Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Should We Expose the Candidates' Lies?

What does telling a lie say about you? We’re not talking about being forced to comment on your spouse’s new hairdo of accidentally saying you were downtown on Tuesday night when it was actually Monday. We’re talking about telling an out and out lie to either protect yourself or cover up your own shortcomings.

If you’ll tell a lie in a small matter, will you tell a lie in a large one? If you win a contract...or an election...on the basis of a lie, does that make you a thief?

We live in a world where the person pointing out the lie is told to “get Jesus,” not the one who lied. For after all, if we ignore it, it will just go away, won’t it?

We know two individuals currently running for a local office who have make public statements that were lies. Both falsehoods concerned past actions of the candidate. Just a small word of advice here, but if someone asks you a question about your past life or some decision in a public matter, it’s much better to say you have no comment than to lie about it. When the lie is published, it’s out there for good.

Even if the public doesn’t know it’s a lie, God does. Of course, perhaps belief in God is also part of the lie. Elections shouldn’t be beauty pageants or popularity contests. Know your candidates. If the Bible says to examine its own words, shouldn’t we examine the words of political candidates to ensure they’re speaking truthfully?

Why should we care? Our tax dollars pay the salaries for elected officials. In essence, these office holders work for us. If a candidate lies about his past actions, why won’t he lie about his actions in office if elected? If you disagree with this, please tell us. We’ll publish all comments on this issue.


How do we know a statement is lie? We’ve mentioned two current candidates who have lied either in this campaign or in a past public office. One lie was forwarded to us from its recipient in the form of an e-mail. The other lie was published in the TimesDaily.

Obviously, the candidate who told the lie in the e-mail can’t deny it, but we do look forward to any answer he may make public. The lie of the second candidate? It’s in the form of a public statement to the TimesDaily some years ago.

A reader once asked if we trusted the TimesDaily to publish the truth. Obviously, we’re often disappointed when the TD doesn’t zone right in on lies from public officials, but that’s usually the case. In other words, a candidate for governor could announce he just returned from a vacation on the moon and apparently no writers at the TD would offer any questions or publish any responses. This not only goes for political candidates but for charlatans who claim to communicate with ghosts, then lie a second time to make their antics seem genuine.

However, rest assured that all politicians read what’s been published about them. In the case we’ve mentioned today, this blog asked the elected official to comment on his published remarks, so we know he has seen them. Still no response. Yet he again runs for office. So, yes, we’ll again comment on his lack of veracity and await.

Raymond Burr v. Manti Teo

When do you expose lies from public personages? At one time, it was hardly done at all—as in the case of Raymond Burr. Actor Raymond Burr was gay and concocted a heterosexual life for himself in an era when such things could be done. (Yes, get over it. Perry Mason was gay.) His first wife who was killed in the English blitz was a total myth. His second wife did exist after he arrived in Hollywood, but the marriage was very short lived.

His third marriage was also a total lie, but in this instance Burr couldn’t resist adding the element of a son who later died of cancer. Those closest to him knew the truth, but never breathed a word to the press.

Now fast forward to two or so years ago and an enterprising sports writer begins to nose around in footballer Manti Teo’s personal life. No girlfriend dead or alive. Manti says he didn’t know. If he really didn’t, a news report is one heck of a way to learn that you’ve been in love with someone who doesn’t exist. Well, at least she wasn’t dead.

So what would you do if a political candidate lies about his past marriages? Yes, we’re asking you. Tell us what you think is best, especially when the candidate is running on the “family values” platform.

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