Saturday, April 30, 2011

Robert Saint/Christoper P. Gay

Robert Earl Saint, the former Russellville police officer who engaged in a standoff with law enforcement earlier this month, has been charged with multiple counts of making terrorist threats. Saint was initially placed in a secure mental health facility, but after three days was deemed fit for release. Our sources state that Saint remains in the Franklin County jail on 50K bond. Saint left the force in 2004 due to "health reasons."


We've had several inquiries concerning the patient records of Dr. Christopher Parker Gay who closed his practice unexpectedly earlier this month. We recommend contacting the administration at Helen Keller Hospital for more information.

The closure of Dr. Gay's practice comes less than two months since the financial transfer of half the practice to his wife Kim Hanvey Gay (pictured). We would assume this could circumvent at least some monetary loss due to the problems the practice now faces. According to records at the Colbert County Courthouse, the Gays have been/are delinquent on various taxes involving the medical practice.

Christopher Gay's hearing before the Medical Examiner's Board will be held July 27th in Montgomery. Anyone may contact the board in the interim with any information that may be pertinent to the charges facing Dr. Gay concerning drug abuse.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Two New Whitesell Corp. Lawsuits

Two new lawsuits have been filed against Whitesell Corp., both involving the company's Washington, Iowa, plant. Since these suits involve the unionization of the Iowa facility, they might be of particular interest to union organizers in this area.

National Labor Relations Board v. Whitesell Corp.

Osthus v. Whitesell Corp.


Of sources and a rumor we hope isn't true: When friends and contacts send us news, they usually do so on the condition it be anonymous. This is why we often use the term "source" or "sources." We understand that in every area of public service there will be those who disagree with their supervisor's actions...or perhaps just wish for certain news items to be released before they are officially signed off on. We can think of very few instances when these sources were misinformed--a guesstimate would be not more than 5%. When this is the case, it usually involves names or titles, and we attempt to correct any error as soon as possible.

We frequently receive critical reports concerning one police chief, but today we have only praise for him. We understand he was at the forefront helping those in his county who lost homes and family Wednesday. Kudos to this officer.

Sadly, we have heard a rumor concerning another law enforcement head who did just the opposite. On Thursday, did one of our Shoals law enforcement leaders refuse a desperate plea for aid to another county? How is this possible? Does this not go against the premise of mutual aid?

We have little knowledge of how this concept works in today's world of law enforcement or how often such a request is made. A quick Internet search shows that such aid is mandatory in some states, but apparently not in Alabama; however, our source tells us the officer's refusal is grounds for censure at least and could conceivably result in his removal from office.

Props to everyone out there who are assisting Franklin, Marion, Lawrence, and other hard hit counties. Our prayers are with you.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update on Dr. Gay/30 Dead in Franklin

As we publish this, our power and Internet in northeastern Lauderdale County have been down for most of day. We have only sketchy details concerning the area's dead and injured, but the count has risen to over 30 in Franklin County according to our sources there. Please pray for all those affected by the storms yesterday.


From a source close to Dr. Christopher Gay: Dr. Gay's license has been revoked a second time--this time for Valium abuse. He is scheduled for a hearing July 27th. At this time, Dr. Gay has no plans to open the office in order for patients to retrieve records or get test results.

A second source has indicated that Dr. Gay's license will almost assuredly be permanently revoked on this second offense. Good luck to all his patients.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Tammy L. Irons

Tammy Irons is state senator for District 1 that includes both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. Could Senator Irons afford to forfeit 15% of her legislative pay?

* Irons has been an attorney since 1989. She is the owner of Irons Law Firm and has a well established practice.

* Irons is the former law partner of Bob Hill, a one-time state representative. Before her election, she should have had no misconceptions concerning what her salary covered or did not cover.

* Irons is a paid lobbyist for the University of North Alabama.

* Irons is married to a formerly successful football coach and has no children.

Would the loss of 15% of her legislative salary hurt Sen. Tammy Irons. Again, readers, it's your call.

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We've received several e-mails concerning the Sweetwater episode of Paranormal State--specifically asking for either affirmation or rebuttal of information concerning Gen. John Brahan that was included in the program. We have not as yet viewed this show, but will in the near future and offer documented information at that time.

The episode has generated several comments on Tennessee Valley Talks, with one new poster referring to information previously published in this blog. We encourage this Sweetwater volunteer to contact us concerning any data published here that she feels is in error. We're sure that our fellow blogger O.B. would make the same offer.


Yesterday was a milestone for Shoalanda Speaks. The blog's page hits totaled 400K since changing statistic counters in June 2009. Our unique hits since that time are now over 267K. Thanks to all readers for your support. As always, feel free to contact us with any requests, ideas, or guest columns.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Russellville Arsonist Indicted/Numerology, Anyone?

James Elton Faulkner Jr., a Russellville homeless man, has been indicted in the Christmas day fire that destroyed three East Lawrence Street buildings, including the Art Deco structure that formerly housed Spry Funeral Home. The 46 year-old derelict, known around the Franklin County seat as "Sonny," has had a string of previous misdemeanor drug arrests.

In November 2010, he was arrested for burglary and theft of property from a home also located on Lawrence Street. District Attorney Joey Rushing anticipates an August trial for Faulkner. Meanwhile in Colbert County, there have still been no arrests or indictments in the December 26th Sidelines II fire.


Venturing northward to Lauderdale County, sources say Sheriff Ronnie Willis has abruptly, and perhaps even arbitrarily, assigned his deputies new badge numbers. Besides the expense related to new badges, those in the sheriff's office say Courthouse personnel were extremely displeased with a new enumeration system that forced the editing and refiling of arrest and other records. Perhaps the good sheriff has taken up numerology?


Now a big apology to a good friend. April 22nd was Pride Tompkins' birthday--we believe it may have been his 29th or 30th. In any event, we failed to wish our favorite Lake Lawyer a fantastic day. Wonder if he got that new yacht?


Monday, April 25, 2011

"It IS a Business"/"It ISN'T a Spook House"

It IS a Business

You've probably seen those tables set up in grocery stores and other places where the masses assemble. The salespeople offer you an umbrella or coupon booklet or some other bonus you really don't want or need if you'll subscribe to the TimesDaily.

It seems one prospective customer recently replied that he read the TD for free online. Alas, according to the saleswoman, neither the TimesDaily nor its new forum will be free online for long. For after all, it is a business, she said.

We can't vouch for the information being disseminated by the saleswoman, but another newspaper in the Shelton family stable, The Decatur Daily, has been pay-per-view for some time; however, other offerings are not. Will it decrease forum readership and input? Obviously. Whose loss is it? We're leaning toward the Shelton family's.


It ISN'T a Spook House

Tracy Scott Lyndon is quoted in yesterday's TimesDaily as stating Sweetwater Mansion, aka the Weeden Home, is not a spook house. Why would anyone have mistaken the historic structure for one? Well, perhaps because of this:

Or perhaps it was because of this: A Tale of Two Houses

Or maybe because of this: Aliens at Sweetwater, or Only Bigfoot

Or certainly this: Robert Simone of G.H.O.S.T.

