Friday, January 5, 2018

New Comedy Show Debuts January 9th

Yes, indeed, a new comedy show will be debuting on January 9th. That's the date the latest session of the Alabama Legislature convenes. We have some predictions:

* The legislature won't start to overhaul the state's constitution.

* The legislature won't rescind of even amend the certificate of need law.

* The legislature won't pass a state budget in a timely fashion, requiring a special session.

* The legislature will pass at least one bill that it knows won't stand up in court, but makes legislators look good, costing the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

* The legislature will abdicate any responsibility it may have toward the children of this state.


Concerning our last prediction, did you know that again honored Sen. Larry Stutts for his work in 2017. Yes, you must certainly remember that in 2016, Doc Larry was named Scumbag of the Year. He didn't rank quite as high in 2017, coming in tied for second runner up.

What was Doc Larry's achievement? He voted against church day cares having to meet the minimum standards that other day care facilities must maintain. We have to wonder just what specific standards Doc Larry doesn't feel are needed in these church day cares that you or I would need to meet if we opened such a business...



We assume everyone has heard by now that Roy Moore accuser Leigh Corfman has filed a defamation suit against him. Such cases are civil and apt to produce a multitude of back stories. Moore's attorneys can ask for all proceedings and records to be private and sealed, but of course his side would never do that since he's so innocent and all. Stock up on your popcorn.

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  1. Law' me, hunney, them Yankees has the snow-cyclone to watch, us'ns has Ol'Roy!!!