Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

There are many ways a father can interact with his children. Reading is just one of them, but it's a wonderful way to spend even just a short period with them each night. 

Be the father your children want and need...and have a wonderful Father's Day!

All of us at Shoalanda Speaks

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Welcome to Sheffied!

Nothing touts a city's educational system like attractive signs, articulate signs. Guess that just about does it for Sheffield, er, Sheffied. No, wait. Here's a wider view:

Is that a truncheon by the right of the door? Great advertising - you don't even have to bring your own weapons.

How many ordinances do you think this business is breaking? Think this is why John Elkington can't get investors for Inspiration Landing?

BTW, lest you think Shoalanda is responsible for these photos, 'fraid not. They're already on FB and demonstrating what visitors to Sheffield see at a major intersection.


And now a letter from a savvy reader:

I'm thinking the dispute over who said what at the CPR class is because those type lessons are divided into groups. Usually three or four to a group. Those in a back group wouldn't hear what was said up front.

What I'd really like to know is why this man apparently teaches classes at NWSCC but isn't listed in the staff directory? What is this taxpayer supported college covering up? His bad reputation, but he works cheap? God help Alabama.


Rest assured, when we hear of the outcome of NWSCC's investigation into claims against the Muscle Shoals firefighter, we'll publish any information made public. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

What's Going On in Tuscumbia?

From a Tuscumbian:

The City of Tuscumbia refinanced bonds to get money for much needed things such as infrastructure and paving of streets. That’s all well and good but just a few questions for our Super Six…

Would you truthfully tell us where the money is really going please?

Since taking office:

1) The mayor and council had to borrow $400,000 from a local bank to pay the city’s bills.

2) The mayor and council approved a deal with Sheffield Mayor Sanford to spend six thousand dollars, (yes that’s $6,000 dollars) for a corridor study on Hook Street to benefit Sheffield’s proposed Inspiration Landing (which is there but you can’t see it).

3) The mayor and council hired a Mr. Edwards to maintain the city website supposedly at $600 per month. Edwards has now convinced the Super Six to allow him to hire 2 PAID, (yes PAID) interns to help him. Either local college could have provided a website director and interns at NO COST to the taxpayer. What’s really going on here? Isn’t Mr. Edwards the man who was the mayor’s campaign manager in 2016? So now, we as taxpayers, are having to pay him back. Shameful! 

4) The mayor and council have now hired a firm to attract business to the city for a nominal fee of $40,000 per year. When campaigning for the mayor position, Mr. Underwood touted his ability to bring businesses to the city. Well, where are all these new businesses? 

5) The mayor and council just voted to purchase 11 vehicles for the police department from State Troopers. Last time I checked we only have 3 or 4 officers and that number can change depending on whether a sister city is hiring. So what are we going to do with 11 police cars? Does each officer get 3 vehicles to interchange so the mileage is kept low.

6) We still have some of the lowest paid city employees in the area!

7) No streets have been paved!

8) No new infrastructure! Although, the mayor did have brick crosswalks at some intersections, so maybe that could be counted as infrastructure.

9) The mayor and council have purchased a bus for the city to transport the hundreds of daily tourists who flood the streets of Tuscumbia. Those elusive tourists are as invisible as the “Inspiration Landing”.

10) The mayor and council have now voted to give $2500 for a Music Cities Study that will benefit a development in Huntsville known as Mid City Huntsville.

Mr. Mayor and Honorable City Council, where are your priorities? We have a spending problem in our quaint little town. This 2.4 million you have garnered from the bond issue will soon be gone so what’s your solution then? It’s embarrassing to say the least how you SIX are handling the finances and needs of our city. We expected more from your Mr. Underwood. We expected more from you Mr. Foster. We expected more from you Mr. Smart. And we definitely expected more from you Mr. Isom. For the other two, oh well…

Thank goodness our dear friend Mayor Bill Shoemaker is not here to see what you Super Six are doing to this town. Bill was a man who cared about the needs of the people but he was also an honest man who would tell you that the town just didn’t have the funds to blow on foolish things such as a city website director, paid interns, studies to benefit other towns, buying more police cars than you have officers when you can’t pay the officers a decent wage, buying a bus or paying $40,000 for a recruiting firm who says it can bring business to your city. Sad but true and to say we are truly disappointed in the mayor and the council is a gross understatement. Have you forgotten who you were elected to serve? 

