Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Profound Comments...


The split was PAWS 25% and HASRA 75%. PAWS to use their portion on spay and neuter, HASRA to use the money to benefit the animals

PAWS alleges that HASRA wanted to use the money for their own shelter, but the fact is the event took place in December, long before Debbie was banned.

It wasn't until January 10th that they banned her, and not until February that it was decided to try and raise money for a "sanctuary".

The words from PAWS reps was that "they were not sure HASRA would use the money to benefit the animals considering the ban of Debbie.

HASRA is an open book, we hide nothing.

On Hospice Wars:

You may feel if a hospice closes the creditors are the real losers, but what about the employees?

On Evelyn Servin: 

You can bet the FBI has a thick file on Mrs. Servin. Watch for her to join her husband soon.

On Political Endorsements: 

Do you offer paid endorsements?


We have to comment on the last one. No. We do not offer paid endorsements. We do accept political advertising, but we will never endorse any candidate in order to obtain advertising money. Our friends at Pen N Sword also accept advertising, but not only do they not endorse for money, they make no endorsements at all.

Endorse for money? People actually do that?


Sunday, March 30, 2014


What Would Alfie Do?

Yesterday we blogged on various “medical wars,” but there’s another local war raging and it isn’t pretty. PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) has legally challenged HASRA (Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt) over the use of donated funds that were to be split in some manner between these two organizations. No matter who wins, the real losers are the animals who need the funding for shelter and rescue efforts.

For years we’ve given to out of state animal rescue efforts. Now we say let’s keep that money at home. It’s great to have rescue groups from New York and elsewhere travel to the Shoals to take dogs and other household pets back to an area where the breeding season is shorter, but these groups can’t do that in the first place without local contacts.

Should you support PAWS or should your money go to HASRA? Rest assured we already have an opinion, but we want to hear from our readers. Tell us what you think. We’ll publish the results in a few days.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medical Wars Rage On...

Ambulance Wars: An attorney for Shoals Ambulance CEO Bryan Gibson sent us a press release recently that stated in part: Despite the efforts of Gibson and his team, FirstMed was forced to file for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013. No FirstMed assets were retained by Gibson or his companies.

Then came the reader comment: I must need glasses because I would swear that he had several FirstMed trucks sitting in Florence.

The truth? It may lie somewhere in between, but it looks like someone or some entity is really out to get Mr. Gibson. Is Keller behind the local assault or does it originate from others who feel used and abused for whatever logical or illogical reasons?

Hospice Wars: A downtown Florence hospice recently lost its longtime headquarters to a bank repossession. We’ve seen a photo of their new and much less elaborate digs. If our banker friend is correct, no cost cutting measure can save the business from bankruptcy at this point. Our sympathies lie with the company’s creditors who will be the real losers in this situation.

Hospital Wars: In three weeks, Helen Keller Hospital will have its appeal hearing...unless they find a way to postpone it again. Then the judge will consider the rebuttals from both sides. Our legal source says RegionalCare will again come out the winner. The main question may then be: Will Keller find another way to derail progress for the citizens of Lauderdale County?

Stay tuned for updates...


Friday, March 28, 2014

A Keller Delay?

So Helen Keller Hospital, in its bid to appeal a new hospital in Lauderdale County, has struck again. To refresh your memory, RegionalCare won the right to build a new facility in East Florence. Keller then appealed, and the date for the hearing was set for March 14th. In the interim, Keller hired a new attorney, one H. Lewis Gillis, who had a previous commitment that prohibited him from attending the appeal hearing.

Keller has won their delay. Now Mr. Gillis will be making those big bucks that he loves so much in a bankruptcy hearing. We can't blame RegionalCare for being just a little ticked. Shouldn't Keller, or at least Gillis, have to pay ECM a little fine? Take the staff out to dinner at the 360? Something?


Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Guest Editorial on Evelyn Servin

I was unfamiliar with Evelyn Servin, and unfortunately your excellent take on her, until I read of her exploits in the “Yellowhammer.” I feel you haven’t gone quite far enough in challenging Ms. Servin. She states her husband has been deported, yet she apparently doesn’t work as most of us do. She’s free to protest during normal working hours. Who is taking care of these fatherless children she’s lamenting?

It’s my understanding the detention center in Ethowah County is leased partially by the federal government. If so, Ms. Servin could and should be charged with a federal crime and deported herself.

She’s taken on the mantle of “Alabama,” but had only six supporters helping her protest. That might not appear to be a serious threat, but for someone who worked in military intelligence during the Cold War, it would seem to be a throw back to old Soviet tactics. Let the little guy take the blame while those who enjoy the damage sit back and wait for the chaos.

At best, she’s using Franklin County tax dollars to support her attempts to overthrow government policy and break the law. Are most in Franklin even aware that this is the case? I checked the Franklin County Times and there’s not been one mention of her. That’s often the best way to handle these types, but unless challenged legally, she’s getting enough attention from other sources that she won’t go away. It’s time to take a stand for our country.


Our guest editorialist asks who supports the Servin children? We’re pretty sure the answer is all the taxpayers of Alabama do so, while their mother gallivants about protesting the laws in a county she lives in illegally...and is proud of it. DHR takes an interest in so many homes, why not this one?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Fight DHR?

How do you fight the Alabama Department of Human Resources? The answer for most, is that you can’t. Why? Because it requires both the know-how and the resources, and those with both are rarely the targets of DHR.

When we first began this blog, we knew little of the workings of DHR. We just assumed that those children taken from their biological parents were guilty of some heinous crimes...and we assumed that was the spurious source of most complaints against DHR.

Why has our opinion of DHR changed over the years? It changed with the realization there is no rhyme or reason to most DHR actions. It changed when we realized that DHR actually profited financially when families were split up. It changed when we saw the abuse close up and personal and realized how many innocent families were hurt.

