Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Augie Can't Save Everyone

And just who are you in bed with? Not literally, I mean politically. Lie down with dogs and you know the rest.

I’ve read this blog since its beginnings, and I’ve seen people connect Shoalanda with everyone from Ron Weems (someone actually thought she was a spurned girlfriend?) to now Rick Singleton (another someone thinks she’s his relative because she has the balls to endorse him as the better candidate?)

Remember the school bus crash in Huntsville some years ago? A lawyer said every time a child died someone had to pay. Sounds like a sad truth to me. So to Augie Hendershot or any other candidate, remember those you’ve abused over the years will come back to haunt you. The Wisenbaker kid? Augie must not have gotten there in time for that one.

A fake tan? Didn’t someone mean a painted sepulcher? If the old expression is “you have to pay for your mistakes,” how much more do you have to pay for the wrongs you intentionally do?

Charger Dodge
Lexington Born and Bred

PS: I’m still waiting for Augie to answer my question about the missing water department money.

Note: The Wisenbaker (Tim Wisenbaker) child has been referred to in the news this week due to his father being arrested for killing and slaughtering a valuable bull in Lexington. A far a I know, Chief Hendershot was never on the scene when the child died, a child that had probably been dead at least an hour before anyone sounded the alarm. Nice folks.

For those who say we don't like Augie, here's proof we love Augie:

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