Yes, Mr. Lyndon, we think maybe the bats, fortune teller, slasher, aliens, bigfoot, and ghost hunter just may have given the public the idea that Sweetwater is a spook house. If all these didn't, the fact that the old manse was featured on Paranormal State pretty well sealed the description.

For any readers who are interested in the history of Sweetwater, here's a link to a website that offers correct dates and info: Ripples from Sweetwater Mansion.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

If the orange egg pictured above looks a little odd to you, there's a reason. This is one of many Easter eggs manufactured in Huntsville that contain a radio transmitter. The purpose? These eggs allow blind children to participate in egg hunts. Once a child finds the electronic egg, it's swapped out for one containing candy. This is the third year such hunts have been offered in Alabama.

How many of us are blind...blind to God's gifts? We hope each of you will use this Sunday to contemplate God's goodness. It is amazing grace that those who once were blind can now see.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Tennessee Valley Talks"

Farewell to the TimesDaily Forum as we knew it. It departed Shoals cyberspace yesterday after a relatively short run of four years and five months. When it was born in November 2006, the New York Times syndicate announced it as a glowing replacement for the crude forum that had then been in existence for approximately 18 months. Now, according to the Decatur powers that be, this second incarnation was no longer state of the art and badly in need of an update.

Judging by the name of this latest forum, we may now be sharing the new site with Decatur and Moulton readers. Is this a bad thing? Not in itself, but no longer would it be a forum dedicated to local Shoals news. One might even call it a distraction from local news. The jury is out...


A friend recently called us hyper-local; is this a bad thing? If you've been reading our blog long enough, you know that our premise is to fix what's wrong in the Shoals first--then work on state and Federal problems. Yet, are we not part of the Tennessee Valley?

Yes, we are...but just because the Tennessee Valley is prospering, it does not mean the Shoals is prospering. Just because the Shoals is doing well or improving in various areas, it does not mean Sheffield is doing well or improving. Just because Sheffield is improving doesn't mean Baptist Bottom is looking fantastic. Feel free to insert other names into this paragraph.

We all know that 100% of any population is not going to function at what one could term normal levels. Similarly we know even fewer of the population is going to excel. That doesn't mean a majority can't function at or above normal levels, or that many in this college town area can't excel. Let's stop waiting for the state and Federal governments to intervene. If they give us aid in whatever form, we can take it, but let's not wait for it...


Friday, April 22, 2011

Susan Smith Asks Why Logan Trial Was Moved

Today's TimesDaily has a thoughtful letter from Susan Smith, questioning why Tony Logan's DUI trial was moved from Lauderdale County while other high profile cases have not been similarly relocated. If we had the answer, we would be happy to provide it, but we do not.

We have seen a comment by a local attorney questioning just how far Logan's trial will have to be moved in order to avoid a contaminated jury. This particular attorney felt that such a move would not need to be far; yet another attorney to whom we spoke felt it would need to be moved beyond the viewing area of Huntsville television stations--that could be quite a distance.

In the end, it may not be whether Tony Logan wins or loses his appeal, but will he still have the respect of those who work for him and those who reside within his police jurisdiction? Whether you prefer to call it a can of worms or a Pandora's box, Logan has opened it, and it may now be impossible to close.

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Let's now turn to the Daily Disappointment, the Times Faily, the Tricycle Daily, the Totally know, the local rag that reports everything but news from the Shoals. Where did you read one of the first expose's of the National Alabama Corp.? We hope you answered the Shoals Insider or Shoalanda, because you didn't read it in the TimesDaily.

Where did you read the investigative report on the missing Cherokee diesel fuel? Again, we hope you didn't answer the TimesDaily, because it was published only in The Connection. In what publication did you read of the latest conviction of the Reedtown Rapist? Well, it wasn't the TimesDaily, but the Franklin County Times and Shoalanda.

And now the TimesDaily has failed to report on the death of local author Beverly Barton, just as it overlooked the passing of Margaret Phillips some months ago. It must be nice to have a hometown newspaper...we say "must" since we in the Shoals have not had one in a long time.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Special Report: Beverly Barton Has Passed Away

New York Times best selling author and Tuscumbia resident Beverly Barton (Beaver) passed away this morning. According to our sources Ms. Barton died of a massive heart attack.

We don't have any arrangements at this time, but since our local newspaper is not known for covering local authors, we wanted Ms. Barton's fans to be aware of this as soon as possible. She was a great talent and her readers in every English speaking country will miss her.

Updates: Valley Eye/Hit and Run

We recently commented on the sudden closure of Valley Eye, a medical practice with two offices and a surgery center in the Shoals area. According to inside sources, Valley Eye may reopen, with possibly a new owner.

Dr. George Michael Taft, his wife, and at least one more investor Incorporated Valley Eye in 1992 as South Central Ophthalmology. In 1998, Dr. Taft bought out his partner and changed the name to Valley Eye, PC. Since that time, Taft has been making regular payments to his former partner; however, due to what Taft called interference from the Alabama Certificate of Need Board, his practice has been limited in recent years until profits decreased to the extent he was no longer able to keep up payments to his former associate.

Once legal wranglings have been settled, it's hoped either Taft or another ophthalmologist will be able to reopen the practice. In the interim, the two optometrists who previously worked at his clinics have begun work with other practices. Records from Valley Eye have been transferred to Florence Eye Clinic on Cox Creek Parkway.

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A source has reported that the victim in the Nathan Boulevard hit and run, James Lambert, may have been intoxicated. The toxicology reports have not yet been made public, but reportedly an employee of Cajun's Seafood has stated Lambert placed a take out order via phone just minutes before the fatal accident. Mr. Lambert's voice indicated to the Cajun's employee that he may have been impaired in some manner.

If true, this would be a most interesting development. If Brian T. Beadle had only stopped and reported the accident, he would in all probability have been fully exonerated from guilt in the death. Now he faces felony charges...

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Back by popular demand, Hipster Kitty:


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Marcel Black

D. Marcel Black is the Democratic representative for District 3, Colbert County. Could Black easily give up 15% of his legislative pay?

* Black has been an attorney since 1975. He is currently a partner in the firm of Black & Hughston. We may assume his law practice is well established.

* Black is listed as incorporator/agent for four for profit businesses in addition to his law firm.

* Black's two children are reportedly young adults.

Could Marcel Black easily return 15% of his pay to the state? We will again let our readers decide for themselves.

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Late last year, there were at least two reported arsons in the area. On December 25, 2010, a fire destroyed the former Spry Funeral Home in Russellville, and a suspect was questioned, but not arrested. On December 26, 2010, Sidelines II in Muscle Shoals was reportedly torched. Similarly, a suspect(s) was questioned.

