Tuesday, January 23, 2018

No Shutdown

No Shutdown

A Guest Editorial

I read that around midnight this past Friday the government shutdown. I woke up Saturday morning before the rest of my family like I normally do, fixed a cup of coffee, and read the online edition of the Times Daily. Around noon that day I noticed the mail had run which is something it didn’t do during last week’s snow storm. Sunday morning on the way to church I noticed somebody had built a small shelter for that stray dog that hangs around the drainage reservoir along John R Street. Later that afternoon I read where Room At The Inn needed volunteers to help the local homeless population get a decent night's rest someplace warm.

Monday morning the government was still shutdown, but for my family it was back to work and school as usual. The garbage men showed up like clockwork, the news was still filled with stories of cruelty and violence, and the day followed its normal routine. In my peripheral vision I noticed people asking for prayers online, asking for help to feed their families, pleading for help with a difficult situation they suddenly found themselves in. I saw several requests from people literally begging for work. The government was shutdown, but as I made my way through the day I simply couldn’t tell the difference from one day to the next. In spite of what was taking place in Washington there were still people hurting, still those in need of a second chance, still plenty of kind words that needed to be said, and good deeds needing done.  

As a father I don’t get the luxury of stopping. As a husband I can’t simply say I’m done with all of this responsibility. As a Christian I’m told in Philippians to pray without ceasing and in Hebrews that nothing worth truly ever having comes without hard work. The government shutdown ended Monday night and if this affected your family I apologize for what may seem like a lack of sensitivity on my part, but in my world as a son, father, husband, and most importantly a Christian…there is too much work to be done, too many people in need, and too much at risk to simply shutdown whenever I come up against something I think I can’t handle. Thankfully when I stumble and when I struggle I have Jesus Christ by my side to carry me forward…and so do you.

The Anonymous Deacon



We hope this is only the first post from the Anonymous Deacon. We see he mentioned Room at the Inn, one of the most worthwhile charities we can think of. There's still much more cold weather to come this winter. Please consider making a donation to help those who can't, for whatever reason, help themselves.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How Many Must Die?

His friends called him "Muff." He had beautiful red hair and even more beautiful eyes that he sometimes enhanced with colored contacts. He also had a Mustang that he invariably drove too fast; he was driving it too fast that day on Piney Chapel Road when he missed a curve, hit a tree, and that was all she wrote. We didn't know Muff that well, but that makes no difference. We never hear of a young person dying in a similar crash that we don't think of him. He was much too young to die.

Of course, Muff wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Parents, if you don't tell your children to slow down and to wear their seat belts, you take responsibility in their deaths. You also need to tell them that driving and alcohol don't mix. Then throw in a few murder threats while pasting a sticker that reads "Old Pilots...Bold Pilots" on their vehicle's dash. It may not save every young driver's life, but it will save some.



We had a critic yesterday who indicated that when a child dies in a traffic accident we should just type "Prayers" and let it go. Our Maker is very displeased with us for doing more she indicated.

Really? It's our belief that God would be very displeased if we didn't tell young people...all people...to wear seat belts. And to slow down. 

If you want the thrills and chills of speed, ride a roller coaster. If you want to live into old age, slow down and wear your seat belt!


Meanwhile in Montgomery: A bill was introduced in both Houses that would create the Association of Former Members of the Alabama Legislature whose purpose would be to cooperatively promote public service and strengthen representative democracy and our republican form of government [HB93 by Representative Jack (JD) Williams and SB110 by Senator Greg Reed].

We need a bill for this? Since when do civic groups need a bill to exist? Is there going to be a salary? This may be an excellent idea, but it's bills like this that take away time from little things like passing a budget. Sure, we hear that's going great this year, but it's the first time in years our state has been on track in that department. 

Then again, perhaps our legislators feel they have to inflate their CVs with such nonsense. Some people feel they have to keep up with the Joneses; perhaps Alabama legislators feel they have to keep up with Ed Henry...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Why You Should Consider Clayton Hinchman for Congress

Remember the video of Congressman Mo Brooks running from reporters who were questioning his support for Roy Moore? Didn't that tell you something?

