Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Agee & Scott: Long-Term Guests of the State

Richard Edward Agee Jr., of Tuscumbia, was arrested in 2010 for shaking a two year old child that belonged to his then girlfriend, a young woman who obviously makes the UNA terrorist look like Einstein. Perhaps she falls into the category of having a man at any price?

If you missed it, Agee has just been convicted of First Degree Rape in Franklin County. When publishing an article about the conviction, another local site mentioned his previous conviction for Aggravated Child Abuse.

Guess what? The current girlfriend is upset that anyone would be so unfair. Let’s see…she’s dating a man who abused a two-year old physically and three years later raped a woman. Yes, we can see how mentioning anything about these crimes is so unfair.

Note to this girlfriend: Get a cat. When Agee finally gets out of prison, you may have matured enough to realize there are much worse things in life than being sans a boyfriend.

Now, from baby shaker to baby snatcher. We’ve had another person contact us regarding Andrew Daniel Scott. We recently blogged on Scott and listed his release date as December of this year. The reader corrected us and stated his end of sentence date is December 2016.

This reader, another victim of Scott, has asked us more questions than we can answer by looking at only his Department of Corrections online info. We will attempt to get some answers for Scott’s victims, but we doubt that Hottie Scottie has been in any real trouble since his incarceration as he apparently has had no correctional incentive time revoked. Maybe he had his head shaved to look a little less hot in prison?

To be continued…

Note to anyone: If anyone feels sympathy for either Agee or Scott, simply stop to think about the children and other victims involved in their ongoing sagas. If you don’t feel more sympathy for these innocents, there’s something wrong with you. Period.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Bubba on Quittney LaShae Nichols


Once again, Miss Shoalanda thought I was the only one who could do justice to Quittney LaShae Nichols' tale of woe. I'll do my best, but I'm bettin' there's a lot to the story that nobody knows. First I'm postin' the three most recent mug shots of lil Quittney. The photographer at the Florence Detention Center can sure take some great shots. I wish we had used him for lil Rebbie Sue's wedding. I bet Rebbie would also like to know the brand of eyeliner Quittney uses--all those drugs and alcohol and police interrogations and it still holds up. Must be Maybelline.

Well, it seems last Friday lil Quittney was in a car and wouldn't get out so the owner could sell it. Guess some women are just more stubborn than others. So bein' the determined gal she is, she pinned the car's buyer to his mother's Impala with the Volvo and then dragged him out into the street. I think there may be a job for that girl in one of these travelin' demolition derbies--once she gets out, of course. Seems she's on the most wanted list in Marion County too.

Lil Quittney didn't live too far from the scene of the accident, as we'll call it, but the police haven't been able to find her. I think they checked everywhere from Jack's Chicken Shack to Goat Alley and she was nowhere to be found. Now I guess it's just a matter of time until one of her friends turns her in.

I've been asked if I know where the name Quittney comes from. To be honest I don't, but I have got my ideas. I remember my cousin Lonzo and his wife had ten kids. That didn't stop ol' Lon from getting frisky, so one night his wife told him to quit or he'd get her knee. I'm guessing lil Quittney may be the youngest in her family.

That's it for now, but if you live near Dog Ear, be sure to drop by to see me for all your automotive and septic tank needs.

Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II


The most recent reports on Quittney Nichols' victim Randall Powers list him in serious condition in Huntsville Hospital. Everyone here wishes Mr. Powers a speedy recovery.


A Word About UNA's Terrorist Threat

While we think the odds of any UNA student caring enough about Che’ Guevara to even imply the possibility of some type of terrorist attack on the anniversary of his death are about 10,000:1, why did someone leave such a threat? We now understand that it’s midterms…ah, we see the light.

Unfortunately, if the person wrote the note to delay his exams, to get sympathy from a girlfriend, or in an act of worship to Cthuhu, it doesn’t matter. He might as well be honoring good ol’ Che‘, since the punishment, whatever it is, will be the same.

Many years ago, a junior high school student in Florence, who was also the son of a faculty member, called in a bomb threat to his school. We knew this family, and it devastated them.

Remember, the student was probably between 12 and 14. That’s hardly an excuse, but what if he had been college age? How can a college student be that dumb? Actually, considering some we’ve met recently, perhaps we’re lacking ourselves to even ask that question.

Will Chief Pastula track him down? It’s certainly possible. He will then be expelled, then arrested, then the fun begins: name in paper, fees to a lawyer, threats of murder and dismemberment from his parents.

