Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evelyn Servin: Rowdy, Troublemaker, Peacebreaker

In case you think our blog today is biased or prejudiced, think again. We're not calling Evelyn A. Servin anything she isn't claiming to be. First, let's look back at some of Mrs. Servin's previous activities in Franklin County:

In today's TimesDaily, Mrs. Servin is again interviewed. Let's examine two of her quotes:

“We haven’t had immigration reform in over 20 years." True, but we haven't had federal reform on the legal sale of alcohol in over 80 years either. We weren't aware that laws needed to be updated with the frequency of a McDonald's or Burger King restaurant. Should they be updated because we now have fewer illegals or more? Think about that one...

The article continues: She  believes some measures of the proposal are “more drastic,” such as increasing funds for border patrols. We could write an entire blog on that statement alone, but it stands on its own.

However, it's not what Servin said in the article that's so troublesome; it's her Twitter account that presents a facet of her admitted personality that's hard to understand. Evelyn Servin dubs herself a "revoltosa," the feminine form of the Spanish word "revoltoso." Below is the definition of revoltoso.

We're all for changing many things in the system, as one of our blogs from last week illustrated. We simply prefer to to it legally if at all possible. Presenting herself to the world as rowdy and a troublemaker will do her no favors in the political climate of Alabama...or anywhere else.


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