Thursday, June 27, 2013

Doesn't Know a Taser from a Gun?

A guest editorial in Pen N Sword concerning the incident at Hurricane Creek Baptist Church is extremely interesting. It does portray Red Bay Sgt. Kyle Palmer in a better light than he has previously been presented, but one statement is extremely odd. We're told that Palmer pulled his gun, waved it around, then holstered it before pulling his taser and making a statement.

The editorial relates that Palmer drew his gun thinking it was the taser and then returned it when he realized his mistake--at least that seems to be the official story. Okay...

We recently saw a photo of a police officer in a large northern city who had the scope on his assault rifle mounted backwards. Anything is possible, but even in a stressful situation, pulling a gun instead of a taser seems a stretch.


We incorrectly listed the new trial date for Kimberly Bynum George as August 17th, a Saturday. The correct date is August 19th, if it's not postponed an eighth time.


We've had a lot of feedback concerning yesterday's blog on the pink splotch defacing the photograph of a local man. Many of the comments we couldn't publish due to their language and many didn't wish to comment publicly. It seems that some felt the mysterious splotch was a pink shadow surrounded by a pink halo.

We've never seen anything like this before, but both intuition and common sense tell us that no shadows or halos could be pink. We consulted with some semi-professional photographers who agree. We're certainly still open to comments, but please keep the language suitable for all family members.


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