When the dust finally settles, he won’t find too many other institutions inviting him into their ivy covered halls. Get a job? Not if the employers know how to Google.


A reliable source has contacted us regarding David Bradford’s endorsement of Phil Andrews for Colbert County Sheriff. When questioned directly by our source, Bradford stated he did indeed endorse Andrews for two reasons: Andrews is both a former Muscle Shoals police officer and a Republican.

While we admit to strong Republican leanings (sorry, Billy), we’re not sure that admitting to being a former Muscle Shoals police officer is a good thing.


Remember, no matter how funny your comments may be, they can't be libelous. We did enjoy reading it though.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elections & Passages

During each election season, we get "documented" evidence that certain candidates are either the Anti-Christ, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, or the current incarnation of Leo Burt. Sadly, some prove to be true, but are they relevant to whom the person is today?

We've mentioned before that we once received copies of court cases involving a local candidate...and not the one we were supporting. We simply felt it was a long time ago and didn't "involve" the person as he is today.

We've again been sent info on a local candidate. We do plan to check it out thoroughly since it involves some serious charges. If it's true? We can't answer that with 100% conviction, but we sincerely doubt we will publish it. What about current charges? Yes. We will publish anything current.

And we still have over a month to go...


Many people never think about life's events. It's all black and white to them. Let's talk about the men who beat and kill their girlfriend's children. It's sickening, but...

Certainly these cretins should be punished, but what about the mothers? Oh, they didn't know. Sure. Let's rethink this, shall we? These stories usually sound like an episode of Family Guy. Who knew the homeless guy who wore only a rain coat was an exhibitionist? If you leave your child with such a man, you should also be charged...and written about in the press.

Back to local elections, what if a candidate had once been charged with animal cruelty? That's hypothetical at the moment, but it does lead to other conclusions for those of us here. There are always umpteen animal cruelty cases in the news at any time. We often overlook them. No more.

If you desert your child or if you abuse an animal, just remember the words to that Junior Brown song: You can bet your boots we're coming after you.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who Endorses Phil Andrews?/Comments

Click to Enlarge

Above is a screen shot from a political site supporting Phil Andrews for Colbert County Sheriff. The problem seems to be that one of the mayors listed may not have endorsed Mr. Andrews. We've been told that this particular mayor doesn't read our blog. Oh, the shame and sadness!

Not to worry. We also hear that others are investigating these endorsements. We're political bloggers here and even we hate election season.


Comments? As you know we take them. We do ask for some kind of name just to clarify who is saying what. Recently when several of us were away, a comment was posted with a mild "dirty word." Our team member decided to post the comment, but to remark on the language.

Now it seems the original poster is only 13. We encourage early political awareness by the public, but we do not encourage teenagers that young using their real names here or anywhere else. We may not be William Buckley, but we do have some readers who come back with hard hitting comments of their own. It takes a thick skin. Most 13 year-olds don't have that.



Friday, September 26, 2014

Two Important Races for Sheriff

We’ve rewritten this several times, and it still falls short of what we want to say, but here goes:

1. Apologies to our guest blogger from earlier in the week. We are not going to publish part two of his editorial.

2. The bottom line of our editorialist’s blog is simply this: If you want to know who controls whom in a current election, simply go to the courthouse and look up property transfers to the candidates. It’s easy and it’s free.

3. The power broker our writer spoke of without naming? Yes, we know who he is, and he and his family have hurt many people, including many of our friends. God can take care of it. End of story.

4. PNS has posted some interesting articles on the quest for the office of sheriff in both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. The two owners and the writer of one of these articles all toiled here at one time. These three are our friends. Our only point in mentioning Lexington Chief Augie Hendershot’s five marriages is that he’s campaigning on the “family values” platform, with frequent references to his “faith.”

5. How do you define “family values?” We saw an article earlier this week on “wife swapping for Jesus.” Apparently many have highly edited versions of Jesus’ word from which they take their morals.

6. As for Charger Dodge or any others who have questions for Hendershot, it’s best to approach him via his website and not filter them through this blog. Augie has promised to answer all questions posed him via phone or Internet, but we don’t feel he has a responsibility to look elsewhere for such questions.

7. We have not made a decision on whom to endorse in Colbert County. In Lauderdale, we endorse Rick Singleton who has run a clean campaign and is the more qualified. If Augie Hendershot should win? He’s still head and shoulders above our current high sheriff…we could do much worse.