It certainly changed when we became friends with Mark Davis and witnessed his fight against the system that was supposed to protect his daughter, but in reality has caused her more damage than any child should have to suffer. We frequently post editorials from those involved in these fights. Keep sending them.

We also frequently receive requests for either information on how to fight DHR or perhaps even requests to actually help in this fight. No one who blogs here is an attorney, and rest assured an attorney is what you need. Make sure the attorney is well versed in child custody laws in the state (in other words, don’t use your second-cousin the patent attorney), but is not a part of any local good ol’ boy system. The latter may be harder than you would think.

Someone out there has to have both the stamina, funds, and common sense to force an overhaul of these current laws. Let’s hope it comes soon.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Suspects & Drug Dealers?

We’ve read the term “alleged suspect” twice recently—once in a UNA press release and once in a local online news site. No, gentle readers, there is no such thing as an alleged suspect. He may be an alleged miscreant, but he is either a suspect or not; and if he’s named or referred to in an article, you can bet the farm he is a suspect.


A local police officer spies a vehicle going 41 mph in a 35 mph zone; at the same time, he receives a radio dispatch that First Monopoly Bank has just been robbed by a gang of five terrorists brandishing AK47s. Which event do you suggest this officer attend to first?

We believe our local police look at drug dealers in the same way. Authorities could spend thousands of dollars in capturing, prosecuting, and housing corner dealers who sell just enough to keep themselves in their product of choice...or they can go after the traffickers, thereby taking down a cell of 20 smaller dealers at once.

The sad thing is that those affected by the small time dealers—the neighbors or parents of young victims—are left with the feeling that local authorities just don’t care. The even sadder thing is that perhaps most don’t care any longer. They’ve dipped their tin cups into the ocean too many times to believe that what they’re doing is stemming any real flow of drugs to this area.

Is there an answer? We certainly don’t have one. What prompted this line of thought? We hear that as West Florence once was, so now are some areas of East Florence, particularly the no longer home-owned small markets that dot Huntsville Road. We welcome comments.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Why Was Jorge Servin Deported?

Yesterday we blogged on the newest illegal activities of Evelyn Servin, a sometime Russellville resident who spends a great deal of time with the Hispanic community in Etowah County. In a TimesDaily article on her latest illegal protest, she mentions that her husband Jorge has been deported. Really? Why?

Was it because he had a job? Because he was a model citizen? No. We're pretty sure it was because he ran afoul of the law in some manner. How about it, Mrs. Servin, care to tell us why your husband was deported?


Did you read Wayne Smith's TimesDaily article on the Etowah County protest. It contained 286 words and not one of them was the word "illegal." Amazing...


Want to know what really happened at this illegal protest? You can read it HERE. If you're in a hurry, just rest assured the seven arrested were given plenty of chances to leave peacefully and didn't. The article goes on to mention that no illegal immigrants have been deported for minor offenses. That brings us back to good ol' Jorge. We're waiting to hear his tale of woe.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Evelyn Servin Strikes (Illegally) Again

Remember Evelyn Servin? In case you don't, here's a useful link:

Now this rabble-rouser has stuck again...this time in Etowah County. Servin says she's breaking the law by blocking the entrance to the detention center in order to make a statement. She certainly is; she's stating she couldn't care less about our laws.

She also states she's trying to tell the president to do as she says. Well, Evelyn, let us know how that works out for you.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bryan Gibson of Shoals Ambulance Sues Former Colleague

This press release was recently sent to us:

Priority Ambulance and its CEO Bryan Gibson filed suit today in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina against Gary Poirier, a former employee of FirstMed, a company Bryan Gibson led briefly in 2013.

According to the lawsuit, Poirier is engaged in a smear campaign targeted against Gibson relating to Gibson’s tenure at FirstMed. The smear campaign appears intended to malign Gibson’s character, but it is also threatens harm to Priority Ambulance’s growing business, according to the lawsuit.

Gibson served as the CEO of FirstMed for less than four months in 2013. With a team of experienced managers, Gibson tried to reverse FirstMed’s severe financial problems. Despite the efforts of Gibson and his team, FirstMed was forced to file for bankruptcy protection at the end of 2013. No FirstMed assets were retained by Gibson or his companies.

Gibson looks forward to vindicating his rights in the pending lawsuit and, if required, to take appropriate legal action against others engaged in similar misconduct. “We will continue to actively monitor websites, blogs and social media and will take appropriate action when we find defamatory and libelous comments,” Gibson said. “The statements about me are outrageous and false. With this lawsuit, I want to set the record straight and stop the illegal conduct.”

About Priority Ambulance

Based in Knoxville, Tenn., Priority Ambulance provides the highest level of clinical excellence in emergency and nonemergency medical care to the communities it serves. Throughout its national service area, more than 300 highly trained paramedics, EMTs and telecommunicators staff state-of-the-art ambulances with the latest medical equipment and technology. 


Friday, March 21, 2014

Remembering Clo Stoner

Clo Taylor Stoner was brutally shot dead last Monday, along with a second woman and a dog. This blog isn't going to focus on the "why" or other data that will come out if there is a trial. We've been told that Mark Edwin Montgomery is so wrapped up in himself that he will request a trial in hopes of ensnaring jury members in his web.

A long-time friend of this blogger lives out of state and cannot be here for Mrs. Stoner's funeral. She is very concerned that, since Clo had no local living family, she will be overlooked in all this. We wish we could say this won't but true, but we have seen it happen. Our friend was very disappointed in Clo's obituary; therefore, we're going to publish what she's written to us about Clo:

Clo’s funeral will be Sunday at Elkins in Florence. She has NO family. Her obit. was a pic of her as a senior in HS, and some broad statements about having been a nurse for a number of years and loving her dogs.The relative submitting that obituary didn’t know her as well as I do. She was from Florence, graduated from either Coffee or Bradshaw, I’m thinking in 1975.   I know that she was a widow, that she graduated from Calhoun nursing school, and could have found out her graduation date.

