Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"I'm Appalled by Richard Hull"

I'm Appalled by Richard Hull

A Guest Commentary By

Bull Dog

Have you seen the latest outburst of Richard Hull of Sheffield? You need look no further than the Shoals Insider:

If this doesn't ring a bell, here's the copy from some of his Courier Journal ads:

Our Government Did The 911 Murders

Otherwise Rumsfeld would retract his statment that a missile hit the Pentagon.

Otherwise Silversteen would retract his statment that he and Controlled Demolition Ic. "pulled" Building Six at 3pm.

Otherwise the passenger listwould include arab nams or false names. There are none. No dead arbas were recovered. No engines were found from 77 or 93. No flight data recorders were found. No air traffic controllers will affirm there were real hijackings. No family members witnessed the take-off of any airplane.

No air traffic controllers will affirm that any of the four airplanes took off.

There were no boarding gate securiity videos because it was a simulated counter-hijacking security exercise.

Paid Advertisement - Richard Hull 383-7838

Author: A B "Richard" Hull
501 East 11th Street
Sheffield, Alabama 35660

The above is an insult to all Americans. Hull talks about someone wishing to commit him? What's taking them so long? If the ads aren't bad enough, Hull was charged in 2007 with killing a neighbor's cat. I don't know how he got out of that cruel crime.

It's time someone took a long look at Richard Hull and did something. Is Sheffield too busy to look into this?


We'll certainly agree that Mr. Hull has been a thorn in the side of Sheffield for some time. The 1957 grad of Sheffield High School was arrested in 2007 on charges of animal cruelty and obstruction of government operations in Sheffield. The next year he filed a claim for almost 2k in damages against the city.

If Mr. Hull continues to be a nuisance to his neighbors, we suggest they contact not only the Sheffield Police, but band together to hire an attorney. Mr. Hull is obviously ill, but there is no excuse for such animal cruelty or abuse of those who have served our country. We would also suggest that local media refuse to take any more ads from Mr. Hull; however, we realize that in most of these cases, those who have the funds are the ones making their voices heard the loudest.