A happier note: There once was a comic strip called “Geech.” Its characters all appeared to be in their 50s or 60s. One strip depicted two of the women in a bar, with one telling the other to check out a certain male.

The woman’s companion stated, “You’ve been married and divorced three times, Haven’t you heard the expression ‘three strikes and you’re out?’”

The first woman shot back, “Yes, but I can still engage in batting practice.”


Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Homicide Investigation in Florence...

We have been informed via a police department source that there is an ongoing homicide investigation in the city of Florence. There is also reportedly a person of interest in this investigation. We have the name, but no we won’t publish it.

Approximately one year ago, we asked on our Facebook page how many had known someone who was murdered. We received quite a few replies, some of them heartbreaking. We’ve known far, far too many…and we don’t understand it.

If you’ve never had a friend or acquaintance murdered, count yourself lucky, especially if you feel you didn’t do enough to maintain the friendship. We had just again blogged a few days ago about vengeance, yet that would sum up our feelings now if last night’s conversation is indeed true.

The sad thing is, unless there’s something we don’t yet know, the charge will be Felony Murder and will probably be pleaded down to manslaughter (or maybe not since we understand the suspect has some priors). The other thing we know about human nature? If we had been friends with the person of interest instead of the victim, we’d be praying for no indictment.

And how long will it take to indict? Let’s hope if the crime was as it has been described, the Lauderdale District Attorney gets it on the first try.

And if the info we were given is incorrect? It still gives us pause. Is how we vote or our religious bent enough to break the tender ties of friendship? We have so many friends out there and care about each and every one. Our blog anniversary is near, and we had thought about mentioning some friends we’d made here over the past six years. We thought better of that when we realized that inevitably some would be left out.

To each of you, thanks for your friendship. I think today’s blog now ties for the hardest thing we’ve ever written.

Pray for us all, especially family left behind with more questions than answers.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Remembering Joe Carrel Daniel

I don’t remember how I first met Joe Carrel Daniel. He helped me here when this blog was new. After he sent me a particularly detailed answer to a question, I asked him if he wanted me to mention his name.

His reply? “God awmighty, no!” I never thought I would get to tell that particular story and I’m extremely sad that there’s now no harm in publishing it.

Later, Joe and I disagreed about the sentence meted out to a friend of his. I was always disappointed that it seemed to weaken our friendship. It had been some time since I had heard from him, and the news of his death was a shock.

Here’s a Butch Hancock tune sung by Joe Ely. I hope our friend Joe would have liked it.


What Is Success & Who Has It? Part I

A Guest Blog from a Lauderdale County Resident:

A recent survey of Americans may or may not have been surprising. When asked what it would take for a person to be considered successful, some said to have as many Twitter followers as Kim Kardashian. There really aren't words for that.

What makes Shoalanda successful, if she is? I'd say she has power, but not as much as some people. You need to be afraid of the people who have power and don't want you to know it.

Think you know the next Lauderdale County sheriff will be either Augie Hendershot or Rick Singleton. Think again.

One of these two men is being backed by a real power broker, and this backer will be the real power in Lauderdale County if his candidate is elected.

Will I mention his name? No. I will tell you about him. First, I'll tell you to be very afraid if his candidate should win.

To be continued tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Augie Can't Save Everyone

And just who are you in bed with? Not literally, I mean politically. Lie down with dogs and you know the rest.

I’ve read this blog since its beginnings, and I’ve seen people connect Shoalanda with everyone from Ron Weems (someone actually thought she was a spurned girlfriend?) to now Rick Singleton (another someone thinks she’s his relative because she has the balls to endorse him as the better candidate?)

Remember the school bus crash in Huntsville some years ago? A lawyer said every time a child died someone had to pay. Sounds like a sad truth to me. So to Augie Hendershot or any other candidate, remember those you’ve abused over the years will come back to haunt you. The Wisenbaker kid? Augie must not have gotten there in time for that one.

A fake tan? Didn’t someone mean a painted sepulcher? If the old expression is “you have to pay for your mistakes,” how much more do you have to pay for the wrongs you intentionally do?

Charger Dodge
Lexington Born and Bred

PS: I’m still waiting for Augie to answer my question about the missing water department money.

Note: The Wisenbaker (Tim Wisenbaker) child has been referred to in the news this week due to his father being arrested for killing and slaughtering a valuable bull in Lexington. A far a I know, Chief Hendershot was never on the scene when the child died, a child that had probably been dead at least an hour before anyone sounded the alarm. Nice folks.