To our friend and others suffering over the loss of loved ones, we say it's not about the worldly remembrances, for God knows their lives. We never met either of these two women, but we know their friends are suffering. Our friend from out of state has indicated she wants Montgomery to receive a quick death for his crimes. We say: Isn't living in a pure hell hole for the rest of his natural life a much better punishment?


Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Sinister Events at Walmart

From the Florence Police Department: The people in the picture below have been identified as Jason Lewis Kimbrough, 32, and April Dawn Hunt, 31. They have been begging for money at store parking lots. There are now warrants for their arrest. If seen please call the police at 256-760-6610.

We recently blogged of a suspicious male at Walmart seeking rides with single women. Now we have a new scam in place at the ubiquitous super center. Perhaps it's time to shop at Target, folks?


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Grandfathered In?

For the past two days, we've been discussing problems with certain job descriptions within the City of Muscle Shoals. One reader mentioned that some have been grandfathered in to these licensed positions. We asked him to elaborate, and received this:

In 1992 this law, Acts 1992, No. 92-608, p. 1282, § 1. Was put into effect and prior to this contractors who never were required to have a license were told through media outlets that this law was going into effect. If they wanted to be grandfathered in they would have to show the home builder license board that they were a company or home builder they did this by showing local business licenses. No test no qualification just prove you bought a business license from your local city you were operating out of. That simple. Now so I don't have to point the finger at this contractor and that one, you do some investigating and figure out who was building homes before 1992 and is still building. This is the same for electrical, plumbing and HVAC just figure out when the years a law went into effect for each individual trade and they skipped the test and qualification process and grandfathered their license.

We welcome any comments on this.


We have at least two other blogs on fraud to publish; however, we are waiting for further information/elaboration before we continue our series. If you have any info on local business fraud, please send it our way.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No, You Can't Say That Here...

Let's refresh our readers' memory on policy here. Please no profanity in comments. Your comment may be brilliant, but if it contains words we hope you wouldn't use in church, we won't publish it. Thanks and feel free to send your comment again without the vulgarities, and we'll be happy to publish it.


What was the comment? It concerned Alabama laws. Yes, they may be archaic, but tell that to the State Trooper or the judge. Remember, if we should obey these laws, then certainly our city governments should also.


Let's be hypothetical here. You say a city inspector doesn't need certain documentation if he's smart enough? How about a physician or a nurse or an attorney? Slippery slope, isn't it?


Monday, March 17, 2014

Fraud: City of Muscle Shoals & David Osborn?

We're adding a special post to our series on fraud...and a question mark since this will be determined in the courts. Has Muscle Shoals pulled the proverbial insulating wool over the eyes of its citizens by hiring an unqualified inspector? We can't say definitely that the city has done so, but if it's true, we're not surprised. Here's a copy of Mr. Billy Underwood's latest complaint against his favorite Colbert County town:






age 13 years, a student in the Muscle

Shoals City School System

VS. CASE NO:______________








all being members of the City Council

of Muscle Shoals, Alabama




DONNA TIPPS, being members of the

Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board


The City of Muscle Shoals’ attorneys have insisted on a complaint with

specificity. The Plaintiffs thus file this amended complaint.

Plaintiffs incorporate all the allegations of the initial complaint filed on or about

the 7th day of October, 2013 and state as follows:


1. That on the 22nd day of January, 2013, the Mayor of Muscle Shoals, being David

Bradford signed the necessary paperwork outlining the minimum requirements for a

posted job, being Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector. The position would be

under the City Clerk and it is enclosed as Exhibit One of this amended complaint.

2. The job description stated inter alia that one of the minimum requirements for

the job of Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector was the requirement that the

applicant possess a master gas and plumbing cards.

3. This job description deterred many individuals from the City of Muscle Shoals

and Colbert County from applying for the job, as they did not have a master gas and

master plumber license.

4. Your plaintiffs, Alvin Butler Chard and Joseph Moon, both had master gas and

master plumber licenses.

5. There were over nine applicants for the job, one of whom was Milton David

Osborn, whose brother works for the City of Muscle Shoals and it is alleged his brother is

a very good friend of Mayor David Bradford.

6. That on or about the 5th or 6th day of April, 2013, the Muscle Shoals Civil

Service Board was meeting the same night as the City Council of Muscle Shoals. The

Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board was going to entertain and interview three applicants

for the posted job by the City of Muscle Shoals which contained the minimum

requirements for said hiree as a Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector before their


regular on-the-record meeting.

7. The City Council of Muscle Shoals was having a work session. That is, all city

council members were present including the mayor, all department heads of the police

department, fire department, recreation department, city clerk, and street and sanitation

departments. Leon Madden, who is a member of the Muscle Shoals Civil Service Board,

came into this work session and approached all the council members asking them, “Are

you sure the minimum requirements for the hire in the Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas

Inspector is a requirement for a master gas and plumber card?” At that time, Councilman

Mike Lockhart addressed Leon Madden and said that the City Council had voted on those

requirements and those were the minimum requirements for the hire of a Code

Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector. Leon Madden left the meeting with the knowledge

that the minimum requirements for the hire, as told to him by Mike Lockhart in front of

the City Council, Mayor, and the City Clerk, were the possession of a current master gas

and plumber card.

8. After posting the minimum requirements, the Muscle Shoals Civil Service

Board voted that night to hire David Osborn, who did not have a master gas nor master

plumbers license as required in their job description which was posted to the local area

for job applicants.


