Saturday, January 6, 2018

No New School Board without New Council?

It would appear the current city council in Muscle Shoals has no desire for an elected school board. Or is that simply the superintendent's wishes? Much of our mail indicates he would be the first head on the chopping block of an elected board, followed by two principals. 

How far will the citizens of Muscle Shoals take their current plans? And do council members realize just how disgusted most of the voters are?



Wondering what Muscle Shoals teachers and administrators make? A reader sent us these charts...along with notations:



SUBSTITUTES/CHILD NUTRITION SUBS - at 7 hours a day - wow - they can flip burgers cheaper!!!


School workers in the Muscle Shoals region will be seeing a bit more money in their pockets soon.
Muscle Shoals City Schools Superintendent Brian Lindsey says the school board tacked on an additional 3 percent local raise to a 4 percent state-mandated raise approved by lawmakers earlier this year.
School finance officer Sarita Tapscott says the raises will cost the school system around $850,000.
School board president Clayton Wood says part of the reasoning behind the additional raise is a controversial set of rate hikes for public school employees’ health insurance. The Alabama Education Association argues those rate increases will all but negate most teachers’ state-mandated raises.
The TimesDaily of Florence reports the Muscle Shoals raises will take effect at the beginning of each employee’s contract year. That’s typically in July for administrative staff and in August for teachers. 
So where does this group of concerned citizens go from here? 

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