Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hair in Black & White?


From a reader:

I brought something to the attention of the MSHS band director, David Water, regarding a young lady sitting on the front row at the year end band concert. The young lady had a half shaved head of about 1/2" black hair and the other half head was bleached blond hair below her ear.

Distraction? Absolutely.

I pointed out that not only was she sitting on the front row of the band on stage, but Holden, Stegall, Lindsey, all the band directors and some teachers were on stage with the child as well. I thought it strange that he told me he would prefer that I take that up with administrators, to which I responded that I would not waste my time.

FAST FORWARD.... After telling a friend about the conversation, he said, "You do know that David Waters is kin to Brian Lindsey, don't you?" What the heck?????

Brian Lindsey's MOM is a cousin of David Water's MOTHER IN LAW. I don't think we will ever get to the bottom of all the kin folk in MSCS. What a mess. MSCS where everyday is a family reunion.

If you ain't kin, you ain't in.


Another reader:

We LOVE Mr. Willie Joiner at Lexington. After Larry Smith, Mr. Willie had some huge shoes to fill. We'll be happy to ship Muscle Shoals a couple of rapists if they ever try to come back. They can keep Chad Holden too. His facebook page says he lives in Muscle Shoals, so how is he on our board?


Our take? Why is red hair not tolerated, but black/white is? We believe the FB page about  Muscle Shoals has been taken down.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Muscle Shoals v. Lexington

From a Lexington reader:

Here is your random guest commentary from Lexington!! To the lady complaining about Gary Dan Williams, to which she refers as the Principal at Muscle Shoals Career: we would GLADLY swap Willie Joiner, the current communist dictator principal at Lexington School for Gary Dan Williams. If you think its bad now, we will show you bad. Please accept our offer.


We hear changes are coming to Muscle Shoals in the fall. Relatives of personnel say they are actively seeking new positions. Other new hires from 2014 will be toast. We'll see.


On crack pipes: Copper pot scrubbers sold behind the counter are the second piece to the crack pipe.

We have a list of outlets; however, we prefer to have actual pics before publishing.


This is the Union Planters bank building purchased by Hibbett Patient Care...which promptly razed it. Quite a bit of money invested...

Will it still be a go? New Office


Friday, May 29, 2015

Crack Down on Crack Pipes

Paradise Food Marts

Remember our blog on "Love Roses?" It seems glass pens are of a similar ilk. From an expert:

Often called a love rose and marketed as a novelty, the product is a small fabric rose that comes packaged in a glass tube about the width of a ball point pen with prices ranging from $2-$5.

A reader tells us these lovely little items can and should be reported to the ABC Board:

Product Management Division

Voice: (334) 260-5417

Fax: (334) 260-5448

Pictured is a display from the Paradise Food Mart. A reader tells us all these stores carry them. E-Mail us pics of other outlets.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Muskrat Madness?/MSHS Questions

From Tuscumbia Muskrat: So a new nonprofit committee has been created to manage the "welfare and beauty" of Tuscumbia's Spring Park. Ok, is anyone else confused?!? If the committee is making the park "suitable for locals and tourists" then why should the city continue to have a Park Director on salaried payroll?!? Who is the committee saving ... Spring Park, the Park Director's job, or both? I am 100% in favor of saving the park, however, I am NOT in favor with saving the job of the Park Director who has done a terrible job in managing Spring Park. His incompetence is why this committee came into existence. Hmmm... I did catch a few interesting names serving on the committee such as Bubba Underwood. He ran against incumbent Mayor Bill Shoemaker in the last mayoral election. Is this committee also being served as a political move for the next upcoming mayoral election? Very interesting!


From a reader: What is the deal??? We got a new crew of administrators at MSHS this past year. Have you noticed that none of them reside in Muscle Shoals? Although I don’t think it is a requirement, I just think that it is strange none of them are even from Colbert County! Chad Holden, Principal, Kevin Davis, Assistant Principal and Karen Hairrell, Assistant Principal all live in Lauderdale County!! Also, Gary Dan Williams, Career Principal lives in Lauderdale County! I do think that all the MSHS principals that have school aged children send them to MS city schools. Of course, they would want the best for their children so the opportunity to have your children in one of the best school around is a job perk! But, Williams’ children go to school in Lexington where he lives and used to work. According to my neighbor (who has relatives in Lexington) he will never move his kids to MS. If an employee was being supportive of their school system, it seems that they would jump at the chance to send their kids to the school where they work. Williams is often a topic of conversation at our home because Williams has previously spoken to my child in a demoralizing way and some of my kids friends are not allowed (by their parents) to take courses at the Career Center because of Williams and the way he treats students. After a group of ladies brought it to my attention that none of the administrators live in MS, I asked my kids and their friends if Mr. Williams ever attended sporting events to support his students, they said that I had never known him to be at any extracurricular activities, including sports. I know the MSHS administrators are required to be at these types of events. Why does Williams want to work where he will never be a part of the community through his children and where he apparently he doesn't care to support his students? You know that at least some of those boys in career classes also play sports. What is the deal???


From J. Redmon:  NO Superintendent or principal can tell students/parents 'not to clap' at an assembly.  That would be a violation of the students'/parents' 1st Amendment rights.  They can ASK/request that there be no applause, but they cannot prohibit such.


More tomorrow...


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Questions for Anthony Olivis

From a voter:

Will someone PLEASE question Anthony Olivis!!!