9. This is in direct violation of the minimum requirements the City of Muscle

Shoals stated would be needed for that job.

10. This is in direct contradiction of the information Councilman Mike Lockhart

gave to Madden at the work session in April, the same day that Osborn was hired by the

Civil Service Board.

11. On or about the 10th of July, 2013, Alvin Butler Chard and Joseph Moon, by

and through their attorney, sent a letter to David Bradford reiterating the failure of the

City of Muscle Shoals to hire a qualified Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector.

12. The Code of Alabama (1974), §34-37-16 thru 17, states anyone who works in

the City of Muscle Shoals or Colbert County who is working on plumbing and gas, that

will effect public health and welfare of the citizens in the county, must have a master gas

and plumber license. This particular act was passed by the Alabama Legislature for

Colbert County Act 87-812 in 1957.

13. There were only two people qualified for the job, according to the minimum

requirements by the City of Muscle Shoals; those being Alvin Butler Chard and Joseph


14. Either one of those two individuals should have been allowed the job which


pays $63,000 per year. David Milton Osborn was not qualified for the job and he cannot

enforce any codes or approve any plumbing or gas work within any incorporated portion

of the City of Muscle Shoals because he does not have a certificate of competency for

plumbing and gas fittings, medical gauge piping, or commonly known by as a master

plumber and gas card holder. The City of Muscle Shoals knows that they are in violation

State Legislative Act 87-812, as they were part of a lawsuit filed against the City of

Muscle Shoals cited at 428 So.2d Page 5 in 1985.

15. Plaintiffs Chard and Moon have damages of over $60,000, being the wage they

would have been paid, plus benefits, had the City of Muscle Shoals upheld its minimum

requirements for the hire.

16. In July of 2013, Plaintiffs’ attorney addressed the City Council pointing out to

them the mistakes made in hiring Osborn. The City Council failed to do anything to undo

the actions of the Civil Service Board.

17. Plaintiffs request that the Civil Service Board, Mayor, and council members be

mandamused to set aside the hiring of David Osborn and require the Civil Service Board

to follow the minimum mandates of their published January 22, 2013 notice requiring the

hiree for Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector have, at a minimum, a master


plumbing and gas card which Osborn does not have.

WHEREFORE, THE PREMISES CONSIDERED, Plaintiffs ask that the Court

issue a writ of mandamus requiring the Civil Service Board, City Council and Mayor to

hire a qualified individuals for the job as posted by the City of Muscle Shoals, and further

pay Chard and Moon $63,000, being the salary they missed working for the City of

Muscle Shoals. Chard and Moon further request that the Court order the City of Muscle

Shoals to pay attorney fees for their attorney accomplishing a public good in forcing the

City of Muscle Shoals to hire a qualified individual to inspect gas and plumbing fixtures

that are installed in the City of Muscle Shoals.


Plaintiffs incorporate all the allegations in the previously-filed lawsuit and this

amended complaint and state as follows:

1. After specifically being told by the City of Muscle Shoals Councilman Mike

Lockhart that the minimum requirements for the job description called Code

Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector be an individual who had a master plumber and gas

license, Leon Madden completely disregarded said minimum qualifications and was the

deciding vote in hiring David Osborn from the three final candidates put before the Civil


Service Board that evening. He forcefully and openly championed for Osborn to receive

the job.

2. That he acted outside his scope of employment as a Civil Service member and

knew, without any reservations, that the hiree be (at a minimum) someone who had a

master gas and plumbing license.

3. During that Civil Service Board meeting, he was the number one advocate for

the hiring of David Osborn, knowing that David Osborn did not have the minimum

qualifications for the job.

4. The vote to hire David Osborn was two to one, with Leon Madden being the

deciding vote. Leon Madden is now coincidentally the chairman of the Civil Service



individual damages from Leon Madden for his acting outside his scope of his

employment with the City of Muscle Shoals by doing an act that he knew was wrong and

would harm the citizens of the City of Muscle Shoals by having a less-than-qualified

Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas Inspector. These damages are felt by each citizen and

Chard and Moon for failure to receive the $56,000-$60,000/year plus benefits. Chard and


Moon pray for $60,000 in damages, individually, against Leon Madden for his intentional

failure to follow the recommendations of the City Council.






Plaintiffs incorporate all the allegations in the previously-filed lawsuit and this

amended complaint and state as follows:

1. Joseph Moon’s son, Chandler Moon, attends school in the Muscle Shoals City

School System.

2. That Joseph Moon is a resident of the City of Muscle Shoals.

3. The City of Muscle Shoals has hired a Code Enforcement/Plumbing/Gas

Inspector who is not qualified and does not possess a master gas and/or master plumber


4. This individual is inspecting the school and/or houses being built in the

incorporated area of Muscle Shoals without proper qualifications.

5. Osborn should not be allowed to inspect any buildings, school buildings, public

buildings, hospitals, or any other structures for public use until he possess a master gas

and plumbers license in accordance with the Code of Alabama §34-37-1 thru 18, et seq.

6. The citizens of Muscle Shoals are in danger of faulty inspections because this

individual does not possess the proper certification and expertise to be inspecting work


done by master gas-fitters and plumbers.


Court hears testimony and the lack of proper certification and lack of a master gas and

plumbing license by Osborn, this Court decree he not be allowed to inspect anything

within the incorporated area of Muscle Shoals that concerns the health, safety, and

welfare of its citizens as it regards gas and plumbing enforcement or buildings.

Submitted this the 18th day of March, 2014.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fraud: Turning Leaf Counseling

Turning Leaf Counseling & Educating--rather an odd name for an enterprise, isn't it? Perhaps that's because this "charity" belongs to Angel Gieske. She's set up to receive donations as a religious entity. Nice, huh?

