Friday, May 8, 2015

Any Local Pols Take Money from Poarch Creek Gambling Interests?

We're betting (ahem) that most of our readers are psychic enough to know the answer to that question. Here's a rundown of the local state legislators who did:

Johnny Mack Morrow - $15,000.00

...and? Hmmmm, looks like Morrow is the only one from this immediate area. Huntsville is the next closest city with representatives who took Poarch Creek funds to finance their campaign. In fact the great majority of those accepting such contributions are from south of Birmingham.


We're still waiting for someone to offer any information as to the difference between a lottery and a raffle:

Maybe it's like before abortions were legal, they were termed "D&Cs?" (Note, that was in no way a dig at any woman who had a D&C for legitimate purposes. It was simply an observation on how far our society will go to whitewash anything unpleasant or controversial.)


Feeling better?!!!


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