Monday, November 20, 2017

Flags, Monuments, End Game?

From Southern Son:

All the hoopla about removing monuments/plaques and flags due to slavery, racism and inequality is a smokescreen for a much broader and sinister movement. The end game of this movement seeks the overthrow and destruction of Western Civilization and the complete conversion of society to conform to Marxist and/or Nazi principles. Racism, inequality, poverty, religion and (insert next cause) are hijacked as the vehicle by which they will use to achieve the movement’s end game. This sinister movement will presented in a series by historical events (absent personal opinion or subjectivity) leading up to the present.    

A history flashback first spotlights the efforts of Reconstruction following the Civil War. Reconstruction blatantly sought to impose one form of society (the North) on another form of society (the South). The Southern people were beaten into submission by Union armies through the wanton destruction of public/private property, lives, sustenance and commission of rape all against the norms of any conventions of war. Google “The Battle of Athens (Alabama)”, “Sherman’s March to the Sea” and General Philip Sheridan's despoiling of the Shenandoah Valley. Your search will turn up a dramatic different history of events rather than the glorified rendition contained in grade school and college textbooks. The South maintained its belief in Jeffersonian democracy leading that effort to fail.  

The next flashback spotlights the New Deal programs proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934 FDR said, “There is a much bigger situation behind the Tennessee Valley Authority…we are conducting a social experiment…we are going to come to a shack on the side of the mountain where there is a white man…who, with his family of children, is completely uneducated…and is progenitor of a large line of children for many generations to come…we are going to try to bring him some of the things he needs, like schools, electric lights and so on.” (Source: TVA and The Dispossessed: The Resettlement of Population in The Norris Dam Area) Ironically missing is any mention of the welfare of the “women of the hills”. Was this a war on women? Another New Deal related program in Greenhills, OH in the 1930s where a “planned community” with restrictions was constructed by the federal government. Restrictions, what? Government officials interviewed people (American citizens) to determine their moral character and make sure they would maintain the property. Sounds alot like vetting. But I digress. Furthermore they were required to have a steady job that would pay today’s equivalent of $16,000-$40,000 a year. Only white families were accepted, though that was in an era when segregation was common. (A quote from the website…not personal characterization.) Google it! Last time I checked Ohio was part of the Union fighting the Confederacy. Again the South maintained its belief in Jeffersonian democracy.    

The next flashback spotlights the Civil Rights era of the 1950s-1960s. No effort is intended to portray civil rights era as a vehicle hijacked to further their end game. It is only to ask the question “Why were monuments/plaques and flags not targeted for removal?” This era can be said to be (with the exclusion of the KKK and supremacists) the purest and most peaceful push for equality in the history of this country. Again the South maintained its belief in Jeffersonian democracy. But the movement later hijacked civil rights in the name of social justice turning to violence to pursue their end game.

The first salvo (change of tactics) spotlights Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground.  For those not familiar with the Weather Underground I beg you to Google and research the violent acts and bombings by the group and its leaders against (inside) this country. The list of acts and bombings of public buildings are too long to paraphrase. Barack Obama’s Illinois state senatorial campaign was launched at the home of Bill Ayers. The South maintained its belief in Jeffersonian democracy leading that effort to fail.  

The next salvo became the removal of the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia mischaracterized as the flag of the Confederacy. Again I beg you to Google the images of each flag to see the distinct difference. That being said, the issue of the “Confederate Battle Flag” was touted as a symbol of racism and hatred that must be taken down from public display. Any dissent that defended the flag and constitutional principles of the Confederacy brought about abusive branding of such dissent as bigots, racist, evil, unchristian, supremacist, Nazi and (insert the latest slander engineered by the left).

The next salvo became the attacks on religion and removal of the Pledge of Allegiance from schools and society. “If people are to know and understand the real world, they must give up superstitious beliefs because they have a narcotic effect on the mind.” – Karl Max. The Nazis, Bolsheviks (communists) and Islamists (ISIS) destroyed by force all forms of culture (constitutions, books, statutes, art, religion, customs, etc.) of the German, Russian and Arabic people to impose their Marxists, fascist and extreme Islamic ideologies. Sound familiar? According to Marx’s thinking the feeling of pride related to patriotism must be a narcotic effect on the mind.

The next salvo is the passage and enactment of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by the shining example of the most democratically elected government in history. Aside from the humanitarian aspect of expanding healthcare, the act forced a country of free people to purchase a product to avoid punishment by monetary penalty or tax. Any dissent against the act has been termed racist, hostility toward the poor, war on women, children and the elderly…pushing grandma off the cliff! The act goes beyond providing healthcare by inquiring whether one owns a firearm in spite of the constitutional right afforded by the Second Amendment in the Constitution. A friend that is a doctor informed that there is a provision/code to classify an injury as being caused by a jet ski and/or wave runner. Why does the doctor need to know that fact? It goes to the end game of oh…jet skis cause too many injuries now we have to regulate or ban them. Tell someone they can’t buy much less ride their jet ski on the Fourth of July because it is dangerous for them. Maybe if they modify a bicycle helmet and call it a jet ski helmet it will be okay. If you can’t get hurt by a jet ski I guess you have the choice to go jump out of an airplane for a thrill…until they ban that! A resurgence in the belief in Jeffersonian democracy is leading that effort to fail and the shortcomings of the end game.