We’ll remind you in 2020 if things don’t change! 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Running a City Right (into the Ground?)

Obviously everyone knows how to run a city better than those in charge. Ahem...

Still, we sometimes have to wonder about mismanagement at some levels. Let's look at Sheffield first. It's mid-June and we've been informed that the city pool and splash pad have not yet opened. Any reason for this, or is Sheffield simply feeling a tad lazy this year.

Then we have Inspiration Landing. Any word on that mega project? Any word at all? The last we've heard was a May report from WAAY stating ground would be broken for the new amphitheater before December 31st...or approximately six months after its original finish date. Delays happen, but we would love to see some actual backhoe work after all this coordinatin'.


Tuscumbia is moving along with new plans. Most of these plans hold merit and appear to us to be doable. Yet not all the plans are worthy of praise according to one local political commentator.

Look for his take on Mayor Underwood's dream of the city in the next few days.


Muscle Shoals? We've heard comments that the fire department has taken a page from the UNA play book concerning which bad boy firefighters are kept and which are retained. We would love someone in the know to do an article on this situation.


Florence? There will be a news conference tomorrow morning concerning that city's animal shelter. There's a lot going on there, and much we've been told on condition that we hold off on reporting it. We do keep our promises, but we also understand it's hard for the public to sit idly by when animals are needlessly slaughtered.

More to come? You betcha! We can hardly hold Prince back...

Prince, Threatening to Bite Animal Abusers Since 2015

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Status of Complaints Against Josh Jordan

Editor's note: We do not enumerate any past charges against anyone unless that person has been accused of new crimes or public actions that impact society. In other words, the two legal proceedings in Joshua Jeffrey Jordan's past would never have appeared here except for the new complaints against him.

Josh Jordan is a Muscle Shoals firefighter who's been accused of sexual harassment. We're going to be looking at several problems presented by Jordan that have affected public welfare.

1. Jordan claims on social media that he is an adjunct instructor at Northwest Shoals Community College. He is NOT listed as an adjunct on the school's online directory. From what we can gather, Jordan simply teaches CPR to pre-nursing students and perhaps others in need of the course. Certification lasts from one to two years depending upon the entity issuing the certification, so Jordan teaches very infrequently at best. He is best termed a guest lecturer.

By claiming academic credentials and laurels he doesn't possess, Jordan demeans those who have honestly achieved them. This is not becoming in one who, at least in the eyes of some, represents the City of Muscle Shoals.

2. Jordan has been married and divorced three times. Is this relevant. Yes...

* Marriage Number One ended over accusations we're attempting to document. 

* Marriage Number Two ended in 2013. In 2014, Jordan was charged in Lawrence County, Tennessee, with Felony Assault against his estranged wife and her 16 year old son. The son's injuries were so severe that he required medical treatment. He was also accused of assaulting the pair with his vehicle. Jordan pleaded guilty to the felony and was placed in a diversionary program. After one year of supervised probation, Jordan's conviction was expunged from his record; however, the Muscle Shoals Fire Department removed him from its tactical program at that time.

* Marriage Number Three also ended in divorce. We have no word or documentation on any reasons for its dissolution.

3. Three days ago, Jordan taught a CPR class to 21 women and 2 men. He repeatedly asked the class if they thought he was sexy. His feeble attempts at ego stroking went on for the entire class. Remember, it's the instructor who grades the tests at the end of the class. Would you have objected very strenuously, especially if you were very young and unsure of your rights?

We've taken a few classes in our day and have the pieces of paper to prove it. We've never had any instructor, male or female, ask if we (the class) thought he/she was sexy. In fact, we've never had any instructor ask our opinion of his haircut, necktie, sexual orientation, or choice of sides for lunch. In short, this was extremely abnormal behavior for any instructor/professor.

To the young ladies (and gentlemen) who were in the class: If you weren't offended by this man's remarks, you should have been. It was totally unprofessional conduct. It also smacks of either some kind of substance abuse or mental illness. We can guarantee you that this kind of behavior is against the policy at NWSCC and will not be tolerated. The question isn't "Did anyone like it?" but "Did it really happen?" If it happened, and we believe that it did, this man should not be brought back to the college ever again in any academic capacity.

