Friday, May 15, 2015

Justin Matthew Green Is a Slimy Bastard!

Our legal system in Alabama dealing with capital crimes is a joke. Today a Limestone County jury found Joel Moyers, albeit quite a mental case, guilty of capital murder. The prosecution proved the SKS rifle was accurate; too bad the jury didn't ask how accurate Moyers' aim was.

Is such a conviction unusual? Not in this state, but it goes both ways.

Remember Shaun Shapley? He strangled his stepdaughter while raping her and got 25 years in Lauderdale County.

How about Ronald Weems? He strangled his victim, dismembered her body, and taunted her family. He got Life With in Colbert.

Then there's Hershel Graham. He even called his victim back onto his property before he shot him. He got only two actual years to serve in Franklin County.

While we doubt justice in any state is perfect, our capital murder statutes are ludicrous.


If you think the above sentences are a travesty, what about killing a helpless infant? Our blogger L. Stone recently asked this:

I wonder if any baby-mommas' boyfriend that kills the child from a previous baby-daddy ever gets life without parole for intentionally killing a child?

Adult victims usually play some part in their fate, but not infants. Let's take another look at Justin Matthew Green. We've previously blogged on Green's indictment for manslaughter in the strangulation death of his toddler daughter. Yet there's one thing we haven't mentioned that seems extremely pertinent.

Green's young child was found with a cord wrapped at least three times around her neck. Green was there, he saw it. Yet he told his church and Facebook friends that the child was strangled when she became entangled in a blanket--a physical impossibility.

Why did Green lie? Why did Green implicate his partner's two children from a previous relationship? A pretty good guess is that he's a slimy bastard who killed his daughter in a fit of anger.

His punishment? He's been indicted for only manslaughter. Let's hope the jury/judge makes sure he does 20 years. It's much better than he deserves.


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  1. I saw yesterday that he pled guilty to CNH & was sentenced to 11 mos work release. How is this possible?! How is this logical?! My God, who was his lawyer? I want him/her on retainer in case I decide to burn down my ex's house with him in it. No sentence will bring back this precious child and God knows she's in a better place with better caregivers. This is why I oppose the death penalty. But this.....THIS is just a slap in the face. This is a taunt to the family. This is laughing in their faces. Not to mention turning a blind eye to public safety. I just don't understand it.