Thursday, May 7, 2015

UAB Trustees Issue Resolution That Florence City Council Should Mind Its Own Business

No, that hasn't happened yet. We have to ask what business the Florence City Council...or Muscle Shoals and Sheffield which have already issued similar resolutions...has in supporting football at UAB. Locally, a former player has stated UAB trustees lied when they announced there was no more money for the program. Did they? We have no idea of all the motivations that went into the dissolution of the program, but we do know the City of Florence is confronting some real problems. Why not clean our own front porch before we go down to Birmingham to offer our opinion on how things should be done there?


We're thinking this is the perfect time for Steve Pierce to demand UNA fields a hockey team. After all, UAH has one. Why should any other Alabama colleges and universities be without?


From one of our bloggers: KUDOS to Tuscumbia Police Department or their aggressive enforcement of the school zone at Deshler High School this morning. Keep it up!


We recently blogged:

Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle doesn't care if his bill costs Alabama tons in litigation; he's just protecting students by wanting to ban abortion clinics from any area in which there's a public school--all those demonstrations might be upsetting for the little tykes. Pardon us for introducing some logic here, but why not establish that permits for these demonstrations are not issued for school opening or closing times. Now if Rep. Henry would just start working to counter violence in movies, television shows, video games, and even homes, he might actually do some good.

This isn't Henry's first jab at abortion clinics: Is Ed Henry Sane?

The TimesDaily agrees that Henry is going at his quest in all the wrong ways and published an editorial to that effect. It seems Jim Warren of Florence disagrees. He feels any tactic is fair game to eliminate abortion clinics in Alabama. Really, even lies? What do lies say about Henry's "moral convictions" as Warren calls them.

Again, Henry should promote legislation that offers education as to abstinence and birth-control. No unwanted pregnancies mean no abortions unless medically necessary. Isn't that simple? Apparently not to a multitude in this state who think "Logic" is an expensive brand of watch sold at Belk's.


It's okay to cuss when you really hurt. Feel better soon:


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