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we've supported Mo Brooks in the past. Just for the record, it's going to be hard to find too many candidates in the 2018 elections, at least Republicans, who didn't officially support Roy Moore. Nevertheless, Brook's behavior was a deal-breaker for us.

Now our Mo has an opponent in the Republican primary. His name is Clayton Hinchman and you can read about him here:

There's still over two weeks of qualifying time left. We may see other Republicans enter the race. It's going to be a bumpy ride...



We have a correction to make...as in we were halfway totally wrong. We recently blogged that it is impossible to fiddle with our state time. Apparently, it's impossible to put our state on Daylight Saving Time permanently, but not to put us on Central Standard Time permanently - this is per the Uniform Time Act. First our legislature would have to pass the law (would the electorate then have to vote on it?), and second the federal government would then give its expected approval.

Will it come to pass that DST is no more in this state? We sincerely doubt it. No one wants to see the sun setting before 8:00 p.m. in the summer...or do you? If you have some strong opinions, e-mail us. We'll forward any great replies to Rep. Tommy Hanes who's sponsoring the bill to do away with DST.


Why can a state declare Standard Time the year round norm, but not Daylight Savings Time? Apparently that would amount to an actual change in time zones and is not allowed by the federal government. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Is the Civil War Coming to Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

From Southern Son:

By Civil War coming to Tuscaloosa, AL, I don’t mean assistant coaches vying for position under General Nicholas L. Saban, Jr. We’re talking about the war to determine which UA grad/trial lawyers are going to represent the University and which UA grad/trial lawyers are going to represent Ms. Barber in the coming Civil War battle to be fought in the federal court system.

Both sides will make a motion to stipulate the comments made by Ms. Barber are horrible. And to that motion the judge will sustain. Her defense attorney will argue that while her comments may be offensive to certain segments of society, she never threatened violence or to punch anyone in the nose like the former Governor of Virginia on MSNBC. The same governor that emigrated from Syracuse, NY to Richmond, VA. Just like the Richard Spencer case at Auburn University, U.S. District Judge W. Keith Watkins in Montgomery barred Auburn from blocking Spencer, "stating there was no evidence that he advocates violence...Discrimination on the basis of message content cannot be tolerated under the First Amendment."

Only questions that remain are which UA grad/trial lawyer is going to represent the University and which UA grad/trial lawyer is going to represent Ms. Barber in the coming Civil War in Tuscaloosa and will the University settle out of court?

Anybody want to place a bet that Ms. Barber will at least be represented by Jere Beasley ’62? Beasley completed his bachelor’s degree at Auburn University in 1959 and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1962. 

Can anyone key up the theme song to the movie Gods and Generals?

Southern Son



Time for another strange entry into the "Let's Pass a Bill" sweepstakes: A bill was introduced in both Houses that would require all non-volunteer fire departments to install diesel exhaust systems in fire station buildings within a certain time frame and under certain conditions [HB7 by Representative Tommy Hanes and SB4 by Senator Rusty Glover].

Another Tommy Hanes bill? Perhaps he's running for governor in 2022? So, isn't it a good idea. Yes, it's probably a very good idea. The problem is that if this bill is passed, the state is once again stepping on the toes of various Alabama cities. How many cities don't have such an exhaust system installed already? Is this bill totally redundant? How would this affect some of the very small towns which are lucky enough to have a fire department, but may be so poor that this is a hardship? Would they close down their fire departments? Consolidate their fire stations?

Moreover, why is the state so anti-federal government intrusion, but so pro-state intrusion into city and county governments?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Calling All Social Justice Gardeners

The East Florence round-about has been highly touted as either a Savior or a Satan. Will it have a fountain? No. Will it be simply asphalt? No.

What it will have is a sodded area in the center. You know, the kind local garden clubs claim as their own because the city is too cheap/busy to take care of the area properly. Here's a nice round-about that we may aspire to:

So is everyone aspiring? We need a statue to really bring off this look. Perhaps the city can acquire one that's being removed from Memphis or a similar area?


Sh*t Show vs. Sh*thole…Tomatoes vs. Tomatos

Who said “Sh*t Show?  That would be President Barack Hussein Obama.  