The Muscle Shoals fire chief has reportedly said that what Jordan does on his off time is not relevant to his employment with the city. That means that no charges can be filed with the city. Charges have been filed at NWSCC. We'll be publishing an update when any decisions or announcements are made public.

Shoalanda, Protecting Young Women from Teacher Sexual Harassment Since 2008

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sexual Harassment Charges Filed Against Local Firefighter

Sometimes certain behavior leaves us at a loss for words, but we usually recover quickly. This is a developing story, so we're sure there will be much more to report in the next few days. For now, we'll simply say that a Muscle Shoals firefighter has been accused of some extremely blatant sexual harassment. Witnesses? We understand there were over 20 of them. That's right - the firefighter in question was speaking to a group of nursing students when he made his sick comments.

Obviously he wanted a response, so we'll give him one. Look, Chipmunk Cheeks, we've seen your photos. Remember, we're only responding since you asked. We, at the advanced age of 112 years and 9 months, don't see anything even remotely sexy about you. We'll be happy to accept comments on your looks when we publish your name and photo tomorrow.

In the interim, we're calling you "Chipmunk Cheeks." After we get to know you better, we'll be happy to advance to the more intimate "Jerk Face." Remember, you're the one who asked.


We understand that sexual harassment charges have been filed unofficially with the Muscle Shoals Fire Department and a local college. Official charges are expected to follow. 

Before you ask, we'll answer. Yes, we do feel sorry for this man's family, but that doesn't mean his egregious behavior should be covered up. Years ago, we knew a teacher at Coffee High School who called herself a dragon. We never anticipated being old enough to be a dragon, much less enjoying it. Life is full of surprises, isn't it?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Return to Unsolved Murders

J. Redmon, one of our bloggers, has asked us about local unsolved murders. We could think of a few immediately, but there are probably many more. We're asking our readers to help.

Elbert Davis Jr.

First, a few weeks ago, we asked if the murder of Jermaine Willie Koger had ever been solved. We received no replies. Surely Mr. Koger has family and friends who can answer this question for our readers (and us). Let's look at some others:

Lauderdale County:

Andrea Forbes - Florence

Jose' D'Leon - Florence

Connie Ridgeway - Rogersville

Tommy Morris - Central Heights (may have been killed in Florence and body taken to this area)

Colbert County:

Elbert Davis Jr. - Tuscumbia

Gary Baskins - Muscle Shoals

Kayla Glover - Muscle Shoals

John Edward Johnson - Muscle Shoals

Franklin County:  

L. N. Flippo - Red Bay

Ruth Flippo - Red Bay

Elizabeth Farned - Russellville

If our readers can think of others, please forward their names to us. 

While there is never total closure in any murder, with an arrest the victim's family can find solace in a small amount of justice. Let's hope these murders are solved at some point.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Loss of Potts Building a Tragedy

First reports simply stated a fire in downtown Florence. Then we heard that it was a law office. Still later the word came that it was the Potts law office. As horrible as it was, the impact didn't reach us until later. Our first thoughts were that as large an inconvenience it was for Mr. Frank B. Potts, we were sure all losses were covered by insurance.

Then we heard the worst: The law office was filled with decades of memorabilia from the career of Mr. Frank V. Potts. 

Mr. Frank V. Potts

The elder Mr. Potts founded the Potts & Young firm in 1939...think about that. Eighty years is a long time for any institution. While it hasn't been touched on, we're sure that the younger Mr. Potts also lost much that he had contributed. How does one accept that and move forward?

As hard as it must be, we hope Frank, Robert, and the entire Potts family know that the combined prayers of many are with them. No one was physically hurt. Some material items were lost, but the good Mr. Frank V. Potts did for his community will live forever.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Owl's Eye?/How Dirty Is It?

Over the years, we've published some blogs on WOWL Television in Florence. The now basically defunct station advertised with an Owl logo (big surprise) and also took it a step further to promote safety. The owl had two eyes - one red and one green. The color of the eye that was lit during any 24 hour period indicated if there had been a local traffic fatality.

We've found few photos over the years that depict WOWL history, so we're reaching out to our readers. If anyone has a photo of the owl logo (in color) that distinctly shows the owl's eyes, please send it to us:

This photo will be used in a book, so be sure to include your name if you want credit. No, Shoalanda isn't the one writing the book, but when published, we will encourage you to purchase it.


