Thursday, May 28, 2015

Muskrat Madness?/MSHS Questions

From Tuscumbia Muskrat: So a new nonprofit committee has been created to manage the "welfare and beauty" of Tuscumbia's Spring Park. Ok, is anyone else confused?!? If the committee is making the park "suitable for locals and tourists" then why should the city continue to have a Park Director on salaried payroll?!? Who is the committee saving ... Spring Park, the Park Director's job, or both? I am 100% in favor of saving the park, however, I am NOT in favor with saving the job of the Park Director who has done a terrible job in managing Spring Park. His incompetence is why this committee came into existence. Hmmm... I did catch a few interesting names serving on the committee such as Bubba Underwood. He ran against incumbent Mayor Bill Shoemaker in the last mayoral election. Is this committee also being served as a political move for the next upcoming mayoral election? Very interesting!


From a reader: What is the deal??? We got a new crew of administrators at MSHS this past year. Have you noticed that none of them reside in Muscle Shoals? Although I don’t think it is a requirement, I just think that it is strange none of them are even from Colbert County! Chad Holden, Principal, Kevin Davis, Assistant Principal and Karen Hairrell, Assistant Principal all live in Lauderdale County!! Also, Gary Dan Williams, Career Principal lives in Lauderdale County! I do think that all the MSHS principals that have school aged children send them to MS city schools. Of course, they would want the best for their children so the opportunity to have your children in one of the best school around is a job perk! But, Williams’ children go to school in Lexington where he lives and used to work. According to my neighbor (who has relatives in Lexington) he will never move his kids to MS. If an employee was being supportive of their school system, it seems that they would jump at the chance to send their kids to the school where they work. Williams is often a topic of conversation at our home because Williams has previously spoken to my child in a demoralizing way and some of my kids friends are not allowed (by their parents) to take courses at the Career Center because of Williams and the way he treats students. After a group of ladies brought it to my attention that none of the administrators live in MS, I asked my kids and their friends if Mr. Williams ever attended sporting events to support his students, they said that I had never known him to be at any extracurricular activities, including sports. I know the MSHS administrators are required to be at these types of events. Why does Williams want to work where he will never be a part of the community through his children and where he apparently he doesn't care to support his students? You know that at least some of those boys in career classes also play sports. What is the deal???


From J. Redmon:  NO Superintendent or principal can tell students/parents 'not to clap' at an assembly.  That would be a violation of the students'/parents' 1st Amendment rights.  They can ASK/request that there be no applause, but they cannot prohibit such.


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  1. J Redmon
    go to Colbert Heights Elementary. The BOSS there can an will tell everyone who can and cannot clap. She is the BOSS and even though she operates behind closed doors you will be told by the SECRETARY what is and is not allowed in her domain.