For those who say we don't like Augie, here's proof we love Augie:

Monday, September 22, 2014

How You Vote Counts

Sent from Shoalanda on Pacific Rim stationary where she’s rumored to be partying with a Vince Vaughn look-a-like:

We’ve often blogged on the difference between justice and revenge. Can the two ever be identical? We think so. It’s the sort of Thomas Beckett type question that no one can really answer.

Nothing brings out revenge seekers like political season. Does that mean these individuals are wrong in their assessments of the candidates or just that they might be commenting for all the wrong reasons?

A couple loses their only child to an impaired driver. Do they protest his every parole hearing, or do they agree to the killer’s early release? What would you do? Yes, we know you can’t really comment until you’ve been there, and we sincerely hope you never are.

A con artist dons the mantle of Christian businessman, or woman, and swindles millions from families who are now left without funds for retirement. Can the victims forgive? Remember, there is a difference in forgiving and forgetting. Only God says He forgets our sins.

A ruthless gossip who browbeats his wife and encourages his sons to rape innocent women laughs as he lies about a person who has never done anything but try to help him and his community. His victim loses the only thing that makes life worth living. Can he/she forgive? It brings to mind a sign once posted on a church reader board: Be careful what you say about your enemies; remember you made them.

What would you do, gentle readers? Just how sure can you be of your motives in any of these scenarios?

We encourage each of you to learn all you can about the two candidates for Lauderdale County Sheriff. The two will be debating tomorrow night at UNA at six o’clock. Be there if you can. It should be interesting.

As for Bailey’s humorous thoughts concerning the TD’s extremely odd photo of Chief Hendershot, it really doesn’t matter if he’s green. If you feel he’s the better candidate, vote for him. Just remember that once a candidate is in office, it’s extremely difficult to oust him/her. We’ve had 12 years of a sheriff who once asked the FBI for help with animal control, let’s not make a similar mistake this time..


We’re going to add a related comment here. Many seem to think if one is a Christian, that person should ignore those who hurt others. An elected official gives his friends and family jobs they aren’t qualified for, just don’t mention it. It happens every day.

A little punk plans to kidnap a baby. Oh, please don’t mention that since it might hurt the little piece of excrement’s feelings. After all, it’s not your baby he’s planning on snatching.

In fact, why not shut down the Internet altogether and get all our news from the TimesDaily? No, stand up for what you believe. You might not be popular, but you will make a difference.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Ya Dirty Yellow Rat!" Said Jimmy Cagney

Taken from TD Website

Shoalanda once blogged on the TD’s use of pink tints in photos of certain people. This weird colorization continued for a while, then ceased. Now the TD has brought us something even weirder.

Have you seen the pics of Rick Singleton and Augie Hendershot in the TD’s story on the upcoming debate at UNA? Singleton looks human, and even healthy. Hendershot looks like he either fell into a vat of fake tan or has some serious liver problems. Maybe the difference in colorization might not have been so noticeable if the photos hadn’t been placed side by side.

If Hendershot is intentionally looking like a text book case of hepatitis, he should hire himself a campaign manager to pull him in a little. Of course, if he is elected sheriff, his odd hue might come in handy. He could save the taxpayers some serious money since he wouldn’t need to use a flashlight at night.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just in from Dick/Mike/Whoever Never Answers You

I am currently out of the office on vacation.
I know I'm supposed to say that I'll have limited access to email and won't be able to respond until I return - but that's not true. My blackberry will be with me and I can respond if I need to. And I recognize that I'll probably need to interrupt my vacation from time to time to deal with something urgent.
That said, I promised my wife that I am going to try to disconnect, get away and enjoy our vacation as much as possible. So, I'm going to experiment with something new. I'm going to leave the decision in your hands:
• If your email truly is urgent and you need a response while I'm on vacation, please resend it to interruptyourvacation@firstround.com and I'll try to respond to it promptly.
• If you think someone else at First Round Capital might be able to help you, feel free to email my assistant, Fiona (fiona@firstround.com) and she'll try to point you in the right direction.
Otherwise, I'll respond when I return…
Warm regards,
Your non-caring representative

Copied with permission from Josh Keppleman

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Fractured Florence Fairy Tale

Sent from Shoalanda and postmarked Puerto Vallarta where she's rumored to be in the company of an aging cabaret singer named Doug.