Our latest Quad-Cities Cuisine is on Captain D's in Muscle Shoals. It seems that eatery doesn't have the best health score:

So would you eat there? Your reviews are always welcome for our restaurant blog!

Friday, June 8, 2018

First Fridays? Time for a Second Look

Downtown Florence is home to First Fridays approximately eight months out of the year. It's come to be known as a family oriented and quality event. Yet several of our readers see problems with the institution.

It's designed to be something more than just a common sidewalk sale, but many vendors no longer participate. Complaints continue when the FPD utilizes horses. Now there are concerns about a lack of public restrooms and parking.

Certainly restaurants may wish to prohibit public parking; that's to be expected. How about restroom use? As we understand it, if other facilities are available, no store is required to offer use to non-customers. But what if the Subway sends individuals to Fred's, while Fred's simply sends them back to the Subway? We understand that is happening. We also understand that during the last event, a small child who had fallen and was bleeding was turned away from Fred's. Why isn't there a first aid station handy?

If you know of other problems, send us a report.


We understand that changes are coming to the Florence Animal Shelter. 'Bout time!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ed Henry Ran a Pill Mill?

For those who don't regularly follow us, please be assured that we don't, as in DO NOT, support abortion as a means of birth control. What we do support is sex education and better access to birth control in order to cut this country's abortion rate by at least 90%. We DO advocate for exposing men who prey on women and young teenage girls. 

Guess where Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle stands on these two issues? Henry once called himself a murderer because he helped pay for a girlfriend's abortion. He regularly helps pass Alabama laws against abortion clinics that can't be enforced. If you wonder who's paying for defending these laws, look in the mirror.

Today, Henry was indicted in federal court on 14 counts of Medicare fraud, running a pill mill, etc. The Roy Moore supporter says he's innocent. BTW, we understand that Bill Clinton said the same thing today about being accused of sex crimes all those years ago. Know what the main three words in the spy game are? Deny, deny, deny! Apparently they also work pretty well elsewhere.

The moral? If you steal, cheat, and lie, you eventually get caught. In other words, you'll get yours. Not that we have anyone in mind, of course...

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Curious Case of C.C.

Andrea Forbes was found murdered in her North Florence apartment in January 2017. Police investigators have been mum on many of the details in this case, as well as any motive. Private citizens have been more talkative.

It was no secret that Andrea had moved to this area after her boyfriend arrived. Both were said to be drug users. While trained as a welder, Andrea wasn't working at the time of her murder. Friends reported to us that her supplier was her boyfriend...who was in jail at the time of her death. Did a drug dealer kill Andrea? It's certainly a likely scenario that we're sure the FPD has investigated.

One of Andrea's boyfriend's best pals was a man we'll call C.C. The weekend that Andrea was murdered, C.C.'s grandmother reported him missing. After around three days, C.C. returned to his usual haunts. Periodically, C.C.'s name has appeared in arrest reports. According to one of our contacts at the FPD, C.C. is very well known to them.

Around ten days ago, C.C. was arrested in Florence on charges of public intoxication and later released. There were no outstanding warrants on which to hold C.C. Details get muddy at this point, but approximately three days ago there were reports that C.C. was found on Pine Street incapacitated due to a suicide attempt. Yes, C.C. was a very unhappy man, and the why and wherefore is extremely interesting.

By yesterday afternoon, C.C. was walking in a residential neighborhood off Pine Street when he spotted a woman sitting outside her home. He stopped and asked if he could sit on one of the lawn chairs to tie his shoelace. The unwitting woman replied in the affirmative, and C.C. sat...and sat...and sat. He showed no signs of leaving as he told her first that he was coming down off some meth. The woman, much too trusting in our opinion and not knowing who he was, went into her home and returned with a beer for her guest.

C.C. began to talk, much of his conversation revolving around guilt. He first mentioned Andrea, but the woman thought little of it. C.C. continued down Memory Lane, and the unwitting hostess began to feel the first pangs of unease. As C.C.'s story meandered, he then dropped his bombshell: His best friend had been Jose' D'Leon, the young man murdered on Wood Avenue about two months ago.

Had Jose' indeed been C.C.'s best friend? We have no idea, but the woman was now nearing panic mode. She excused herself for a few minutes and once inside her home had someone call police. 

