Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Questions for Anthony Olivis

From a voter:

Will someone PLEASE question Anthony Olivis!!!

Comments from Anthony Olivis, Colbert County Superintendent, in the Times Daily newspaper:

“We’ve already had our belt pretty tight,” he said. “I guess we’ll just have to punch another notch in it. I hate it for our school system. We’re going to look at personnel programs. We have some capital projects we’re going to have to put on hold. Patches on top of patches, I guess.”

Where is responsible investigative reporting when the people need it? Why doesn't anyone ask Mr. Olivis where the $8 million left to him by the previous administration went? How can he have the nerve to say these things when he has squandered all that money????


Thoughts on Colbert Heights sixth grade graduation: 

Anthony Olivis/Jeff Cornelius/Alvie Shaw can...

1. Tell the students what to wear.

2. Tell the students what venue.

3. Tell the students there will be no school party

4. Tell the audience not to applaud.

5. Tell the families they can't take photos.

What they can't do is tell the parents what to drive. We think a limousine is a waste of money, especially at that age, but it is not our business. How can these "educators" presume to dictate to parents what transportation they can use?

Yes, we also want to know where all the money went.


The preliminary hearing for John Clark Burns Jr. has been reset to July 23, 2015. No, he (or someone) may say charges were thrown out, but they were not. 


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