Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Changes In Cherokee Schools?

A TimesDaily reader recently wrote this in a letter to the editor:

Sorry, Colbert County School Board, but you just got a tax increase in 2013. Where did that money go? I find it impossible to believe expenditures beyond your control have gone up so much that a 75 percent tax increase in the last two years is necessary. In my business, if operating expenses went up 75 percent in two years, I would fire the manager! I understand there are a couple of roofs that leak at the schools, but do you really expect us to believe that a $24 million tax increase over 25 years is necessary to repair some leaks?

The letter writer posed a very good question. We get letters also. Here's one that just came in. We believe it to be 100% accurate or we would not publish it:

Yesterday, The Colbert County School Board met for a work session. The Board went into an "executive session" with no explanation of the reason for a secret meeting. It is unclear if the TimesDaily had been notified of such a meeting, probably not since the Board has previously enjoyed a Board Training Retreat in Birmingham without notifying the public either. The insiders believe the executive session was to discuss getting rid of Mr. Thomas Casteel, principal at Cherokee Elementary School, where the wife of Dr. Jeff Cornelius (asst. superintendent) works and reportedly does not like Mr. Casteel. Another day in the demise of Public Education.

This would make principal number four that Olivis/Cornelius have sought to oust. Better okay more than 75% in new taxes to cover the lawsuits.


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