Our sources indicated arrests would be made in both fires after the state fire marshal's office completed its investigations. We have received inquiries about these two fires, but have heard nothing new since the initial reports.


The lack of arrests in the two above instances brings us to the reduced court funding under current proration. Many arrests cannot be made without a grand jury indictment, and not all county grand juries meet monthly. Franklin is among those not meeting twelve times a year.

Unfortunately, sources with the court have told us Lauderdale and other counties will soon be joining Franklin in its infrequent grand jury sessions. Good luck to law enforcement and county district attorneys when this new schedule goes into effect.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And Another One Bites the Dust: Dr. G. Michael Taft

A few weeks ago a regular reader asked us to investigate the sudden closing of Dr. George Michael Taft's Valley Eye Clinic. It seems that Dr. Taft's two offices and his surgery center all closed without prior notice, leaving only signs directing patients to look for ads in the TimesDaily on how to retrieve their medical records.

Since then, other readers have contacted us concerning Dr. Taft's sudden departure from the area. It seems utilities were disconnected and doors locked without warning for not only patients, but staff and optometrists who worked with the ophthalmologist. Unlike Dr. Christopher Gay whom we discussed yesterday, Dr. Taft has no censures against him and was considered one of the Tennessee Valley's most prominent eye surgeons.

Nevertheless, Dr. Taft has previously made it known he was extremely unhappy with Alabama's Certificate of Need Review Board failing to approve his request for a larger range of surgeries at his Valley Surgery Center on Huntsville Road. Besides procedures involving the eye, Dr. Taft wished to include ear, nose, and throat among the surgeries done at his out patient clinic.

After the state's denial of his proposed additions, Taft let his disappointment be known. From the July 18, 2010, TimesDaily:

Taft told the CON Board that Shoals area hospitals want to drive him out of business and take over his cases. Taft said the result would be higher for-profit hospital rates for patients and less care for indigent patients.

Wherever Dr. Taft has moved, we wish him the best. It's the Shoals' loss.


For those who questioned why the former Good Samaritan Hospice employee was not eligible for COBRA, it seems that in the last few months of the hospice's existence, the owner failed to pay regular insurance premiums despite deducting them from payroll. Several have contacted us concerning various lawsuits that were filed after the hospice closed, but most of these suits are still ongoing with no determination of guilt or damages as yet.

Obviously ECM and RegionalCare have their own point of view concerning such dilemmas. It is after all not their fault that sleazy business practice placed patients in this position. Despite this, we feel that any business promotes good will in the community by attempting to work with those who are honestly trying to repay a debt.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on Dr. Christopher Parker Gay

On July 3, 2009, we first blogged about Dr. Christoper Gay of Sheffield:

The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners made these two rulings concerning Dr. Gay:

On May 27, (2009) the Commission entered an Order summarily suspending the license to practice medicine or osteopathy of Christopher P. Gay, DO, license number DO.687, Sheffield, AL, until such time as the Administrative Complaint of the Board shall be heard and a decision rendered thereon.

On Sept. 9, (2010) the Commission entered an Order placing on indefinite probation the license to practice medicine in Alabama of Christopher P. Gay, DO, license number DO.687, Sheffield, AL, with certain restrictions.

fter the September 2010 ruling, Dr. Gay reopened his practice in the Helen Keller Medical Complex with a small staff. The restrictions placed on Dr. Gay involved his prescribing or dispensing certain narcotics, namely oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Reportedly, Dr. Gay was still infrequently in his office, and patients/concerned individuals contacted us to determine the status of Dr. Gay's practice. We can say that the phone has been turned off in his office. Upon calling Helen Keller Hospital, we were referred to the administrative offices who refused to comment on the status of Dr. Gay's practice or his relationship with the hospital.

A staff member has anonymously commented that Dr. Gay tested positive for Valium abuse and closed his office just before April 7th. He is not residing in the state at this time, but does plan to return to "fight" any charges.


If you should need to contact the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners for any reason, you may do so at:

P.O. Box 887
Montgomery AL 36101-0887
Tel: (334) 242-4153
Fax: (334) 242-4155


Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Poor Are Our Legislators: Roger Bedford

Fifty-five Republican Alabama State Legislators have given up 15% of their pay in order to show allegiance with state programs that have lost 15% of their funding to proration. Obviously it was a planned statement, but nevertheless an effective one.

As of yet, we've heard of no Democrats who have done the same. We are sure that some action or comment will be forthcoming from what was for many decades the party of the people in this state.

Would the loss of 15% of their salary hurt most of this area's representatives? For the next few days we'll look at some of these representatives and their possible worth. Today we'll start with Roger Bedford, Democratic State Senator for the Sixth District that includes Franklin County and a portion of Colbert.

* Bedford, a graduate of UA & Cumberland School of Law has been a member of the bar since 1981. After 30 years, his law practice should be well established and provide year-round income.

* Bedford is the son-in-law of Elton Darby Sr., the late Florence businessman known for making millions in various enterprises.

* Bedford is listed in state records as incorporator or agent of six for profit businesses in addition to his law firm.

* Bedford's only child is now in college and should be entering the workforce in a relatively short time.

Taking these facts into consideration, could Roger Bedford Jr. afford to give up 15% of his legislative income? We'll leave that for you, gentle reader, to decide.


From someone calling himself an "Old Prosecutor" concerning the 15% reduction in pay:
If you can voluntarily give up 15% of your pay, you can voluntarily give up the entire 62% raise. Therefore on Tuesday, announce that you are voluntarily giving up the entire raise and challenge your colleagues to do the same.


We find the screen name "Old Prosecutor" intriguing. Are prosecutors, perhaps, like pilots?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

"They Said Rude Things About Me" - Sherrie Arthur

Tommy Arthur & Children

Lewis Grizzard loved his alcoholic father so much he even wrote a book in praise of the man...a man who had abused the person for whom the southern humorist cared more than any living being. Should any of us be shocked that Tommy Douglas Arthur's daughter Sherrie Arthur Stone still loves the convicted murderer? Should we be surprised that she once helped him escape from the Colbert County Jail and now assists in running his personal website?

Sherrie Arthur has stated over the years that she felt threatened here in the Shoals. When asked specifically what threats were made against her, she replied, "They said rude things about me."

Well, Sherrie, you did provide your father with a gun hidden in a bucket of KFC in order to facilitate his escape, an escape that resulted in the shooting of jailer James Conley. Here in the South, people usually find that grounds for at least a few rude comments.

To be completely fair, Sherrie Arthur Stone hired Don Holt as her defense attorney and did not serve a day in prison for her crime. She now lives outside the Shoals, but never misses an opportunity to recite her version of the malicious prosecution of both her father and herself.

Since Troy Wicker was murdered, Shoals residents have married, produced children, and even become grandparents. Tommy Arthur still sits on death row. At least commuting his sentence to Life Without Parole would spare us from seeing his mug shots spread out in the TimesDaily with the regularity and fervor usually reserved for Alabama-Auburn game publicity.