“So we actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billion—which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We averted large-scale civilian casualties, we prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict. And despite all that, Libya is a mess.”  President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mess is the president’s diplomatic term; privately, he calls Libya a “sh*t show,” in part because it’s subsequently become an ISIS haven—one that he has already targeted with air strikes. It became a sh*t show, Obama believes, for reasons that had less to do with American incompetence than with the passivity of America’s allies and with the obdurate power of tribalism.

Source:  April 2016 Issue of The Atlantic written by Jeffrey Goldberg.  


Southern Son


Tommy Hanes strikes again: A bill was introduced in both Houses that would reestablish the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) [HB1 by Representative Tommy Hanes and SB2 by Senator Shay Shelnutt].

We thought a previous incarnation of the legislature did away with DROP because it was costing the state tons of money. So is there a rationale for this, or does Hanes have relatives who are in need of more funds? This, by the way, is why the policy of term limits is a bad idea!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Park Place/Customer Service/Public Records

From Park Place:

Park Place is an Independent Living Facility located in downtown Sheffield. This community offers a variety of apartments and amenities and comes with a rich history of our area. Park Place complex also houses several retail, business offices and restaurant spaces. It is our goal at Park Place to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for our tenants at all times. We strive to be a productive business to the downtown area of Sheffield and to continue to bring business and revenue to this area of the Shoals. We are serviced by a Professional Pest Control Company and handle all complaints from tenants promptly and efficiently. Park Place is a vibrant, active community in the heart of Sheffield. We invite you to call and schedule a guided tour of our Facility.

It would seem that whatever problems some have attributed to Park Place, they are welcoming tours. It's always hard to keep any large facility completely free of problems; however, if you know of a major health hazard at Park Place or anywhere, it's always best to report it first to the manager and/or owner. If you don't receive the response you feel you deserve, please feel free to contact us.



A few days ago, we had a young woman contact us who stated we had "put her friend's business out there." We asked for more information...as in a name would help...but received no reply. Nevertheless, we feel we know to whom this reader was referring - a many times convicted criminal.

It shouldn't be hard to understand that some people are public entities. Those who commit crimes against the state (all residents of Alabama are the state in this particular case) are public personages. They remain public until they leave the state court system. After that, sex offenders excluded, they are private individuals unless they re-offend or enter public life in some other way.

So, no. We haven't put anyone's private business "out there."


Now another odd bill introduced into our legislature: A proposed Constitutional Amendment was introduced in the House that would exempt the state from the observance of daylight saving time. The bill is pending in the House Constitution, Campaigns and Elections Committee [HB185 by Representative Tommy Hanes].

Well, Rep. Hanes, if you knew your stuff, you would know this (from ThoughtCo):
But does any agency or entity actually have the responsibility to regulate daylight saving time across the United States? Believe it or not, yes.
It's the U.S. Department of Transportation.
The Uniform Time Act of 1966 and later amendments to the daylight saving time law state that the Department of Transportation is "authorized and directed to foster and promote widespread and uniform adoption and observance of the same standard of time within and throughout each such standard time zone."
The department's general counsel describes that authority as "ensuring that jurisdictions observing daylight saving time begin and end on the same date."
So what happens if a rogue state wants to, say, create its own version of daylight saving time? Not gonna happen.
For any violations of the daylight saving time rules, the U.S. Code allows the secretary of transportation to "apply to the district court of the United States for the district in which such violation occurs for the enforcement of this section; and such court shall have jurisdiction to enforce obedience thereto by writ of injunction or by other process, mandatory or otherwise, restraining against further violations of this section and enjoining obedience thereto."
So, no, we as a state can't control it. Sorry. Perhaps next session, you can introduce a bill authorizing us to secede from the Union.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Can Sheffield Ever Come out on Top?

As the City of Sheffield Revolves

By:  The Midnight Rider

Sounds like a Soap Opera, doesn’t it. While it may not be as bad as Muscle Shoals, Sheffield has some things going on right now. We all know that the City of Sheffield cannot retain employees in its various Departments. Basically the City of Sheffield is a training ground for other cities. 

First let’s look at the Police Department. In the month of December, they lost three Police Officers. Two of them had less than a year on the job. The third had about 2 years on the job. So the two short timers basically went through the Police Academy which is 3 months long and then left shortly thereafter. Now the Police Department has to replace and train these Offices. I noticed in the Times Daily Newspaper that the City Council had approved to start a list for the Police Department. I hope it is long they way they are losing officers. 