Now our informant states the officer who responded to the call offered to arrest C.C. on charges of Public Intoxication or to take him to a local hospital for a mental evaluation. Assuming our friend at the FPD is correct, why wasn't C.C. evaluated when he allegedly attempted suicide two days before?

The unwilling hostess told the officer that she preferred for C.C. to be taken in for an evaluation. Was he? He wasn't listed earlier today as being a guest at our local Gray Bar Hilton. Perhaps more importantly, did he really know Jose' D'Leon, and have local investigators spoken to him about the case?

Hmmm. C.C. - Apparently it stands for curiouser and curiouser...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

District 6 Senate Race: A Real Shocker

We're sure many were shocked at the results of the State Senate District 6 race in which incumbent Larry Stutts garnered 47% of the vote. Remember, this is the man who won the Scumbag of the Year Award two years ago. Is this what local (and near-local) voters really want?

We'll insert an apology to Steve Lolley for misspelling his surname in a recent blog. We'll be bringing you more information about Steve in the near future. 

And Eric Aycock? Mr. Aycock ran a good, clean race and was more than deserving of the win. Unfortunately, he apparently didn't have the name recognition, especially in the large area to the south where many of the more rural voters reside. Kudos, Eric. We hope you choose to run again.


The other major surprise was Alice Martin's third place showing in the race for attorney general. Steve Marshall is hardly a prize; however, when placed next to TK the AG, the current attorney general doesn't even have to polish up his ol' halo to look good.


Did you have trouble voting? As in you weren't on the list or they couldn't find you on the list? We see this at every election. Perhaps we should just be grateful that it isn't worse.

Can we look forward to online voting in the near future? Okay, that's enough laughter. Yet if we can pay bills and make purchases using special codes online, why not vote the same way? Would that make fraud too easy? We say no, but we aren't in charge of the protocols. Give it a mere 50 years or so...

Shoalanda, aka Peggy

Monday, June 4, 2018


From Edward Bowman:

I’m scratching my head as to how Sharica Shaw Long for Colbert County Circuit Clerk and Debby Dial Williams are still employed at OUR Revenue Commission Office. They have broken the trust and confidence that we had in our Revenue Commissioner's Office. Let’s take a look at what parts they have violated! 

•Alabama Code 36-12-60-61-62
•Alabama Ethics Laws
•Colbert County Commission General Computing Policy
•Colbert County Employee Handbook 

You would figure after all this that our Revenue Commissioner Tommy Oswalt would have terminated these employees, but no! Not only did he NOT terminate their employment, he gave them a raise and a promotion! 

That’s the definition of #corruption

Revenue Commissioner Tommy Oswalt was appointed to that office in 2013. Now, when he had to actually run for that office he made it clear to me and others, he would not have any campaigning or campaign swag/literature around the Revenue Commissioners Office.

**** Because It Is Against The Law****

Too bad this wasn’t the case when it came to Sharica Shaw Long for Colbert County Circuit Clerk and Debby Dial Williams.

Image may contain: text

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Election in Two Days!

We've made the endorsements that we're going to make. We can't recall when so many offices were toss-ups as far as we're concerned. There's one Republican primary office that shouldn't be a toss-up - that's the Alabama Senate seat for District 6. Therefore, we're going to address it again.

First, we don't know Steve Lolly. We've heard only good about Steve, but he is an unknown quantity to most of us. He lives in the southern part of the district, and that means his interests are primarily there. If you vote for Mr. Lolly, don't complain about a lack of representation for the Shoals in Montgomery.

Then we have the incumbent, Dr. Larry Stutts. We read a recent interview in which ol' Doc Larry told us of his rapport with other members of the legislature. Really? and the Alabama Political Reporter indicate just the opposite. Most in Montgomery can't wait to see Doc Larry's back. After all, it takes a certain amount of brass/ignorance/malevolence to qualify for's scumbag of the year.

Then we have Eric Aycock. Is he perfect? Surely you don't believe we think that. What you should believe is that he's honest and caring. He'll listen to what you have to say. He won't be turning away constituents because of "bigger fish to fry."