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Tommy Arthur Trivia: At the time of Troy Wicker's murder, Arthur was serving a life sentence in the Decatur Work Release for the murder of Christie Michelle Bray Scott's aunt. Scott is now on death row for the murder of her son.


Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wistful Sheriff of Greenhill Gap

Sheriffs, unlike chiefs of police, are political animals. Seemingly they don't need experience, or even good reviews, and certainly not good grammar, in order to win election, especially if they're the incumbent. Recently, we've received some requests for information on how to impeach a county sheriff. Here it is, in the "for what it's worth department."

State law lists these causes for removing an elected official from office:

  • Willful neglect of duty.
  • Incompetency.
  • Corruption in office.
  • Intemperance in the use of intoxicating liquors or narcotics to such an extent in view of the dignity of the office and importance of its duties unfitting for an officer to discharge duties.
  • Any offense involving moral turpitude while in office or committed under color thereof or in connection.

  • and then...

    A grand jury investigates allegations.

    It shall be the duty of every grand jury to investigate and make diligent inquiry concerning any alleged misconduct or incompetency of any public officer in the county which may be brought to its notice.

    If a grand jury finds that an official has committed any one of the offenses in the law and should be removed from office, it must report the finding to the court.

    State law gives citizens the right to file allegations for impeachment against an official.

    Any five resident taxpayers of the division, circuit, district, county, city or town for which the officer sought to be impeached was elected or appointed may institute proceedings of impeachment under Sections 174 and 175 of Article 7 of the constitution upon giving bond, with sufficient sureties, payable to the officer sought to be impeached.

    Now after all that stodgy legalese, we'll inject some humor that has been making the rounds:

    Recently, a bank executive and an FBI agent were touring the various law enforcement agencies in the area. Everything went fine until they arrived at the County Sheriff's Department.

    At the conclusion of the tour, the FBI agent reportedly asked the sheriff to '....let him know if there was anything that the FBI could help him with?'

    The sheriff is reported to have looked up at the ceiling, pondered for a moment then said. 'You know, we really could use some help with Animal Control.'


    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Views on ECM/Good Samaritan/Cherokee

    Here's some reader views. First, we'll do our mandatory visit to our favorite West Colbert town:

    It seems to me that since the Mayor and the town council did not pursue an investigation in the missing fuel that they know where it went and to whom it went to. I have questions to all of them.

    Why didn't you do the research before it was even considered to hire the police officers in the first place? Doesn't it cost the town more money to hold all the extra meetings or are you doing all these things to put a little more money into your pockets?

    No pun intended but it seems that they are having a lot of blond moments.The citizens deserve answers and deserve better police protection and they deserve better people to run the town.

    Note: If any readers have observed Chuck Lansdell and Thelma Lambert not voting in tandem on any issue, please forward the info to us. Why would Lansdell and Lambert vote against installing security cameras costing around 1K in order to prevent a theft of 11K in fuel each year? We're assuming most in Cherokee are capable of rational thought. Think about it!


    Now, let's return to Lauderdale County:

    I don't know how Coffee Health Group ran their hospital(s), but I've recently gotten calls concerning 3 people who used my phone number at the emergency room. They all used different names, but my number. I understand that the new owners are anxious to collect past due bills, but I hope they've instituted a plan where they verify patients. It doesn't make me love them when they call me about people I've never heard of.


    Remaining in Florence, here's an interesting story concerning both our previous topic and an old favorite, Good Samaritan:

    I lost my job a while back when the company I worked for closed (Good Samaritan Hospice, and yes, they were SLIME balls). I was the insurance provider or my family, as my husband is small business owner. A month after losing my job/insurance, I was hospitalized at ECM for 3 days unexpectedly (almost died).

    Found out COBRA not available, so I have to pay a nearly $20,000 bill. Since then I have paid @ $3,000, and debt was bought out by attorney's office. Per new ECM poilicy, all debts must be paid 3 months after services. They wouldn't accept our payment plan of $200/month and are suing me. Delivered legal papers to me, via Sheriff's deputy, in front of my kids. Those papers cost an additional $3,400 for attorney's fees.

    The deputy told me that they were delivering close to 1,000 of these. I have family that can help bail me out, but most don't, and will risk bankruptcy, foreclosure on their home, and at minimum, ruined credit. The worst part is that ECM would accept fraction of the bill from a large insurance co. and expect 100% from people who have no insurance and/or no job. I am not accepting help from my parents for now because I feel this fight is worth fighting.

    Note: If you have any Good Samaritan accounts that can be verified, please send them to us. We regularly receive what could be termed gossip concerning the former Florence hospice, but nothing that is verifiable.


    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    AIDT Leaves Shoals/Your Deputies at Work

    Alabama Industrial Training Development, or AIDT, was established over 40 years ago as part of the network of community colleges. Aside from four regional centers, the AIDT has offices on all community college campuses. The office at NWSCC in Muscle Shoals remains open and should serve the Shoals as long as the community college system remains funded by the state. Just what is the mission of the AIDT? In their own words:

    AIDT, an institution of the Alabama Community College System, encourages economic development through job-specific training. Training services are offered in many areas, at no cost, to new and expanding businesses throughout the State.

    Certainly this is a worthwhile endeavor; however, many of us had never heard of this program until the advent of the National Alabama rail car plant in Barton. Apparently it's not unusual for the AIDT to open satellite offices in areas where large new industrial development is taking place.

    That is exactly what AIDT did upon the announcement that the long awaited rail car plant was actually locating in Colbert County. The AIDT opened a centrally located office at 737 East Avalon Avenue in Muscle Shoals in order to evaluate and recruit prospective workers, specifically welders, for National Alabama.

    Now the office is closed. Signs indicate the unit is for rent. Apparently there is no longer a need for recruiting and training those 1800 employees for National Alabama. Those 70 rail cars a day that were to have been produced since January 2009? Are these even still spoken of, or did everything disappear with Alabama's answer to the Wizard of Oz Greg Aziz?


    Yesterday we mentioned the dearth of police officers in Cherokee forcing the citizenry to rely on Colbert County deputies. A reader wrote of her experience during a possible break-in:

    Forget about the deputies showing up. A friend called 911 as her ex was threatening her and trying to break in her house. They told her it would be a couple of hours before they could come.

    One day my alarm company called me at (work) and said they had called the Sheriff’s department about a possible break in. I finished what I was doing and drove the 30 min drive to south of Tuscumbia.

    When I got home no one was there. I waited about 15 more minutes and walked around the house checking all the windows and doors. Everything seemed ok. I opened the door and grabbed a butcher knife in the kitchen and walked through the house, everything ok, so I called them and said that my alarm company had called them and I was at home and everything was ok. They said thank you. I could have been the burglar calling them.

    Some recently read food for thought (tongue in cheek style): There's no longer any such thing as sin, just mistakes, and we are not responsible even for them.


