Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Putting the "Arts" In Arts & Entertainment

In roundabout news, contrary to what's been published in the TimesDaily, the Sweetwater Arts & Entertainment District has not been "shelved." We understand no one has used such a word, but that didn't stop Robert Palmer from reporting it.

No, the roundabout should be approved after the first of next year, and the city will then pony up what money is required to go with the ALDOT funding. Then...

Then we'll report when we have more. We have learned that the arts part of the district is to make sure it's not flooded with dollar stores. We assume payday lending stores and tattoo shops are included in the ban. We can look forward to art galleries and schools. Looking forward being the operative expression in that sentence. We even understand there may be no open containers, just on-premise consumption. 

We still have readers laughing in anticipation of the roundabout. Well, maybe some are doing more shuddering than laughing. It should be interesting to say the least...



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