Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Is Success & Who Has It? Part I

A Guest Blog from a Lauderdale County Resident:

A recent survey of Americans may or may not have been surprising. When asked what it would take for a person to be considered successful, some said to have as many Twitter followers as Kim Kardashian. There really aren't words for that.

What makes Shoalanda successful, if she is? I'd say she has power, but not as much as some people. You need to be afraid of the people who have power and don't want you to know it.

Think you know the next Lauderdale County sheriff will be either Augie Hendershot or Rick Singleton. Think again.

One of these two men is being backed by a real power broker, and this backer will be the real power in Lauderdale County if his candidate is elected.

Will I mention his name? No. I will tell you about him. First, I'll tell you to be very afraid if his candidate should win.

To be continued tomorrow.



  1. Oh great we will have a bought and paid for Sheriff . Let me guess backed by drug money.

    1. I've read the second part. I'd say more to have a Justincase for his family.