Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Soliciting at Target?

From a reader: I was in the Target shopping center, as I was leaving there was a Non-US citizen woman & 2 kids holding up a sign Need money for food & gas, this is not the first time I have encountered this, not the same family but others like them begging for money, is this not illegal in most parking lots ????????? I happen to notice each time i have encounter them , they have cell phones, dressed nice and the kids are playing DS games, personally I think Target and the other stores should enforce the no soliciting law. If they are truly hungry there are many churches and others that will help them, thank you

First, I would contact the Target manager. He may not be aware of these people. Recently, the FPD arrested some beggars in the Walmart parking lot. So if the manager doesn't give you satisfaction, try the police.

Second, I'm not sure how an observer could tell if this family consisted of non-citizens or not. If  they are here illegally, this arrest should be sent to immigration, but don't hold your breath for the federal government to do anything.


If you see any families panhandling locally, take a photo and forward it to us for publication.


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  1. I'd rather give to someone who may not be in need than to miss someone who is in need. You can't tell by looking what someone/some family is going through. Yes, there are churches who help...but who are the "and others?" That, my friend, is you and me.

    Many folks live paycheck to paycheck, and if something happens to a job, or if there's an injury, they can still have decent clothes, and their kids can still have the DS they got for Christmas...and the family can truly be in or not.

    I know I don't want to stand before God and tell Him I didn't help a hungry family because they looked "illegal" to me and the kids had a DS.

    Before anyone thinks I'm all for keeping the border open: Certainly not! But it just doesn't hurt to do a little less judging, and giving a little more of a helping hand.