Secondly, the Fire Department is no better. They are replacing Firemen just about as fast as Police Officers. In the month of December, they lost a Fireman with about 5 years’ experience. So now they get a rookie that they will probably have to train. Even the Times Daily has figured this out and ran stories about this. 

However, they have a nice Library. Kinda looks like the Taj Mahal. We have gone by a couple of times and there has been no one there using this nice facility. But it is nice. 

Inspiration Landing…………………..Don’t even get me started on this fiasco. 

Businesses are closing. Miss Kitty’s: Closed. Hammer Down Gun & Pawn: Closed. Rumor has it that Foodland is not happy with the way the plaza is being run and may be leaving at the end of their lease. If that is true, that will close the plaza. One of the Council Members made a comment that they needed a grocery store on “that side of the tracks”. I guess Foodland doesn’t count since it is on the south side of the tracks. This was reported by the Time Daily. 

Shouldn’t the retention of business or the recruiting new businesses be the top priority of the Council? That is what pays your taxes to the City so they can pay their employees. Recently as reported by the Times Daily that Council couldn’t readily agree on giving its employees a raise. News Flash! That is why you are losing employees to other Departments. Ray Charles can see that. 

Ok, the City of Sheffield has a Mayor that oversees everything. A City Council that is supposed to help control the City is also in place. Then we have a Public Safety Director that is over the Police and Fire Department. This same Public Safety Director just happens to be the Fire Chief. Then we have a Police Chief. Sounds like to me that we have to many Chiefs and not enough Indians. 

I remember a couple of years ago in Florence, there were a slogan as well as signs going around “Vote them all out.” It may need to happen in Sheffield. 

We are glad we don’t live in the City of Sheffield, but in the County. 

Is there anything good about the City of Sheffield right now? We did have to do a little digging but we did find something. The Panty Tree is blooming.

That’s it for now. But remember, the Midnight Rider will always be around to voice his/her/their(?) opinion.

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thompson Propane/More Montgomery Madness

Some time ago, national chain Thompson Propane bought out L&L Propane, a long time local business. Then last year it purchased Clark Propane Gas. Now people are going without heat because Thompson can't get its act together.

PNS is doing an article on Thompson's wayward way of business...some might even use the term "shake down" rather than business. If you've been affected negatively by Thompson's lackadaisical practices and/or odd fees, contact PNS at pennswordeditor@gmail.com. 

It promises to be an interesting story.



Now for our kinky, er, quirky proposed legislative bill of the day: A bill was introduced in the House that would require a person over the age of 21 convicted of sex offenses against a child 12 years of age or younger to be chemically castrated, at the offender’s expense, before being released from custody. The bill is pending in the House Judiciary Committee [HB116 by Representative Steve Hurst].

So, we've learned something. It seems modern chemical castration drugs aren't your great-grandfather's saltpeter. Chemical castration can be permanent in up to 80% of those who choose to go this route. The other downside beside the 20% which recover their libido? Many sex offenders are driven by anger, not sexual desires. Still, this has worked fairly well in California. We're all for anything that lessens sex crimes. 

Will the bill get out of committee and eventually pass? We're doubtful. After all, just think how this could possibly affect one former candidate for U.S. Senate...

Monday, January 15, 2018

David Black/State Legislature Again Out There

On the John McMillan/David Black front, we have had no comments about McMillan either yea or nay. We've had at least two concerning Black, neither favorable. The office of State Treasurer is hardly what springs to mind when one hears the term "political power." Yet, the holder of this office serves the people no less than the governor. 

While it would be a novelty to have such an elected official from northwest Alabama, McMillan has a long-standing political base and is known for his strong family ties. Qualifying won't end for three more weeks. It will be interesting to see who else may toss his toupee into the ring.



With the new legislative session comes some really, really bad bills. Most of them won't make it out of committee; however, for the sake of entertainment as well as informing the public what insipid individuals hold elective office in our state, we're going to showcase one each day for a few weeks.

