Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Will Win/Will Win?

In case you missed it, Will Motlow is the new probate judge in Lauderdale County....and he won't be running for circuit court judge. That leaves Will Powell as the only announced candidate at this time.

Will there be more? We're guessing there will certainly be at least one Democrat. How about John Odom? We hear he's passing this time, but that could change. Anyone else out there? Let us know, and we'll doctor up your photo so you look like a movie star...or at least human.


We hear this happens a lot. We also hear that those who make such requests brag about it. If you've been a victim and know it, you should report it.


If you haven't gotten your mother a gift yet, offer to pay for neutering any intact pets she has. Everyone will appreciate it!


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