Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Convoluted History on Display This Monday

Who is the most hated man in U.S. history? Many would say Gen. Benedict Arnold. Did you know there is a monument honoring Arnold in Saratoga, New York? There's even a more grandiose monument across the border in Canada where Arnold is considered a patriot and a plaque in London, England. 

So which was he? Probably a little bit of both. Like many who came both before and after in recorded history, Arnold acted as a super bogeyman to rally Colonial troops during the Revolution. We're in favor of viewing him today as he really was...a human being who did what he thought was right at the time.

So on Monday, the State of Alabama celebrates two birthdays. Take your pick. Martin Luther King Jr. or Gen. Robert E. Lee or both. Our pick? Both.



So, in keeping with our theme today, here's a blog from Southern Son which he sent us a few weeks ago:

As I understand it, on Wednesday night the City of Memphis and City Council unanimously approved the sale of Health Science Park, home of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and its easement on Fourth Bluff Park, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, for $1,000 each to Memphis Greenspace Inc. Fourth Bluff, or Memphis Park, is owned by a group called The Overton Heirs.

The new nonprofit, which is led by Shelby County Commissioner and attorney Van Turner, brought in a crane to remove the Forrest statue first at around 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

They, in their ignorance and arrogance, used basically a technicality to do what they've done and "sold" the property removing the monuments in the process believing that would absolve them of having to obey the law.  Their folly may just get the better of them because the deed was not registered as of this (Thursday) morning. "Legally" the City was still in possession of the parks as of business this morning which means they blatantly and with abandon, broke Tennessee state law. 

Also trucks used in the removal violated DOT regulations by using blue tape covering up the company or business name. (Pics attached). Here is a link to the DOT regs that were violated as is known at this point:

Southern Son


We've received some interesting comments about Park Place. If you have photos of bed bugs or black mold, please send them to us.

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