Friday, June 21, 2013

Trial Date Number Eight Set for Kimberly Bynum

Vina High School
Yes, Kimberly Bynum George's Franklin County trial for having sex with one of her students has been postponed a seventh time. The new date is August 17th, 26 months after the former Vina teacher's initial arrest for having sex with a student ten years her junior.

Why? We've speculated before that since the county's trial docket is so full, Judge Terry Dempsey has allowed this many postponements in order to get to more pressing legal matters. We've also speculated that Bynum's defense team is hoping she becomes pregnant by her victim cum husband. Nothing like a pregnancy to produce sympathy in a jury.

Are the delays hurting anyone? Yes. First they hurt Bynum's ex-husband who is also a victim in all this. Second, they hurt the judicial system by attempting to manipulate the court. Is this rare?

Apparently not. Let's move on to Hershel Dale Graham, convicted killer of David Andrasik...


Just yesterday we mentioned that Graham would be sentenced in one week. We were mistaken. His sentencing is being postponed due to the fact one of his four lawyers will be in Gulf Shores for a vacation on June 27th. Aren't three attorneys enough to be present for a sentencing? We would have thought so, but if sentencing Graham with only three present could somehow leave a loophole for an appeal, we certainly see how a postponement is necessary.

It does present a problem if all four must be present at the sentencing. With that many attorneys, Graham could have as many delays as Kimberly Bynum. It also provides more opportunity for Graham's son, former mother-in-law, and anyone else who may have a sadistic mindset, to taunt David's family on a local forum.

We'll post the new sentencing date as soon as it's available...


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