    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Another Called Meeting in Cherokee Today?

    From a reader on yesterday's blog:

    The Cherokee Council checking with the Attorney.... HA! The Attorney was sitting right there when they made the motion to begin with.... every time he's ask a question, his response is "I don't know".... The Mayor ask him 3 or 4 questions at the last regular meeting and it was always "I don't know".... Yes, they're paying an Attorney that doesn't know anything about Municipalities...but that's how the Burger King Four like it.... so they can do whatever they please... they're having to call yet another special meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) because he didn't know the answer to a previous question.... Oh well, par for the course...


    Worst case scenario:

    You're lying in bed at 3:00 a.m. when you hear a prowler. You dial 911 and ask for the Cherokee Police, a department that has only three officers. One officer is sick, one is out of town for a funeral, and the only remaining officer has gone home and is asleep. You're told a sheriff's deputy from Tuscumbia will be at your home as soon as is humanly possible. The prowler is in your home and you're having to wait for a deputy from Tuscumbia...

    Isn't it about time the citizens of Cherokee demanded to know where their tax dollars are being spent? Starting with the suspected missing $11,000.00 in fuel?


    The man involved in a standoff situation in Russellville last night has been identified as Robert E. Saint of 196 Ash Avenue. Our sources say Saint is a former Russellville police officer and at one time headed their dive team. Saint's family was reportedly never in danger.


    Harvey Knotts of Huntsville (yes, we know that's a little far afield for us) has just been charged with ten counts of the sexual abuse of a minor. Mr. Knotts was a primary school teacher in the city system and is now on PAID leave. If that doesn't get your dander up, it seems Mr. Knotts has previously faced identical charges in Bermuda and is currently wanted there for evading prosecution.

    How? Why? Alabama is notorious for not doing thorough background checks on its teachers. Perhaps this debacle will shake things up at the state department of education...


    Monday, April 11, 2011

    The Missing Aspect of Legislative Raises

    Read the TimesDaily today? There was a very interesting article on the salary of state legislators. While the article touched on many points, including new members of the legislature who had no idea how "expensive" it was to serve, it left out one or two dramatic points.

    Yes, your state representative or senator serves you 365 days a year, but that does not mean said lawmakers are in Montgomery those 365 days a year. Most of these lawmakers have jobs/careers in their home district. Many are attorneys; others are farmers--you get the idea.

    Unfortunately, the TimesDaily article failed to touch on the fact that our lawmakers' income from the state legislature was hardly their sole source of funds. Specifically, Tammy Irons, Greg Burdine, Marcel Black, and Roger Bedford all own law practices--practices from which they usually earn income even while serving in Montgomery.

    Further, the M. J. Ellington article failed to mention the infamous office decor funding that produced so much outrage immediately after the 2006 raise. For those who wish to see how Marcel Black spent your taxpayer dollars, here's a link to the invoice for the controversial objets d'art--scroll down to pages 5 & 6 for Black's items. Link

    For those readers/voters who just want the bottom line, here's the total:


    Today's called meeting of the Cherokee Town Council has rescinded its intent of hiring new police officers. It seems they didn't know adding two new employees would result in mandatory overtime pay. Do council members not consult the town's attorney before wasting the town's resources on motions that must be rescinded or modified in order to comply with the laws of Alabama? It seems not.


    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    The West Colbert Caper

    Lured by the promise of big bucks, our hero drove down the dusty road. He'd heard Cherokee was a law officer's dream--nine dollars an hour and the chance to be shot in the line of duty with no medical insurance in sight. It didn't get any better than that for someone whose middle name was "Danger."

    Arriving at the gritty town hall, the law man found plenty of empty parking spaces; could it be a trap? Slowly he exited his battered Peugot and walked toward the front was open. With a quick prayer he gave a push and stepped inside. His eyes rapidly adjusted to the dimmed light, allowing him to look around for the fabled head honcho--the Chuckanator. His heart raced as he discovered...nothing. The town hall was empty.

    At least empty of people. There spread before him were office equipment and filing cabinets filled with who knew what. Amid the sensitive town documents, there was probably even a petty cash box, just no one in sight to tend them, to guard them from the evil that lurked on every street corner of the legendary town. Slowly, the would-be protector of the innocent backed out of the deserted office and concocted a plan...he would return in an hour when someone, anyone, would be here.

    How long does an hour last in Cherokee? Only one who's been in the trenches can really appreciate the slow motion ticking of the clock, but the time finally arrived. He returned; he recreated his earlier attempt at finding employment in this fabled hub of law enforcement. What would await him?

    Nothing. He found the same emptiness that had greeted him an hour before. He was utterly alone and he could have taken everything that wasn't locked down, including the toilet paper. He could have walked out unnoticed with his plunder and never looked back...but he just wasn't that kind of guy.

    He couldn't promise that the next one to discover this easy mark would feel the same way...

    The adjectives in the above tale may be over the top, but the story is true. Not only did our favorite Colbert County town make itself an easy mark, it lost the chance of a great police officer. Ah, malfeasance, thy name is Cherokee.


    Remember Derek Warren Logue, the sex offender advocate from Sheffield who recently returned to the "mean streets of Cincinnati," as he called them? Logue who objected strenuously to our description of him as a sexual predator...since he had only one known victim and Alabama does not use a tiered system of designation for sexual offenders? Now back in Ohio, Derek has again been placed in their system. Many thanks to a watchdog for sending this link to us:

    Derek W. Logue

    Logue recently published a rant on the TimesDaily Forum against Sheffield Municipal Attorney Ben Gardner. Kudos to Mr. Gardner for whatever action elicited this response from a man who sexually assaulted an 11 year-old girl because she "was asking for it."

    Related post: Sheffield: Sexual Predator Central


    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Brandon Shane Mundy & the Thin Blue Line

    The small amount of police officers (dressed in blue) standing between the criminal element and the law abiding citizenry is the standard meaning of "the thin blue line."

    The "Thin Blue Line" logo pictured is the current Facebook image for Brandon Shane Mundy, a former police officer with the town of North Courtland. According to news reports, North Courtland's Chief Alex Taylor dismissed Mundy some months ago after being informed of the results of the state's investigation into last July's fatal crash involving the patrol officer.

    Now a Lawrence County grand jury has indicted Mundy on two counts of vehicular homicide. If Mundy should be found guilty of these charges, what would be the expected sentencing outcome? From the Alabama Code:

    Section 32-5A-192 Any person convicted of homicide by vehicle or vessel shall be fined not less than five hundred dollars ($500) nor more than two thousand dollars ($2,000), or shall be imprisoned for a term not less than one year nor more than five years, or may be so fined and so imprisoned.

    Whatever the outcome of the charges against the 30 year-old Mundy, we doubt he will ever again be included in that thin blue line he obviously still considers himself a part of.

    Related post: Brandon Shane Mundy--Cowboy Cop?