The next salvo is the continued removal of flags that has expanded into the desperate attempt to remove monuments and statutes. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and others claim (falsely) that monuments and statues were erected by the motivation of racism and white supremacy. The Tuskegee Institute produced a graph that showed a notable decrease of lynchings during the years of increased monument building. (Google “Tuskegee Institute Graph Civil War Monuments”) The first spike in monument building occurred during 1910 and 1915 which would coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Civil War. While I was a C student in math, my trusty calculator tells me that fifty years from the aforementioned years would be 1860-1865 respectively. The second spike in monument building occurred after 1960. Trusting my own mathematics it computes to around the 100th anniversary of the start of the Civil War in 1861. Another factor that partially explains the first monuments being erected in 1910 was the utter destruction and financial destitution of the South. It took years for the South to recover financially and enabled the Daughters of the Confederacy to raise money to privately fund the building of monuments.

The most destructive salvo is the rise of Antifa and other leftist groups using violence and Nazi-like tactics to end free speech. Any speech, beliefs, monuments and institutions that they disagree with are now not only being branded as hate speech, but violently confronting people of opposite views and beliefs. (Just about name any college campus today.) There is a revolutionary challenge to free speech, governmental authority and resistance to law and order. In Chicago, IL if then candidate Donald Trump had been allowed to hold his campaign rally peacefully, how many Chicago Police Officers/law enforcement officers would not have been injured in the rioting. In Charlottesville, VA if the White Supremacist groups were allowed to peacefully exercise their free speech without being confronted and attacked by Antifa and like groups no one would have been injured. If the Antifa and like groups were allowed to peacefully exercise their free speech the next day without being confronted and attacked by White Supremacy groups no one would be injured. There are three legal principles in play here that the movement hates. Sedition is defined as, “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.” (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Riots are clearly outlined as criminal activity in 18 U.S. Code § 2101 – Riots:
(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent— (1) to incite a riot; or (2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or (3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or (4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph.
(b) In any prosecution under this section, proof that a defendant engaged or attempted to engage in one or more of the overt acts described in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of paragraph (1) of subsection (a)[2] and (1) has traveled in interstate or foreign commerce, or (2) has use of or used any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including but not limited to, mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, to communicate with or broadcast to any person or group of persons prior to such overt acts, such travel or use shall be admissible proof to establish that such defendant traveled in or used such facility of interstate or foreign commerce. Antifa? Black Lives Matter? Environmental activists? Climate Change activists? And most importantly federal civil rights laws that make it a crime to conspire to “injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate” people “in the free exercise or enjoyment” of their constitutional rights – including, obviously, the right to free speech.

This sinister movement has existed for some number of years and is attempting the total destruction of Western Civilization by all of the historical events presented throughout this series. Bottom line: If you remove all symbols/aspects of racism and inequality tomorrow, how will you explain the fact that there are those that will achieve above average status in life and those that will under achieve below the average status of life? America is often called “America the Great” not “America the Average” or “America the Below Average”. No matter how many steps are taken to achieve a “happy medium” or average status of life there will always be those that willingly strive to achieve the best and those that will not willingly strive to achieve the best…will not work in a pie factory. As President John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Southern Son



It's Monday. Doesn't that make it time for another political bombshell? If not, we can all continue to contemplate Alabama Political Reporter's Brandon Moseley comparing sexual assault to stealing a lawnmower, which is a misdemeanor. Actually, we think in Killen the police chief gives you a medal for it.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Don't Get Sick Here?/Great Radio Programming!

Numbers! Do you believe them or not? It's a good rule of thumb to remember that quantitative is not equal to qualitative. In other words, would you rather have ten bad physicians or five competent ones? Why are we talking physicians?

MSN has done a ranking of 25 places you don't want to become ill (thanks to a reader for sending us the article). Florence-Muscle Shoals is No. 24. Here's the link:

So how accurate is it? It's based on a wide variety of issues, so you decide. Much is based on Medicare/Other reimbursement. This has been a problem for this area for years. If local hospitals/physicians can't fix it, we certainly can't. 

Yet a ranking like this may just bring it home to the right people. Something needs to be done...


Speaking of not getting sick, here's a sad article: Haleyville Hospital Closing



Looking for some great morning radio? Try Tic Tac & Nuts in the Morning. Tic Tac asked us to make an appearance; hmmmm, does that make us the nuts? We had to demur, but we understand the show features our blog at times.

So where/when can you listen to Tic Tac? 102.7 Kiss FM from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. weekdays. The program seems to have great taste in bloggers.