When we last showcased some of Angel's scams, a reader reminded us that she could be in even bigger trouble due to her funneling funds through her pseudo charity. Here's a link to one of her money grabbing bids:

Of course, that's not the only site at which she asks for money for her wonderful charity. The fact that these links are still extant makes us wonder just who Angel knows and how much of the taxpayers' money she has hoarded away over the years.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fraud: Dan Beavers

Daniel Allen Beavers is a member of the Lauderdale County School Board. He's also a local contractor. As of last week, he's in a lot of trouble.

Sources say that Beavers lost his license to do business in Lauderdale County due to selling old air conditioning units as new. Others say he's one prince of a fella and helped many citizens who could not afford A/C. Maybe he's both?

Seven years is a long time to go without a business license. In other words, this was no oversight on the part of Beavers. We predict that Beavers will take some kind of plea and receive a slap on the wrist. The most unfortunate thing about the whole debacle is that he's an elected least for now.


Need an honest air conditioning repair person? Then we have a great one for you!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Let's Sweep It Under the Rug

We are about to begin a series of blogs on fraud. Thinking about it today, we realized just how sexual abuse is like fraud. Let's just sweep it under the rug and hope for the best. Never believe the truth if it hurts, right?

No, wrong. We're always especially sad to hear of a man who claims to serve God abusing children. As it stands now, one in prison and one awaiting trial. To those who came forward, may God bless and keep you. Never question if coming forward was the right thing to do or not. It was.

We've also come to expect some business fraud as a part of life. It grieves us to hear of it in a Christian nursing home. Do we delight in such things? Of course not, but neither should anyone cover up this kind of fraud that ultimately hurts another segment of the population that cannot always help themselves.


We received this from our anonymous wife/mother:

I just wanted to say thank you for posting that letter. Colbert County DHR finally conducted an interview and scheduled counseling for my daughter. Also, my husband was indicted and is now in jail, as of Friday. Once again, thank you.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Shoals Ambulance Guest Editorial

Editor's Note: We were sent this info...some very interesting info. We personally do not have the required knowledge of the situation to say "Yea" or "Nay" to Brian Gibson's businesses. We welcome rebuttals:

It’s No Wonder Ambulance Executive Bryan Gibson Is Named After A Guitar... 
He Plays Communities Then Leaves Them Standing On A Corner.

*Fool’s Gold: Bryan Gibson is at it again. After abruptly closing emergency medical transport operations in six states and putting hundreds of people out of work, Bryan Gibson is now setting up shop in new locations in Tennessee and Alabama. And he’s stealing employees from other EMT operations. Do those employees know how Gibson folded his tent and left scores of families without jobs and towns in six states scrambling to restore ambulance service.
Priority Ambulance CEO Explains Layoffs At Previous Company
March 6, 2014
A lawsuit also alleges Gibson had been moving ambulances to his personal private ambulance business in Alabama and here to East Tennessee before the company filed for bankruptcy.

First Med CEO Talks, Employees Call His Bluff
March 11, 2014
In a 9 On Your Side Investigation - sources told WNCT it was always Gibson's intentions to run First Med into the ground. “When he started telling us to fly first class and to upgrade our hotels, yea that was a red flag.” Gary Poirier is a former First Med executive. He joined the company in 2009 and says when Gibson fired him, the company was in good shape. “There was a 70 million dollar swing to the positive.”

*You know him by many names:  Why does ambulance executive Bryan Gibson use so many different company names, depending on where he is operating?  Because when one goes belly-up like First Med EMS, which he served as CEO, he can hide the failures.  This is not the kind of “shake, rattle and roll” we need in our community.
State Of Emergency!
December 9, 2013
Bertie County officials declared a State of Emergency here Monday morning after learning  its emergency medical provider has opted to abruptly end service to the county only two months in to a five-year agreement.

*It appears Bryan Gibson also owns and is the CEO of Shoals Ambulance in Alabama and Priority Ambulance in Tennessee. How long before he takes assets from these companies and leaves town just like he did with First Med? We don’t need an ambulance operator who is so quick to change his tune.
First Med Shuffles Resources Prior To Bankruptcy Filing
Dec. 17, 2013
The EMS provider that declared bankruptcy, leaving Bertie County in a lurch is on the move. Following up our investigation, 9 On Your Side uncovered new pictures that prove the company's CEO was moving ambulances before filing for bankruptcy.

*Dead or Alive Sang “You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round:” But there is no “spinning what Gibson did to First Med EMS. Brought in according to the company’s own propaganda to help with “expansion and acquisitions” – presumably because of successful, healthy operations – Gibson instead ran the company into the ground. He shut the doors without notice, or consideration to the communities the company served, or the employees that relied on it.
First Med EMS Shuts Down Bertie County Operations
Dec 09, 2013
...Monday morning county officials learned the ambulance provider had closed down. In October the county hired First Med to provide emergency rescue service...

*The Grinch, But Worse: At least The Grinch felt remorseful, but not Gibson. First Med EMS shut its door after it ran out of cash, laying off so many employees right before the holidays. This is not the kind of conscientious partner we need in our community. 
How First Med Stole The Holidays
Mass Layoff Ruins Christmas For EMTs And Their Communities
December 10, 2013
...It’s a sad state of affairs when an organization simply rolls down the shutter and locks its doors with no warning to its members. While I’d like to think there was some deliberation among senior leadership in the days and hours leading up to the decision, it certainly doesn’t seem like it. 

*They Failed. And Then They Quit On Families. All companies can have a hard time, some may even need to go through bankruptcy court. But Bryan Gibson’s First Med EMS didn’t even try. They just closed their doors stranding families at the worst time of the year. 
Bankrupt First Med Fails To Pay Former Employees
December 13, 2013
The pain continues for employees of bankrupt First Med EMS, as the company fails to provide compensation to nearly 2,000 workers.

