Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Cold? What Will Utility Bills Bring?

From a Sheffield reader:

You know winter is here when Sheffield Utilities raises your electric bill $100 over the last statement, even though temperatures have been unseasonably mild. They do this EVERY December. BTW, my meter was read before the current arctic blast arrived.


Sick of This Cold Weather?


Florence Utilities has been asking that customers limit their use of power during this cold snap. That does not bode well for our next missive from the electricity provider.

If you're over 55: Energy Assistance


We had asked if a local brewery was moving and received this response from two readers:

* Bluewater Brewing is opening a Huntsville location, but not sure if they're closing the Florence one or not. Singin' River is staying open for now. 

* Yes, Bluewater is definitely closing in Florence, but so far only rumors about Singin' River. 


If you know of permanent business closings, be sure to let us know.

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