Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elections & Passages

During each election season, we get "documented" evidence that certain candidates are either the Anti-Christ, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, or the current incarnation of Leo Burt. Sadly, some prove to be true, but are they relevant to whom the person is today?

We've mentioned before that we once received copies of court cases involving a local candidate...and not the one we were supporting. We simply felt it was a long time ago and didn't "involve" the person as he is today.

We've again been sent info on a local candidate. We do plan to check it out thoroughly since it involves some serious charges. If it's true? We can't answer that with 100% conviction, but we sincerely doubt we will publish it. What about current charges? Yes. We will publish anything current.

And we still have over a month to go...


Many people never think about life's events. It's all black and white to them. Let's talk about the men who beat and kill their girlfriend's children. It's sickening, but...

Certainly these cretins should be punished, but what about the mothers? Oh, they didn't know. Sure. Let's rethink this, shall we? These stories usually sound like an episode of Family Guy. Who knew the homeless guy who wore only a rain coat was an exhibitionist? If you leave your child with such a man, you should also be charged...and written about in the press.

Back to local elections, what if a candidate had once been charged with animal cruelty? That's hypothetical at the moment, but it does lead to other conclusions for those of us here. There are always umpteen animal cruelty cases in the news at any time. We often overlook them. No more.

If you desert your child or if you abuse an animal, just remember the words to that Junior Brown song: You can bet your boots we're coming after you.


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