Former First Med Employees In Hampton Roads Join Class-Action Lawsuit
January 30, 2014
Employees are seeking back pay for no notice before companywide layoffs.

*Political Animal: Lacking merit or an enviable track record of accomplishment, Gibson relies on playing the political game to get contracts and curry favor. With political contributions to candidates or timely donations to the pet causes of elected officials. Merit and saving lives not money and politicians who like it should be the yardstick for service. In Scottsdale, Arizona Gibson oversaw a disastrous $200,000+ independent campaign to install friendly councilmembers. He failed, and the company he used to work for was harshly criticized in local media. 
Southwest Ambulance Keeps Funding Campaigns
October 28, 2010
The corporate political spending, which is separate from candidates' campaigns, raises the question of just how far corporations will go to sway voters after a controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing corporate and union funding in elections.

*Traveling Man: Like many hucksters that travel from trick to trick in town to town, Gibson is now playing in other places he hasn’t yet failed. Like Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona and New York. Let’s hope these states aren’t the next ones to suffer from Gibson hitting the wrong chords, just as he has so far in Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Michigan. 
Life Ambulance Files Bankruptcy
Dec. 17, 2013
The owners of Life Ambulance officially filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Wednesday, five days after it closed several affiliated stations across seven states. Because of the proximity to Christmas, some connected to Life Ambulance stations are conducting an emergency toy drive among the EMS community to ensure people who lost their jobs can provide Christmas to their children.

*The Gibson Guitar is the wrong instrument for effective emergency services in our area. He spent a lot of time in Arizona, Gibson did, where The Eagles once famously sang about “standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.” It may not be in Winslow, but Gibson will surely play communities in Arizona, Alabama, and Tennessee like he has others, leaving us stuck and standing with little left for EMS. 


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Plausible Deniability"

Since we published Billy Underwood's statement concerning Jeff Eddie's quick plea in a child sex abuse case, many have questioned and some have misunderstood the term "plausible deniability." Rest assured, Mr. Underwood was not trying to obtain this deniability for his client.

No, the point of avoiding a trial(s) was to excuse the victims from reliving this nightmare. In other words, ten years from now, if someone asks one of Eddie's young male charges if he wasn't somewhat close to the former Baptist minister, he will be able to say that while he knew him, it wasn't well and he was never harmed.

Would it be that easy to deny if this same young man was seen entering the courthouse during Eddie's trial? Or even seen entering any entity where young victims are questioned and videoed? Not quite.

Yes, Billy Underwood did assure that Eddie, if he lives a normal lifespan, will see freedom at some point. When free, he will still be a registered sex offender and the object of points, whispers, and general ridicule.

Mr. Underwood did the Shoals area a favor by helping to settle this matter quickly. Thank you, Mr. Underwood.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Streaming Starts Now!

Remember our blog on streaming the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board meetings?

It starts Thursday morning at nine o'clock. You might need to turn down the volume or purchase ear plugs...


Remember David Gray? He's now been indicted for having the largest collection of child pornography in the history of the state. Here's an extremely informative article from the Quad-Cities Daily:


The bank accounts set up for the victims of Jeff Eddie have caused quite a stir. Well, HPBC is sometimes called the Highly Political Baptist Church.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Local Sexual Predators?

First, we at Shoalanda wish to apologize for dropping the ball on part of this story. One of these accounts is several weeks old--we simply left it on a back burner and forgot about it. The second tale is new to us.

Some weeks ago, a white man, approaching middle age or so, possibly bearded, was frequenting a local Walmart. He would ask females for a ride, stating it was an emergency. If a man or married couple asked if they could help, he would turn away.

Obviously, it's possible this man was just misguided in some feeble attempts to find a girlfriend; it's also possible his motives were not for any long term relationship, but a violent encounter. This man may now be long gone from the area, but he may not.

We urge everyone...male, female, or anyone in between...not to assume this is a harmless situation. Be vigilant and don't hesitate to call the police.


Our second tale of a possible predatory male is relatively new and going on as of Sunday. A young man (we know his name, but since he is not currently in the legal system, we will not state it) has been seen at several commercial establishments in the Eastern part of Lauderdale County, particularly the Elgin area.

He may be with male friends and he is on the prowl. He has been attempting to meet/date several young women whom he has encountered. While he may be searching for a soul mate, he has been involved in several violent incidents involving women in his past.

Bottom line: If you're not introduced to anyone via a close friend, just say, "No way, Jose'." We don't want to be writing about you in this blog as a victim of a sex assault.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

An Anonymous Letter Concerning a Sexual Molester

We received this letter ostensibly from a concerned wife/mother. We are censoring any information that could identify the alleged sexual offender. We are not alleging any of this to be true or not. If it is true, this is a horrible situation. We hope every family keeps their children safe.

The Letter:
I've debated about contacting someone regarding this, simply for the fact that I was hoping and praying that the justice system and DHR would actually do their job. However, it has been a month this Friday since the incident happened and DHR has not had any contact with me nor has interviewed the other 4 kids in my home.

I am praying that someone can get to the bottom of why this has been just brushed under the rug and they sheriffs department has waited to arrest him until the case was reviewed by the grand jury this week. By the way, he is still free.

On Feb 14, my 4 year old daughter came to me and told me her father had put his hands down her panties and was rubbing on her that morning. I immediately went and confronted him, to which he denied it went on. I walked away and thought about what I was told and then went back to him about 15 minutes later and told him that a child doesn't make stuff like this up. They make up stories about monsters under their bed and whatnot, but not things like this. He then said "Fine! Fine!  I did it now can we just forget about it?"

I lost it. All I could do is scream, cry hysterically, and say "Oh my God"

Within an hour I was at Keller having my daughter checked while their grandparents watched the kids. 

