Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hendershot/Singleton Debate at UNA

Rick Singleton is to debate Augie Hendershot at UNA on Tuesday, September 23. Admission is free, but they certainly could bill it as a comedy show and charge admission. Augie will tap dance. Augie will laugh and guffaw. Augie will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Rick, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Lauderdale County. Rick will most certainly also mention how many officers have been under his leadership at one time. Augie will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is no more than two paid officers.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Rick is only one. Augie claims three or four, while the the correct answer is five. No matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Augie. Otherwise, a vote for Rick Singleton will bring back honesty and respect to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

I read a lot of comments on divorce and how large a sin it is or isn’t. The problem seems to be Christ commanded a man to love his wife enough to give his life for her. I don’t recall any exceptions if she’s (maybe) neglient, or if she’s on drugs, or if she’s an embezzler.

Just something to think about whenever anyone mentions “family values” again.



  1. This is really sorry that she would even have to say that about Augie. Goes to show how much of an "adult" she is. Talk crap just like a little thirteen year old girl. All I can say is that this is pretty sorry.

    1. Since I'm not SS, I'm allowing your dirty word. It just shows what you are.

  2. WHOMEVER you are you are speaking to a young girl and I think I would back off. If you are not scared then tell who you are and come out and face people. Stop hiding behind your words. That is nothing but a coward! Furthermore, if you have any more comments about Kenna Trousdale then bring them to me!! I will gladly address them to you FACE TO FACE but not on here hid like the piece of crap you are! Back off Kenna!!!

    1. If the young "lady" is 13, she should not be on this blog. She should also know what words are not polite--she used one, and we let it pass.