Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Ya Dirty Yellow Rat!" Said Jimmy Cagney

Taken from TD Website

Shoalanda once blogged on the TD’s use of pink tints in photos of certain people. This weird colorization continued for a while, then ceased. Now the TD has brought us something even weirder.

Have you seen the pics of Rick Singleton and Augie Hendershot in the TD’s story on the upcoming debate at UNA? Singleton looks human, and even healthy. Hendershot looks like he either fell into a vat of fake tan or has some serious liver problems. Maybe the difference in colorization might not have been so noticeable if the photos hadn’t been placed side by side.

If Hendershot is intentionally looking like a text book case of hepatitis, he should hire himself a campaign manager to pull him in a little. Of course, if he is elected sheriff, his odd hue might come in handy. He could save the taxpayers some serious money since he wouldn’t need to use a flashlight at night.



  1. So it is Hendershots fault the TD has pictures of him that look like that? Come on,... Seriously, bring Sholanda back. This blog has been garbage for a month or so. You are not even making any sense.

  2. I agree that you need to bring back the old Shoalandaspeaks. This is complete garbage and has been for a while. Maybe Hendershot is more tanned because he is actually outside working!? Ever think of that? I have seen him out working on way more than one occasion. Just last week I noticed he was working at a dunking booth to help a family with a special needs child raise money for a service dog. You are obviously either a friend or family member of Singleton and that's fine, but this blog is complete garbage. If you have a problem with TD take it up with them.

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  4. Yeah, the only thing wrong with the photo of Singleton is his puss looking lips! Get a gander at that smile of his!! Is he trying out for the new Joker in an upcoming Batman release or did he visit the same plastic surgeon that worked on Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers? Either way, he has one more funky set of lips there! I think I'd rather be nice and tan than display a smile like that! Geez!