A county cop and a DHR worker came to the hospital to make the reports. After finding out that no penetration happened, the DHR worker said she would need to see my kids that night and also my husband. She left and we met at his parents house where she could see everyone. My husband told her and the cop that came out with her that he did it and he didn't know why he did it.

She told me that since it was late, she would just wait to see the kids in a few days. She did advise me to keep everyone away from him (like I would let them hang out or something) and to not ask any questions to the kids. I was to let DHR handle finding out if it was done to my other 3 girls or my son.

Well, it will be a month on Friday that I spoke with DHR last.

Imagine how a parent feels knowing that there may be more to this and that the other kids may have been abused. My daughter that this happened to has completely regressed back to wetting herself constantly. No counseling has been established. Nothing.

I did find out the investigator went to the hospital where my husband was (he went into the mental health part at ECM right after this) and got a signed confession. He admitted everything!

Yet, he has walked free for almost a month.

He worked as the security guard at XXXXX (an enterprise where children are present) a few weeks ago.

He does yard work for people that has kids.

Yet, he has admitted to not only touching his own 4 year old daughter in a sexual manner .. and getting off on it .. but he rubbed his "wee-wee", as she calls it, on her leg. She has showed the spot as if she is showing where she has a sticker at. 

When I asked why he hasn't been arrested and charged yet, given that he has admitted it all, the investigator said that the DA felt we would skip that step and just take it to grand jury. Grand jury is this week and he will get yet another week to walk free. That is, if they actually got the case to them this session.

And if justice does come down and he is charged with Sexual Abuse of a Minor Under the Age of 12 (as the police report lists), I'm sure the media will pick it up. We all know how that story goes... "and Colbert County DHR is assisting the victims."  Just know that it will be a straight out lie because not contacting the family for a month is not helping. Ignoring the countless phone calls and voicemails is not helping. And refusing to do a forensic interview on a child that abuse was admitted on to find out the extent of it is not helping.

I'm frustrated, angry, saddened, and just overwhelmed with the lack of answers. I know I will never get the answer to my question of "Why?" but I would hope that someone, somewhere would help DHR and the sheriffs department see that this type of crime against a child is not okay.

Thank you,

A concerned mother
We will update this if and when we receive more information.


A Round-About? Really?

We've discussed aging buildings and infrastructure before. Here's our previous blog on the need for a new animal shelter:

Now the City of Florence says the 25 year old intersection of Royal Avenue and Huntsville Road is no longer serving its purpose. Some even say it's confusing. Uhhh, wasn't it confusing when it was built then? It doesn't seem to have morphed on its own.

No, the city promised East Florence merchants the disruption the previous construction produced would be more than worth it. Some businesses closed permanently due to the construction. Now we hear this wonderful intersection has been faulty for the last 25 years and a round-about will be the cure-all? Really?

We await...


Friday, March 7, 2014

Fund for Jeff Eddie's Victims?

Highland Park Baptist Church has established a fund for victims of their former youth minister Jeff Eddie. The fund is to cover counseling for not only Eddie's actual victims, but also family of the victims. The location of these accounts was made public in a TimesDaily article. In other words, you the readers now know how to donate.

Perhaps the important question is should you donate? We firmly believe any individual has the right to donate to any legal entity they choose. Do you give to the United Way to help those in need locally or do you give to Deep Fat to help the Minnesota orphans? Tough decision sometimes.

We're not going to tell any readers whether they should donate or not. We do have reservations about this church even suggesting a donation. What if Muscle Shoals Utilities had an employee who sexually abused young people while on the payroll? Should the city utility ask for donations to help with counseling of their employee's targets?

Is Shoalanda personally going to give any funds to this cause? No. Whether any readers do or not is up to them.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jeff Eddie: Billy Underwood's Statement

This a transcript of Billy Underwood's remarks on the sentence accepted by sexual predator/preacher Jeff Eddie:

My client, his extremely wonderful and caring mother and father, plus his compassionate sisters wish to express their sincere sorrow and condolences to the victims and their families about this horrendous situation. They know that there is nothing they can say to make the situation go away, but their hearts are heavy with sorrow.

It would have been an hypocrisy to violate these victims again by putting them through a 12-person jury trial with the public media following each step of the proceedings. This plea gives plausible deniability for any victim to say that they were not part of this sordid episode. There will be no trial where a victim has to face a jury and the public. I would like to thank the District Attorney, Bryce Graham, and Assistant District Attorney Kyle Brown, for the way they handled this matter.

I especially acknowledge Detective Captain Craig Rickman, Detective Captain Sig Mueller of the Muscle Shoals Police Department, and ABI Lieutenant Brian Faulkner, for their thorough, rapidity of action, and professionalism in how they brought this case to a quick end within 36 hours of Eddie’s detainment with them. This has been a textbook example of how one of these cases should be investigated and it should be duplicated by other agencies and State authorities in handling situations such as this. Their attention to the most minute details caused me to do something I have never done in my 30+ years of practicing law. With my client’s approval, I made transparent my file to the investigators which caused us to settle this case.

To the public who wonders why there was such a rush to justice in this case, I would say the evidence was a Titanic iceberg. The public has seen only the surface of what the charges could be and were unable to know the true depth of this case. This case may have created a Sandusky-like scandalous atmosphere if we had allowed it to go to Grand Jury and carry on for one to two years of public scrutiny and media coverage daily on the matter while trial awaited. This is a small, close-knit community. The damage to the victims would be frequent and almost daily. There was never any reason to cause a continual black eye for the Shoals area that could interfere with recruitment of industry and the well-being of our citizens.

My job was to make sure Jeff Eddie did not receive a death sentence in prison. He will end his last 10-15 years of life outside of a prison. This is all that could be hoped for in a situation such as this. I would like to quote Winston Churchill in regards to this case. His statement goes something like this.