Here's a good one to start with: A bill was introduced in the House that would require the state, a county, a municipality or a local board of education to sell at public auction or transfer to the Alabama Land Bank Authority any building owned by such that is unused and has been uninhabited for not less than two years. The bill is pending in the House State Government Committee [HB95 by Representative Jack (JD) Williams].  

Just think, a local school system would be forced to give up land it has plans for if it's waiting on traffic studies/funding for more than 24 months. We're not sure who would take advantage of this law, but we assume an entity...oh, just off the top of our head, say UNA...could force such a sale and take over the property. Insert private individual to replace government entity. How would that go over? There must be an interesting story behind Williams' support of this legislation...well, that or a powerful lobbying interest.


Remember to bring in your pets tonight. That's unless you live in Lauderdale County; then the DA's office says you can let them freeze. We assume Coty Hand isn't running for office any time soon. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's Praise Shelby, Not Censure HIm

Many are saying Alabama wouldn't have gotten the Toyota-Mazda plant if Roy Moore had been elected our newest U.S. Senator. No one can actually know that for a fact, but we feel it's a pretty good guess. Would Moore have cared? We're guessing the answer to that is no.

What role did Richard Shelby play in Moore's defeat? We certainly think he helped, but we don't believe he was the deciding factor. Now some Moore supporters want the Republican Party to censure Shelby for going against party line. We doubt that they get their wish, but it does reflect on the average Moore supporter, aka sore loser.

Shelby won't run again, so he really has nothing to lose. He's already a hero to most of the state, and many are calling him the greatest senator the state has produced. We're holding off on that title. Such appraisals are almost impossible considering the amount of change in political climate from generation to generation, but certainly Shelby should be pretty high up in the pantheon. 


Colbert Commissioner David Black


Let's Talk John McMillan

John McMillan is the current state Commissioner of Agriculture and a long standing fixture in the state Republican Party. He had planned to run for governor, but changed his mind...for whatever reason. Now he's running for state Treasurer. He has name recognition and a large political base. 

If the election were held in the proverbial tomorrow, McMillan would win hands down. We all know how quickly things can change, and the primary is five months in the future. Now McMillan will be facing local political iconoclast David Black. Republican Black has some state cred, but how much is the question. Or perhaps the question is the contents of his war chest?

Whom will we support? That too is open at this point. We can say that it's going to be another long political season.


Like McMillan, several announced candidates have dropped out of the governor's race. Yet, there's still time to qualify. Keep your garlic handy.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Those Pesky Prison Phones & Jerry Don Crowden

News reports from Montgomery indicate our governor is not a fan of building new prisons. If we have no new prisons, we have no new cell phone blocking technology. What we do have is a DOC which says it currently doesn't have the ability to police smart phones accessing the Internet for any and all purposes.

Some months ago, a reader contacted us several times about a cell phone in the possession of Jerry Don Crowden, a noted local ne'er-do-well who won't see daylight for 15 more years. In the past, Crowden has used a cell phone to open a Facebook account to contact family members and make connections with women who ostensibly sent him money. 

For a while, Crowden's account went black; however, our reader has sent us a new link for this Lauderdale bad boy. He's now operating under the name J. D. King.

Can he be stopped? Just think how many others must have similar phones hidden away from the prying eyes of guards. Our advice here is to the ladies reading this. No, he's not different. Yes, he just wants your money. No, you can't change him. Write these admonitions on your fridge and repeat them several times daily if this will help you not to become the latest victim of a prison scam.

Now a worst case scenario; Crowden has two escapes to his credit. He could be using this form of communication to plan a daring escape. If he should show up at anyone's door, be advised he's not going anywhere for a long, long time. As a sex offender, he's barred from work release and passes, so you know he didn't get home in any honest way. Be vigilant.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Convoluted History on Display This Monday

Who is the most hated man in U.S. history? Many would say Gen. Benedict Arnold. Did you know there is a monument honoring Arnold in Saratoga, New York? There's even a more grandiose monument across the border in Canada where Arnold is considered a patriot and a plaque in London, England. 

So which was he? Probably a little bit of both. Like many who came both before and after in recorded history, Arnold acted as a super bogeyman to rally Colonial troops during the Revolution. We're in favor of viewing him today as he really was...a human being who did what he thought was right at the time.