    Robert Rhett Trevino died in an auto accident yesterday. Unfortunately, such accidents are no longer rare. It is rare when the driver of a vehicle is found to be, to put it politely, nude.

    Witnesses say Trevino's vehicle first wrecked at the intersection of East Grand and John R, continued across Woodward, and traveled to the 400 block of West Grand before the fatal impact. Trevino was arrested in Sheffield last October on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.


    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Thelma's Rendition of "I'm Your Puppet?"

    Thelma Lambert & The Sunshine Law

    A Guest Commentary By

    Cherokee Reason

    It was interesting to see your posting concerning Coucilperson Lambert's attempt to make public records private. This blatant illegal offering was not Lambert's fault. Anyone who has ever attended a town council meeting in Cherokee can attest that she has no personal original thoughts.

    If there is a new issue that is presented, she does not even know what her position is on the subject without glancing at the mayor. It is only after his position is known to her that she knows where she stands. She is a complete puppet. This idea nor any others that this corrupt bunch has could have been authored by Ms. Lambert. The Coucilperson is simply incapable of original thought if history is any indicator. She was coerced into making such a ridiculous offering.

    It is definitely not the first time the mayor has used her to start something that he knew would make anyone look unskilled. The sad part is that Lambert doesn't know that she is being used. This fact should let anyone know that she didn't act alone suggesting the Sunshine Law violation. She will join the Mayor's so called personal assistant as another victim that will be thrown under the bus when she is no longer needed.

    I can completely understand why the Mayor and his clan want to hide things. I hope The Connection exposes the Mayor and his cohorts for what they really are.


    Have you always dreamed of being a zombie? Well, now's your chance. A North Alabama film company is currently casting for its new zombie filled series The Live Side to be broadcast on YouTube. The second round of auditions will be in two weeks; here's a link to their Facebook page:


    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Brian T. Beadle/Missing Cherokee Fuel?

    Brian T. Beadle resides in Florence. Last Saturday night at approximately 10:30, Mr. Beadle was traveling south on Nathan Boulevard, anticipating a left turn onto Hatch Boulevard to continue into Muscle Shoals where he has stated a friend lives. Nathan Boulevard is also known at U.S. Hwy 43 and Jackson Highway; in other words, it's a well lit highway, and it was a clear night. The area is highly built up. Deer would be a rarity, and dogs would also steer clear of this heavily traveled approach to a major intersection. That does not mean that neither would ever be encountered.

    What Mr. Beadle did encounter was Mr. James Lambert. We had never met Mr. Lambert, but we do know unless there are medical problems, a grown man is at least 5' 2" in height. Mr. Lambert was probably considerably taller...taller than a deer and certainly much taller than a dog.

    Sadly, we also know that when a large vehicle hits a pedestrian, the body is apt to be thrown onto the hood of the vehicle, and certainly headlights are often broken out. Unless Mr. Beadle was impaired for some reason, he knew what he hit was quite large and in all probability knew he had hit a person.

    Mr. Beadle turned around, but did not stop. Did he see Mr. Lambert lying in the road as he turned? Certainly most of us would have looked to see if what we hit was still moving. Why didn't Mr. Beadle? Or did he see his victim lying there and callously head back to his home in North Florence without any remorse?

    That's right, if you haven't already heard, Mr. Brian T. Beadle suddenly decided to forgo his visit in Muscle Shoals and return to his home in Florence where he parked his truck. Why would Mr. Beadle, 50 years of age and no novice driver, have behaved in that manner?

    Only three reasons come to mind: He was impaired (drunk as a skunk or high as a kite), he had no insurance, he had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Whatever his reason for committing a felony hit and run, he has now hired former Judge Jimmy Sandlin to defend him. (Feel free to insert any jokes here.)

    What can Mr. Beadle anticipate? Since he turned himself in over 24 hours after the event, many drugs would no longer be discernible in his system. If his reason for running from his crime was indeed impairment, it may be hard to prove. What does Brian T. Beadle deserve if this was the case? We believe the standard sentence for this type of manslaughter is 15 years, which would mean at most five years--a small price to pay for taking a life.


    It must always be raining in Cherokee, since Councilwoman Thelma Lambert has never heard of Sunshine...or at least the state's Sunshine Law. It seems on Tuesday night she asked the council to approve a motion prohibiting public access to certain town records. This comes at the first city council meeting after a more than startling piece of investigative journalism was published in The Connection: Link

    Live in Cherokee? Then you deserve to know what, if anything, has happened to over 10K in fuel that your taxpayer dollars have funded. After that is straightened out, we suggest you start looking at other areas for misspent/misplaced funds.


    Many years ago schools taught basic manners. We suppose they no longer do so due to time contraints brought about by all the pat downs for weapons that occupy much class room time. That being said, let's do a little remedial teaching in good manners that also touches on basic vocabulary.

    Congratulations? Don't know what that word means? It means the person to whom the comment is directed has accomplished something or won a prize. Oh, you knew that you said. Then why do some individuals "congratulate" a bride? We're sure Judith Martin feels a disturbance in the force.

    Congratulations to the groom; best wishes to the bride (she usually needs them). With that in mind, best wishes to our friend Kari-Kay Harp who has embarked on the sea of matrimony. Congratulations to Jordan Cassady who has indeed won a prize.


    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    "I'm Appalled by Richard Hull"

    I'm Appalled by Richard Hull

    A Guest Commentary By

    Bull Dog

    Have you seen the latest outburst of Richard Hull of Sheffield? You need look no further than the Shoals Insider:

    If this doesn't ring a bell, here's the copy from some of his Courier Journal ads:

    Our Government Did The 911 Murders

    Otherwise Rumsfeld would retract his statment that a missile hit the Pentagon.

    Otherwise Silversteen would retract his statment that he and Controlled Demolition Ic. "pulled" Building Six at 3pm.

    Otherwise the passenger listwould include arab nams or false names. There are none. No dead arbas were recovered. No engines were found from 77 or 93. No flight data recorders were found. No air traffic controllers will affirm there were real hijackings. No family members witnessed the take-off of any airplane.

    No air traffic controllers will affirm that any of the four airplanes took off.

    There were no boarding gate securiity videos because it was a simulated counter-hijacking security exercise.

    Paid Advertisement - Richard Hull 383-7838

    Author: A B "Richard" Hull
    501 East 11th Street
    Sheffield, Alabama 35660

    The above is an insult to all Americans. Hull talks about someone wishing to commit him? What's taking them so long? If the ads aren't bad enough, Hull was charged in 2007 with killing a neighbor's cat. I don't know how he got out of that cruel crime.

    It's time someone took a long look at Richard Hull and did something. Is Sheffield too busy to look into this?


    We'll certainly agree that Mr. Hull has been a thorn in the side of Sheffield for some time. The 1957 grad of Sheffield High School was arrested in 2007 on charges of animal cruelty and obstruction of government operations in Sheffield. The next year he filed a claim for almost 2k in damages against the city.