Poodles Arrested...Say It Ain't So!/Killen Sex Abuse Claims

Veterans Day should be a big holiday for all of us. Apparently it was really big for our Poodles, aka Jessica LaShay Dye, who was arrested on five failure to appear/pay warrants in Florence:

Poodles looks pensive here as she's booked...on five charges...just one charge less than she was shot at the hands of a UNA officer. She still awaits state charges of attempted murder stemming from that incident. 

We're sure this will produce no more than a tut-tut, but can no one get Poodles some help? With that expressive face, we see her with a big career in more than trying to run down law officers.


Today is Leo and Una's 15th birthday! Stop by the university and throw some change in Harrison Fountain. All change is retrieved by authorized personnel and used for the upkeep of the big cats. 



We've received at least five accounts of Killen Chielf Bryan Hammond sexually abusing local women. Of course, at the end of each account is a disclaimer that it was all a joke.

We choose not to publish these (even though two were hilarious) since there are better ways to handle the current situation with Chief Handjob. If you want action against the chief, write or call the Killen Town Council. That goes double if you actually live in Killen. These council members will come up for election in a short time, and the entire state is watching.

On that note, we understand that WAAY-TV out of Huntsville had a crew in Killen on Saturday asking questions about the good chief. The more publicity the better if anyone wants to see sexual assault taken seriously.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Florence Fire Department Does Good for Christmas!

We've had some readers ask about Florence Fire Department Engine No.2 being spotted in front of a row of businesses adjacent to English Village:

No, the FPD isn't advertising for Cash Express; it's collecting toys for Christmas! We don't have all the details, but if the FPD will shoot us an e-mail, we will let our readers in Lauderdale County know how they can help.



Some South American dictator trying to tell you how to dress? (Yes, we sympathize with the person who contacted us. If you feel harassed, contact the administration.) We're in the seven day countdown now, so feel free to don your orange/blue or even crimson/white. This is the U.S. of A.

Return to UNA Hijinks

From Concerned Citizen 101....

However, after my findings this past week I’m changing my name to Deeply Disturbed Citizen. Had lunch with some friends and the topics of discussion were very interesting. You guessed it none other than the current happenings at the University of North Alabama. These facts are easily verified.

So it seems that the violation of Ms. Audrey Mitchell’s civil rights continues. If you recall Ms. Mitchell is suing the University of North Alabama.

Well it seems that if forcing Ms. Mitchell’s office area back under Student Affairs Vice President David Shields supervision wasn’t enough, Dr. Kimberly Greenway (previous Director of Student Conduct but received a promotion to newly created position Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life) came up with the bright idea of forcing Ms. Mitchell to have an office right next to Kevin Jacques. Now keep in mind David Shields and Kevin Jacques have starring roles in the Mitchell v University of North Alabama lawsuit. Also, keep in mind Dr. Greenway’s position on campus was Director of Student Conduct. If anybody should know this is a classic case of intentionally creating a hostile work environment as well as retaliation Dr. Greenway should. However, when Ms. Mitchell stated to Dr. Greenway that she refused to be placed in a hostile work environment by being forced to have her office right next to Kevin Jacques, Dr. Greenway didn’t try to come up with another plan instead she told her she would have Human Resources investigate how doing this would create a hostile work environment. Are you kidding me? If this is any indication of Dr. Greenway’s judicial judgement then all of her judicial cases should be reviewed. Allegedly Ms. Mitchell has audio recordings of these interactions.

Let me continue because it gets much worse. So, I was told around the last week of July 2017 Ms. Mitchell received an email from none other than everyone’s favorite and very competent HR person, Catherine White. Catherine included Kimberly Greenway and Evan Thornton (VP of Business and Financial Affairs and Catherine’s boss) on the email. The email stated that Dr. Greenway informed Catherine White of Ms. Mitchell’s claims of hostile work environment if Kevin Jacques’ office was placed right next to hers. Catherine White then stated that Ms. Mitchell was to write a statement showing how Dr. Greenway’s plan for her and Kevin Jacques’ office placement would create a hostile work environment and she would investigated it.

I’ll wait until you stop laughing.

How in the heck (I wanted to use a different word) can Catherine White perform an unbiased investigation on anything concerning Ms. Audrey Mitchell? Keep in mind Catherine White also has a starring role in the Mitchell v University of North Alabama lawsuit. Now given Catherine White’s position she definitely should know better and immediately realized that what Kimberly Greenway was trying to do was a violation of federal law. She should also know that she couldn’t investigate anything concerning Audrey Mitchell and should have never sent Ms. Mitchell an email. If this is any indication of the judgement process she uses when conducting her HR responsibilities then all her cases should be reviewed as well.

Now I’m told Ms. Mitchell responded to Catherine White’s request and pretty much told her some of what I said and much much more. I’m told it was very professionally and respectfully written but a drop the mic kind of email.

Well here is why I’ve gone from Concerned Citizen to Deeply Disturbed Citizen. I’m told Ms. Mitchell responded to the email on July 27th. I’m also told that she included Kimberly Greenway and Evan Thornton in her response. Then on Friday, July 28th, Ms. Mitchell attended a scheduled meeting with Kimberly Greenway and Kevin Jacques but was blindsided and told that she would be removed from her Director of Housing (job title name was changed when she was forced back under David Shields’ supervision) position and forced to either accept a new position, resign or be terminated. Keep in mind that Dr. Greenway couldn’t tell Ms. Mitchell what the new position was because apparently it hadn’t been created yet. But Ms. Mitchell was told she had to give Kimberly Greenway an answer by Monday, July 31st. Who in the heck (not what I wanted to say) expects someone to make a decision about a job they don’t have details on. I’m told this meeting was recorded as well. Way to go Ms. Mitchell!! Also, keep in mind Kimberly Greenway’s previous position was Director of Student Conduct. Wow!!

Now Kevin Jacques was removed from his position as well but it’s not the same circumstances as Ms. Mitchell. He was moved to an existing position Director of University Events, knew where his new office would be and he actually received more responsibility by having multiple offices under his supervision as well as oversight of multiple budgets. This means he technically hit a promotion. Watching the payroll spending site for the possibility of a raise. I’m told that Ms. Mitchell didn’t know where her new office would be nor have a job description until a couple of days before she was suppose to move.

Her white counterparts received nice promotions while Ms. Mitchell was stripped of her supervisory and budgetary oversight responsibilities. If you don’t believe me check out the updated organization chart just published dated October 2017 and look at Mr. Bret Jennings’ (Kevin Jacques was moved into his old position) newly created position under Students Affairs Division Executive Director Of Auxiliary Programs and Ms. Jennifer Sutton’s newly created position Director of Housing and Residence Life (I was informed this is part of Ms. Mitchell’s position once they forced her out). Also, look at the payroll for these two. Look at July 2017 payroll and compare it to November 2017 payroll. Both received over $14,000 a year raises. That’s pretty good. A black woman was retaliated against because she took a stand and filed a lawsuit and then voiced her concerns of being subjected to hostile work environment and got demoted and two of her white counterparts benefited by receiving promotions and nice size raises. Way to go Catherine White and Kenneth Kitts.

If these allegations are true about Catherine White she should act like she has some resemblance of ethics and admit wrongdoing and resign from her position.

If these allegations are true about Kimberly Greenway she should be immediately terminated. Get this. I was told there’s some possible Teachers Retirement System violation concerning her payroll for July 2017 and her retirement date and the start date of her new part time position. However, I want to verify and provide proof before I post about it. Stay tuned I’ve put a call into the State Retirement System.

If these allegations are true about President Kenneth Kitts and he knew and/or approved of these actions by Kimberly Greenway and Catherine White (was told there are audio tapes to prove it) then he should do the good employees of UNA and citizens of Florence a favor and resign.

You see not that it matters but I feel it’s necessary to prove my point. I’m a white female and I see all these incidents as clear cut discrimination, retaliation and intentionally creating a hostile work environment due to race. Also, the people I am hearing these things from are both white and black employees and people in the community but mostly white. I said that because I didn’t want any of your readers to think that only black people are upset and claiming racism. No it’s more white people that are verbalizing their concerns to me.

What this boils down to is Audrey Mitchell is threatening their “way” of doing things. Because she’s brave enough to take a stand and expose the systemic discrimination issues at the University of North Alabama. Because she refuses to get along, because she refuses to tuck her tail, bow down and either shut up or quit the powers that be (Kenneth Kitts, Board of Trustees and Human Resources) will continue to humiliate and pick at her in the hopes of finding her breaking point. Can you imagine the embarrassment, intimidation and humiliation Ms. Mitchell must feel and forced to endure everyday. I don’t know how she does it. God bless this young lady and continue to give her strength.

Well, I’m done sitting by and simply posting my concerns. I’m calling the Governor’s Office on Monday and strongly requesting an independent investigation. Yes, I’m done waiting on the Board of Trustees to do anything. I’m also asking the Governor to look into why the Board is allowing all of this to continue and escalate to this level. I just know by their actions or should I say lack there of there’s some questionable things going on with the Board. I will start calling Monday, November 13th and continue to call until I get a response. I’m also asking all of my friends, family and readers to call as well. If you can’t call then write. This is the only way to put a stop to this level of egregious violations.

Governor Kay Ivey
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130

Don’t think for a minute this is just about Audrey Mitchell. Audrey Mitchell is being taught a lesson and by publicly humiliating and continually treat her in such a harsh manner Kenneth Kitts, Catherine White and the rest of the powers that be are sending a very strong message to all of their employees which is sit down, shut up or you will get what Audrey Mitchell is getting. Again Ms. Mitchell is threatening their way of doing business and they can’t afford to lose control of their corrupt empire. That’s why they are digging their heels in.