So on Monday, the State of Alabama celebrates two birthdays. Take your pick. Martin Luther King Jr. or Gen. Robert E. Lee or both. Our pick? Both.



So, in keeping with our theme today, here's a blog from Southern Son which he sent us a few weeks ago:

As I understand it, on Wednesday night the City of Memphis and City Council unanimously approved the sale of Health Science Park, home of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and its easement on Fourth Bluff Park, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, for $1,000 each to Memphis Greenspace Inc. Fourth Bluff, or Memphis Park, is owned by a group called The Overton Heirs.

The new nonprofit, which is led by Shelby County Commissioner and attorney Van Turner, brought in a crane to remove the Forrest statue first at around 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

They, in their ignorance and arrogance, used basically a technicality to do what they've done and "sold" the property removing the monuments in the process believing that would absolve them of having to obey the law.  Their folly may just get the better of them because the deed was not registered as of this (Thursday) morning. "Legally" the City was still in possession of the parks as of business this morning which means they blatantly and with abandon, broke Tennessee state law. 

Also trucks used in the removal violated DOT regulations by using blue tape covering up the company or business name. (Pics attached). Here is a link to the DOT regs that were violated as is known at this point:  https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/highlights-commercial-motor-vehicle-marking-final-rule

Southern Son


We've received some interesting comments about Park Place. If you have photos of bed bugs or black mold, please send them to us.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Who Knew Plumbers & Pipefitters Were So Subversive?

We've heard a lot about George Soros contributing to ads against Roy Moore in the special Senate election, but it's been revealed the second largest contributor to the Highway 31 PAC was the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union with a four million dollar donation. And to think they walk among us...



Newly minted Senator Doug Jones has joined in supporting the bill to continue funding CHIP. In case you missed it during the fall campaign, Roy Moore ostensibly said he preferred churches and charitable institutions to help the needy poor. The "needy poor?" We're not sure if that's a redundancy or merely comparable to the expression "legitimate rape."

Proponents of CHIP are calling those against continued funding supporters of "postpartum abortion." If we can have pre-born humans and full term abortions, postpartum abortion seems a natural followup. Perhaps it will mentally slap some sense into those who oppose CHIP funding.


We encourage everyone to keep wearing their garlic necklaces. So far Roy Moore hasn't broached the subject of the governor's race. For the record, we haven't heard from Kayla or Sassy either.


Ice tomorrow? Stay home if at all possible. 

Hospitals and physicians' offices are also asking that everyone stay home if at all possible. We understand local hospitals now have phone lines. Yes, really. Call those who are hospitalized and don't transmit or receive the flu. The life you save may be your own.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What's Happening at Park Place?

Park Place was originally designed as a retirement community. After the death of Bob Love, a new owner rented to college students, short-term business guests, etc. Many felt this was an unwise business decision, while others heralded it as a means to keep the facility afloat when rentals would have otherwise been low.

Recently there's been an exodus of sorts from Park Place. Why? There are several stories floating around, but we have not been able to independently verify them. If you have had personal experience with Park Place, send us a private message. We'll try to update this next week.



Ooops! We had an article sent to us about Humphrey Lee, mainly derogatory, about upcoming race. Apparently, the article referenced the wrong race...and we have not had any announcement sent to us by Lee. Sorry for any confusion -- our fault completely for not checking. Therefore, this deletion.


Blake Austin Hines? He's in a lot of trouble...again. Our take, and it's not going to change, is that anyone who would violently assault a woman...an unwell woman in her 80's...is not fit, nor will he ever be fit, to live among civilized individuals. He's again been arrested, but we have no hopes of anything more than another short incarceration. This will be his third, if you count his time in juvie. 

No answers and no hope. Yet how many in the Shoals are just like him?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Toyota! Oh, What a Feeling?

Phones, e-mails, you name it...all conveying the news that Toyota will be building a plant in our neighboring county of Limestone. Is it true? Tomorrow will tell. The governor is expected to call a joint news conference with auto makers to announce the location of a new manufacturing endeavor.

How many jobs? The number is varying with each communication, but it could be 5,000 at its peak. Even if it's much less, this will be a boon to Lauderdale particularly, as well as Limestone.

