Monday, September 15, 2014

Separating the Crazies/Big Colbert Announcment

1. First, this blog has not endorsed in the Colbert Sheriff's race. It has published letters from both sides.

2. As far as we know, if Frank Williamson has been married 27 times, he is still not campaigning on family values as is the five time married Augie Hendershot.

3. Shoalanda does endorse. PNS does not, but will be happy to interview any candidates.

4. SS and PNS are connected only via an advertising compact. For instance, Mr. Williamson wanted to advertise on PNS, but not SS. If he had chosen both, he would have been given a discount.

5. The crazies? A bi-polar woman, to put it nicely, highly criticized us for using the term "Lexington" in a title of a blog by "Charger Dodge." Mr. Dodge may not represent everyone, but he definitely represents many.

6. Mr. Dodge is working on a blog about the missing Lexington Water Department funds. This blog should offer facts never before published.

7. The bi-polar woman who criticized Mr. Dodge? Well, you know how it many criticize anyone from drug dealers to those who abandon their handicapped children. We prefer to overlook them.


That big surprise from Colbert County? Here it is:


Look for another huge surprise out of Lauderdale County coming soon!


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