Comments from Anthony Olivis, Colbert County Superintendent, in the Times Daily newspaper:

“We’ve already had our belt pretty tight,” he said. “I guess we’ll just have to punch another notch in it. I hate it for our school system. We’re going to look at personnel programs. We have some capital projects we’re going to have to put on hold. Patches on top of patches, I guess.”

Where is responsible investigative reporting when the people need it? Why doesn't anyone ask Mr. Olivis where the $8 million left to him by the previous administration went? How can he have the nerve to say these things when he has squandered all that money????


Thoughts on Colbert Heights sixth grade graduation: 

Anthony Olivis/Jeff Cornelius/Alvie Shaw can...

1. Tell the students what to wear.

2. Tell the students what venue.

3. Tell the students there will be no school party

4. Tell the audience not to applaud.

5. Tell the families they can't take photos.

What they can't do is tell the parents what to drive. We think a limousine is a waste of money, especially at that age, but it is not our business. How can these "educators" presume to dictate to parents what transportation they can use?

Yes, we also want to know where all the money went.


The preliminary hearing for John Clark Burns Jr. has been reset to July 23, 2015. No, he (or someone) may say charges were thrown out, but they were not. 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Letter Not One Official Answered

We often hear from friends that elected officials will not reply to their mail. Here's one such unanswered letter. We think it's a great one:

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lecia Ford <>
Date: May 8, 2015 at 9:12:40 AM CDT
To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <
Subject: Budget Cuts 
May 8, 2015

Dear Sirs:

My name is Lecia Ford and I am a lifelong resident of Colbert County.  My Father was a small business owner in Leighton, Alabama for 49 years, and at an early age, I learned the value of hard work, treating people with respect and dignity.

Though the years have passed, these everyday values have not.  I am sure you can relate to this.

I am currently in my 18th year with Riverbend Center for Mental Health.  Like any job, it can be stressful and at times, a grind.  The job, however, offers something special – the chance to help others, not justany others but people who truly need help.  We see and help a diverse group of clients. Some of their circumstances would break your heart.  If not for us they would be at a ‘dead end’.  We are the last resort for some of society’s most unfortunate members, through no fault of their own.  They have been cast into a world they neither asked for, nor understand.

Others may write to tell you the statistics on how much ‘we’ cost versus how much ‘we’ save; I can’t give you that.  I can tell you my Daddy taught me that what you put forth, comes back to you many times over.  My Daddy was a smart man – and I learned his lessons well.

I hear so much from politicians when they seek office about Christian values and our need for them in our government.  School prayer may be nice, but “Actions speak louder than words”, so let’s put our Christian values to work and look after the people Jesus had the most empathy for – the poor, the sick, the hurt, and most especially the Children!

I would offer suggestions like closing golf clubs, raising taxes, or cutting back on tax breaks to corporations, but I’ll leave this up to you to decide. I want you to spend one day at Riverbend and then ask yourself, “what is the right thing to do?”

Lecia Ford
Admissions Clerical Supportsss
Riverbend Center for Mental Health


No, not one reply. Our officials at work.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Last year we blogged about two veterans who qualified for a Memorial Day remembrance long after their actual service. We used the names Jim and Joe. Jim is about to get justice; his family will never have peace. A family member has related she wants Jim's story told after all cases have been adjudicated. We hope that is within the next few months:


Remembering others as well:


Peace to all families who harbor hurt this Memorial Day.

All of us at Shoalanda Speaks

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Put a Figurative Stake Through Anthony Olivis' Heart on Tuesday

If you're voting Tuesday, send Anthony Olivis a real message. Vote "No" on more taxes to let the little martinet know his punitive policies don't go over well. Hold him accountable. He's at least been a bad steward with your tax dollars. Why give him more?


Lisa Singleton-Rickman? Have you read her article on the election? Not ONE word from the opposition was included. We have to ask why. Is the TotallyDecatur that out of touch or just in someone's pocket?



Amazon does now have one copy for one cent. The others? Take out a mortgage.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Tax Opposition in Colbert County

Colbert County, Alabama: Colbert County Commissioner David Black has announced his opposition to a proposed 27% county property tax increase. Commissioner Black encourages the voters of Colbert County (excluding the cities of Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield) to go vote in opposition of the tax increase this coming Tuesday, May 26th. Commissioner Black issued the following statement regarding the increase:

“As a County Commissioner, I oppose the school tax on which citizens will vote this coming Tuesday. Rather than paying higher taxes, I would prefer that we, the citizens of Colbert County, would have a discussion about improving the quality of education. We should be asking why our schools can’t be amongst the top rated in the state, especially since we already spend over $10K per student, more than 92 percent of counties here in Alabama. We should be asking to see the current budget, looking at how current dollars are being spent, and how we could improve matters. We should be asking for, and expect, excellence!

Our teachers already do an outstanding job! I thank them for that. Likewise, I encourage our students to strive for excellence! Better education leads to better jobs and higher incomes, which benefits us all. The more knowledge our students have, the better equipped they will be for all aspects of life. Both the quality and the perception, of our schools directly impacts economic growth, residential development, and quality of life. However, simply spending more of the taxpayer’s money is not the way to accomplish this. We need a different discussion. One about academic excellence, not more taxes.”


From a reader:

What is going on at Colbert Heights Elementary School? A new principal who has been there since January and was able to have a long time janitor fired. I have several kids who came thru this school and I always saw Mr. Pride working. I am a witness to the other janitor asking kids if their rooms were clean and said if not go tell the principal.