“This is not the end. This is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”

While the criminal case should be left behind us, there will be some families who lawyer up and file civil lawsuits that will probably be under the radar of the local news media in their quest for satisfaction in this case. Again, I only wish the victims the best and they do have plausible deniability.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Synthetic Drugs? Tell Us About It!

We've recently received several tips concerning the sale of synthetic drugs under various names. Some of this information comes from sources we don't know and have no idea of their veracity. Others come from those we trust.

Accusing someone or some business of selling these illegal drugs is serious business. If you have proof of such sales, it's always good to report it to the correct authorities. If you have proof, but have doubts about police, you can feel free to contact us.

We can't promise that we can stop this, but we can promise to send your messages, photos, etc. to the correct entities. If you do have pics, we can publish some of them in an anonymous setting.

Above all, kudos to those who care about our society and our youth.


For those who say synthetic marijuana isn't dangerous, you just haven't been keeping up with the news, have you?


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is Ed Henry a Murderer? Is Ed Henry Even Sane?

This blog is not about abortion, per se. It is about an elected official who seems just a little mixed up. Two years ago, Ed Henry from Hartselle called himself a murderer because he helped a former girlfriend obtain an abortion. He stated at the time that he was morally wrong and regretted his actions.

Whether anyone thinks what Republican Rep. Ed Henry did was morally right or wrong, isn't Ed just a little mixed up here? At the time of Henry's confession of murder two years ago, some asked why the good lawmaker didn't attempt to turn himself in for his crimes.

Good question, but we feel ours is even better. At the time of his declaration of murder, Henry said he cautioned his own children not to commit the sin of abortion as he had done. Wouldn't it just have been simpler for Henry to have cautioned his children, and everyone else's, not to engage in sex outside of marriage to begin with? No sex means no pregnancy, and no pregnancy means no abortion. Simple, isn't it? Or does Henry consider this something less of a sin?

Somehow our perception of Republicans had always included just a hint of better education than the Dems; that rapidly changed when the Republicans came to power in Alabama.


During the current session, our state House of Representatives has passed not one, not two, not three, but four bills that restrict abortion in some manner. Just a thought here, but couldn't these politicians have gotten together and combined much of this legislation for simplicity? Or is their game plan simply to wear down the opposition with numbers?


Monday, March 3, 2014

UNA Does Report Sex Crimes...

There's been much discussion recently about an alleged rape in South Alabama that wasn't reported in a timely fashion. Could that happen at a certain college in Northwest Alabama? We doubt it. The University of North Alabama does an excellent job of reporting crimes...up to a point.

A recent alleged rape that occurred off campus, but resulted in the victim being thrown from a vehicle on UNA property, was not commented on again after the initial report. We were assured that neither of the two individuals involved was a UNA student, but beyond that, readers were allowed to fill in the blanks on their own.

If a new campus crime reporting bill is passed, let's hope there's enough teeth in it to prevent any cover ups, no matter how small.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

No One Immune to Scams

Scams may be like a terrorist attack or police raid; the secret is in surprise. Someone calls to say your grandson is in jail, and you don't think rationally for a few seconds...or minutes...or maybe even hours. By the time you begin to say "wait a minute," your money is already in Nigeria or Frog Pond or wherever.

It seems someone is attempting to pull a scam on one of the editors at Pen N Sword, a retired detective no less. Ah, the game is afoot:

What's really surprising about this? Neither the U.S. Postal Service nor the Muscle Shoals Police is willing to pursue the would-be scammer(s) legally. Since many of these con artists reside half way around the world, the local authorities may just realize how futile most cases are to investigate, much less prosecute.


Congratulations to Adruitha Lee on her Oscar win. Anyone out there remember when she used to cruise around Florence with the vanity tag "EEE-EX?" Living well is indeed the best revenge.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seth Lewey: Another Olivis Victim?

It was a small Shoals company, publicly traded, and very successful. The company had a total of two CEOs in its 40 years of life, and a third long-time employee was set to become the company's newest leader. The problem?

Stockholders were happy that the company was very successful, but they believed in the then current economic climate the business was set to become a shooting star of success in its field. The stockholders met, and at the end of the day a new president had come out of nowhere. The new leader quickly fired many employees and brought in his own team. Many locals were upset. What could they do?

The answer is "nothing." It was a publicly owned company and the stockholders had spoken. What if it's a government entity? What can the taxpayers do? We say, "a lot," and it may now be time for the citizens and taxpayers of Colbert County to speak out.

We know that Robert Montgomery, principal of Colbert Heights Elementary, is not the only long-time education employee to meet the wrath of current superintendent Anthony Olivis. A short six weeks after Olivis took office in January of last year, Seth Lewey turned in his notice ostensibly due to health reasons.

Lewey had been principal of Hatton Elementary School and a supporter of Robert Montgomery in the 2012 superintendent's race. Did he really have health problems? If he did, they cleared up as soon as he resigned from Hatton; he now teaches third and fifth grades at Colbert Heights. Perhaps in an area where teachers are as numerous as mosquitoes in the dog days of summer, Mr. Lewey took what he could get?

Olivis' second would-be victim? We know the name, but have been unable to get a statement from the educator. Often, parties in legal suits agree to a gag order, and this may be the case with the principal from western Colbert County.

Robert "Tuc" Montgomery has now become Tony Olivis' third victim in assembling his team of rural educators, all of whom will publicly support Olivis in the next superintendent's race. Let's hope Mr. Montgomery, his attorney Tim Case, and the citizens of Colbert County will draw a line in the proverbial sand of good ol' boyism...


It would seem some in the Colbert Heights area are rumor-mongering. Let's clear up any reports that there is money missing from the school. From Pen-N-Sword: