Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Shoals City TV

Casey Eggleston

From Shoals City TV:

We are so excited to announce a new TV show on Comcast Channel 3 - "Shoals City TV" This show interviews elected officials, highlights events, festivals, community projects, non-profit organizations and shine a light on what's is happening in each city.

The show is hosted by Casey J. Eggleston. The show is produced by Steve & Cindy Jackson of Jackson Media. Every Friday evening, Casey Interviews individuals from all of North Alabama to create an informative show on what is going on in the Shoals. 

Jackson Media now have 4 shows on Comcast - Shoals City TV, Muscle Shoals Hits, University Caraoke & Jackson Media TV.


We hope everyone makes Shoals City TV a regular part of their viewing lineup. That brings us to a very interesting point. We've discussed local news before; we've advocated consulting as many sources as possible in an effort to piece together a complete local picture of just what cooks in the Shoals. 

Do you prefer press releases? Or perhaps you favor original articles in online news? Of maybe you like a mixture of both? While our blog is a commentary, not a news blog as such, we realize the importance of online news in today's world. 

Tell us what you like. We'll have more later.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Happened in Sheffield Saturday?

Over three years ago, we wrote a blog about some problems in Sheffield night life. As always, if anything can be misunderstood, it will be. Several readers thought we were referring to the racial makeup of the town and sent us some very odd comments. We then wrote this:

Yes, we had no idea that Sheffield had the largest African-American population of all the major Shoals cities, but that thought did pop into our mind after looking at recent "event photos" of last weekend's street party in Sheffield. The photographs covered a wide range of those attending; in fact, we doubt that anyone was missed.

Yet there were only two African-Americans in these were obviously the only two black people there. To make it even more problematic, one of these was an entertainer on the bill and one was a child so young as to have been dragged there by a babysitter and not looking too happy about it. 

Why was there such a racial divide? Isn't music supposed to unite us? We welcome all comments.


Have you seen the article enumerating 25 reasons to visit FLORENCE? Nice article, but four of the reasons are in Colbert County and one of them is the Robert Trenton Jones Golf Course...and we have no idea where that is. We highly suspect Rob Carnegie was the editor of that article.

Are you a Shoals author? Be sure to send us info on your works currently available on Amazon or Smashwords!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

This is a special Memorial Day; this year we officially celebrate the United State's entry into what is now known as World War I. Unlike Armistice/Veteran's Day where we celebrate both living and deceased veterans, Memorial Day is a time to remember exclusively those who gave their lives for our country.

The war memorial at Veterans Park in Florence is not in good condition. Who's fault is it? It's ours if we don't insist on the proper renovations. Let's demand better.  

All of Us at Shoalanda Speaks 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Muscle Shoals Wins...or Do We Mean Sheffield?

The U.S. Census Bureau released new estimated data on May 25th, and there were only a few surprises:

* Florence has been boasting for some time that it has over 40K residents, but the latest from the census bureau indicates it still lacks 41 individuals having attained that milestone - something the town has been touting as just around the corner since the 60s.

* 22 Alabama towns with a population over 10K lost residents - none of them in the Shoals.

* Only one Shoals area town placed among the fastest growing 25 Alabama cities - Muscle Shoals which came in at 24th.

So that makes Muscle Shoals a winner in the census sweepstakes. Alas, the town lost in an article which posted a photo of a Sheffield landmark under Muscle Shoals' name. Is that Ian Sanford we hear laughing?


Above is the seal of Muscle Shoals. We've always been amused that it includes an airplane. We infer it's in reference to the area's largest airport located in that city. Yet even that wide place in the road Toonerville has an airport...