If Kenneth Kitts, Catherine White, David Shields and the rest of the people involved directly or indirectly in these allegations get away with this it will affect more than just her. They will continue and do it to others and it will/could soon be you. Probably has already happened to you but you’re too scared to speak out and who can blame you.

Start calling!!!!



Sincere apologies to Concerned Citizen 101 for the delay in publishing this post. Also our sincere thanks, for without such telling accounts, most of us would have only the TD's cheerleading articles from which to glean information about the university.

Friday, November 17, 2017

They're Calling Him "Chief Handjob" was the first news outlet to break the story of Bryan Hammond's accusation that he had been sexually assaulted by the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Doug Jones. After the state's largest news network contacted Killen's police chief for a statement, he recanted.

Still the comments have kept coming: Killen is a speed trap, Killen has a police department?, Barney Fife hasn't aged well, this is a clown, this guy needs to be replaced now, and our second favorite: This guy sits on those he arrests to punish them.

As we write this, there are approximately 325 comments on the article, 80% of them negative toward Killen and Chief Handjob. Doug Jones has not so far commented on the comedy. Perhaps he's made a mental note to revoke Killen's charter if he's elected to the Senate?



We've seen comments blaming the man who first reported Chief Handjob, saying he or or PNS or us will cause the Killen Keystone Kop to lose his job. No, we think he's done a pretty good job of that himself. $45,000.00 a year, probably more now, and he doesn't know how to behave? 

There's nothing funny about sexual assault. At least five women and several men have demanded the Killen town council show Chief Handjob the door. No, not funny at all.

A Take on the Roy Moore Inbroglio - No. Two

From a reader:

He Was King of Regency Mall

You can take out the names as you wish but I just had to tell this story. The year was 1979 just like in most of Roy Moore's lurid accusations. I had finished college and the only job I could find was in the new mall, then Regency Square Mall. The store I worked at catered to more mature women, but we saw all the teenagers every weekend and some week nights.

His first name was XXXXX and I can't remember his last name. He was a teacher in the XXXXX system and I was told he was 30 years old. Even though his home was just, I was told, over the state line, he was usually in the mall every weekend with his posse of younger boys. Sometimes he was by himself. He never as far as I knew even ventured into the store where I worked but he made the rounds of the junior dress shops and places like that.

I certainly never heard that he had attacked anyone or even who he might have been dating. What I did hear was that this nicely dressed mature man would “bother” the girls in the teen stores. Some were flattered, but some found that it grew old quickly. Mr. Box was the manager of the mall and I never knew him to ban anyone, although looking back I'm sure he must have done so quietly from time to time. I did hear that XXXXX was banned from some of the stores, so that's not too unusual. I'm sure that Roy Moore fell into the same category.

Since last year I've thought a lot about XXXXX and just what he might have been up to. I'd heard he did have two male friends about his own age, although I only saw one of them. The one I never saw with him had moved out of the country to work so I assume he made a success. The other one I did see with him. His name was XXXXX XXXXX and yes he's the one currently awaiting trial on child pornography charges.

The point is you just never know. Just because Roy Moore wasn't banned from the mall in Gadsden doesn't mean he wasn't banned from certain stores. I wonder if anyone has checked his computer for images of young girls?



We feel this kind of story is all too common even when younger girls aren't involved, but they usually are. Here's a Shoals Crime story of one such young man with Peter Pan syndrome: 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Take on the Roy Moore Imbroglio - No. One

Take No. One:

Roy Moore and the Largest Jury Trial in American…Particularly Alabama...History

In today’s society trying to remain a Republican and (group) text messages will make you lose your religion.  Don’t get me started on the latter!  This year’s senate election is setting up to be a “humdinger”!  Allegations of sexual assault and/or misconduct dog GOP candidate Roy Moore.  Ironically, the Democratic challenger Doug Jones “approved the message” to feature aspects of the Civil War in a campaign advertisement.  Typically Democrats decry any mention of the Civil War except when they can expound upon negatives to be used to their advantage in crafting the “Northern Narrative” and advancing their social justice perversions. 

Again I digress and stray back to the plot of the title of this article.  We are about to witness the largest jury trial in American…and particularly Alabama history.  Legally the statute of limitations has expired preventing criminal charges being presented to a grand jury regarding Moore’s actions.  The evidence and/or “facts” from both the plaintiffs and defendant have been presented to the public.  More evidence and objections will obviously be presented by election day.  The jury of Alabamians will be deliberating whether or not Roy Moore is guilty of the allegations put against him, not whether he is the better candidate.  Whether Roy Moore or Doug Jones closely aligns with the values and policies Alabamians hold dear is not on the ballot this election.  The guilt or innocence of Roy Moore is on the ballot.  While polls conducted the past week are all across the spectrum and would give air traffic controllers a headache trying to keep up with; it is no doubt that most Alabamians would favor a Republican senator.  