The Movie That Was Banned in Florence


Cloris Leachman as Essie the Beggar Woman

Nicholas Cage as the Rich Young Ruler

Armin Mueller-Stahl as Oscar the Hermit

Ricky Gervais as Attorney John Minnow

Once upon a time in the fair city of Florence lived a beggar woman named Essie. As Essie walked her daily route, dressed in cast off clothing found in dumpsters, she would talk to each one she met, for she never encountered a stranger. No one knew the money she collected went to the truly poor of the Renaissance City.

Nearby lived a rich young ruler. The young man hated Essie for being his neighbor, for after all, he was so much better than she…not to mention smarter. One day he asked Essie to move, but when she refused, the young ruler began to play evil tricks on the old woman.

Essie knew who was responsible for all her suffering and, like an elephant, never forgot. Then one day her cousin died. Oscar was a hermit, hardly any better than Essie in the rich young ruler’s mind, but Oscar did leave behind something that the rich young man wanted--a lot adjacent to the young man’s business.

The rich young ruler duly trotted down to attorney John Minnow’s office and offered the sum of thirty thousand dollars for the small parcel. Minnow was delighted, since the lot was too small to build anything of value on. He called Oscar’s brother in California to finalize the deal, telling the brother he had an offer of twenty-five thousand, but before the transaction could be finalized, Essie heard of the affair.

Essie then immediately went herself to Mr. Minnow’s office and offered thirty-five thousand. Minnow thought Essie was a few sheep short of a nativity scene, but when he found out that the beggar woman actually had millions in the bank, he then called Oscar’s executor and related the offer of thirty thousand dollars. Mr. Minnow had never been very good at math…or ethics.

So Essie the beggar woman bought a lot she didn’t need, the rich young ruler had to sell his business and take a job sweeping up at a gay bar in a Muslim country, and John Minnow took an early retirement, moving south for several years.

Now, you may ask how this twenty year old story is relevant to us today, but it seems a new version of this old tale has come to light.

The local university wanted to compete with Jabberwocky College which had three lions and Wotsamatta U. which had 15 fountains. How was it to find the funding?

Finally an enterprising employee hit upon the idea of opening an office in China to recruit what were now the richest students in the world. This would probably have been a harmless endeavor if Zing Zang Zung hadn’t heard of the small school.

Zung was rumored to be a cousin of Michael Jackson and couldn’t refuse to purchase anything when a price tag was waved in front of him. He offered to buy a college for the local university, but Sam Rudyard Kipling Pendleton stood in his way and refused to allow the city to sell the property to the high ranking Chinese Communist.

Zung waited; then Pendleton retired, and the Chinese businessman saw his chance. Zung paid an exorbitant price for the property he wanted for his new college of integrative quackery and was soon the darling of those who had always admired the emperor’s new clothing.

The time came for the new college to open. The university hired some faculty. Then they waited. Four students enrolled. Zung could not be found.

Somehow we think if Essie were alive she would have approved of Zing Zang Zung’s revenge. In the mean time, attorney John Minnow now back from his extended stay down south is sitting at home formulating plans to get a piece of the action.

Obviously, this is not the end of the exploits of Zing Zang Zung, but was anyone out there, that is to say anyone out there with an iota of common sense, thinking this whole debacle would come off without Murphy stepping in? Still gonna hang in there for a little longer, Dr. Cale?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Once a Playah?

Don't you just love Bob Eubanks? He's such a class act!

Wonder if Anyone Chose Augie?

BTW, if you lie on your marriage license application, you may be fined up to one thousand dollars. Tut, tut.


It seems some are saying Colbert County candidate for sheriff Frank Williamson was once served a protection from abuse order by an ex-wife. There's NO record of this. Why lie? Just move to Lauderdale where almost anything goes...


Someone has spray painted the new UNA science building. Shades of Blackberries!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Fed Up Muscle Shoals Citizen

This blog is being published with the writer's name and his blessing. From Mr. Donald Brown:

Forget the support I voiced for the muscle shoals city councilmen in the past. I was told they are throwing money in that football field and stuff at that high school. One man said Joe Pampinto and Mr. Lockhard were the ring leaders in setting that whole deal up and those other councilmen went along with it. It seems Mr. Lockhard has a wife that works at the school and she runs the show and him.

