Friday, November 10, 2017

Jim Zeigler Would Do Well to Remain Silent

Several friends have asked us to consider state auditor Jim Zeigler as a possible candidate for governor. We had actually been leaning that way since we appreciate his common sense take on use of taxpayer dollars. Now after his bizarre support of Roy Moore, we have to say "no way."

First, he compared Moore and the 14 year-old to Joseph and Mary. We don't know how old Mary was; we do know it was a different era, so she may have been around 15 or so. We simply don't know. Nor do we know how old Joseph was. It's been said that carpenters made a good living, so we could infer Joseph would have sought a wife before the age of 32. Again, we don't know. 

We don't see Roy Moore asking to marry a 14 year old, nor do we see Joseph helping sneak Mary out of the house. Very sad comparison.

Then we have Zeigler's analogy to Zacharias and Elizabeth. Most Bible scholars believe they were a long time couple, and there's simply no way to determine any age difference.

Zeigler's latest: Bogey and Bacall! Yes, Lauren Bacall was only 19 when she began dating Humphrey Bogart. Bogart? He was 44 and still married to his third wife when he initiated a relationship with the much younger actress. Does Jim Zeigler really think that pair's behavior is an acceptable model for Roy Moore.

Of course, we see Al Capone and his tax evasion as being more in Moore's line. 



You might not be able to see the "Buddy Holly Story" live onstage, but here's a video of its London presentation:

Hmmm, more popular than Roy Moore 60 years after his death; perhaps we have our write-in candidate?

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