You have two days to think on these things. Think long and hard. It shouldn't be a difficult choice. After all, not too many candidates make Roger Bedford look good, but ol' Doc Larry pulled it off...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Florence Animal Shelter Has An Announcement

Now a word from our Canine-American blogger:

Yes, the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter has an announcement. On November 24th and 25th there will be a special Zappos/Northshore Animal League adoption event. In case you're wondering, that's November 2017, not 2018. That's how far behind the Florence shelter's website is:

We've seen some county sites that are extremely outdated, but not any Florence ones...until now. 


We're going to say this in the nicest possible way. No matter how dedicated any employee is, if they don't know how to do their job, it's not being done right. That's why the current situation at the animal shelter has gotten this far.

To the manager:

1. Lead by example; be Dwight Eisenhower and not Adolph Hitler. That means be firm, but always be kind.

2. Make out written job descriptions. That way no employee can say he/she didn't know what was to be done.

3. Assign jobs that people like to do. If Employee A likes to do Job Z and Employee B likes to do Job Y, make sure that's the assignment. Don't make them do jobs they dislike (if at all possible) simply because you think it builds character. What it builds is resentment.

4. Every day before you leave, be it thirty minutes or one hour, walk the perimeter of the site. Make sure everything is done that was assigned. If it wasn't, ask NICELY if there was a particular problem. Find out what the hold-ups are and work on fixing them.

5. Don't be afraid to discuss problems with your superior, but it Chief Tyler or Mayor Holt. Tell them what you need. They won't bite your head off; if they do, tell me and I'll biiiiiite them.

To the Employees:

1. If you have a problem, don't cover it up. Tell the manager so that he/she will be aware of it.

2. You had a virus yesterday, but worked anyway, albeit slowly. Kudos to you, but you got behind. Or maybe you got behind because 985 possums were confiscated and brought in. No matter the reason, there's a way to dig yourself out. You get two 15 minute breaks each day, don't you? Simply go to the restroom, take a drink of your Pepsi, and use the extra 10 minutes to catch up on work. That adds up to over 1.5 hours a week you have to get organized. Sure, you're working gratis, but once you get organized, you probably won't have to make that sacrifice again for quite a while.

To Volunteers:

You've seen the shelter's website? The link is above. We're challenging one of you to offer to run the site. The manager should be able to give you a password that gets you into just that site without giving you access to other city pages. 

We know many people who could turn that site into a thing of beauty, a site that made citizens proud and made them want to come adopt animals. There is NO excuse for a site that hasn't been updated in at least six months. Call the manager on Monday and volunteer to do this. Citizens should be fighting over the job.


We happily publish rebuttals...and FB comments. Just watch your language and have at it.


Friday, June 1, 2018

Jim Bonner & the GOP

The official Republican Party of Alabama has stated it will not certify any votes for Jim Bonner, candidate for the public service commission, due to comments he made on social media. As we all know, making fat or ethnic jokes is so much worse than attempting to seduce a 15 year old girl. So much worse than saying homosexuals should be locked up. it's not.

We've known Jim online for some time and enjoy most of his comments. We don't follow anyone closely enough to read every comment he or she may make and we're sure we've missed the majority of Jim's. We're also sure that we wouldn't personally condone the sentiment in many of Jim's comments. Should that disqualify him from running for office on the Republican ticket?

It would do all of us, candidate for office or not, to think before we post something. It would also serve us well to think long and hard about what we find funny. How many jokes have you heard that you wouldn't dream of repeating, but which made you secretly laugh? What does that say about you, or me, or anyone else? Think about it. 

Mr. Bonner has stated his lawyers are working on a legal answer to this ballot problem. We have no idea how soon it will be cleared up, if it will be cleared up, or if Jim will get the majority of votes. A lot of "ifs" between now and next Tuesday. We urge everyone to vote his/her conscience. There are worse candidates on the ticket than Jim Bonner, many of them local.



Every day we have new readers, so we're going over this again. We link from the Alabama Political Reporter,, Pen-N-Sword, Quad-Cities Daily, and many others. If we didn't write it, the link on FB will have the name of the original site at the top. not attack us for writing something that we didn't. You may feel free to attack us for linking if you wish. If you don't like an article or if you see an error in an article, contact the source of that article. Otherwise, it's rather like knocking on our door and fussing about the music being too loud at our next door neighbor's house.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Aunt Shoalanda Wants You! (To Volunteer at the Florence Shelter)

By now, you've probably seen the photos of the wretched conditions at the Florence Animal Shelter. We're not going to talk about what's wrong at this time. We're going to discuss what's right and what we all can do to make things better.