Where are they getting all this money? Is it true that the taxpayers are going to pay almost 8 million dollars for a high school football field. the rumor is the press box cost 1 million dollars. That coach won't get anywhere near a state championship and us poor suckers will be paying for their ego trips for 30 years of more.
Vote 'em all out. I won't support one single person that is in office or none of those people in that school. Someone needs to stop that crap now. I' don't want anyone to know I live in a town that doesn't teach our kids values and educate them to be the smartest kids in the country. At least my daughter in law went to Sheffield and learned how to do graphics. I'm showing her artwork to everyone - you included.
Muscle Shoals can bad mouth Sheffield about how run down and poor they are - but she learned more at Sheffield than any of us learned at Muscle Shoals. What a shame.
 Posted by Bailey

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Notes from Blog Team Members...

From J. Redmond: Your observations are dead on the money. If you will recall, I said pretty much the same thing a few months ago.  I believe Andrews to be the BEST candidate for Colbert County Sheriff. HOWEVER....IF he expects to win, he MUST CAMPAIGN! He needs to go door-to-door and put up MANY MORE signs.  He needs to attend public functions. He needs to PUBLICLY DEBATE Williamson. He needs to do A LOT of things that he ISN'T.  He's making the same mistakes that Terry Holden made when he ran against Ronnie Willis.....and we know how THAT played out for the citizens of Lauderdale County.

From Bailey Quarters: I've blogged here for some years. Not much maybe, but for a while. Crazies don't phase me and neither do their even crazier pol friends. If you want a story on handicapped child abandonment, we can oblige. Didn't I say I might not be as nice as SS?

From Cherry Pitts: Hi. I'm new on the Shoals Cuisine blog. Keep reading. Send us your suggestions for eateries to reviews.

From a Friend: Stay tuned in Lauderdale County. It's deja vu all over again in the Lauderdale County Court system.

Posted by Bailey

Monday, September 15, 2014

Separating the Crazies/Big Colbert Announcment

1. First, this blog has not endorsed in the Colbert Sheriff's race. It has published letters from both sides.

2. As far as we know, if Frank Williamson has been married 27 times, he is still not campaigning on family values as is the five time married Augie Hendershot.

3. Shoalanda does endorse. PNS does not, but will be happy to interview any candidates.

4. SS and PNS are connected only via an advertising compact. For instance, Mr. Williamson wanted to advertise on PNS, but not SS. If he had chosen both, he would have been given a discount.

5. The crazies? A bi-polar woman, to put it nicely, highly criticized us for using the term "Lexington" in a title of a blog by "Charger Dodge." Mr. Dodge may not represent everyone, but he definitely represents many.

6. Mr. Dodge is working on a blog about the missing Lexington Water Department funds. This blog should offer facts never before published.

7. The bi-polar woman who criticized Mr. Dodge? Well, you know how it is...so many criticize anyone from drug dealers to those who abandon their handicapped children. We prefer to overlook them.


That big surprise from Colbert County? Here it is:


Look for another huge surprise out of Lauderdale County coming soon!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comparing Augie Hendershot to Frank Williamson?

Editor's Note:

Mr. Williamson has purchased advertising at PNS. Neither he nor Hendershot have purchased advertising at SS.

From a reader:

Advertising dollars that Frank Williamson’s outlaw friend is donating to his campaign is important for your blog to survive, but there ought to be some contrast and similarities between Lauderdale and Colbert County sheriff races pointed out.
Exposing the Lauderdale County sheriff candidate Augie Hendershot for his multiple marriages, should also be shown as the same blaring issues that surround Frank Williamson and his many marriages (and those who know him will tell about a protection from abuse order served on him by one of those ex wives.)

The article on the debate between Singleton and Hendershot easily describes the Colbert County Sheriff candidates too:

It could certainly be billed as a comedy show and charge admission. 

Frank Williamson will tap dance. Frank will laugh and guffaw. Frank will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Phil Andrews, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Colbert County. Phil will most certainly also mention how many employees have been under his leadership at one time. Frank will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is yes, but he was “released” or as he would say “quit” his last job before Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May gave him a break and hired him as a deputy.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Phil is only one. Frank doesn’t publicize his,  while the correct answer is four, no matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Frank. Otherwise, a vote for Phil Andrews will bring honesty and respect to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department.
Posted by Bailey

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hendershot/Singleton Debate at UNA

Rick Singleton is to debate Augie Hendershot at UNA on Tuesday, September 23. Admission is free, but they certainly could bill it as a comedy show and charge admission. Augie will tap dance. Augie will laugh and guffaw. Augie will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Rick, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Lauderdale County. Rick will most certainly also mention how many officers have been under his leadership at one time. Augie will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is no more than two paid officers.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Rick is only one. Augie claims three or four, while the the correct answer is five. No matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Augie. Otherwise, a vote for Rick Singleton will bring back honesty and respect to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

I read a lot of comments on divorce and how large a sin it is or isn’t. The problem seems to be Christ commanded a man to love his wife enough to give his life for her. I don’t recall any exceptions if she’s (maybe) neglient, or if she’s on drugs, or if she’s an embezzler.