On the morning of December 12th, a jury of Alabamians will be casting their votes for guilt or innocence.  Unlike most jury trials that normally require a unanimous verdict, this verdict will not have to meet that requirement.  Much has been pontificated publicly that the United States Senate will move to boot Moore from the Senate if elected?  As Judge Andrew Napolitano stated (and I paraphrase):  In order for a United States Senate vote to oust Moore from the Senate the actions warranting such vote would have to be committed during Moore’s official time serving as a United States Senator.  That may be an issue for higher learned legal minds to ponder.  

Will Moore face “vigilante justice” and be forced out of the race?  Will the jury of Alabamians find Moore guilty or innocent?  If the jury of Alabamians find him innocent, electing him the next senator from Alabama will the jury’s decision be set aside by the United States Senate, violating the right of the people of Alabama to duly select their representation?  My guess that writing all options on a piece of paper and blindly drawing may be the fairest way to predict what may happen.

Southern Son


Tomorrow we'll have a story about a Lothario at the old Regency Square Mall (all names removed) and an eye-opening update from Concerned Citizen 101. We would still like to hear from anyone who may have had problems with the Colbert tax assessor's office five years ago or more. Comments always welcome.


Muscle Shoals Teacher Torture

This blog is rated PG:

First from Leslie M. Shoals...

Actually, the men are saying he does that weird thing men do,,, "nipple twisting" as they are explaining how "innocent" he is.

I asked if it was little boys he was doing that to and I get a scorned look!!

It is not proper nor is he a good role model with that kind of behavior.  But then again, look at others in MSCS...

* High school Coach Balentine beats his wife while having affair with guidance counselor. 
* Middle school Principal and assistant have affairs with teachers and principal gets promotion to newly created central office position.
* Coach Basden and others get bonuses out of tax payers money under the table.. 

Need more examples of the culture at MSCS?

Don't ask why kids act the way they do, ask WHY NOT.

That school board is totally disengaged. The love of title and free ride/trips?
Leslie M. Shoals


Yes, gentle readers, the reported sin of the fourth grade teacher is "nipple twisting." We're not sure if this was a form of punishment for infractions or just a general habit. No matter which, it was wrong.

Yes, it was inflicted on both male and female. We're told it's painful. It would be especially painful for females who would at that age (9-10), at least many of them, have growing mammaries. Their breasts are tender and should be off limits no matter what.

Supt. Lindsey says this is not a criminal matter. Isn't it child abuse? We understand this man was suspended for 14 days; will the investigation be complete in two-weeks-time? Will the truth, whatever it is, then be told?

We're still waiting for someone to tell us why McBride Elementary where the abuse took place lied to the press about the incident. Yes, lied. Who told the receptionist/secretary to lie? The people of Muscle Shoals deserve some answers.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Publishing Twice a Day/Those Who Lie to Us?

First, we wish to apologize to some of our writers who have not yet had their blogs published. Due to various breaking news, we've fallen behind. At times, we will now publish twice a day. Look for us around late morning and late night - this is not written in stone as far as time is concerned and will not be an everyday publishing event. 

Please feel free to send us guest blogs; we will attempt to publish them as soon as possible. We publish views from all sides as long as they're polite, etc. You know the drill.



There are many ways not to tell the truth without lying. Still, when we ask questions of someone, a "no comment" is sufficient if they don't wish to answer. Take the Town of Rogersville. Some years ago we asked if they had given drag racers a permit to race in the industrial park. We were told "no." What they had done was to provide the drag racing show with a parade permit. Not the same thing, so technically the city did not lie to us; however, do you think we will ever so much as blink to help that town in any way? We sincerely hope you answered "no." (People who live there who need help, yes; the town itself, no.)
Now we see this:

The entire brouhaha over this fourth grade teacher physically abusing children could have been handled so much more nicely, but apparently the staff at McBride were told to lie about the suspension. Why? They knew it had to come to light at some point.

Every Muscle Shoals parent should be asking Supt. Lindsey why anyone chose to lie about this man and his alleged crimes. We're asking him now. Or was it the principal at McBride? We're asking you now. Why was the employee who answered the phone told to lie when she could just as easily have said "no comment?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What Roy Said/What the FPD Said

First, two quick comments about Roy Moore's denials concerning his latest accuser. 

1) Was his signature forged on the accuser's annual? It could have been; we're sure she won't mind a handwriting expert looking at it. Then perhaps a psychologist could tell us why Ray/Roy felt the need to add the credentials D.A. after his signature; bear in mind he was only the A.D.A. at this time.

2) Moore and his campaign state he's not familiar with the restaurant where his accuser worked. Was it even there in 1977? According to a city directory, it certainly was there. Not only was it in Gadsden, it was on U.S. 431, a major artery where Rally's Drive-In now sits.

We'll add that two more signatures from Roy's list of ministerial supporters have come under fire. That leaves 46. The absolute horrible part is that we're reading of those who say they couldn't care less if he's a rapist or not, they would never vote for a Democrat...Mo Brooks coming close to using these words himself. 



Now we come to the Florence police dog assault from this past Saturday night. Does it make a difference if the dog was on duty or not? Is this a major insurance point?