Maybe the firing of this janitor was part of the deal with this principal who was also hired in a rush and secret. I also pay property taxes in the county and I am not fooled by all the facts and figures put out by Mr. Olivis and Mr. Cornelius. My entire family will vote no. Until I know quality and high standard people are hired I have no intentions of paying another penny in taxes. How can you possible justify the fact of hiring a long time employee and just having a fiend of the principals already standing by to sub when he was out and was immediately hired to replace him. Mr. Montgomery may have had his problems but he was loyal and respectful to all parents, grandparents, students and in fact anyone who was in the school. 

I simply asked the principal what happened to Mr. Pride and she told me all the things he did wrong. The paper said private meetings are held to discuss employees. should this not be the case in the schools also. Hopefully one more year and the system can again clean up the mess made in the last 3 years. But until then I guess out with the old and in with the new will continue. I just don't have extra money to fund getting rid of old employees. VOTE NO Tuesday for the tax.


Ask Tony Olivis how much the board has spent on defending law suits...


Friday, May 22, 2015

Vote "No" on Tuesday!

Trust Me! I've Tried to Fire Only 4 Out Of 9 Principals!

Somehow we never thought we would see the day we would tell anyone to vote "no" on a school tax. That day has come, brought to us courtesy of Anthony Olivis and his blood-thirsty cronies. Here are some interesting facts about Colbert funding for schools:

* According to School Digger, Colbert County ranks 86th out of 123 school systems in Alabama. Yet they receive more tax dollars than 92 percent of those same school districts. They are wasting our money. Now, they want more of YOUR money to throw at the problem in the hope it will simply go away. Make sure you go VOTE NO on Tuesday, May 26th on the proposed 27% property tax increase in Colbert County. Let the School Board know they need to learn to use the money they have wisely before asking the voters for more!

* Colbert County Schools spends MORE tax dollars per student than 92% of school systems in Alabama, yet they rank LOWER than 70% of schools in the state academically? This tax increase would put Colbert County Schools in the 95th percentile in Per Pupil Expenditure, according to new numbers release last week by the Alabama State School Board, even though they currently spend more than 130% as much per student than the median. If we aren't seeing results at these outrageous levels, why would we expect to see any better results by throwing even more money at the problem?

* The May 26th Special Election to vote on the proposed 27% Property Tax increase in Colbert County will cost the voters between $30,000 and $40,000. If this election had been held last November with the rest of them, it would have been completely free. If the County School Board is going to waste tens of thousands of dollars on a low-turnout election, why should we trust them with more of our tax dollars?

* Colbert County Superintendent Anthony Olivis has been telling people that this is only a 10% tax increase, not a 27% tax increase. Depending on how you look at it, this could be true. If you lump all property taxes together, you get 30 mills, which this vote would increase by 10% if passed. However, this is not what is being voted on. We are voting on the county district-level property tax for the school board, which is currently 11 mills. The tax being increased is being increased by 27%. With no other type of tax increase would you lump everything together and use the smaller percentage. If a municipality had a 2c sales tax rate and wanted to raise it by .5c, nobody would lump it in with all the other sales taxes - they'd naturally see it as a 25% tax increase, as they are measuring that on the tax actually being increased. This is merely an attempt to make the tax sound less burdensome than it is. Even if we went with the Superintendent's number, it would still constitute a 22% total property tax increase over a 2-year period. Whether it is 10% or 27%, it is too much! We are taxed too much already, and our families are hurting. We can't afford to pay more money to a massively mismanaged school board.

*Finally, a previous blog: Olivis Seeks More Tax


It would seem without Robert Montgomey's guidance, the graduation at Colbert Heights Elementary was less grand than usual, but at a higher dollar price. We've received some complaints. Our initial opinion?

The kids will live no matter if they were robbed or not. The parents are the ones who feel cheated. Make your voice heard at the polls...on Tuesday and at the next school board election.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Comparing Two Killers

First, we've had a question about the April 28th preliminary hearing for John Clark Burns Jr. in Wayne County. We have not heard the results but will endeavor to find out the next court date.


A reader, "Josh," has asked among other things why we feel Justin Matthew Green is a much more despicable character than Joel Moyers. Green's victim was totally helpless and innocent. Moyers' victim was guilty of public intoxication, public lewdness, and attempting to destroy public property. Yet he should have been left for authorities to handle and in no way deserved to die.

Moyers certainly had some mental problems, but we did laugh at some testimony recently released from a bail hearing. Three male neighbors testified they had found Moyers' recent actions belligerent. One of those testifying was Bronwen Murray's father; he reported that the Belle Mina man had confronted a poacher.

While we would have called authorities on the thief and tried to have gotten a tag number, we doubt that it's too unusual in Limestone County for a rural-raised citizen to confront a thief. When worlds collide...

As for those 1K of Brandon's friends who wanted Moyers convicted of Capital Murder, we don't doubt that. We can remember over 2K wanting Hottie Scottie to take an infant away from its parents. We also remember those who initially felt John Clark Burns Jr. was a victim (hmmm....where did they go when the dust settled?) The opinion of the young, especially when based on misleading information, is often not the opinion of those unconnected to either side.

That brings up the Moyers family. No, Josh, we've never met any of them, communicated with them, or received any money from them.


Now the civil suit: The parents of Brandon Hydrick are suing Joel Moyers. Sorry, don't see any deep pockets there. Does his mother have money? We have no idea, but even if she does, it won't be Moyers' until she leaves this mortal plane...if even then.

It's always amusing to see the aggrieved families rail against a miscreant at a criminal trial, stating they will never be the same, that nothing can make it right, then see the same families suing for millions. Apparently enough money can make at least some of it right.

