Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comparing Augie Hendershot to Frank Williamson?

Editor's Note:

Mr. Williamson has purchased advertising at PNS. Neither he nor Hendershot have purchased advertising at SS.

From a reader:

Advertising dollars that Frank Williamson’s outlaw friend is donating to his campaign is important for your blog to survive, but there ought to be some contrast and similarities between Lauderdale and Colbert County sheriff races pointed out.
Exposing the Lauderdale County sheriff candidate Augie Hendershot for his multiple marriages, should also be shown as the same blaring issues that surround Frank Williamson and his many marriages (and those who know him will tell about a protection from abuse order served on him by one of those ex wives.)

The article on the debate between Singleton and Hendershot easily describes the Colbert County Sheriff candidates too:

It could certainly be billed as a comedy show and charge admission. 

Frank Williamson will tap dance. Frank will laugh and guffaw. Frank will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Phil Andrews, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Colbert County. Phil will most certainly also mention how many employees have been under his leadership at one time. Frank will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is yes, but he was “released” or as he would say “quit” his last job before Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May gave him a break and hired him as a deputy.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Phil is only one. Frank doesn’t publicize his,  while the correct answer is four, no matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Frank. Otherwise, a vote for Phil Andrews will bring honesty and respect to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department.
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  1. I was at the Spring Valley VFD rodeo talking politics with a candidate who didn't have any opposition. I mentioned that I had seen Frank everywhere at all of the festivals, but hadn't seen Andrews much, maybe one time. He said that Andrews was back in the pens loading the steers and horses for the bareback riding. He also added that the tractor plowing up the area was his, and that the arena wouldn't have been ready if he hadn't brought it.