Just something to think about whenever anyone mentions “family values” again.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Shoals Insider & Busted N the Shoals

First: Attention Colbert County. There will be an important announcement coming for all Colbert Citizens no later than Monday. It's going to be a whole new ball game in one election!


When the Shoals Insider came on the local scene around 2006 or 2007, there had previously been nothing like it in the area. The SI was begun by a local man using the pen name Larry Baker; I know his identity, but Shoalanda wouldn’t want it published it here.

The SI created quite a sensation and for a while flourished. For whatever reason, posts slackened and never picked up. Some days, the site was down altogether due to non-payment of site hosting. Two individuals who at one time helped blog here decided to start up a real online news magazine. Pen N Sword debuted and a short time later, another enterprising pair began the Quad Cities Daily, an online daily newspaper. Perhaps Mr. Baker saw the handwriting on the wall and his site went months without new posts.

Finally, a local writer who sometimes worked with Baker began making a few posts a week, most culled from WAFF News which the SI called a “partner.” As I’m typing this, the SI site is down. So why am I writing this?

Shoalanda has previously done a blog on the site Busted N the Shoals stealing material from the QCD in the form of mug shots for which the QCD had paid and enhanced and...watermarked. Yes, the QCD watermark was even left intact when Busted published the mugshots. Lazy or just didn’t care?

A few days ago we read a PNS article on a local woman who had at one time been on the area’s most wanted list. The young woman had been encouraged by her family to turn herself in; in fact, the family had given PNS an exclusive in hope of finding their daughter.

Now the young woman is on the ropes again and facing serious charges. PNS apparently had discarded their original article, but went to Busted to retrieve their copy. Why? You guessed it. Busted had stolen their original article word for word. 

How is this relevant to SI? It seems Busted also calls itself a “partner” to WAFF. Hmm.

You might not like what you read on Shoalanda, or PNS, or the QCD, but except for the common press releases, all material is composed by us, all of whom are such excellent writers we don’t need to steal. Ahem!

While I’m on the subject, and while Shoalanda has already felt a disturbance in the force, I’ll relate another little story about the Shoals Insider. A few years ago, a local man was arrested for what I’ll just call disorderly conduct. The SI was the first to report on the arrest and went into detail to add that the man, quite in his cups, had exposed himself to children.

The next day, the story was picked up by WAFF (SI’s news partner?). There was a little added, but the details about the indecent exposure were taken almost verbatim from SI. The next day, Shoalanda mentioned the incident. I’m sure she fully believed since WAFF had reported facts gathered from the incident report and not just taken the SI article at face value.

A few months pass, and the arrested man hires an attorney. The original report does not mention any indecent exposure. Both WAFF and Shoalanda removed their articles. The Shoals Insider? The article was still up the last time I looked. Since this is a blog, there’s no real “journalism” involved, but I know WAFF obviously practices a high degree of journalistic responsibility. So why didn’t the SI remove the article when it was pointed out that most of it wasn’t true? I sense a personal vendetta.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 Anniversary/Save the Redheads

A few years ago, this blog didn't mention 9/11 on its anniversary. A blogging team member strongly objected to the "oversight."

I think most of us remember. My personal focus today is to pray for no Anniversary Attacks.


Save the redheads!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lexington Speaks, Will Augie Answer?

I’ve just received word that water bills in Lexington are going up to 35.00. My wife and I had been paying 30.00 for the little water we use. We have our outside water hooked to a well. That means our sewer is going up also.

My cousin doesn’t have a sewer connection, so his bill will go up to 38.00. In other words he pays 3.00 a month more because he doesn’t pay the sewer charge. Is this legal?

I can remember when Wal-Mart had to stop giving discounts on gas at Murphy Oil simply because it was paid for with a Wal-Mart card. It would seem to be something the Attorney General’s office should look into. I plan to request their opinion on the billing practice, but I realize it might be legal for Lexinbton since it’s a public utility.

Now, I want to ask our police chief Augie Hendershot something. Oh, I know that there’s a statute of limitations on theft. It’s been about 10 years since the forty thousand dollars went missing from the water department. There’s no way we’ll ever get it back.