And the Underwood family's suit against On the Rocks continues...


Finally, we hope everyone sees just how our legal system can be influenced by a man of Parker Griffith's status. Such influence is usually wielded to arrange an early release, not a more serious charge. In either event, it's troubling.


More trouble at Colbert Heights Elementary? We'll have an update next week.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Changes In Cherokee Schools?

A TimesDaily reader recently wrote this in a letter to the editor:

Sorry, Colbert County School Board, but you just got a tax increase in 2013. Where did that money go? I find it impossible to believe expenditures beyond your control have gone up so much that a 75 percent tax increase in the last two years is necessary. In my business, if operating expenses went up 75 percent in two years, I would fire the manager! I understand there are a couple of roofs that leak at the schools, but do you really expect us to believe that a $24 million tax increase over 25 years is necessary to repair some leaks?

The letter writer posed a very good question. We get letters also. Here's one that just came in. We believe it to be 100% accurate or we would not publish it:

Yesterday, The Colbert County School Board met for a work session. The Board went into an "executive session" with no explanation of the reason for a secret meeting. It is unclear if the TimesDaily had been notified of such a meeting, probably not since the Board has previously enjoyed a Board Training Retreat in Birmingham without notifying the public either. The insiders believe the executive session was to discuss getting rid of Mr. Thomas Casteel, principal at Cherokee Elementary School, where the wife of Dr. Jeff Cornelius (asst. superintendent) works and reportedly does not like Mr. Casteel. Another day in the demise of Public Education.

This would make principal number four that Olivis/Cornelius have sought to oust. Better okay more than 75% in new taxes to cover the lawsuits.


There's less than two weeks to Pick Your Pate. Please remember to make a donation to HASRA or Safeplace when you vote. We'll announce our winner in early June.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Free Sewage?

St. Florian businessman Byron Bower IV says Florence is being vindictive by cutting off access to a sewer line for which he and approximately 60 others pay no fees. Really? Shoalanda lives in Florence and pays every month for sewage service.

Bower says he feels entitled. Really? He further states: We will agree to get off the sewer line, which we have every legal right to be on. We have to ask on what legal tenet Bower is claiming this right. Maybe we could all get free Netflix while we're at it?

If something did go wrong, would he feel entitled to sue the City of Florence as well? How about this? Bower and the owner of the trailer park pay 30 years in back fees and remain on the line?


Uniforms? Yesterday we published a very literate critique of the uniform problem in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office. The Detention Center has also been brought into the mix. Our writer mentioned reusing uniforms, questioning how that would work.

We can say than many eateries and trades do this. When an employee leaves, he/she must return the uniforms dry cleaned and in good condition or they do not get their last pay check.


Politics as usual? We've never met Frank Williamson. We did endorse him in the last election based on two points. He was not running on a hypocritical platform and he promised to improve the animal control/abuse situation in Colbert County.

Yesterday we linked an article about Williamson initiating a booking room/clerk as a means to free up deputies. We asked our readers' opinions on the new arrangement. We got several opinions, but none about our question.

One said the arrangement wasn't original with Frank (we didn't think it was), and the other ten or so were critical of Williamson over his recent dismissal of an employee. We've not heard anything about this employee, but will be happy to post any guest blogs on the subject.

We assume no one had anything bad to say about the new booking policy?


Language. You know the drill. You use "dirty words," we won't publish your comments. If your comment is so long that it cannot be previewed in toto before publishing, we will delete it. That kind of language doesn't speak well of anyone. If you want respect, please give our bloggers and readers the same.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Infants Die in Strangulation Accidents Every Day?

Justin Matthew Green’s new girlfriend has contacted us. We’re happy to make one correction for which she asked. She relates that someone at a church Green attended at the time of his daughter’s death started the tale about blanket strangulation.

Her second statement? Very young children die from strangulation every day. Our answer? No, they don’t.

First, statistics on such deaths usually include suffocation (nose/mouth obstructed) and choking (swallowing an object that won’t go down). Actual strangulation is fairly rare.

It occurs when a child loops a blind cord over its head and pulls downward. It also can occur when a cord/ribbon/etc. is intentionally placed around an infant’s neck and becomes entangled.

It does not occur because a 13 month-old child wraps an electrical cord around her neck three times and then somehow hangs it on a stationery object while still in her crib. Feel free to check the Internet--not one such accident ever reported.

If you need any more damaging facts, the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated a child can’t perform such a maneuver until 15 months of age. We found one incident, thankfully not leading to death, involving a 20 month-old child.


Denial? If Matthew Green is such a great guy, why would he even consider beginning a new relationship with a 20 year prison sentence hanging over his head? Of course, considering our legal system, he may walk. If he doesn’t? Maybe his new girlfriend can hook up with Brady Ann Irons’ latest fella. That trial should be in the very near future.

Wanna hear a funny? We actually feel sorry for poor ol’ Wes having to face his old squeeze now that he’s sober…just not sorry enough to think he shouldn’t face the judicial music.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Money/Bankruptcy/Vendetta--The Real 411

Sheriff Rick Singleton says Johnny Mack Morrow is personally opposed to Phillip Pettus' bill on uniform reimbursement. Our sources say he, and Marcel Black, are mainly just opposed to Phillip Pettus. Pettus does seem to have that effect on everyone. From a reader:

I want to commend Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow for standing up for what is right.  That bill should have a cap on the amount spent on uniforms. What if the amount the sheriff is quoting goes up the county is out more money. As for the sheriff wanting uniform reimbursement for the detention officers that is ridiculous because there is always a job opening at the detention center.  Are those uniforms going to be inventoried and reused?  Are new employees going to want to wear someone's uniform?  Who is responsible for getting that uniform back?  How often must  the county  buy new uniforms? Who is going to pay for all of this?  US the taxpayer.
Thanks for being here to let regular people vent.
We've had several questions on the sale of Baggett Oil. Many have complained about the company being sold to "Arabs." From what we've learned, most stores were sold to a U.S. company, but at least two of the Chevron mini-marts were sold to "Amal," no last name available. One of these is the Chisholm Road location.


