Thursday, January 4, 2018

Armed Robbery Will Surely Lead to Prison

As far as we know, none of our bloggers knows Ralph Evans LeMay, aka Evan. Shoalanda herself has a mutual friend with Evan; he was described to her as a worthwhile person. Should we assume drugs led Evan down the wrong path? It wouldn't be hard to assume that. Should we assume his mother and late father did everything possible to put Evan back on the right path? That would be another logical assumption.

We aren't able to tell you exactly what got Evan where he is today - in a lot of trouble. We can tell you where he's going, at least in all probability. If you haven't read about him, Evan LeMay is one of four men who committed armed robbery in Huntsville in late December. He was captured today in Muscle Shoals and returned to Madison County where he was booked at 4:27 this afternoon.

Evan's bond is $60,000,00. That's a lot of money, but it's possible his family may put up a property bond in that amount. Then again, that would theoretically simply return him to Colbert County where he's now broken the terms of his June bond on burglary charges. No, Evan hasn't made the best choices in life. 

Since Evan and three others have all been charged with First Degree Robbery, it may be a matter of who flips first. Evan LeMay may already be a loser in that department since his three friends have now been in jail a week and lawyered up. After all, at least one of them gave authorities Evan's name. We're guessing the Madison County D.A. is already making his case against Evan.

Can Evan LeMay bargain even if his three associates testify against him? He doesn't have a very good record, does he? We're not sure how many felony convictions Evan already has, but now he's been arrested for a violent crime, a crime that carries mandatory punishment. From a law blog:

Robbery in the first degree (robbery first) is the most serious robbery allegation carrying the most severe punishment.  Robbery I typically involves accusations that the accused used or threatened the use of a deadly weapon in either taking or attempting to take property from another person.  Robbery First is often called “Armed Robbery” because it implies that the robbery defendant was armed with a deadly weapon such as a gun or a knife.   A deadly weapon is not absolutely necessary to be charged with Robbery I, as if you cause serious physical injury to the victim, even if done without a deadly weapon, you can face robbery I charges.  Alabama’s robbery first degree statute can be found at 13A-8-41.
Robbery 1st in Alabama is considered a Class A felony and typically has a range of punishment of 20 years to life due to the mandatory sentencing enhancement applicable to use of a deadly weapon in commission of a felony.  Therefore, the stakes could not be higher if you have been charged with robbery first.
Twenty years, with parole being Evan's only hope. Like John Wesley Akin or Christopher Wayne Kilpatrick, Ralph Evans LeMay may not belong in prison, but he does deserve to go there.


  1. He has never been a stable individual...

  2. I hope all 4 of them go away. Google Russell Housman, he was arrested last year in an incident at Athens-Limestone Hospital where they found meth, a pipe, bags and scales in his car.

  3. I was in the Marines with Evan... when his Dad died he was never the same.