Photo by H. Green


Since Ups & Downs Thrift Store officially closed last week, an announced picket/protest didn't take place this weekend. There are all sorts of rumors of a new thrift store for the Shoals Area Families Foundation, not to mention lawsuits filed by the owner against various individuals, but nothing has yet been verified. We'll update the legal status of this organization when more information is made public.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Colbert Tourism/Midnight Rider

Friday, May 26, 2017

Update on Christie Michelle Bray Scott

For those who came in late:


Earlier today, the murderer of Christie Michelle Bray Scott's aunt was put to death by the State of Alabama. As for Christie herself? She's in her ninth year of incarceration, with over seven of those years having been spent in an isolation cell identical to that of Tommy Arthur.

Will we now be forced to watch Christie grow old in photographs, forced to wonder if every execution date will be her last...or simply a routine milestone on her long journey to punishment? Scott is one of many whose jury recommended life in prison, but whose judge pronounced a death sentence.


It would appear that Scott's family is sending her money for food. It would also appear that she hasn't taken the time to have her rosacea treated with a laser. Oh, sorry, just a little death row humor there. 


Above is the tombstone of Scott's younger brother Lonnie. These dates indicate the infamous Russellville child killer was only four when her younger brother died. If Scott was responsible for his death, she would have been much too young to prosecute. She would not have been too young to be presenting sociopathic tendencies. How much has Scott's family had to endure because of her?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Revisiting Tommy Arthur's First Victim

There's been a great deal of talk about justice for Troy Wicker; we've seen none about similar justice for Arthur's first (known) victim, Eloise Bray West. Surely her family must also feel some relief that a nightmare lasting over a generation may now be ending:


Eloise Bray West's niece is Christie Bray Scott. She remains on death row as we write this. We have no doubt that like her aunt's killer, she's manipulating whomever she comes in contact with. 

During Christie's trial there was a great deal of gossip that as a child she had killed her brother and that her family had convinced authorities it was a tragic accident. We've never seen any details and have no idea if this tale could indeed be true. If any of our readers have inside knowledge of this incident, please contact us. 


Just think, for the next 30 or so years, Shoals area residents may have an Erica Fox, etal., circus to look forward to...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deeply Disappointed in Kyle Whitmire

If you don't know who Kyle Whitmire is, you apparently don't read News, the online presence of what's left of the once great print giant the Birmingham News. Kyle is married to Elizabeth Hoekenga who at one time lived in Florence while working as the Internet editor at what was then the TimesDaily truly and not the TotallyDecatur.

Kyle is intelligent, witty, and generally right on the mark. Earlier today he really missed that mark when he Tweeted an ad hominem attack on the U.S. Attorney General. 

We don't claim to know what Jeff Sessions knew about a current probe or when he knew it. (Apparently it's not just "IT" that comes around every 30 or so years.) We do know if he's guilty of wrong-doing, it's not because of his name. 

For those who may not know, Sessions was named for his father, who was named for his father, who was named...we infer...for a Confederate States general. We really don't expect better from the likes of Nancy Worley; we did expect better from Kyle Whitmire.


It's only been two or so days since we blogged on the importance of checking the accuracy of your online presence. We had to laugh earlier today at some Colbert County folk who are fighting over ownership of a small nondescript business. It seems it's not owned by a pistol-whipping robber who's claiming it, or perhaps it will later come to light that it really is. It hardly matters who owns a hole in the wall endeavor. What we find amazing is that no one cared if this man claimed to own something so "valuable" until he was arrested. Then of course, it's all the news outlet's fault? Uh, no...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Educational?/Attorney Envy?

From Sunday's TimesDaily: 

Does anyone think this might be why Alabama is 51st in many areas of education?


On the West Irvine Student Housing front, here's a link to the company seeking to purchase property from Hensley-Graves if it can be rezoned:

Now that doesn't look too shady, does it?


From a reader on the American Dream:
The American Dream gone wrong sounds just like an Alabama family court child custody divorce situation. Ha! For certain people, sometimes it would just be best to leave Alabama and start another life elsewhere. 


From a local attorney: 

I primarily practice in Florence, but I do frequent the Colbert County Court House regularly. I have no objection to wearing a badge identifying me as a member of the bar. I do have a problem with removing my belt every time I enter the court house. Of the six county commissioners, only David Black opposes the option of providing badges for local attorneys. Why, Mr. Black? Attorney envy? 


The Colbert County Commission has been working on kinks in its new security system for approximately six months. Apparently the end is not in sight. Oh, wait! It may be if enough attorneys are forced to remove their belts.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Securing Your Online Biography/Information

God Bless Manchester

Prayers for all the children and young people affected by this heinous crime earlier today. There are no words to describe how we feel about these Islamic militants who have said they killed these innocent souls to please God.


We had planned to blog on something entirely different today, but felt this was a good time to revisit this ongoing problem. A few years ago, a young woman was murdered in Muscle Shoals. All her online bios stated that she had one child. This is exactly what many news outlets reported. At that time, we linked at least one of these outlets, if not two. It seems the woman had two children. Why she had not updated her bio, we don't know. Perhaps she had found it difficult at first and later she was not living with her children. No matter the cause, local news outlets received harassing communications over their obituaries for this woman. Whose fault was the error?

We've always advised individuals to keep their bios up to date, as well as to check sites such as Spokeo, Redaris, etc., for incorrect information. It wasn't all that long ago that Spokeo listed a local candidate for city office as male, when in fact the person had been living as a women. We repeat...bottom line: You need to check online info about you if you really care what's reported when your name makes the news.


Now we have an interesting twist on the above scenario. Earlier today a Moulton teacher was arrested for having sex with a student under the age of 19. Her online bio lists her as married to a R***. A reader has told us the marriage was very short lived and the couple is now divorced.

Is the ex-husband happy that his name still appears on his ex-wife's school bio? We're going to guess he isn't. We're also going to guess that he never bothered to check this bio to make sure his ex changed it. 

If you think you're possibly still listed as married to someone who may be a sex pervert, or simply someone you wish you'd never met, we suggest you check right now. If you find your name incorrectly listed, contact the website immediately to request a change. If not, don't be so de classe as to hurl epithets at those who use this information in news articles. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wildwood Trail Residents Protest Too Much

Unless we're terribly mistaken, this is May. A plan to build a student housing complex on West Irvine Avenue was announced in January. Yet it seems several residents of Wildwood on Cypress attending the last Florence City Council meeting stated they had been blindsided by the project. We'll leave our readers to consider that aspect of this situation.

Would the new apartment complex present a problem for this subdivision? A few residents are expressing concerns about lights and noise. The subdivision sits across Cypress Creek from the proposed new complex. There is a buffer zone of vegetation and water that should prevent light from reaching the sudivision...unless some apartment residents decide to purchase a movie premiere class oscillating spotlight for their anticipated debauchery. 

That leaves noise. We understand the buffer zone also will muffle much of any noise from the wild carousers Wildwood residents fear will inhabit this complex. And just who are these residents who have postponed the zoning vote for two weeks? Only a handful of families live on Wildwood Trail and not all of them are opposed to the new housing. 

One resident's name stood out. Why, yes, it's Steve Eason, the city's project coordinator. We eagerly await the next council meeting. Certainly Mr. Eason has every right to protest something as a private citizen. We simply hope those who are making the decisions concerning this project remember in which capacity he's speaking on this subject.

More on this later...


This is something we've briefly touched on before, but it's good to remind prospective home buyers. Just because your new dream home is located in an idyllic, secluded section of town, that doesn't mean it will always be secluded. You need to look at adjacent zoning to determine just who might be your neighbors at some point. You also need to look at who owns adjacent property. Wildwood on Cypress residents didn't see a red flag in Hensley-Graves owning property across the creek from them?


Someone who claims just a little Internet expertise suggested this weekend that our blog contained viruses just waiting to infect our reader's computers...or worse. Really?

Viruses hide in program software. This blog uses Blogspot software. Who owns Blogspot? Why, it's Google! So is this person so incompetent that he actually thinks Google software harbors viruses or is he maliciously transmitting libelous statements?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Return to Colbert County

The Colbert County School System:

From a reader: 

* System refused to offer Biology (the only state required high school science elective) to students in 2016/17.
* 'Fired' two non-tenured science teachers in Nov. (not at end of semester or year) at Colbert County High (no known cause).

* Pink slipped at least one remaining HS science teacher.
* Hired a Fire Science instructor (from Colbert 911 and EMA) at Cherokee High.

This is not good for students. They and their parents need continuity and to be able to trust the decisions made by this Board. These irrational and capricious decisions should be questioned by any stakeholders and the media. It seems as though they are  driving a bus straight to state takeover.


Colbert County Stills:

We were at first bemused by some of the reactions to a reader's guest editorial on Colbert County Commissioner David Black. While we don't think this is the genesis of the problems many have with him, he has been named as one of three commissioners who voted to allow a former member of the Dawson gang to operate a legal distillery on LaGrange Mountain. 

We're not familiar with the safety issues, but do know that several fire departments spoke against it. We also know that many felt the vote was precipitous since one commissioner was absent from the May 2nd meeting. 

Reader comments welcome.


We'll be having quite a bit more later on hit dogs, but today we wish to mention a fun and entertaining meeting we had several years ago. Political strategist Paul Begala often visited Florence when his parents lived here, and we had the great pleasure to be introduced to him. If you're not familiar with Paul, he was a Clinton advisor and often appeared on CNN and other news outlets. 

(Before you ask, no, we always detested Clinton. Also, we can't imagine how disliking nutcase Roy Moore makes us a "progressive liberal.")

If we were running for state office, we would hire a real PR firm...just a thought. As for those who claim the title political strategist, but can't make a simple post without using vulgarities? Need we formally answer that?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Who Is David Black? - A Guest Editorial

The following is a guest editorial from a Colbert County resident. We have edited the the material before publishing:


David Black, Aspiring???
The upcoming U.S. Senate race promises to have a huge dose of conservative values from the extreme right to moderate to common sense platforms.

Take candidate Roy Moore. There is certainly no doubt that Mr. Moore is an extremely far right conservative to the point of being accused of being radical.

Is it radical to believe and post the Ten Commandments?

Is it radical to believe that Same-Sex Marriage is wrong and should not be legal in the state of Alabama?

These issues will be at the forefront in the U.S. Senate race and be debated in many forums.

But, how conservative is the Shoals area and particularly Colbert County?

While the National Republican Party stands strong in Family Values, Marriage between a man and woman, Fiscal Responsibility, State Rights, Right to Bear Arms and other conservative values that our great country was founded on, some would argue that the National Republican Party is out of touch with the south and the Shoals. Let’s look at similarities and differences in local and national beliefs and practices.

Recently, the Colbert County Republican Executive Committee allowed Probate Judge Daniel Rosser to join the Republican Party. He now is rightfully a bona fide card carrying red shirt member of the conservative party. Daniel Rosser stood against same-sex marriage pressure as Probate Judge. He did the right thing and stands firm in his belief then and now. I’m sure this was one of many things that won him favor with the good bible thumping Republicans. Similarly, his actions strongly reflect Republican conservative core values.

It’s not hard to misinterpret his honorable intentions and values, since his actions are a reflection of his deep rooted Christian principles. The test will come in November 2018 when Daniel Rosser is on the ballot as a Republican with others that we assume have also stood up for those values the silent majority believe in.

It would be nice if all situations were as clear as Daniel Rosser.

Voters need to thoroughly research each candidate. Do not accept that a Republican candidate practices and promotes conservative values. For instance, Colbert County Commissioner David Black. Mr. Black was elected in the Muscle Shoals majority Republican city. However, looking at his background can make the faintest of heart a little confused. Mr. Black’s campaign manager was actively involved in the gay & lesbian “Pridefest” in 2015. His manager helped with the Pridefest event as well as the manager’s wife being featured in Times Daily for organizing Pridefest events in her role as Pridefest board member. This would hardly seem like someone a good conservative Republican would employ as a campaign manager and activist.

Facebook pages currently feature Mr. Black’s travels with the same Pridefest supporter as they hit the campaign trail for what is rumored to be Black’s 2018 race for Alabama State Treasurer.

Mr. Black who “teaches” economics at UNA needs to be forthcoming about his stand, personal values & activities. What are his qualifications, core beliefs, financial degrees, educational certifications, personal accomplishments?

As much as Colbert County would benefit if Mr. Black would “move on”, the Colbert County Democratic party does not want to lose a friend like David Black and his progressive ideas. It will be interesting to see how far those progressive ideas go in a race for state treasurer once he’s exposed.The Shadow may know, but we are the voters and we need answers.

Signed: A Registered Colbert County Voter


Our take? As for Roy Moore, we consider him a psychopath. Nor do we believe Christians should follow the Ten Commandments...if we did, we would all be Seventh Day Adventists. As for the rest, we find it extremely interesting and eagerly await this voter's next installment.


Over the years, we've been accused of being at least 20 people and being connected (beyond advertising compacts) with other Shoals area publications. People may believe what they wish...they usually do, no matter the facts, don't they? 

While we are no longer connected with the Shoals Insider in an advertising compact, we remain an advertising partner with Pen-N-Sword. Here's some interesting data:

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Return to NWSCC

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An American Dream Gone Wrong - Part III

From a reader:

I soon found out that things could get worse. I learned that MP was paying for supplies out of his own pocket or using a relative's checking account. That meant the money he took in at the shop wasn't going in its bank account, and there would be absolutely no record of these transactions. Nor would there be any profits for me to be paid from a shop I still owned 40% of. MP was even telling others that he owns the business. Would I ever receive any proceeds for my rightful share?

Soon I received a notice to return to court. Judge Hatcher announced that she'd been presented evidence that I'm working with my wife. I answered honestly that I'm not, but I am selling plumbing supplies. She responds that since the two are closely related, I can't do that either. The two are closely related? Hatcher also bans me from even visiting my wife at her work, while sentencing me to a suspended 10 days in jail for working at my plumbing supply job.

The non-complete agreement was to end on April 1st of this year. Finally I would be free. Two days before that date I received another letter to return to court. BAD said he has evidence that I had broken the non-complete agreement. He wanted me to do some actual jail time and for the judge to add an additional year to the non-complete agreement.

By this time I was desperate for help and hired an attorney from Birmingham. My new lawyer says Alabama is a right to work state and there's no way BAD's demands could stand up in court. Why had Judge Jackie Hatcher ruled as she did?

When June comes, I may be going to jail for 10 days simply because I want to work and support my family. BAD wants nothing more now than to destroy my family. I want him exposed for what he is.


The above account brings to mind the phrase that absolute power corrupts absolutely. BAD believes he is above the law. No matter what happens in June (and we sincerely hope our reader is victorious), God knows what BAD has done and is planning to do. Let's hope he rethinks his actions and that our reader's attorney proves his three years in law school weren't wasted. 


Perhaps Lynn Greer shouldn't e-mail? On the flip side, perhaps we're lucky he doesn't Tweet.


Tomorrow we'll have some interesting news on the planned West Irvine Avenue apartment complex. Then more on NWSCC and political plans of a Colbert County commissioner. 

Our big story? We still await, but we'll publish as soon as given the go ahead. We promise water coolers around certain Shoals area businesses will be boiling.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An American Dream Gone Wrong - Part II

From a reader:

Since I had signed a non-complete agreement, I went back to work for BAD. He continued to ask me to buy him out and even suggested selling the business to someone else. I felt if others knew the situation, our business would be worth nothing.

Then a member of the church I attended told me that he knew BAD was planning on closing the shop in two days and not allowing me to return. I had jobs to complete since I had already taken deposits on the work. Monday morning I began to return deposits since I knew BAD could not possibly do the work. When Tuesday came, my partner did in fact lock me out of the business. I now had a wife and children to support and a trade I would not be allowed to practice.

It was then that I received a call from MP. He was an employee of a Florence builder, and I had previously worked with him. He wanted to purchase counter tops; I told him I was planning to start a new shop if our old one didn't reopen. Then I received a letter that BAD was taking me to court over a violation of the non-complete agreement. BAD's attorney had a recording of the conversation between MP and me, something that I thought was illegal, but one he nonetheless played in court.

Judge Jackie Hatcher ruled against me starting a new shop, and my wife decided to open her own, since she was not part of the non-complete agreement. I went back to work in BAD's shop on the advice of my attorney. BAD then terminated me, stating that I hadn't properly itemized company expenses. What I didn't know at the time was that BAD had just completed a deal to sell the shop to MP on the condition that I didn't compete against him.

I then began to sell plumbing supplies, which I thought could not possibly be part of a non-complete agreement related to a counter top business. Now things began to get weird.

I would see BAD following me around Muscle Shoals; sometimes I would see other cars that I believed to be following me. Was BAD attempting to catch me violating the non-complete agreement? My wife saw BAD videoing her business. We even heard that BAD was offering a reward to anyone who would testify I was working for my wife or in some similar counter top business.

Could things get worse?

We'll have the final installment of our American Dream story tomorrow. In the mean time, are you ready for some fotball?

Thanks to a reader for sending us this. (And on behalf of Hercule Poirot, why isn't the bottom line centered?)

Monday, May 15, 2017

An American Dream Gone Wrong - Part I

While most of the reader accounts we publish here concern government mismanagement, we occasionally publish a story taken from the private business world. Our blog today is such an account; it is highly edited to pass muster with our attorneys. For that we apologize to the gentleman who sent the information, but we believe it still gets the point across.

From a reader:

I have been in the counter top business for 20 years, having always worked for others until I had the opportunity to go into business for myself with a partner whom I'll identify simply as BAD. He contacted me about forming a partnership. It seemed simple: I had the knowledge and he had the money. Originally, I assumed this was a 50-50 arrangement, but after I quit my job he tried to negotiate a 70-30 split. I finally managed to get a 60-40 split. He claimed he had the business experience, so he wanted a controlling interest. I agreed simply because I had already quit my job. BAD also made me sign a non-complete agreement so that I couldn't quit. This was a huge mistake on my part. Also, we agreed that he would be a silent partner since builders with whom we did business would not buy from us if they knew a partner was a competitor.

We then began “Counter Top Gallery,” and almost immediately BAD began to tell others he was an owner in the business. I'm guessing it was due mainly to his ego. We were immediately successful since my contacts brought in plenty of work. In a year's time, BAD said we needed to move to a larger location due to this growth, but I soon realized his true intent was to add cabinet manufacture to the counter top business. He placed an ad in the local newspaper naming himself as an owner, an ad of which I knew nothing.

This became a huge problem for me since much of our work came from builders who competed directly with BAD. I soon learned that he wanted the cabinet shop to be run by a family member and that I would receive no share of the profits. Almost immediately, regular customers who were builders began to place orders elsewhere, and we quickly started to lose vital business. Sales dropped approximately 70% in the next year.

During this time frame, I was both 40% owner and employed as the shop manager. My wife was hired to run the office, but BAD began to micromanage and commented on almost every aspect of her job performance. Needless to say, she found this very upset making. With working conditions and business decline, my situation became untenable. I decided to offer to buy BAD out. He agreed if I would pay him 250K. We had borrowed only 100K to finance the business originally, so I then asked if he would purchase my 40% share. He replied that my 40% was worth nothing; yet his 60% was worth 250K? I informed BAD that I could start my own business for 100K, and my troubles really began...

We'll have Part II of our reader's story tomorrow unless our promised breaking news has finally developed. In that case, we'll run Part II on Wednesday. We hope it will serve as a cautionary tale to all those who enter partnerships with an unknown entity. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

To all mothers: You have the power to change your child's life for the better. No matter how old your child is, you still make a difference in their lives. No, you're not perfect, but you can be faithful and dedicated. Remember, everything goes better with prayer.

All of Us at Shoalanda

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Reader on NWSCC

We're beginning a series of blogs, most written by readers, on local problems. While these are all interesting and informative, look for a blockbuster on Tuesday or Wednesday written by SS herself; we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Now, from a reader:

Ethics may no longer matter in the state of Alabama and at Northwest-Shoals Community College. A once great school I had encouraged many to attend to gain education and the skills they would need for life. The Good Dr. “as he will be called” and The Flower “an administrator” are in a relationship that has for a time now gone unchecked. They have made decisions on their feelings and not what is best for the employees or students at NW-SCC.

As a whistleblower I’m not allowed to come out and speak freely as people I know and care about would be punished for my actions. I attended and supported NW-SCC for many years in many different ways. As a graduate I would many times go back and see many of my former instructors. Over the years many have left now, but I still know many wonderful people there.

At first I didn’t believe these rumors like so many people. Even when people I knew and trusted had seen it I refused to believe. But the day came and I saw it firsthand. I saw The Good Dr. and The Flower out on the town doing things that just friends don’t do. If they fell in love that is great, however it is unethical for them to be in a relationship together as he is her boss and she is herself is over a department. Where does someone under her go to complain?

I have heard and now have seen firsthand for myself, how they have run off great teachers and staff, and everyone is too scared to speak up. I have seen teachers and administrators get hired hearing months in advanced who would get the job all because that’s one of their friends or a friend’s friend. Many of these teachers' qualifications sounded made up. Then finding out one teacher brags how he didn’t have the experience that Alabama claims they require for a technical instructor. Apparently all you have to do is say you have worked for 3 years at a place and all is good in Alabama and at NW-SCC. 

So if they hired one instructor without experience or made up experience how many more are there at NW-SCC? Is this common practice at all community colleges now? All someone needs to do is look at the past couple years hiring practices to see what is going on. If you don’t know the required qualifications to teach a program offering an Associates in Applied Science, it is a minimum of an Associate’s degree from a regionally accredited and it must be in the related field, and 3 years documented experience. You must obtain a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years. Some positions like electrical will require a Journeyman Electrical card. 

We have all seen a welding teacher become the maintenance instructor and have no experience in that field at NW-SCC. We will call him The Politician from now on. Which was amazing to see Alabama didn’t care that time either. He took a couple workshops and that made him qualified to teach the program. Then The Politician moved up to be over industry training. To find out his child made the top round to interview with The Good Dr. and The Flower for a job teaching in a field he had no qualifications in was shocking to hear. To find out no one stepped in and asked what was going on at NW-SCC is crazy.

We see NW-SCC blow money on silly programs like injection molding. If you knew the Shoals area you also would quickly know it’s a silly idea. They hired an instructor for the program, who happens to be friends with The Politician. Now the program sits dead with money wasted on equipment, training, a teacher, building remodel, and advertising. Looks like they made up a job for a friend.

How or why anyone on a hiring committee would allow the interviews to go like this is beyond me. However I feel it must be they are scared to cross The Good Dr. or his girlfriend. I have no real excuse as to why the employees refuse to step up and bring attention to this matter. I assume they are scared of retaliation, or the embarrassment that the story will cause.

To hear how The Flower runs off who she doesn’t like and the The Good Dr. I assume is scared to argue with his girlfriend over this. I saw an instructor leave just a few months ago and walk away. He must have thought to himself there is no hope there and maybe that him leaving would be the thing that sets off the chain reaction to stop this. But it didn’t, and now they just hire who they like - not who’s best for the students.

No more we'll go a roving... George Gordon, Lord Byron

Friday, May 12, 2017

Registered Agent for Ups & Downs?

Update: Mr. Jenkins was NOT aware he was listed as agent of record. We dislike this woman now; we've been giving her too much credit.

First and foremost, we do wish to apologize to Mr. Willson Jenkins for any errors in two earlier posts. What is a registered agent? We took this from Wikipedia...which may not be the most reliable source, but our Black's was in the cleaners:

In United States business law, a registered agent, also known as a resident agent[1] or statutory agent,[2] is a business or individual designated to receive service of process (SOP) when a business entity is a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit or summons.[3] The registered agent's address may also be where the state sends the paperwork for the periodic renewal of the business entity's charter (if required). The registered agent for a business entity may be an officer or employee of the company, or a third party, such as the organization's lawyer or a service company. Failure to properly maintain a registered agent can affect a company negatively.[3]

Mr. Jenkins says "inaccurate" blogging led to two people asking that he and the  board be investigated. He is in error here since we have done nothing but stress that the board, with the exception of the manager, has had nothing to do with any possible irregularities.

Mr. Jenkins also feels we were wrong to infer he was paid. We're not sure why it was wrong to infer this. We inferred what he did was work (see above) and one should be paid for work done. For those who don't know, attorneys are expected to do so much pro bono work each year. Most of our attorney friends do this work for animal charities, but perhaps Mr. Jenkins is not one of these. We hope he will reconsider in the future. We've never known any animal to use the bad grammar or faulty logic found in most posts by those attacking this charity.

Mr. Jenkins is no longer agent of record for this charity, and again we apologize. If he has reported this change, it has not shown up on the Secretary of State website as of earlier today. (After rereading his comment, he says "if" he agreed to be registered agent in the first place. If he didn't agree, we've done him a service in bringing this to his attention.)

Now we ask Mr. Jenkins similarly to recant that we have ever said the thrift store manager should not be paid. We certainly have not, and it was implied in his post. Again, see above as to our thoughts on payment. If one works, he/she should be paid. If he wishes those who don't understand this basic principal of being paid to perform permanent work for a charity, he needs to post his comments on one of the three or four sites currently bashing the charity's board without provocation or basis.

Special: Sign Ups & Downs Petition, but Use Your Head

There is a petition circulating to audit/investigate the Ups & Downs Thrift Store (We had mistakenly been identifying it as Ups N Downs). We encourage you to sign the petition, but want to address one issue with it: The petition is non-specific on whom will receive it. Will it be the IRS? The Alabama Department of Revenue? The Attorney General of Alabama? Someone else?


Now a very important second issue. Many who have signed the petition have stated reasons, most of which have been unrelated to the petition and some of which have been downright vulgar. This does not help getting anyone to read the petition. Think about this: You receive a petition asking you to investigate theft by deception, but the first five or ten reasons you see are personal attacks on the alleged thief, what would you do? We would probably set it aside as being the ramblings of ill-educated or deranged minds.

Some of the "reasons" people gave for wanting an investigation:

* Mgr is overweight
* Mgr is promiscuous
* Mgr is an alcoholic
* Mgr is rude
* Mgr says what she thinks
* Mgr refused to give back a donation - operative word there being "donation" 
* Two members of board are attorneys (Not true)

Does anyone, anyone at all, think these are reasons to investigate for theft? Why would anyone think this makes the mgr a bad businesswoman, as was also stated (other than she's not a people person)?


There were two we noted who thought the board should also be investigated. There was no logic for this other than "two are attorneys." No, they're not.

The board consists of the manager, one attorney, and one realtor. A second attorney is the agent of record, for which we're sure he's paid. His name is Willson Jenkins (usually misspelled by those who mentioned him in the petition). An agent for a corporation, whether charity or not, is totally separate from the board. We hope someone has contacted Mr. Jenkins already about this whole debacle.

The board for Shoals Area Families Foundation probably meets four times a year and approves large expenses, etc. We sincerely doubt that either of the other two members had any idea there were problems with this charity. After all, the manager made the reports at the meetings. Would she have said, "Oh, by the way, I've been stealing the charity blind?"


One final thought; we noticed those who called the mgr a fat, drunk whore were all men. Ex-boyfriends?