Language? We've had to delete some FB comments due to language. Yes, your appraisal was correct, but just worded a little too strongly. Also, we'll have an update to a question asked by "Josh," who I'm sure didn't actually think we would publish his vulgar comment. Yet since he asked a question, we'll be happy to answer it sometime this week. He may not like the answer.


Best protocol in a police chase situation? We're asking three former officers and will publish their comments soon.


How do we know a certain hospice is headed for bankruptcy? Lawsuits, bank overdrafts, bounced payroll checks. The most recent director resigned last month and a former A&E bigwig has been brought in to save the day. One owner has reportedly jumped ship, but his creditors are still hot in pursuit. 

Everyone keep well!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Movers & Shakers...Thieves & Takers

We're still waiting for Justin Matthew Green's new squeeze to tell us why he's such a wonderful guy. Maybe she doesn't know about his theft of property arrest in 2008, not to mention fraudulent use of a credit card. Honey, if you can't do better than this...please think of your children. We know--brick wall. If you feel sorry for him, think about his beautiful daughter who died gasping for breath. Twenty years--no less!


The missing bench from 7-Points? Yes, it was removed at the request of merchants. At least three gentlemen regularly used the bench. One had been banned from McDonald's. One (not sure if same one or not) regularly asked shoppers to drive him one block to Chazz's. We assume the same one would ask for an ambulance when he could no longer walk.

Sad, but the merchant's association felt this was the best way to handle the situation. We see that one of these men now brings his own lawn chair.


We had a reader ask why Ryan Hydrick was not arrested for DUI the night of his brother's death. We're not sure he wasn't, but it is understandable if he was allowed to go home to his parents at a time like that. Will there be an appeal of the Moyers verdict? Certainly.


Remember Keller Hospice? It's been LHC Hospice for some time now. Apparently, hospice is still extremely cut-throat in the area. We'll have more on this later, but it seems LHC is now waiting in the wings to take the patients of a long-time Florence hospice which has lawsuits aplenty filed against it.

It's heartbreaking when our nearest and dearest need hospice care, but it's even sadder when their care is jeopardized by mismanagement. Choose all your medical providers wisely.


Whoooo! Let the Good Times Roll!


Friday, May 15, 2015

Justin Matthew Green Is a Slimy Bastard!

Our legal system in Alabama dealing with capital crimes is a joke. Today a Limestone County jury found Joel Moyers, albeit quite a mental case, guilty of capital murder. The prosecution proved the SKS rifle was accurate; too bad the jury didn't ask how accurate Moyers' aim was.

Is such a conviction unusual? Not in this state, but it goes both ways.

Remember Shaun Shapley? He strangled his stepdaughter while raping her and got 25 years in Lauderdale County.

How about Ronald Weems? He strangled his victim, dismembered her body, and taunted her family. He got Life With in Colbert.

Then there's Hershel Graham. He even called his victim back onto his property before he shot him. He got only two actual years to serve in Franklin County.

While we doubt justice in any state is perfect, our capital murder statutes are ludicrous.


If you think the above sentences are a travesty, what about killing a helpless infant? Our blogger L. Stone recently asked this:

I wonder if any baby-mommas' boyfriend that kills the child from a previous baby-daddy ever gets life without parole for intentionally killing a child?

Adult victims usually play some part in their fate, but not infants. Let's take another look at Justin Matthew Green. We've previously blogged on Green's indictment for manslaughter in the strangulation death of his toddler daughter. Yet there's one thing we haven't mentioned that seems extremely pertinent.

Green's young child was found with a cord wrapped at least three times around her neck. Green was there, he saw it. Yet he told his church and Facebook friends that the child was strangled when she became entangled in a blanket--a physical impossibility.

Why did Green lie? Why did Green implicate his partner's two children from a previous relationship? A pretty good guess is that he's a slimy bastard who killed his daughter in a fit of anger.

His punishment? He's been indicted for only manslaughter. Let's hope the jury/judge makes sure he does 20 years. It's much better than he deserves.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Who You Are at CCHS?/Sober Civility?

From a concerned Colbert County parent. The communication has been edited to remove names of minors:

As you may have read in the Times Daily there was some vandalism to the Colbert County High School that was discovered on April 27 . It was a "senior prank, gone bad". There were somewhere in the range of 14-15 seniors that were involved. Of those seniors some had never been in any type of trouble before and one was even the CCHS 2015 Homecoming Queen. These students have been placed in alternative school for the remainder of the year, with ALL senior activities stripped, even walking at graduation. In the Colbert County School Handbook this activity is a Class III offense.

On May 8, there was a fight that occurred between 2 girls from the softball team (Miss CCHS and a sophomore) that had stemmed from several weeks of bullying from teammates (whole different story). One of the 2 girls fighting was 18 while the other was 15. The 15 year olds mother was called immediately to pick her child up, while the senior was allowed to stay at school until 6th period. Mr. Satchel informed the mother of the 15 year old that the punishment would be 15 days alternative school and having to take exams. This is also classified as a Class III in the Colbert County Handbook. On further conversation the 15 day alternative school QUICKLY turned to 5 day suspension without consulting the board members.