If you're not aware, an FPD K-9 jumped over a fence and immediately bit a woman...a woman who is a city employee, but not one who works for the FPD. The victim required surgery, and neighbors say she received injuries to her shoulder which are permanent.

Capt. Mike Holt of the FPD has been quoted as saying the dog, one of two reportedly owned by the department, was receiving a bath when he escaped the fenced-in area, making him "on duty" for maintenance. Neighbors report a different story, saying the dog's trainer and his girlfriend had just returned home and had let the dog into the back yard when it immediately jumped the fence. That would mean the dog was not on duty.

We have to ask not only which story is the true one, but why are there two distinct versions of the incident?

Monday, November 13, 2017

To Ed Henry & All the Other Pre-Dead Out There

Yes, we're asking who the pre-dead are. That's all of us, unless anyone is expecting Christ to return soon. Isn't semantics wonderful? Pre-dead is a much more accurate term to describe the human race than is pre-born to describe fetuses since not all fetuses are assured of being born. No, we don't mean they're intentionally aborted; we mean many die in utero despite the best efforts of parents and physicians.

Let's make this clear: We do not support induced abortion as a means of birth control. So what we're about to say has nothing to do with condoning this medical procedure. We're told 16 abortions are performed each day in this state. Let's say they aren't. What happens to those babies when they're born? Can you imagine Alabama DHR having to pick up and place 16 infants each day, all using tax payer money? No, it probably wouldn't be that many; let's just say 10 a day. That makes 3,650 new additions to the state foster system each year. Think about it.

Now think about this: If Ed Henry and his ilk had spent on REAL sex education in this state just half of what they've spent on defending cockamamie laws to prevent induced abortions, how many unwanted pregnancies could have been avoided in the first place?



At this point, we could already write a book about the events of the past four days concerning Roy Moore. We're going to address only two campaign lies here. Both falsehoods could have stemmed from only Moore's campaign directors, so if you want to believe Moore didn't condone these two/three lies, you may feel free to do so.

Lie No. One: “Allred was the attorney who claims credit for giving us Roe v. Wade which has resulted in the murder of tens of millions of unborn babies." You see what they did there? They have painted Allred as part of the "dead baby establishment." The problem with Moore's statement (or his campaign's statement)? Roe v. Wade originated in 1972 and was decided by the Supreme Court in 1973. Where was Allred during this period? We're told in law school. Easy to access Internet records show she wasn't even admitted to the bar until 1975 (she had previously worked as a high school teacher). It's a little harder to twist the facts against Allred than it was to twist them regarding Ambrosia Starling.

Lie No. Two/Three: Today Moore's campaign released a letter of support allegedly signed by 50 Alabama church leaders. As of this afternoon, one signer has stated she has never seen the letter and doesn't support Moore. Another signature is by a Rev. in the church of Christ. Interestingly, apparently no one in Moore's campaign knew that the church of Christ doesn't have reverends.

Now do you still want to vote for Moore? It's your vote and we support your right to vote for Adolph Hitler or the Ayatollah Khomeini or Pennywise the clown. Just remember that we also have the right to debunk the words of liars, cheats, and rapists.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Why the Left AND the NFL Are Destroying the NFL!

From Southern Son:

Sports are naturally competitive; athletes strive to achieve the best skills and to score the most runs, points, etc. Sports are basically the antithesis of the Left and principles of the Socialist Democrats in this country. Sports teach kids and people to achieve greatness and leftist, Socialists Democrats strive to destroy any institution that promotes such teachings in order to promote mediocrity and establish everyone as equal regardless of ability. There’s nothing Democrats hate worse than competition and/or free speech…just ask Rush Limbaugh, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter or the police and law enforcement of Chicago. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats’ end game is to destroy all institutions promoting principles of Western Civilization and impose Marxist, socialist policies throughout the World.

While not attempting to certify the medical issues regarding concussions and brain damage incurred by athletes due to not being a medical doctor, the left tried to hijack this issue as a way to bringing down football and boxing from both the top and bottom. They hoped to scare parents to keep their kids from playing sports and being “indoctrinated” contrary to the principles of the Left and of the Socialist Democrats in this country. Then they attempted to use trial lawyers to sue football teams of all stripes to shakedown and inflict monetary damages to destroy the sport. They have also instituted “mercy rules” in farm and little league baseball when one team scores “x” more runs than the other team by the 6th inning the game is over instead of playing a full nine innings. That way no one’s feelings get hurt. In tee ball, competition is discouraged because “everyone is a winner”. While having minimal success, those efforts failed as a whole. But if they destroy the “head of the snake”, the NFL, the Leftist, Socialist Democrats will kill the desire for kids to pursue football and football careers in coaching, playing, or front offices.

