Friday, June 28, 2013

My New Boyfriend "Slimy Bastard"

"Slimy Bastard" Jones

Yes, after years of looking, I think I've found the right one. Oh, I know I thought Mad Dog was the one. And then Wikkid--you all know what happened to him. Of course there was Killer and finally Danger--looks like he's going South too. But I really think Slimy Bastard is the perfect man. Hope all my friends wish me well.


Ladies, and one in particular, we've said this before, but we'll go for it one more time. If he trash talks about you and degrades you, he'll probably hit you. If he hits you, he definitely won't hesitate at some point to shoot you. You have parents, siblings, children, and friends who care for you. Okay, so you luuuuuv him. You're probably the only one, and that's why he thinks he can control you.

There are counselors who can help you get over your addiction to this man and men like him. Please do whatever it takes. Please...


Sadly, one young lady chose unwisely and paid the ultimate price for it. PNS is covering the story:


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