On Tuesday, May 12 the mother of the senior posted on her personal facebook page that her daughter would walk at graduation. She would graduate with HONORS, she will keep her crown and IS next in line for Homecoming Queen since the crown has been taken from the former HCQ for the school vandalism. 
If you will look at the facebook post of (offender) you will also see that the principle, Mr. Stachel's wife, Mrs. Gail Satchel will be found in the comment section of the post, who is also a superior in the Colbert Count School System.

If both offenses were Class III, why is it ok for each to be punished differently according to WHO you are dealing with?

This parent has presented some interesting questions. We've previously posted similar stories from Florence, Muscle Shoals, and UNA. We personally support strong punishment when it's called for. We do not support favoritism and nepotism. We welcome any replies.


Some time ago we read a post on a local forum in which a learned gentleman stated the death of Treyvon Martin could have been prevented if he and George Zimmerman had only acted civilly toward each other. We agree.

It seems forensic testimony in the Joel Moyers trial has indicated victim Brandon Hydrick was three times over the limit for intoxication in this state or had at least .24 BAC (well on his way to alcohol poisoning). He knew the shooter Moyers by sight and according to Bronwen Murray often waved as he drove by Moyers' property. A few simple words of greeting would have prevented Hydrick's death. Brandon wasn't being rude; he simply was too drunk to respond to the situation. 

We preach about Spice and other illegal drugs, but compared to the misuse of alcohol, their impact is minuscule. Will this incident teach even one person to drink responsibly? We wouldn't bet one cent on it.


Johnny Mack Morrow has basically called Phillip Pettus a liar...and this is a surprise to anyone? We only think Morrow should have pursued his claims against Pettus. 

It looks like several other representatives are also irritated with Pettus' behavior. We're wondering if the confabulating rep from Greenhill will be on any committees next year...


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Berg, the Bash, the Bro, the Beard, the Bumpkin, the Babe, & the Big Shot

Background:  September 29, 2012: The Good & the Bad

Special Report from Crime Writer Nick Ireland

The Berg:

Belle Mina. Now that’s a classy name. Too bad this spot on the Limestone County map doesn’t live up to expectations. Nothing in Belle Mina but a few old houses and the occasional store. Then there’s the stream.

Land that borders on the small stream running through Belle Mina is marketed as water front property. Sure. If it rains enough. Just like my backyard.

Who buys these choice lots? Locals call them Yankees and that about sums it up. Families that work in Huntsville or Madison just love the prices on these backwoods hideaways.

The Murray family was no exception. The daughter, that’s the Babe to us, considered it the ideal spot to entertain her Huntsville friends. That’s just what she did on Friday, September 28, 2012.

The Bash:

It was billed as a Halloween party. No matter that it wasn’t even October. It was cool at night and just right for what passed as a country cookout. Wieners, marshmallows, and beer? Probably plenty of beer judging from the Hydrick family photos on Facebook. What else was served? You can be sure the state’s pathologist knows what was in Brandon Hydrick’s system when he died.

The bash ended around midnight. Guests began to go their separate ways and the Beard (B. Hydrick) took the Babe back to her parents’ front door. The Babe says the date ended with a chaste kiss.

Then the Beard drove off into eternity.

The Bro:

The Beard’s brother Ryan wasn’t even close to him in looks. Doesn’t seem to have had as good a job either. You can bet your pickup truck that he was only invited to the Babe’s bash because he was the Beard’s brother.

The Bro left in his own vehicle when the Beard exited the cookout. What happened between midnight and three o’clock Saturday morning is anyone’s guess. The Bro knows, but he’s not giving out any of the details to the Beard’s adoring fans and mourning friends.

The Beard:

Brandon Hydrick often sported a bushy beard. Yeah, doesn’t sound too kissable, does he? But apparently the Babe was so taken with him that she picked him up at a charity run in Huntsville. The Beard was younger than the Babe and didn’t quite travel in the same social circles, but hey, a good man is hard to find.

Friends thought this relationship would go the distance, but it ended that Saturday morning when the Bumpkin put a bullet through the Beard’s chest.

The Bumpkin:

Joel Moyers had lived in the same manufactured home since he was in grade school. He was now a rode hard 52 and had lived alone since his mother married the year before and moved to Cullman

The Bumpkin was afraid. The Limestone County sheriff stated there was little crime in the area, but actual reports say something else. Maybe there had to be a death before Mike Blakely considered it real crime He got that death early in the morning of September 29th.

The Bumpkin heard a truck around three o’clock. The Bro was now driving the Beard’s truck and they had returned to the scene of the cookout for reasons unknown. When the duo decided to turn around on the Bumpkin’s desolate corner, they made the mistake of their lives.

An SKS kept the Bumpkin company as he first followed them in his own truck and later marched toward the Beard’s vehicle in full confrontational mode. He flashed a light in the Bro’s face and told him to stop. The Bro hit the accelerator.

As the pickup passed the Bumpkin, Moyers raised the heavy SKS and fired. The question is where the Bumpkin aimed. Heck, maybe the question should be was he even strong enough to aim. His bullet traveled through the back of the truck’s tailgate, entered the cab, and finally juggernauted through the Beard’s chest. The Bro panicked and hit the accelerator again. He met with a tree that refused to get out of his way as he attempted to navigate a corner.  The Bumpkin retired to his home and called the sheriff.

