas & Nays

Florence Animal Shelter operations director has contacted both O.B.'s Corner and this blog in regard to the rescue animal being put down. We have published his comments on the blog in question and will update as more info comes in.

We will say here that it sometimes necessary to euthanize an animal, and those who perform that task usually do it with love and care. It takes a toll. I can unequivocally say that Shoalanda herself could not perform this task.


Want to help HASRA? Here's their FB link:'