Sunday, January 7, 2018

But Those Alabama Utilities...

Did you know?

* Alabama has the second highest electricity bills in the U.S.?

* Alabama has the fourth highest residential electricity usage in the U.S? (And what is that about? Do other areas use more natural gas to heat homes or are Alabama contractors building substandard housing?)

* Alabama has the ninth highest average industrial electricity rates in the U.S.? (We hope no one asked at this point if our state has the ninth highest number of industries.)

* Sheffield's utility deposits are so high that many landlords forego either a deposit on property or the first month's rent?



We, meaning all of us, have little control over state rates. We should be able to protest exorbitant local rates. Cities can lock in rates from TVA or other power sources in order to get a better price. Does Sheffield use this method to lower its payments? It certainly doesn't look like it. 

So you say you hate to call Sheffield Utilities because they're rude? Have you told your council representative that they're rude? Take names!


Do you read your meter(s) monthly? Not all towns have competent personnel to read utility meters. Does your usage jump once or twice a year for no apparent reason? Then you may have some very lazy meter readers who do their job only once or twice a year. If your bill is usually the minimum, but you're pretty sure you used more, you will eventually pay for it. Isn't it better to pay as you use than to have a sporadic huge bill?

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