Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Happened in Sheffield Saturday?

Over three years ago, we wrote a blog about some problems in Sheffield night life. As always, if anything can be misunderstood, it will be. Several readers thought we were referring to the racial makeup of the town and sent us some very odd comments. We then wrote this:

Yes, we had no idea that Sheffield had the largest African-American population of all the major Shoals cities, but that thought did pop into our mind after looking at recent "event photos" of last weekend's street party in Sheffield. The photographs covered a wide range of those attending; in fact, we doubt that anyone was missed.

Yet there were only two African-Americans photographed...as in these were obviously the only two black people there. To make it even more problematic, one of these was an entertainer on the bill and one was a child so young as to have been dragged there by a babysitter and not looking too happy about it. 

Why was there such a racial divide? Isn't music supposed to unite us? We welcome all comments.


Have you seen the article enumerating 25 reasons to visit FLORENCE? Nice article, but four of the reasons are in Colbert County and one of them is the Robert Trenton Jones Golf Course...and we have no idea where that is. We highly suspect Rob Carnegie was the editor of that article.

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  1. Yall are racist. Only whites should attend your sindig. Blacks would have been harrassing blacks if they were there, would have been questioned. They would have. The black community's trust in sheffield is not.

  2. Cops not blacks. Cops in Sheffield are racists. See how many blacks are pulled over compared to whites. Supprise