    If Mr. Hull continues to be a nuisance to his neighbors, we suggest they contact not only the Sheffield Police, but band together to hire an attorney. Mr. Hull is obviously ill, but there is no excuse for such animal cruelty or abuse of those who have served our country. We would also suggest that local media refuse to take any more ads from Mr. Hull; however, we realize that in most of these cases, those who have the funds are the ones making their voices heard the loudest.


    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    How Much to Move Tony Logan Trial?

    Judge Gil Self has now ruled on a change of venue for Tony Logan's Circuit Court DUI trial; however, the site has yet to be selected. Just how much will it cost the taxpayers of Lauderdale County? Remember, this is originally a Florence Municipal case that has been appealed to circuit court. Citizens of Florence have already paid for the Tuscumbia chief's first trial, albeit a short one.

    Sources with the court system indicate that for a change of venue to be effective it would require a location far away enough from the Shoals to preclude most participants from driving each day, assuming the trial lasts over one day--and it has been predicted that it will.

    Lauderdale County would be responsible for travel, food, and lodging for the judge, prosecutor, investigator(s), and witnesses. It could also be responsible for providing an extra suite or similar rented facility for the prosecution to work on the case after the courthouse closes. Our source stated that if the prosecution calls enough witnesses, the charges could reach 5K a day.

    One would think the trial would not last over two days, but many of those involved would also need to remain during the jury deliberations. So, just how much are we looking at? Expenses over 10K would not be unheard of for such a trial, although we hope they would be considerably less. If Logan were proclaiming his innocence, we could understand his need for vindication, but an appeal over a technicality? Tuscumbia seems intent on keeping Logan as chief no matter the outcome; does this mean Tony Logan himself is preparing to change jobs and wishes to have an unencumbered record?


    We have an addendum from Tiffany Potts Evans whom we featured yesterday:

    Also let me add the vote to see if such and such is going to hell is only to see if their crime is hell-worthy and is more symbolic than anything. We do know that we can't send anyone to hell. Sorry about forgetting that but it is important because a lot of people tell us who are you to judge? We are just judging if your crime is hell-worthy or not.


    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Meet Tiffany Potts Evans

    Meet Tiffany Potts Evans. Tiffany and her family live in Franklin County. Since becoming interested in local crime, Tiffany has turned her writing talent to good use. Here's a little about Tiffany in her own words:

    Hello, my name is Tiffany Potts Evans from Franklin County AL. I was sent to the PYSIH website to read up on the Christie Scott case from here in Russellville AL. Once I started reading all the stories on that site I realized there are so many other victims that have been silenced and forgot about in a way. There were only a few stories from Alabama.

    We all know of several crimes, some solved and some unsolved, right here in North Alabama. So I wrote Max the Cat editor of PYSIH, and asked him if he'd publish a story if I submitted it. He told me to write it and he would help with the editing if need be. My first story was on a Huntsville woman named Natashay Ward who starved her 3 kids to death. Then came the story of Paul and Kim Gonzalez whose 5 year old daughter Andrea has never been found. You see we at PYSIH don't just write these stories because we love to dwell on blood, death, torture and the misfortune of others that some commenters swear we do, we are a voice for the victims.

    Sometimes the victim's family even stand up for the offender, so who is to speak for those victims? I'm no professional journalist--just an ordinary woman who is tired of the victims being forgot about so the POS offenders get their rights handed to them on a silver platter. Of course you'll notice the sarcasm in our stories but honestly it's hard to write a story such as Jesse Compton and Stella Kiser without showing sarcasm. It actually hurts my heart and even makes me cry to write these stories.

    I also have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and to research then write the stories will leave deep scars in any person with a heart. It actually took me 3 days to research/write down and then another 1-2 days to type it out. I just want new people that discover or read PYSIH to realize it's very gut wrenching and will cause nightmares from some of these stories but it's all for the victims and their families, not for the monsters and their enablers. Most of the regular commenters at PYSIH have had physical, sexual, mental abuse and have gone through hardships in their own lives and it's a very good place to feel at home and accepted amongst their peers who have been through obstacles in their own lives. We are just one big happy family. I have met and appreciate each and every one of my new found friends at PYSIH. For anyone wanting to check out PYSIH go ahead but remember these stories are horrific and should only be viewed by adults.

    Thanks and eager to meet our new readers.

    No, Tiffany, we thank you for your writing. We can testify it's not easy, but if just one family member sends thanks, often stating they had thought everyone had forgotten the victim, it's worth it. We know that Tiffany has a very large readership on a national site, but we hope she will do some pieces for us in the future.

    Here's the latest from Tiffany: Jodey Wayne Waldop


    A note on a related matter: We've been asked if we have ever discovered facts concerning a convicted criminal or suspect that we didn't publish. Obviously, we hear and read much that can't be proved, but we do usually manage to present the known facts to our readers.

    The one time we didn't? We began research on sex offender advocates after learning of Derek Logue, then of Sheffield. The garbage that these advocates preach concerning children is so sickening that we chose not to finish the blog. Nothing we have encountered before or since has truly turned our stomach in such a way.

    Logue sent us many e-mails threatening lawsuits for invasion of privacy, yet he published the same material on his pro-sex offender blogs. He objected to our remark that all sex offenders should literally be branded as such. We invite those with a strong stomach to read the propaganda he and others of his ilk write and then judge what should be done with those who choose to have sex with children and are proud of it. Please keep your children safe--there's no such thing as too much vigilance.


    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Reedtown Rapist to Serve Three Years

    Mark Anthony Hurley, dubbed by local law enforcement the Reedtown Rapist, will serve at least three years and one day in jail for his latest rape. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing deemed the split sentence the best way to ensure Hurley would do a substantial amount of time in prison and, considering previous jury verdicts, we agree.

    After his release from prison, the 34 year-old Hurley will then face five years of probation. Any violation of the terms of his probation will send the Reedtown Rapist to prison to serve the remainder of his twenty year sentence. Mark Anthony Hurley's record goes back at least ten years; besides several rape/assault charges, Hurley has also previously been convicted of second degree escape.

    Related posts:

    The Reedtown Rapist Is Free Yet Again

    Rushing to Judgment


    Whippoorwill Hollow Films is seeking actors and writers for a comedy sketch they're filming for YouTube. If you think you have what it takes, contact Steve or Sheri at


    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Russellville Church & CRACK House

    Our recent column on the plethora of legal woes in Russellville prompted one reader to write concerning what he called "off brand" churches in the Franklin County seat. We agree that a lower socio-economic-status usually presents in a large number of storefront churches, but we do have to poke just a little fun at this one: The So Help Me God Church of Christ and CRACK House Ministries. CRACK being an acronym for Christ Resurrects After Crack Kills. We're going to bet they have a thrift store too.