Augie was chief then, and I’d like to know why he didn’t investigate the theft. He knew about it even if the water department wouldn’t bring in the ABI. Is this what Lauderdale County can expect if he becomes the new sheriff? Augie has said he’ll answer all questions, so here’s hoping he’s as good as his word on this one.

Charger Dodge

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Should We Expose the Candidates' Lies?

What does telling a lie say about you? We’re not talking about being forced to comment on your spouse’s new hairdo of accidentally saying you were downtown on Tuesday night when it was actually Monday. We’re talking about telling an out and out lie to either protect yourself or cover up your own shortcomings.

If you’ll tell a lie in a small matter, will you tell a lie in a large one? If you win a contract...or an election...on the basis of a lie, does that make you a thief?

We live in a world where the person pointing out the lie is told to “get Jesus,” not the one who lied. For after all, if we ignore it, it will just go away, won’t it?

We know two individuals currently running for a local office who have make public statements that were lies. Both falsehoods concerned past actions of the candidate. Just a small word of advice here, but if someone asks you a question about your past life or some decision in a public matter, it’s much better to say you have no comment than to lie about it. When the lie is published, it’s out there for good.

Even if the public doesn’t know it’s a lie, God does. Of course, perhaps belief in God is also part of the lie. Elections shouldn’t be beauty pageants or popularity contests. Know your candidates. If the Bible says to examine its own words, shouldn’t we examine the words of political candidates to ensure they’re speaking truthfully?

Why should we care? Our tax dollars pay the salaries for elected officials. In essence, these office holders work for us. If a candidate lies about his past actions, why won’t he lie about his actions in office if elected? If you disagree with this, please tell us. We’ll publish all comments on this issue.


How do we know a statement is lie? We’ve mentioned two current candidates who have lied either in this campaign or in a past public office. One lie was forwarded to us from its recipient in the form of an e-mail. The other lie was published in the TimesDaily.

Obviously, the candidate who told the lie in the e-mail can’t deny it, but we do look forward to any answer he may make public. The lie of the second candidate? It’s in the form of a public statement to the TimesDaily some years ago.

A reader once asked if we trusted the TimesDaily to publish the truth. Obviously, we’re often disappointed when the TD doesn’t zone right in on lies from public officials, but that’s usually the case. In other words, a candidate for governor could announce he just returned from a vacation on the moon and apparently no writers at the TD would offer any questions or publish any responses. This not only goes for political candidates but for charlatans who claim to communicate with ghosts, then lie a second time to make their antics seem genuine.

However, rest assured that all politicians read what’s been published about them. In the case we’ve mentioned today, this blog asked the elected official to comment on his published remarks, so we know he has seen them. Still no response. Yet he again runs for office. So, yes, we’ll again comment on his lack of veracity and await.

Raymond Burr v. Manti Teo

When do you expose lies from public personages? At one time, it was hardly done at all—as in the case of Raymond Burr. Actor Raymond Burr was gay and concocted a heterosexual life for himself in an era when such things could be done. (Yes, get over it. Perry Mason was gay.) His first wife who was killed in the English blitz was a total myth. His second wife did exist after he arrived in Hollywood, but the marriage was very short lived.

His third marriage was also a total lie, but in this instance Burr couldn’t resist adding the element of a son who later died of cancer. Those closest to him knew the truth, but never breathed a word to the press.

Now fast forward to two or so years ago and an enterprising sports writer begins to nose around in footballer Manti Teo’s personal life. No girlfriend dead or alive. Manti says he didn’t know. If he really didn’t, a news report is one heck of a way to learn that you’ve been in love with someone who doesn’t exist. Well, at least she wasn’t dead.

So what would you do if a political candidate lies about his past marriages? Yes, we’re asking you. Tell us what you think is best, especially when the candidate is running on the “family values” platform.

Posted by Bailey

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bailey Apologizes

For some time I've posted blogs and other material at several sites. Unfortunately, due to family illness, I've been unable to have Internet access. Apologies to all.

Until the first of January, I will be posting here. Some will be blogs sent to me by Shoalanda and some will be my own. I also hope readers continue to send in their own blogs for publication.

As for my blogs, I'm much nicer than Shoalanda on some issues and much meaner on others. I just approved a comment from a child rapist. Lovely person the Sheffield police tried to lock up for good, but couldn't. I'll personally see to it that we have a blog on him soon.

Thanks to all who read!