The Babe:

Bronwen Murray was as yuppie as you get in Alabama. She was going places and picked up the Beard to tag along. Good men are hard for those bluestocking babes to find and lasso. Now her man was dead.

The sheriff originally charged the Bumpkin with a manslaughter type crime, but the Babe was having none of it. Where would she ever find a replacement, and her eggs weren’t getting any younger.

Don’t worry. The Babe had a trump card. She worked for the Big Shot. He’d handle it while she made the appropriate mewing noises to play the sympathy card.

The Big Shot:

Parker Griffith was a prominent Huntsville doc and a former U.S. representative. Easy for him to place a few well-chosen words in the ear of the Limestone County D.A. Yeah, the D.A. knew which side his political funding was greased on.

The indictment comes down, and the Bumpkin is charged with Capital Murder. Hey, it’s Alabama. Justice is still scarce and usually a political tool. Yeah, we call it JuJu man justice around this state.

The trial? It’s coming. Let’s grab the beer and popcorn. Okay, no beer. Limestone County is dry. Too bad the Bro and the Beard grabbed their beers; maybe they’d both be alive right now and the Bumpkin tatting a new doily for his mother.


Editor's note: Testimony in the Joel Moyers trial this week indicated Brandon Hydrick was too intoxicated to drive at the time of the shooting, and Ryan Hydrick's BAC was. 07 three hours after the deputies arrived at the scene in Belle Mina. Moyers' BAC has not been revealed, if it was even tested.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crimes of Convenience (Stores)

Some time ago we stated we were going to feature those who abused children and animals. Selling "Spice" to a minor is definitely abuse. Convenience store owners know what's in their inventory and what isn't. Do you?

How about those lavish "Love Roses?"

What? Your significant other never bought you 5.99 a pop? That must be because you don't smoke meth or crack.

Want to fight drug use/sales involving minors? The next time you see these lovely little items at the mini-mart check out, just tell the clerk to tell the owner you won't be back.


How about those really pretty glass pipes for smoking pot or even something as mundane as tobacco products? Guess what... You can use them to smoke other things. You can even just place them on your coffee table since they're really works of art, but so are pornographic statues. We do like this one:

And this one...

Talk about the irony. So who sells these? Do they sell anything you have to ask for with code words? "Yes. I need the Marlborough 72s, a box of matches, and, let's see...oh, yeah, a blind camel named Ishtar." Is that how it works?

People can say what they want to about Baggett Oil, and we said plenty when Phil dug up the pet cemetery, but at least he doesn't cater to the young and stupid.


From Tony Logan yesterday on the two young Spice victims:

We are working hard to find out where the source of the spice is coming in. We met with the drug task force this morning to see if we can find a common denominator to the sources of this spice. The two middle school kids last week were very serious. We were surprised that one of them recovered as quickly as he did and still wonder if he will have any long lasting health issues. We had another case over the weekend of a person being hospitalized due to spice. I am extremely concerned over this issue!


From L. Stone: Any truth to the rumor that Tuscumbia is getting a casino as soon as they can find some muskrat-proof slot machines?

We're not sure of the answer to that one, but apparently after spending quite a bit of money on studies/plans for the Sweetwater Arts & Entertainment District, the City of Florence is now spending more money to study moving the proposed district downtown.


Monday, May 11, 2015

"Spice" Victims at Deshler Middle School? The Rumors Are True...

Since late last week, there have been rumors of at least one young Tuscumbia victim of the synthetic drug commonly called "spice." Apparently there were two Deshler Middle School victims of this popular drug. From an unimpeachable Tuscumbia source:

Two 8th grade boys at Deshler Middle School are the latest victims of a street drug known as "Spice." The two were allegedly smoking the drug in a wooded lot near one's house. A relative discovered the two. One of the two had to be life-flighted to Huntsville and was placed on life support. No other details are available at this time.

There are other rumors surrounding this incident that cannot be confirmed. We will not publish anything here that cannot be vetted. We would like to know where these boys, around 13 or 14 years of age, got the drug.

Why is the drug so dangerous? Apparently the main reason is the inconsistency of the amount of chemicals sprayed on harmless organic matter (think dried herbs). Most is made manually in China, and the manufacturers are not motivated to insure any consistency of product. In other words, one packet of Spice or Bath Salts sold at a convenience store could be harmless, while the one behind it from the same lot could be fatal.

Our best wishes to the young man now in Huntsville Hospital. Our wishes for the person who sold the drug to him? We don't usually publish that kind of language here.

We will add that we have every confidence that Chief Tony Logan will thoroughly investigate and bring the dealers to justice if at all possible. We can't say the same for some other police chiefs in the area.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015!

There are all kinds of mothers. We often read of some fathers being called "sperm donors." Unfortunately some mothers are simply "egg donors." The newest trend in parenting seems to be "free range children."

We doubt too many of our readers fall into the above categories, but unfortunately some do. One Russellville woman who strongly criticized us for commenting on her brother's arrest for battering a child, a woman who online called herself an "MILF," is now in the Franklin County Jail serving her second or third term for drug possession/sales. Who knows where her child is...

No, we're pretty sure most of our readers put their children first. Kudos to them today. It isn't easy being a mother. Just hang in there...

All of us at Shoalanda Speaks

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Will Win/Will Win?

In case you missed it, Will Motlow is the new probate judge in Lauderdale County....and he won't be running for circuit court judge. That leaves Will Powell as the only announced candidate at this time.