    Our friend and CASA Board member Tina Parker has asked us to announce:

    We are selling Whole Hog chicken plates again for CASA next Friday (4/8) at NW-SCC (Hospitality House). Buy your tickets from me or from another board member between now and Tuesday. We will have LIMITED extra plates to buy at the door. $8 each.


    For all you Josh Willingham fans out there, here's a great chance to catch any of these you may have missed: Link


    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Unequal Justice? Surely It's Not Based on Sex Appeal?

    This is a booking photograph of Amanda Leigh Houk, 40, a Madison County License Clerk who was convicted in March of embezzling over 40K. There has been no mention of a previous criminal record.

    This is a booking photograph of Pam Gay Taylor, 55, a Franklin County Volunteer Fire Department treasurer convicted in March of embezzling over 32K. There has been no mention of a previous criminal record.

    Which woman received the longer sentence? If you guessed Ms. Houk, you're obviously using logic--something that is often absent from the Alabama judicial system.

    Pam Gay Taylor was sentenced by Judge Terry Dempsey to ten years, split with two to serve in actual prison. If during the remaining eight years of probation, Ms. Taylor should again run afoul of the law, she would be returned to state custody.

    Amanda Houk was sentenced by Judge Dennis O'Dell to three years on probation. If she remains on the straight and narrow she will never see the inside of a prison. Why the huge difference?

    Different judges
    Different prosecutors
    Different defense attorneys
    Different...physical attributes

    Oh, but the latter should never come into play? No, it never should.


    When the Webster Inn first opened as a Ramada, it was a jewel in Sheffield's crown. Now, the hotel doesn't have sufficient funds to pay its utility bill. Why? From reviews online, it would appear to be more than just the amount of competition. Here for your reading enjoyment...

    9/11/07 -
    In our room, the wallpaper was coming off the walls, the ceiling in the bathroom was falling down, and there were stains on the side of the mattress (gross - looked like dried blood). The towels were thin, too. The water tasted funny, so we went to the vending machine -- no water. We asked at the desk, and they gave us a glass of water. We tried to save a couple of bucks, but it wasn't worth it.

    10/31/07 - It was by far the worst hotel experience I have ever had. Not only was the staff rude and uncooperative, but the room itself was not sufficiently stocked or in good condition.

    My husband and I chose to stay at Webster the night of our anniversary. We stayed in a suite. When we first arrived in the room, there were light bulbs missing from the lamp and the shower was constantly dripping. We left shortly after checking in and returned to get ready for dinner since we had reservations. We discovered that the comforter had cigarette burns in it and that the iron was missing. Not to mention, the wallpaper was coming off the walls. And management went in our room despite the DO NOT DISTURB sign.

    The management was even worse. they refused to give our money back or switch us into another room. They kicked us out for asking for extra pillows and towels on the night of our anniversary. As we left the manager wished us a happy rest of our anniversary. The peole here have no customer service skills and are racist. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. THIS IS A CRAP MOTEL.

    2/5/08 - We wanted to stay at this hotel because of the advertisement of a jacuzzi suite and well it was our anniversary. We arrived at the hotel and the lobby looked decent but when we arrived in our suite it looked like a pay by the hour room. All of the furniture was very outdated, worn out, sinking in and different colors. There were smears all over the mirror, the cabinets under sink were falling in and jacuzzi was rusted and filthy. Wallpaper and some sheetrock was falling off the walls. We left and went to get dinner and a movie. When we arrived back the parking lot was so packed that we had to find a place to park in the grass along with many other people. When we went to our room our walls were shaking and you could loudly hear the bass from the band unstairs at the hotel bar. We went to the front desk and asked if there was another suite we could move to and the night auditor said no, so we asked for our money back and he said no again. So finally after a little convincing he just happened to find another suite available. When we checked that room out it was in the same condition maybe a tad better but it was right next door to our previous suite -so we had the same noise problem.There were people walking down the hallways being very loud. We went back upstairs and asked for a down grade to a regular room and the night auditor said i cannot do that. We were pretty upset by this time and asked for a manager. This guy comes walking out from behind the counter (looked very unprofessional and i believed was chewing tobacco). I explained what was going on and he said "well sometimes i have to park in the grass and i work here" his reply to the loud band was "well theyll be winding down around 2AM and then you can go to sleep" he also told us there was no one walking in the hallways being loud and we were imagining it. I could not believe this guys management skills-he would not accomodate his $175.00 paying guests. He would not budge on giving us our money back or another room. I told him i was going to post bad reviews and his reply - "OK-go ahead" So about 10 minutes of arguing with this guy he finally said i can downgrade you to a single room on the other side of the hotel. The downgrade was in terrible condition but quite so by this time we were just tired and wanted to go to bed. I would never recommend this place to anyone. I have stayed at plenty of hotels/motels before and this one gets the grande prize for the worst hotel not only in looks but also in service. If you are thinking of staying at this hotel please consider a chain/name-brand hotel first.

    6/23/08 - My family and I went up there for a meeting. The hotel was disgusting. We had cigarette holes in our beds, there were roaches, the bathroom was dingy and unclean, the rug was filthy, the walls were speckled and had things wiped on them. The bed was extremely uncomfortable. The staff was distant and strange. Everything needs to be updated. It was extremely ugly. The hotub/pool was okay. The pool did have quite a bit of bugs, however. The bar was filled with people that weren't staying in the hotel.

    8/18/08 - This hotel was awful! The room smelled bad! The sink was stopped up and the bathroom was dirty. The beds and pillows were as flat as a board! You could see foot prints in the bottom of the pool where it had not been cleaned. The air did not work right in the rooms. It was dirty and i would not recommend that anyone stay in the hotel.

    2/15/10 - The rooms were filthy and there appeared to be vagrants hanging out at the pool. When we saw to HUGE cockroaches in our room that was it. This is truly an example of getting what you pay for. It was by far the cheapest hotel in the area and we quickly found out why. I went to the local Walmart to disinfect the bathroom and purchase a new pillow and sheets. When we checked out I filled out the comment card and never heard back. Finally I just disputed the charge with Amex and got a refund.

    9/13/10 - This hotel was very poorly managed. Bathroom was so dirty, I would never have taken a bath in it. We had a "no smoking" room but the blanket on the bed had huge cigarette burns in it and cigarette burns were all in the dirty, soiled carpet. The paint on the ceiling in the bathroom was falling off. On one side of the bed, there was a spot which looked as if someone had thrown up on the carpet. Three of the light fixtures in the room had blown bulbs which left the room very dimly lit. The furniture was dirty and outdated as was the decor of the room, halls & lobby of the hotel. Also, aside from myself and my sister-in-law, I saw no other women guest in this place which I found very strange. The carpet in the hallway leading to the rooms had huge dirty, soiled spots all over. This was the dirtiest hotel I have ever stayed in and if we had not been so tired, we would have left. Most miserable night I have ever had in a hotel. Cheap price, cheap hotel. You get what you pay for! The Health Department should pay this place a visit!