Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Problems at Muscle Shoals High School

From Reader No. One:

Beautiful Day for a Walk? It's obvious Muscle Shoals City schools have plenty of money when they pay three bus drivers and the cost of expensive buses to carry high school students from the high school across the street to the vocation school. There were three buses picking up the students and driving them across the street.

They do the same for the football children.

Example of more money than common sense?


From Reader No. Two:

Title IX? Are Muscle Shoals Schools possibly violating Title IX with all the funding the football program receives, and the softball and baseball don't even have their own fields to play on? They don't have dress out facilities where they play. Are they not being treated differently/unfairly-possibly discriminated against? 

I have heard it mentioned second hand the Athletic Director has said they are on their own, that the only sport he's concerned with is football. Heard he even made a great baseball player quit and focus solely on football... The softball kids have to fund raise for all their needs, yet how much does football program get every year, and has for several years? I've heard $250k... 

Softball/Baseball play on borrowed fields from Shoals Community College, which I've also heard the superintendent doesn't even want them using, so where does he expect them to play? The rec (RUSTY WHEELES) isn't very hospitable in its use of the fields for the middle school ball teams now, hate to see having to use them for High School about taking 3-4 steps backward!! The rec dept even tried to make the school pay to use the field about three years ago, but enough fed up parents complained to city council to stop that. Again it was Mr. Wheeles behind that! That's a whole other big of a city as MSC is, our rec complexes are way outdated!!! They could bring in so much revenue...just hope he gets run off with this last fiasco hes gotten into!! 

We are a 6A school system, and we don't have our own baseball/softball facilities...the city should be embarrased!!!! Even most of the small county schools have their own facilities. The research I've done, I believe we may be in violation of Title IX...

Put this out there to get others looking into it also, its time our city antes up for the kids' sports other than football!!!!


From Reader No. Three:

Rigged JV Try-outs? A relative coaches an AAU girls' basketball team for a local league. This league is managed by some of the best athletes to ever come out of the Shoals area. The team has 9 players from 4 different schools. Three of these 6th grade girls attend Muscle Shoals (my own child doesn't go there so I am not an angry parent). JV basketball tryouts for MSC are this week. Two of these girls aren't trying out because it doesn't matter their skill. It doesn't matter that they have attended group lessons by Rayfield Ragland. It doesn't matter that they have played Rec ball, travel ball and now AAU basketball. 

None of this matters, because according to these girls they have no chance of making the team. They make the statement because their parents don't work at MSC or because they don't have the right connections that they will never make the team. It is a shame and disgrace that 12 year old girls already know how the system works and will never be given the opportunity to play for their school although they posses the talent needed to make a great team. 

Rayfield Ragland is in Lauderdale Co Sports Hall of Fame. One of best athletes to ever come out of this area. He isn't the only one that works with this league. Scott Wallace, Chad Sears, and the Wallen triplets are among others that train/coach children in this league. I just find it odd that these children were able to make the cut to play for the league, but according to them they have zero chance of making a JV team. As far as watching, if tryouts there are like other schools they will be closed. This means only coaches and potential players are allowed in the gym during tryouts.

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  1. I just really think this is not a good forum. First of all, Muscle Shoals to me does a really nice job of balancing things between football and the other sports. We are in the South where football pays all the bills because it is the most attended and most popular sport. It is easy to criticize other people when we don't agree with them and don't have all the information the are privy too but at the end of the day whether they have a softball or football team on campus isn't a big deal. They are within 3 miles of the school. Although, I don't understand why one city department would make another pay for use of property again I don't have all the information and I would say that Rusty, Terry, Lee, and Dawn have taken the Rec center to new heights it had never been to before in fast growing town. Yes, Rusty seemingly made a mistake but without his leadership the Rec center would be as strong as it is now. Also, everyone criticizes Coach Basden but all he has done is win more games in 9 years than the Trojans did the previous 20 years, he's hired a top notch basketball coach, etc. Etc. Lastly, Dr. Lindsey is my former baseball coach and has been a great ambassador for the school system for nearly 30 years. He has had some tough situations to deal with in his tenure and has been criticized but at the end of the day when his employees have done wrong he has dealt with it and harshly knowing that the behavior was wrong but there was a person there that he cared about as a person and had to deal with them like a good father would his sons and daughters. I just think columns like this are wrong.