What's Right:

1. The new Florence Animal Shelter will be a reality around November of this year! Many of the problems we're now seeing at the old shelter will not be present in the new facility. Thanks to all who have made this a reality (and hisses to former Mayor Mickey Haddock who nodded as Florence proverbially burned).

2. Mayor Holt and the current city council members who have worked to make this finally come to pass. Extra props to Mayor Holt who is attempting to sort out what's wrong at the current shelter.

What's Needed:

1. Civics Teachers - Yes, civics and other teachers to assign volunteer work to some strapping football players and other strong high school students. Give them some extra points for volunteering to feed and water the animals, as well as neatly stack all the junk on the shelter grounds.

2. Mark Linder - We'll happily praise UNA's athletic director if he'll only pass down the word to various coaches to have their students take on the more physical chores at the shelter. Have them volunteer one day a week. We'll make sure they not only receive kudos from the shelter staff, we'll praise them here on our blog.

3. Sunday School Teachers - Tell your teens and young adults what a great opportunity volunteering at the shelter is to earn stars in their crowns. Homo Sapien children aren't the only ones Jesus loved.

4. Local Businesses - It hasn't been that long since a Russellville business volunteered its employees to clean up Franklin County roadways. Isn't there a business in Lauderdale County, or two or three or more, that has the occasional down day? Send your employees to the shelter to work.

Obviously, there are others out there who are young and able-bodied to assist at the shelter. If you're not that young anymore, you can at least feed and water the animals and sweep droppings off the walkways. You can also donate supplies: bleach, paper towels, brooms, mops, etc. 

Together we can have a nice shelter until we move into the new one. Then we'll have a fantastic shelter. Let's do it!


And now a word from Prince...

"If you don't do what Shoalanda says, I'll biiiiiite you!"

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mark Eady for Colbert Circuit Court Clerk

The Colbert County race for Circuit Court Clerk has become more interesting in recent days, mainly due to the conduct of one of the candidates. Here are some points to ponder:

1. Mark Eady has had political signs stolen from various places in Colbert County. Why? Either someone doesn't like Mr. Eady or someone on Sharica Shaw Long's side is playing dirty. 

2. Sharica Long has openly campaigned at her job in the Colbert County courthouse. In other words, she's blatantly thrown ethics violations in the faces of Colbert County citizens.

We've heard only good things about Mr. Eady. About Mrs Long? Not so much by by any measure. We need honest, competent individuals in all city, county, and state offices. Let's make sure we elect the honest candidate!



How about other Colbert County employees openly campaigning for Long while at work? The above photo is of the desk of an employee supporting Long. This is a plain violation of employment policy, yet no one has done anything about the infraction. Why?


Here's a new Facebook page: Colbert County Corruption.

We encourage all Colbert citizens to like this page and keep up with what is really happening in the county.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Colbert County Ethics Violations

From Ed Bowman:

We know now, Via Colbert County employee handbook, how employees are supposed to conduct business in Our Courthouse and the consequences for not obeying those statues/laws or the principles outlined in the handbook. Our question next should be, how do we hold our elected officials accountable for allowing such disobedience to those which are outlined in the handbook! I have you the answer right here!
Alabama Code Title 36. Public Officers and Employees § 36-12-60-61-62-64
36-12-60 The object and purpose of this article is to place all candidates for any state office upon an equality by the prevention of the use of any state-owned property in the promotion or advancement of the candidacy of any individual to the nomination or election to any public office of the State of Alabama.
36-12-61 It shall be unlawful for any officer or employee of the State of Alabama to use or to permit to be used any state-owned property of any character or description, including stationery, stamps, office equipment, office supplies, automobiles or any other property used by him, in his custody or under his control for the promotion or advancement of the interest of any candidate for the nomination or election to any public office of the State of Alabama.
36-12-62 It shall be unlawful for any officer or employee of the State of Alabama to transport, cause to be transported or to allow to be transported in any automobile or other vehicle belonging to the state or any privately owned vehicle while mileage is paid by the state any campaign literature or propaganda which promotes or tends to promote his candidacy or the candidacy of any other person for the nomination or election to any office of the State of Alabama.
36-12-64 Any officer or employee of the State of Alabama who violates any of the provisions of this article shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office and shall also be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished in the manner provided by law for such offenses.