Will there be more? We're guessing there will certainly be at least one Democrat. How about John Odom? We hear he's passing this time, but that could change. Anyone else out there? Let us know, and we'll doctor up your photo so you look like a movie star...or at least human.


We hear this happens a lot. We also hear that those who make such requests brag about it. If you've been a victim and know it, you should report it.


If you haven't gotten your mother a gift yet, offer to pay for neutering any intact pets she has. Everyone will appreciate it!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Any Local Pols Take Money from Poarch Creek Gambling Interests?

We're betting (ahem) that most of our readers are psychic enough to know the answer to that question. Here's a rundown of the local state legislators who did:

Johnny Mack Morrow - $15,000.00

...and? Hmmmm, looks like Morrow is the only one from this immediate area. Huntsville is the next closest city with representatives who took Poarch Creek funds to finance their campaign. In fact the great majority of those accepting such contributions are from south of Birmingham.


We're still waiting for someone to offer any information as to the difference between a lottery and a raffle:

Maybe it's like before abortions were legal, they were termed "D&Cs?" (Note, that was in no way a dig at any woman who had a D&C for legitimate purposes. It was simply an observation on how far our society will go to whitewash anything unpleasant or controversial.)


Feeling better?!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

UAB Trustees Issue Resolution That Florence City Council Should Mind Its Own Business

No, that hasn't happened yet. We have to ask what business the Florence City Council...or Muscle Shoals and Sheffield which have already issued similar resolutions...has in supporting football at UAB. Locally, a former player has stated UAB trustees lied when they announced there was no more money for the program. Did they? We have no idea of all the motivations that went into the dissolution of the program, but we do know the City of Florence is confronting some real problems. Why not clean our own front porch before we go down to Birmingham to offer our opinion on how things should be done there?


We're thinking this is the perfect time for Steve Pierce to demand UNA fields a hockey team. After all, UAH has one. Why should any other Alabama colleges and universities be without?


From one of our bloggers: KUDOS to Tuscumbia Police Department or their aggressive enforcement of the school zone at Deshler High School this morning. Keep it up!


We recently blogged:

Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle doesn't care if his bill costs Alabama tons in litigation; he's just protecting students by wanting to ban abortion clinics from any area in which there's a public school--all those demonstrations might be upsetting for the little tykes. Pardon us for introducing some logic here, but why not establish that permits for these demonstrations are not issued for school opening or closing times. Now if Rep. Henry would just start working to counter violence in movies, television shows, video games, and even homes, he might actually do some good.

This isn't Henry's first jab at abortion clinics: Is Ed Henry Sane?

The TimesDaily agrees that Henry is going at his quest in all the wrong ways and published an editorial to that effect. It seems Jim Warren of Florence disagrees. He feels any tactic is fair game to eliminate abortion clinics in Alabama. Really, even lies? What do lies say about Henry's "moral convictions" as Warren calls them.

Again, Henry should promote legislation that offers education as to abstinence and birth-control. No unwanted pregnancies mean no abortions unless medically necessary. Isn't that simple? Apparently not to a multitude in this state who think "Logic" is an expensive brand of watch sold at Belk's.


It's okay to cuss when you really hurt. Feel better soon:


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Got a Felony? Phillip Pettus Wants to Take Away Your Driver's License

This falls under the category of things you won't read in the TimesDaily: Rep. Phillip Pettus, a member of the Judiciary Committee (Yeah, sure, he has so many law degrees...), has been very active in discussion of the prison reform bill now before the legislature. According to the Anniston Star:

Judiciary committee member Rep. Phillip Pettus, R-Greenhill, questioned the fairness of granting licenses to ex-felons when people arrested for drunk driving and other traffic violations can lose theirs.

Yep, denying a former felon a driver's license should really help him out in that job search. Way to go, Rep. Pettus. You just keep shoving your foot farther and farther into your mouth, don't you?


A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are:


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Repeat Sex Offenders

Sex offender activists want you to think 99% of sex offenders will never re-offend. Their motto? Hey, We're Pervs & We're Proud!

But just what are the facts? From a 2004 study:

  • The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) reports the results of a 2004 Harris and Hanson study which indicates that rapists have a 24% rate of re-offense, child molesters targeting girls 16%, and child molesters targeting boys, 35%. Offenders with a previous sex offense conviction have a 37% re-offense rate. 

Recently Derek Logue and at least one other person traveled to Florida to campaign against the registry. Logue says he was one of four, but doesn't have any names or photos to verify that. He's a former Colbert/Franklin County resident who was convicted of First Degree Sexual Abuse in this state.

Why blog on this today? This happened just this weekend:

Did Uding's alleged victim know he was a sex offender? We don't know. We do know that everyone should check out his/her neighbors. Here's the easiest way:

We keyed in the ZIP 35633, not the largest one in the area, and came up with 33 offenders. Some of these named simply made some bad decisions; some are predators. Know your neighbors.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Indians Still Don't Get "No Respect"

From our friend Mary Carton: The falls are running again, thanks to the work of city employees. However the statue is termite riddled and has lost a foot and has a big hole at the base. Enjoy this view while you can.

Tuscumbia seems to be like the man who inherited fifty thousand dollars, purchased a nice Merc, then discovered he had to take it to Huntsville to have it serviced--something he couldn't afford. Again, those in the know say if the train ride was properly handled, it could pay for all park upkeep. Why doesn't the city look into this?

Obviously mechanical rides break. Muskrats do chew--it's what muskrats do. But not properly sealing this statue? There's no excuse.


From the Tuscumbia Muskrat:


Spring Park is nothing to brag about...