So Colin Kapernick takes a knee before the National Anthem on August 26, 2016, at a NFL game. The leftist, Socialist Democrats jumped on that event like a dog attacking a t-bone steak, just as they have hijacked various other issues as a means to achieve their end goal(s). The Socialist Left recognized the kneeling players for what they were and has treated them as such: puppets, suckers, naive celebrities, and vehicles by which to achieve a means to an end. When the left cannot win an election or debate they resort to “divide and conquer”. Call everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with them racist, bigoted, women haters, animal killers, Nazis and (insert the latest slander engineered by the tolerant Left). Knowing that sports fans tend to be very patriotic Americans who feel a duty to sing the National Anthem before sporting events, the Left pounced on the opportunity to divide and conquer the NFL. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats desire social equality as much as the Bush Family desire President Trump to say Grace at their Thanksgiving Dinner. Social Equality can be defined as a “level playing field” or an equal opportunity for all to achieve success in their own definitions. The leftist, Socialist Democrats are more concerned with Social Justice, which can be defined as unjust demoting of top achievers to a medium status and the unjust elevation of low achievers to medium status defined by the Left. Thus making one no more superior than the other in the “spirit of equality”. The underlying claim is that freedom must be sacrificed in order to redistribute income. “Social Justice is not possible without strong and coherent redistributive policies conceived and implemented by public agencies.” – The United Nations. “Present-day believers in an absolute truth identified with virtue and justice are neither willing nor desirable companions for the defenders of social justice.” – The United Nations. Soon other professional football players joined in taking a knee before the National Anthem. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats, ESPN and liberal news media keep beating the drum about Social Justice. But largely absent are riots demanding Kapernick be hired by a NFL team such as the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson following the (justified) shooting of Michael Brown following his assault on a police officer and in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray. In fact, it’s better for Kapernick not be hired by the evil owners otherwise they would lose their American version of Che Guevara and overall means to achieve their end game. If you are not familiar with Guevara please Google and learn about another role model of the Left. Let’s face it; most NFL athletes are just as much a media whore as any Hollywood celebrity. Every time their name is positively or negatively tweeted, mentioned on ESPN or other media they carve a notch in their headboard. ESPN and the national media with their unabashed, liberal slant are more than happy to provide coverage of their “genuine” efforts at Social Justice disguised as Social Equality. You cannot convince me that a player like Kapernick that had a $12.3 million signing bonus and a 2014 salary of just $645,000 can argue they are victims of social inequality. If he wants to advocate for Social Equality he should volunteer in community groups, set an example for inner city kids and donate money to various organizations that promote equality…not take a knee.

NFL fans gave the NFL an unofficial ultimatum…STAND OR ELSE! That message went in one ear and out the other of the NFL. The fans said adiĆ³s! Half-empty stands abound and media dollars are fleeing. Official sponsors are eyeing the doors waiting for the right moment to bolt. The NFL commissioner is too busy admiring himself in the mirror to care. Most NFL owners are looking at each other trying to figure out “who’s on third”, but can’t agree on “who’s on first”, first. Like him or not, the only owner that gets it is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones has reportedly hired lawyers to dump Goodell faster than Donna Brazile threw Hillary Clinton under the bus. Thus the ship of the NFL continues to sink. Rest assured as soon as the NFL owners get Goodell’s face away from the mirror and the players’ attention requiring everyone to stand the NFL ship will run into a hurricane on the high seas. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats will complete the family tree of every NFL owner tracing them back as a possible descendent of Hitler and all the way back to a Southern plantation owner from the 1860s. Goodell will be crucified for being the plantation foreman doing the bidding of the owners to control the players.

Kapernick took a knee and effectively pulling the plug on the ship of the NFL and it began to take on water. Kapernick then ran to Goodell, the Captain of the ship, for help and handed him the plug. Goodell, not knowing what the plug was for, looked back at the mirror admiring himself while the ship continues taking on water. The NFL players, who kneeled around Kapernick so it would not be obvious who pulled the plug on the ship, look around at each other saying “I ain’t did nuthin!” The fans bailed on lifeboats, sitting dry on the shore watching the ship sink. The owners then looked at Goodell as Captain to save the ship. Jerry Jones is the lone sailor who figured out the plug has been pulled. Goodell has locked himself in the Captain’s Room with the owners standing at the door. The owners will not move to let Jones through with the axe to break the door down to retrieve the plug from Goodell. NFL sponsors have their life jackets on and are preparing the lifeboats to jump ship. Looks like it depends on how quick Jones can move the owners aside, axe the door down, retrieve and replace the plug. Maybe throw some overboard for good measure. How long that process takes will determine how many will get wet and/or how many will go down with the ship. Meanwhile, the band keeps playing. Contrary to maritime tradition, I don’t think the captain will be allowed to go down with the ship.

To Major League Baseball: the Leftist, Socialist Democrats have their binoculars focused in on you and have fired the first shot from the grassy knoll.

To the National Basketball Association: Watch your six and specifically the grassy knoll.

Southern Son  



We're predicting Thanksgiving will be late in Alabama this year. It will come on December 13th, when voters can exhale and proclaim "Thank God it's over!"