We encourage anyone who is aware of ethics violations in any county to report them - not only to Montgomery but to the person's supervisor is there is one.


Mo Brooks has a bank vault full of funds at his disposal. What he doesn't have at this point is integrity. We heartily endorse Clayton Hinchman for our Congressional Represenative Republican candidate.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

As Memorial Day 2018 comes to a close, we hope each of you is safe and took at least some time to think on those whom we celebrate today. Here's a look back at some we've honored before:

Shoalanda & Staff

Sunday, May 27, 2018

An Endorsement for Will Ainsworth?

Let me introduce myself, I'm Betty Lou Thelma Liz Walker (nee Luckenbach, yes, I married down), but most of you probably know me as just the crazy cafeteria lady from the U-Turn, Alabama, junior high. Don't kids give us the darnedest names? I'm here today to offer my full support to Will Ainsworth in his try for lieutenant governor.

Why, you may ask? Well, first and certainly foremost, Mr. Will has promised that we'll all get our own Kalashnikofs to keep things in line. My nephew Tobe Hooper Luckenbach is a touch on the simple side, but he does a great job as the school janitor and he just calls them AK-47s. Whatever you call them, every school worker should have one.

Just let me see one of those rowdy transfers from Brooks try to break in my lunch line again. I actually dream about how wonderful it will be. So everyone get down to the polls on June 5th and vote for Will. Or whatever he's changing his name to. I hear it may be "Ivan."



Betty Lou Thelma Liz's endorsement aside, we're certainly not endorsing Will Ainsworth. In fact, we're not comfortable endorsing anyone in this race. Shoalanda herself is leaning toward Twinkle Cavanaugh, but we ask that you do your own research and vote for the most reputable, sane candidate. The operative word there being sane, which rules out Will "Ivan" Ainsworth.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Recent Flag Desecration at Wilson School

It's almost Memorial Day, a day that we fly the flag at half-staff to honor those who gave their lives for their country. Just a mere few weeks ago, some in the Wilson School area attempted to shanghai the school's flag and lower it to half-staff to honor three children who had perished in an accident. Even after the school's principal returned the flag to its proper position, some idiot went back and re-lowered Old Glory, making a mockery of one of our nation's highest symbols. 

In case you've missed some of our previous comments on this, here's a pithy excerpt from the National Flag Foundation:

"FLYING THE FLAG AT HALF-STAFF: The pertinent section of the Flag Code says, "by order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory. In the event of the death of other officials or foreign dignitaries, the flag is to be displayed at half-staff according to Presidential orders, or in accordance with recognized customs or practices not inconsistent with law.

In the event of the death a present or former official of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the United States, the Governor of that state, territory, or possession may proclaim that the National flag shall be flown at half-staff." The code also includes other related details including the specific length of time during which the flag should be displayed at half-staff, in the event of the death of a "principal figure"(e.g., 30 days for the death of a sitting or former President, 10 days for the death of a sitting Vice-President,etc.)

GOOD-FAITH MISUNDERSTANDINGS: Although the code is actually pretty clear, confusion continues to occur. For example, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno recently ordered the American Flag flown at half-staff on all U.S. Department of Justice buildings, in honor of several DEA agents who had died. While NFF understands this gesture, the Flag Code does not give Attorney General Reno the authority to issue that order. Closer to NFF's Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home, Mayor Tom Murphy ordered all flags flown at half-staff to honor the victims of a plane crash. Here again, a well-intentioned gesture, but one for which no authority exists. NFF points out these "good-faith misunderstandings" not to criticize or embarrass anyone, but rather to head off a growing trivialization of this memorial salute, and to preserve the dignity and significance of flying the U.S. flag at half-staff. To any readers who may think that NFF is insensitive for raising these breaches of etiquette, please be assured that our motives are pure. We grieve these human loses deeply; however, we believe proper respect for our flag must be maintained - no matter the circumstances."

But of course, some of those in the Wilson/Zip City area felt justified because it felt good. And if it feels good, do it. That's the world we live in today. Respect is only for ourselves, not for others, but rules are always for others, not ourselves.

While we hope there is no such tragedy in the future, if there should be, let's try to do better, shall we?