Are local workers ready? Let's hope so. Obviously, Lawrence County will want a piece of the pie, as well as Madison and Morgan. So, step up your game, guys! This is what so many have been waiting for, and it's no DreamVision or Inspiration Landing. It's the real deal!

Yes, She Made Wrong Decisions/Statement from Underwood Camp

First the official statement from Billy Underwood's attorneys:

TUSCUMBIA—Tuscumbia attorney Billy Underwood has been charged with attempting to bribe a prospective juror in a case where that individual never went to the courthouse and a jury was never empaneled. 

“Mr. William Hovater and I are proud to represent Mr. Underwood on a case that I am very surprised has been brought. Mr. Underwood is alleged to have attempted to influence a juror in a case in which he was not an attorney nor would have received a fee,” stated W. Brent Woodall.

Jeff Bowling, an attorney from Franklin County, stated that he has known Underwood for over twenty years and that he is one of the most honest attorneys with whom he has dealt. Cliff Wright, who has practiced law in Lauderdale County for many years, likewise recognizes Underwood to be an honest attorney.

Mr. Woodall, who has prosecuted cases for the Alabama Attorney General’s Office and for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Alabama, expressed confidence that there will be a good outcome of this case. Mr. Hovater, who has practiced law in Colbert County for over 37 years, is also certain that this case will be resolved in Mr. Underwood’s favor.



We looked at the Facebook page of the woman at the center of a custody battle/lover's quarrel that resulted in the death of Chad Gardner Jr. One of her supporters stated she had always made the right decisions. Has she?

Everyone makes a wrong decision from time to time. This woman would seem to have made at least two huge miscues. First she had four children with a man to whom she was not married, a man who didn't stay with her for whatever reason. Second, she began to date a man who had been to prison not once, not twice, but three times.

Ladies, how many times do we have to tell you? You have a good job and three or four children and you want to date an unemployed man who has been incarcerated three times? What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, this woman has made mistakes. Thompson may be charged with manslaughter, but he could be indicted on a stiffer charge. He was a felon in possession of a handgun and fled the scene of the shooting. If convicted, with three priors, he's looking at a life sentence unless he has someone to shop or an incredibly good defense attorney. 

What was this woman thinking?

Monday, January 8, 2018

We Stand Behind Billy Underwood

Our blog is currently nine years and three months old, but long before this blog we were familiar with the legal system due to family and friends who were attorneys and paralegals. If you're an attorney, especially a successful attorney, you make enemies.

No doubt William Underwood has made enemies over the years in his illustrious career. Any successful person makes enemies; these enemies then dredge up any untoward incident in that person's life, and if they can't find one, they invent one. 

Today's news brought a tremendous surprise to the bloggers who write here. Everyone has faults and we're sure that Billy is no different. We're also sure that when it comes to the law and legal system, Billy is innocent of any wrongdoing.

We stand behind Billy Underwood.

(And if you want to check out dishonest attorneys who should be in prison, we suggest you start with two in Florence.)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

But Those Alabama Utilities...

Did you know?

* Alabama has the second highest electricity bills in the U.S.?

* Alabama has the fourth highest residential electricity usage in the U.S? (And what is that about? Do other areas use more natural gas to heat homes or are Alabama contractors building substandard housing?)

* Alabama has the ninth highest average industrial electricity rates in the U.S.? (We hope no one asked at this point if our state has the ninth highest number of industries.)

* Sheffield's utility deposits are so high that many landlords forego either a deposit on property or the first month's rent?



We, meaning all of us, have little control over state rates. We should be able to protest exorbitant local rates. Cities can lock in rates from TVA or other power sources in order to get a better price. Does Sheffield use this method to lower its payments? It certainly doesn't look like it. 

So you say you hate to call Sheffield Utilities because they're rude? Have you told your council representative that they're rude? Take names!


Do you read your meter(s) monthly? Not all towns have competent personnel to read utility meters. Does your usage jump once or twice a year for no apparent reason? Then you may have some very lazy meter readers who do their job only once or twice a year. If your bill is usually the minimum, but you're pretty sure you used more, you will eventually pay for it. Isn't it better to pay as you use than to have a sporadic huge bill?