Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who's the Prankster at the "TimesDaily?"

Practical jokes are usually anything but. We hadn't intended to make any comment on the SCOTUS decision from earlier today, but after looking at the online edition of the TimesDaily, we're compelled to get in our two cents...valued at approximately .008 in today's market.

At first glance we wondered why some gentleman was wiping pink paint from his face. Then we noticed it wasn't paint, but a Photoshop-type pink blur intentionally placed over the image of a local man celebrating what many consider to be a milestone in gay rights.

No matter what you think of homosexuality, we hope you don't condone this type of juvenile humor. Perhaps the perpetrator was thinking of only the print edition which is often prone to such extraneous color washing and felt safe from punishment. But an online photo in the age of digital photography?

Let's hope TD editor Scott Morris issues the gentleman an apology. This is much worse than an article of over 20 years ago that changed the name of Wilson Park to Queer.

If you wish to debate homosexuality, do so on its own merits or lack thereof. Don't take a cheap shot at the gay community. Pink represents breast cancer awareness, not gayness. Now aren't you, whoever you are, ashamed of yourself?



  1. If you look, I think that's just a trick of the light around the shadow of someone. It doesn't look like photoshop, it just looks like an odd shadow. Maybe you should apologize to the editor and photographer for accusing them of something it doesn't really look like they did.

  2. Yeah, that's just a shaddow of a head. Nice try tho. Good to know you blindly hate the TimesDaily more than gay people.

  3. First we don't hate the TD or gays. Second, could you show us another online photo that has such a shadow? And pink at that?

  4. I know this guy...good guy. His partner is a really good attorney too. I sure they can handle the TD accordingly.