Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Free Sewage?

St. Florian businessman Byron Bower IV says Florence is being vindictive by cutting off access to a sewer line for which he and approximately 60 others pay no fees. Really? Shoalanda lives in Florence and pays every month for sewage service.

Bower says he feels entitled. Really? He further states: We will agree to get off the sewer line, which we have every legal right to be on. We have to ask on what legal tenet Bower is claiming this right. Maybe we could all get free Netflix while we're at it?

If something did go wrong, would he feel entitled to sue the City of Florence as well? How about this? Bower and the owner of the trailer park pay 30 years in back fees and remain on the line?


Uniforms? Yesterday we published a very literate critique of the uniform problem in the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office. The Detention Center has also been brought into the mix. Our writer mentioned reusing uniforms, questioning how that would work.

We can say than many eateries and trades do this. When an employee leaves, he/she must return the uniforms dry cleaned and in good condition or they do not get their last pay check.


Politics as usual? We've never met Frank Williamson. We did endorse him in the last election based on two points. He was not running on a hypocritical platform and he promised to improve the animal control/abuse situation in Colbert County.

Yesterday we linked an article about Williamson initiating a booking room/clerk as a means to free up deputies. We asked our readers' opinions on the new arrangement. We got several opinions, but none about our question.

One said the arrangement wasn't original with Frank (we didn't think it was), and the other ten or so were critical of Williamson over his recent dismissal of an employee. We've not heard anything about this employee, but will be happy to post any guest blogs on the subject.

We assume no one had anything bad to say about the new booking policy?


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